SideQuest - 1 Click Stable Diffusion WebUI - Dùng AI free trên máy tính và điện thoại

2 Oct 202209:40

TLDRThe video script discusses a new method for running a stable AI model using Google Colab, which allows users to download and utilize the model on their machines. It highlights the ease of installation and the provision of a GPU upon opening the link. The script also touches on the community support through Discord, where users can seek help and collaborate. The focus is on leveraging open-source technology to enhance interaction with AI, enabling users to create and manipulate images through various commands and styles. The goal is to harness AI's potential for diverse applications, including film and concept art, by building an interactive platform that facilitates creative collaboration.


  • 🌐 The speaker introduces a new method of running a Google Colab file locally by saving it to one's machine.
  • 🤖 Utilizing pre-built gym environments in Google Colab for ease of use and accessibility.
  • 🔗 The importance of the Discord community for troubleshooting and collaborative problem-solving.
  • 🛠️ The process of simplifying and organizing the web SD and web UI for a smoother user experience.
  • 🚀 Instant access to GPU resources upon opening the software and clicking the 'Play' button.
  • 🔄 Google Colab's seamless integration with Google Drive for efficient data handling.
  • 📈 The speaker's efforts in optimizing the model loading process, reducing it to around 3 GB in size.
  • 🖌️ The application of digital painting techniques and style transfer to enhance the AI's creative output.
  • 📊 The rendering capabilities of the AI, producing consistent and high-quality images with various parameters.
  • 🌐 The shift from local AI installations to Google class for wider accessibility and faster setup times.
  • 🔍 The exploration of various interaction methods with AI, including text commands and image-based inputs.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the script?

    -The main topic of the script is about using Google Colab for running a specific gym-related project, and the process of setting it up and utilizing it effectively.

  • What does the speaker mention about Google Colab?

    -The speaker mentions that Google Colab is a platform where the gym project can be run, and it is pre-prepared for users to download and use on their machines.

  • How does the speaker describe the initial experience with the interface?

    -The speaker describes the initial experience as overwhelming due to the complexity and clutter of the interface, but encourages users to remain calm and not be intimidated.

  • What is the significance of the web SD and web UI mentioned in the script?

    -Web SD and web UI refer to the command and user interface that allows users to test and interact with the gym project immediately upon installation.

  • What does the speaker say about the GPU usage?

    -The speaker mentions that when users open the software and press play, they will be connected to a different GPU, allowing them to utilize it for their tasks.

  • How does the speaker address the issue of Google Drive integration?

    -The speaker states that Google Drive is already integrated and ready for use, which makes the process faster and more convenient for users.

  • What is the role of the model mentioned in the script?

    -The model is a crucial component that is downloaded, which is about 3 GB in size, and is used to render images and interact with the AI for creating visual content.

  • Why does the speaker emphasize the importance of the open source nature of the project?

    -The speaker emphasizes the open source nature because it allows for a collaborative effort in developing interactive interfaces and expanding the capabilities of the project, making it more accessible and powerful for users.

  • What are the different ways to interact with the AI as mentioned in the script?

    -There are three different ways to interact with the AI: using simple commands, using digital painting techniques, and using one's own images for more personalized outputs.

  • What is the speaker's goal in creating these images and using the AI?

    -The speaker's goal is to use the AI for various creative and professional purposes, such as making films, creating concepts, and other tasks related to visual content production.

  • What does the speaker suggest about the future of the project?

    -The speaker suggests that the project will continue to evolve, with more features and capabilities being added, especially with the collective effort of the open source community and the integration of various interactive approaches.



🚀 Introduction to Google Colab and Discord Support

The paragraph introduces the use of Google Colab as a platform for running a new plan, emphasizing its readiness for use. It mentions the availability of pre-built gym environments and the convenience of accessing Google Colab through a link shared in the Discord channel. The speaker reassures users that despite the complexity of the interface, it is manageable and that any issues can be addressed through the Discord community. The paragraph highlights the ease of setting up and using the platform, including the allocation of a GPU upon opening the link and the streamlined process of interacting with the system. It also touches on the efficiency of Google Drive integration and the rapid loading of models, showcasing the capabilities of the platform.


🎨 Exploring Style Love and Digital Painting Techniques

This paragraph delves into the creative process of generating images using the platform, specifically focusing on the 'Style Love' technique that allows for the creation of four images at once. It discusses the hardware capabilities, such as the use of 16GB VRAM and the comparison between Tesla and T4 GPUs. The speaker explains the shift from local installation to utilizing Google Colab, emphasizing its accessibility and the rapid setup process. The paragraph also highlights the open-source nature of the platform, which enables a wide range of interactive approaches and the development of user-friendly interfaces. It concludes by discussing the potential applications of the AI in various fields, including filmmaking and concept art, and the collective efforts in refining the AI for these purposes.



💡Google Colab

Google Colab is a cloud-based platform for machine learning and coding that allows users to write and execute Python code in a collaborative environment. In the context of the video, it is used as a tool to run a new plan or project, with the mention of saving the work back to the user's machine. The script highlights the convenience of using Google Colab, especially for those who may not have powerful local machines, as it provides access to GPU resources.


Discord is a communication platform primarily used by gamers but also by various communities for real-time chat, voice calls, and file sharing. In the video, it is mentioned as a place where users can go for support and interaction if they encounter any issues with the project discussed. Discord's web version is specifically highlighted for ease of use and communication.


In the context of the video, 'gym' seems to refer to a platform or environment that is used for machine learning and AI development. It is mentioned in the context of creating and running projects, suggesting that it provides a set of tools or frameworks that facilitate the development process. The term 'gym' might be a metaphorical use, indicating a space for training or developing AI models.

💡SD Web UI

SD Web UI likely refers to a web-based user interface for a project or software discussed in the video. It is mentioned as a means of interaction that allows users to test and use the project immediately. The term suggests a graphical interface that is web-based, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection.


GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device. In the video, it is mentioned that when users open a certain link, they are connected to a different GPU, which suggests that the platform provides access to GPU resources for computational tasks.

💡Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files with others. In the video, it is mentioned that there is a connection ready with Google Drive, indicating that the platform or project discussed integrates with Google Drive for storage and sharing purposes.


In the context of the video, a 'model' likely refers to a machine learning model, which is a computational representation of a problem that can be trained to make predictions or decisions. The script mentions downloading a model, which suggests that the project involves training or using AI models that have been prepped and are ready for deployment.

💡Digital Painting

Digital painting is an art form that involves the creation of images using digital tools and software. It is mentioned in the context of enhancing the project's visual output, suggesting that the platform or tool discussed in the video has capabilities related to creating or manipulating visual content.

💡Style Transfer

Style transfer is a technique in machine learning and computer vision that involves taking the style of one image and applying it to another image, resulting in a new image that combines the content of the original with the artistic style of the reference image. In the video, it is mentioned as a method to create visually appealing outputs, indicating that the platform or tool has capabilities for artistic manipulation of images.

💡Open Source

Open source refers to a type of software licensing where the source code is released under a license where the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. In the context of the video, it is mentioned that the project or tool is open source, which means it is freely available for users to use, modify, and collaborate on.


Interaction, in the context of the video, refers to the ways users can engage with the platform or tool. It encompasses various methods of communication and control, such as issuing commands or using graphical interfaces. The script suggests that there are multiple ways to interact with the AI, which is crucial for usability and flexibility.

💡Concept Art

Concept art refers to the visual design work that is used to illustrate and concept new ideas, characters, or environments in various forms of media, such as film, video games, and animation. In the video, it is suggested that the platform or tool can be used for concept art creation, indicating that it has capabilities related to visual design and artistic expression.


Introducing a new method utilizing Google Colab for running and saving files locally.

Google Colab is equipped with a pre-built gym for user convenience.

Discord web is the platform for addressing any issues and collaborating in real-time.

The simplicity of using web SD and web UI for immediate testing of the stable version.

Access to a GPU upon opening the software for enhanced computational capabilities.

Google Colab's seamless integration with Google Drive for fast and easy data transfer.

The model's capability to load and run efficiently, even without connecting to Google Drive.

Downloading and utilizing the 'stable devilson 1.4' for the best performance.

The rendering process explained, including the creation of images and the use of random numbers.

The importance of a consistent facial representation in the generated images.

The potential of using the AI for digital painting and style transfer.

The different interaction methods with the AI, including simple commands and image-based inputs.

The significance of maintaining a theme throughout the AI's image generation process.

The AI's ability to transcribe and create images based on user-provided themes or styles.

The focus on leveraging AI for film production and concept art, beyond simple image generation.

The rapid development and community support for the open-source project.

The goal of optimizing the AI for various professional applications, such as filmmaking and photography.