SUNO V3 AI IS KILLING THE MUSIC INDUSTRY? - And this is How to Make FULL Songs #ai #suno #chatgpt

AI Denis
21 Mar 202410:28

TLDRThe video script discusses the remarkable advancements in AI-generated music, highlighting the evolution from basic melodies to complex compositions. It introduces 'sunno', an AI tool capable of creating music based on user-provided lyrics and desired style, demonstrating its potential in producing high-quality music across various genres and languages. The speaker shares personal experiences and insights on the impact of AI on music production, suggesting it could serve as a valuable resource for indie game studios, short films, and low-budget projects, while also acknowledging the concerns of musicians whose jobs might be affected by this technology.


  • ๐Ÿš€ AI-generated music has made significant advancements in just a year, transitioning from basic melodies to complex, high-quality compositions.
  • ๐ŸŽต The evolution of AI music tools, like the one from Hugging Face, has allowed users to create more sophisticated music with just a prompt and some guidance on structure.
  • ๐ŸŽน Sunno stands out as a powerful AI music platform that can produce music from simple prompts, crafting lyrics, melodies, and even selecting instruments to match the desired mood and theme.
  • ๐ŸŒ Sunno's versatility is showcased by its ability to create music in various languages and styles, including Spanish, '90s J-pop, and spoken word, making it accessible to a wide range of creators.
  • ๐ŸŽผ The platform's user-friendly interface includes a simplified prompt box for those who prefer not to delve into the details, as well as options for more customization for those who want to shape their song further.
  • ๐Ÿ”ง Musicians and producers can use Sunno to generate a variety of musical pieces, from rock anthems to mellow EDM tracks, by specifying the style and adjusting the settings within the app.
  • ๐ŸŽท Sunno's impact on the music industry is evident, as it challenges traditional music production methods and raises concerns about the future job security for independent music creators.
  • ๐ŸŽค The potential of AI-generated music is not limited to just background scores; it can also be used for creating full songs with vocals, as demonstrated by the quality of the results obtained in the video.
  • ๐ŸŒŸ The release of Sunno's Alpha version of V3 promises more consistency in the quality of AI-generated music, with songs consistently being at least good, and at best, exceptional.
  • ๐Ÿ”ฎ The future of AI music tools like Sunno is promising, with the potential to significantly evolve and impact various sectors such as indie game studios, short films, and low-budget productions.

Q & A

  • What was the quality of AI-generated music like a year ago?

    -A year ago, AI-generated music was okay but not groundbreaking, producing basic melodies and rhythms that were often hit or miss, sometimes lacking depth and sounding like noise.

  • How has AI music generation evolved since then?

    -AI music generation has come a long way, with significant improvements in the quality and versatility of the output. The current state allows for the creation of music that is not only more consistent but also more customizable and stylistically diverse.

  • What was the initial capability of AI music tools like the one from Hugging Face?

    -Initial AI music tools from Hugging Face and others offered a glimpse into the potential of AI in music by producing basic melodies and rhythms, which was quite fun but often resulted in hit or miss outcomes.

  • How does the AI music platform Sunno differ from earlier tools?

    -Sunno provides a night and day difference compared to earlier tools. It allows users to input lyrics and prompts to generate music that is much more refined and aligned with the desired mood and style, including the ability to specify sections like verses and choruses.

  • What features does Sunno offer for simplifying the music creation process?

    -Sunno offers a simplified prompt box where users can input mood, theme, and other preferences without getting into detailed settings. It then automatically crafts lyrics, composes melody, and selects instruments to closely match the user's vision.

  • How can users customize their songs further in Sunno?

    -Users can customize their songs in Sunno by specifying the style, such as a rock anthem or a mellow EDM track, using tags to outline different sections, and even instructing the AI to include certain instruments or background vocals.

  • What is the impact of the song title on the music generated by Sunno?

    -The title of the song in Sunno influences the music generated, as it can guide the AI in creating a vibe and style that aligns with the chosen name.

  • How does Sunno handle different languages and music styles?

    -Sunno is highly versatile, accommodating various languages and music styles, including Spanish, '90s J-pop, and even spoken word. It offers a wide range of options for users to explore and create music in their desired language or style.

  • What are the potential applications of AI-generated music like Sunno?

    -AI-generated music can be a good option for small indie game studios, short films, or any low-budget projects requiring music production. It can also serve as a tool for musicians and content creators looking to generate background music or unique tracks quickly.

  • What was the reaction of a local guitarist in Cologne to Sunno?

    -The local guitarist, who is part of a famous Cologne band, was impressed by Sunno and considered it a threat to his job, indicating that AI-generated music could potentially disrupt the music creation industry for those who create music independently.

  • How does the V3 Alpha version of Sunno compare to previous versions?

    -The V3 Alpha version of Sunno offers more consistency and quality in the generated music, producing songs that are at least pretty good and, at best, highly impressive. This version showcases the significant advancements in AI music generation technology.



๐ŸŽต AI's Evolution in Music Composition

This paragraph discusses the significant advancements in AI-generated music within a year. Initially, AI could only produce basic melodies and rhythms, but now it has reached a level where it can create complex and impressive compositions. The speaker highlights the ease of use, as users can input their desired lyrics and mood, allowing AI to craft the song. The transformation from rudimentary tunes to sophisticated music pieces is emphasized, showcasing AI's potential in the creative field.


๐ŸŒ Versatility and Customization in AI Music Creation

The second paragraph emphasizes the versatility of AI music generation tools, particularly their ability to accommodate different languages and styles. The speaker explores the options available on the platform, such as creating music in various genres and languages, and the capacity to generate instrumentals. The introduction of the Alpha version of V3 is noted, which has improved consistency in the output. The paragraph also discusses the potential impact of AI on music production, especially for indie game studios and low-budget projects.


๐ŸŽค AI's Impact on the Music Industry and Live Performances

In this paragraph, the speaker shares a personal anecdote about introducing AI music composition tools to a local guitarist, highlighting the concern that such technology might affect musicians' job security. However, it is suggested that live performers have little to fear from AI. The speaker also reflects on the potential of AI-generated music for specific events, such as local festivals, and shares their experience of creating AI-generated songs. The paragraph concludes with an invitation for viewers to share their own creations and a teaser for future content involving AI in music and video production.



๐Ÿ’กAI-generated music

AI-generated music refers to the process where artificial intelligence algorithms create musical compositions, including melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. In the context of the video, it highlights the advancements in AI technology that have enabled the creation of more sophisticated and appealing music compared to earlier attempts, as demonstrated by the evolution from 'okay but nothing groundbreaking' to 'night and day difference' with the introduction of tools like Sunno.

๐Ÿ’กHugging Face

Hugging Face is an open-source platform that provides tools and models for natural language processing (NLP) and other AI applications. In the video, it is mentioned as one of the initial tools that offered a glimpse into the potential of AI in music creation, producing basic melodies and rhythms, which was quite fun but often resulted in hit-or-miss outcomes.


Sunno is an AI music creation tool that has significantly advanced the capabilities of AI-generated music. It allows users to input lyrics and desired musical elements, and the AI composes the music, selects instruments, and structures the song, resulting in a more polished and customized output. The video emphasizes the ease of use and the impressive results that Sunno can produce, even for those without professional songwriting skills.


In the context of AI music creation, a prompt is the input provided by the user to guide the AI in generating music. This can include lyrics, desired mood, theme, and musical style. The video script illustrates how a prompt can be as simple as a mood and theme description, allowing the AI to craft the lyrics, melody, and instrumentation, or as detailed as specifying sections of a song and the instruments to be included.

๐Ÿ’กMusical structure

Musical structure refers to the organization of a song into sections such as verses, choruses, and bridges. The video discusses how Sunno allows users to outline these different sections using tags, which helps the AI to understand and create a song with a coherent structure. This is important for achieving a polished and professional sound in the final composition.

๐Ÿ’กGenres and adjectives

Genres refer to specific categories of music that are characterized by distinct features, such as rock, pop, or electronic dance music (EDM). Adjectives are used to further describe the desired qualities or characteristics of the music. In the video, the user can specify the style of the song by using genres and adjectives, which Sunno uses to define the song's vibe and produce a result that aligns with the user's vision.

๐Ÿ’กV3 Alpha

V3 Alpha refers to the alpha version of the third iteration of the Sunno AI music creation tool. The term signifies that it is an early, pre-release version of the tool, which is still undergoing testing and refinement. The video mentions the improvements in consistency and quality of the music produced by the V3 Alpha version, indicating a progression from previous versions.

๐Ÿ’กMultilingual capabilities

Multilingual capabilities refer to the ability of an AI tool to function effectively in multiple languages. In the context of the video, Sunno's multilingual capabilities are highlighted by its ability to create music for songs in various languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more. This feature expands the tool's accessibility and applicability to a global audience.

๐Ÿ’กInstrumental music

Instrumental music is music that does not include vocals or lyrics, focusing solely on the instruments. The video discusses the option to generate music without vocals in Sunno, allowing users to create background or instrumental music for various purposes. This feature provides flexibility and caters to different musical needs.

๐Ÿ’กMusic production

Music production encompasses the entire process of creating and recording music, which includes composing, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering. In the video, the advancements in AI-generated music are discussed in relation to their potential impact on music production, particularly for small indie game studios, short films, or low-budget projects. The user contemplates whether AI tools like Sunno could replace certain aspects of traditional music production.


Cologne, or Kรถln in German, is a city in western Germany known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, including its famous Carnival festival. In the video, the speaker mentions living in Cologne and discusses how the local music scene, particularly the guitarist of a popular local band, is engaging with AI music creation tools like Sunno, reflecting the tool's potential to influence local and regional music production.


Networking refers to the process of building and maintaining professional relationships and connections. In the video's closing remarks, the term 'networking like a boss' is used metaphorically to suggest the importance of effective networking in achieving success or recognition in one's field. The speaker implies that networking is a key skill for anyone looking to advance in their career or area of interest.


AI-generated music has come a long way in just a year, evolving from basic melodies to complex, emotionally engaging compositions.

The early days of AI music involved tools like one from Hugging Face, which provided a glimpse into the potential of AI in creating basic tunes and rhythms.

Current AI music generation platforms, such as Sunno, have made a significant leap in quality, producing music that is not only listenable but also emotionally resonant.

Users can now create music with custom lyrics and a desired mood, theme, or style, with AI handling the rest of the creative process.

AI music generators can craft lyrics, compose melodies, and select instruments, aiming to match the user's vision as closely as possible.

The simplified prompt box in AI music apps allows users to input a mood or theme and let the AI do the rest, creating a fully customized song.

AI music generators have become more versatile, accommodating different languages, styles, and genres, including rock, EDM, and even spoken word.

The release of the Alpha version of V3 has improved the consistency of AI-generated music, ensuring that the output is at least good, if not exceptional.

AI music generation could be a viable option for small indie game studios, short films, or low-budget projects, offering an affordable alternative to traditional music production.

The potential impact of AI on the music industry is significant, with professionals like guitarists potentially needing to adapt to the changing landscape.

AI-generated music is still in its early stages, with versions V3, V4, and beyond promising even more powerful and sophisticated results in the future.

AI music generators are not a threat to live performers but may challenge those who create music by themselves without a significant following.

The quality of AI-generated music has improved to the point where some compositions could be integrated into professional editing software for final production.

The versatility of AI music generators extends to creating background music without vocals, opening up possibilities for various applications.

The rapid advancement of AI music technology, as demonstrated by the improvements from V3 to potential future versions, showcases the potential for disruption in the music industry.

The exploration of AI in music creation is not just a novelty; it's a burgeoning field that could redefine how music is produced and consumed.