Sakana being nice to the talents

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13 Dec 202305:55

TLDRIn this playful and candid video, Sakana is challenged to compliment each member of the talent groups Gen 1, Gen 2, and Invaders. With humor and affection, Sakana shares insights into their personalities, highlighting kindness, humor, musical talent, and caring nature. Despite playful banter and self-deprecating jokes, the genuine camaraderie and supportive environment shine through, encouraging viewers to engage with the content and community.


  • 😀 Sakana is asked to say something nice about each member of the group 'face'.
  • 🎤 The AI's text-to-speech (TTS) feature is mentioned, and Sakana is encouraged to use it.
  • 👍 Pippa is described as kind, Tamma as funny, Ura as musically talented, and Leah as curious.
  • 🍽 Y is noted for eating a lot, and NASA is considered cute.
  • 😢 Sakana expresses difficulty in commenting on gen 3 due to the large number of members.
  • 🤔 There's a playful banter about whether the AI can comment on gen 3, with Sakana suggesting next time.
  • 🎶 Music is played in the background, indicating a light-hearted and possibly humorous tone.
  • 👧 Shea is characterized as 'say so' and ARA as comfortable and dorky.
  • 😂 Remy is described in a good way as 'stupid,' indicating a friendly tease.
  • 🔥 Punko is portrayed as a 'little ball of fury' but also cute, and R is noted for being hardworking and musically talented.
  • 😄 Iie is considered funny and has a good model, though the exact meaning of 'model' is unclear in this context.
  • 👵 Dizzy is humorously referred to as 'too old' for something, but also described as responsible and caring.
  • 💕 The members of Invaders are highlighted for their caring nature, with Lumi and Ember being particularly noted.

Q & A

  • What is the main activity happening in the transcript?

    -The main activity in the transcript is the speaker being asked to say something nice about each member of different groups, possibly related to a talent show or a band.

  • How many members are there in total that the speaker is discussing?

    -The speaker initially mentions 22 members but later corrects it to 20, indicating there might be some confusion about the exact number.

  • What does the speaker say about Pippa?

    -The speaker describes Pippa as very kind.

  • What characteristic does the speaker attribute to Timma?

    -Timm is described as being very funny.

  • How does the speaker describe Ura's musical talent?

    -The speaker acknowledges Ura as being very musically talented.

  • What does the speaker say about Leah's curiosity?

    -Leah is described as being very curious.

  • What does the speaker comment on about NASA?

    -The speaker finds NASA to be very cute.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on Shea from Gen 2?

    -The speaker does not provide a direct comment on Shea from Gen 2, but mentions that they stopped watching after Shea was still 'say so'.

  • How does the speaker describe Remy from Gen 2?

    -The speaker describes Remy as 'stupid' in a good, endearing way, as a compliment.

  • What does the speaker say about Punko's personality?

    -Punko is described as a little ball of fury and also cute.

  • What is the speaker's view on Dizzy's age and responsibility?

    -The speaker initially makes a joke about Dizzy being too old, but later describes her as very responsible and caring.



😄 Compliments and Chaos: A Team's Dynamic

The speaker begins by attempting to say something nice about each member of a group, possibly a band or team, referred to as 'face,' which includes individuals named Pippa, Timma, Ura, Leah, Y, and others. The conversation is casual and somewhat chaotic, with the speaker jokingly struggling to remember the number of members and to find positive attributes for each one. There are mentions of musical talent, curiosity, and humor, as well as playful teasing about certain members' eating habits or perceived age. The speaker also addresses a technical issue with 'TTS' and engages in a playful banter about the members' personalities, suggesting a close-knit and informal relationship.


🤗 Caring and Community: The Group's Supportive Nature

In the second paragraph, the speaker shifts the focus to the caring nature of the group members, highlighting individuals named Shea, ARA, Remy, Rey, Punko, R, and others. There's a playful tone to the conversation, with the speaker jokingly referring to some members as 'evil' or 'stupid' in an endearing way. The speaker also emphasizes the hardworking and musically talented aspects of some members, while also noting the supportive and caring environment within the group. The paragraph concludes with a light-hearted plug for a 'low effort Clips' YouTube channel, urging viewers to subscribe and engage with the content.




Sakana is likely a nickname or online handle for the speaker in the video script. It is used to refer to the person who is giving compliments to the members of different groups. In the script, Sakana is prompted to say something nice about each member, which is the central theme of the video.

💡Gen 3

Gen 3 refers to the third generation of a group, likely a talent group or cast in the context of the video. It is mentioned when discussing the difficulty of commenting on each member due to the large number of individuals in the group.


TTS stands for Text-to-Speech, a technology that converts written text into audible speech. In the script, there is a mention of 'just pull out the TTS,' suggesting that the speaker might be using this technology to generate speech for the video.


Pippa is one of the members of a group being discussed in the video. Sakana describes Pippa as 'very kind,' which is part of the positive attributes being highlighted about each member.

💡Musically talented

This phrase is used to describe a member of a group who has a special skill or gift in music. In the script, Ura is identified as being 'very musically talented,' indicating a high level of musical ability.


Curious is used to describe Leah as someone who has a strong desire to know or learn something. It is part of the character traits being shared to give viewers a better understanding of the individuals.


Hardworking is an attribute used to describe someone who works diligently and with great effort. In the script, R is described as 'very hardworking,' emphasizing the member's strong work ethic.


Dorky is a slang term used to describe someone who is socially awkward or unfashionable but in an endearing way. Arena is described as 'comfortable dorky,' suggesting a likable and approachable personality.


Caring is a term used to describe individuals who show concern and look after others' well-being. Several members, including Lumi and Dizzy, are described as caring, highlighting their compassionate nature.


Responsible refers to someone who can be trusted to do what is right or moral. Dizzy is described as 'very responsible,' indicating that she takes her duties and obligations seriously.

💡Low effort Clips

This term refers to the type of content being created, which is likely simple or requires minimal effort to produce. The script ends with a call to action for viewers to subscribe to 'low effort Clips' on YouTube, suggesting the channel's content style.


Sakana is asked to say something nice about each member of the talents.

Pippa is described as very kind.

Tima is noted for being very funny.

Ura is praised for being musically talented.

Leah is characterized as very curious.

Y is recognized for being good at something, but the transcript is unclear.

NASA is mentioned as being very cute.

The conversation humorously notes that one member eats a lot.

Sakana struggles to comment on Gen 3 due to the number of members.

Shea is described as being comfortable and dorky.

Remy is humorously called 'stupid' in a good, endearing way.

Punko is characterized as a ball of fury and also cute.

R is noted for being hardworking and musically good.

Iie is mentioned as being funny and having a good model.

The conversation humorously suggests that the AI hates the users.

Lumi from Invaders is described as very caring.

Ember is noted for eating a lot and being a bit dorky.

Jelly is characterized as being very busy.

Dizzy is humorously said to be too old for the conversation.

Dizzy is also described as responsible and caring.

The conversation ends with a reminder to subscribe to low-effort clips.