Star Citizens 3.23 Major Feature Changes | Quick Guide For New & Returning Players

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11 May 202417:25

TLDRStar Citizen's 3.23 update brings significant changes to the game, affecting both new and experienced players. The overhaul includes updates to traversal, new missions, locations, a revamped starm map, UI updates, and changes to the flight model. The update may initially confuse players due to alterations such as switched crouch and prone keys. A new character customizer offers more control over appearance and allows saving and exporting character designs. The control scheme has been updated with new key bindings, and the starm map now features a text search function and displays available commodities at locations. The replication layer's separation improves server stability, and the game introduces a new inventory system that requires physical interaction for item retrieval. The flight model has been adjusted, and players are encouraged to join organizations for support and to engage in multiplayer activities. The Arena Commander mode is recommended for practice and learning game mechanics. The summary advises players to familiarize themselves with the game's systems, utilize Arena Commander, and join groups for a richer experience.


  • 🚀 **Star Citizen 3.23 Update Overview**: The game has received significant changes including new mission locations, UI updates, and flight model adjustments.
  • 💰 **Starting Tips**: For new players, it's recommended to start with the cheapest game package and utilize the in-game economy to acquire desired ships.
  • 🖥️ **Technical Setup**: Downloading the game to an SSD and ensuring sufficient RAM (16GB or more) is crucial for optimal performance.
  • 🧑 **Character Customization**: The new character customizer offers more control and allows players to save and export their character designs.
  • ⚙️ **Key Bindings and Controls**: Familiarize yourself with key bindings, especially for helmet usage and other essential in-game actions.
  • 🔄 **New Interaction System**: An updated interaction system has been introduced with new default keybindings for interacting with items.
  • 🌌 **Stellar Map Improvements**: The new starm map offers better navigation, including interior and local maps, and a text search feature.
  • 🔧 **Replication Layer**: The separation of data and simulation allows for server crash recovery without kicking players from the game.
  • 📦 **Inventory Changes**: Physical interaction with inventories is becoming more integral, promoting the use of backpacks and other storage solutions.
  • ✈️ **Flight Model Update**: A fundamental change to the flight model has been implemented, with a split between SEM (slow) and NAV (fast) modes.
  • 👥 **Solo and Group Play**: While Star Citizen supports solo play, some content may be easier to achieve with a group, emphasizing the value of joining an organization or guild.
  • 🛍️ **Economy and Trading**: Utilize local outposts and distribution centers for acquiring items and consider bulk selling loot for extra income.

Q & A

  • What major changes are expected in Star Citizen 3.23 update?

    -The 3.23 update for Star Citizen includes significant changes to the game's systems, such as traversal, new missions, locations, a new starm map, FPS accommodations, UI updates, and flight model changes. These updates will affect gameplay for both new and veteran players.

  • What is the recommended initial game package for new players?

    -For new players, it is advised to start with the cheapest game package at $45, which allows for easy sharing of money and gameplay, renting and buying ships in-game, and crewing other people's ships.

  • How can players obtain extra start money or a free ship upon signing up?

    -Players can use a referral code from the video description or from one of the supporters to get extra start money and possibly a free ship or a bonus upon signing up.

  • What is the new feature in the character customizer that allows players to save and export their character design?

    -The new Builder in the character customizer allows players to save and export their character designs, enabling them to use the same design and update it as needed until the game's release.

  • What is the key binding for removing and putting on a helmet in the game?

    -The key bindings for removing and putting on a helmet are left alt and H to store it, and right alt and H to carry it.

  • What is the new interaction system for handling physical inventory in Star Citizen 3.23?

    -In Star Citizen 3.23, the physicalization of the inventory takes another step forward, requiring players to interact physically with gear storage terminals to retrieve their items, encouraging the use of backpacks, boxes, spaceships, and vehicles for logistics and cargo transportation.

  • How has the flight model changed in Star Citizen 3.23?

    -The flight model in Star Citizen 3.23 has returned to a pre-3.0 style, with slower interaction-focused travel and high-speed travel split into separate modes, SEM and NAV. Players start in SEM mode and can switch to NAV mode for faster travel by holding the 'B' key.

  • What is the significance of the new replication layer in Star Citizen?

    -The new replication layer allows data and simulation to exist separately, meaning that if a server crashes, players won't be kicked from the game. Instead, a new server with a nearly identical game state is launched, and players are released back into play.

  • What is the recommended approach for new players to manage their inventory?

    -New players should get comfortable relying only on what they have on their person. They should use backpacks, boxes, spaceships, and vehicles for storage and transportation, and be prepared to offload ships when selling items.

  • Why is it beneficial for players to join an organization or guild in Star Citizen?

    -Joining an organization or guild can provide new players with support and help when needed. It also ensures that the group they call on for help is held accountable to the same gameplay rules, which is important for maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

  • How can players make extra money in Star Citizen?

    -Players can make extra money by filling a SUE (Small Emporium Unit) crate from any cargo deck on the space station with loot they find and selling those items in bulk at the proper locations.

  • What is the purpose of Arena Commander in Star Citizen?

    -Arena Commander is a mode where players can test out their key bindings and controls in an open environment, try PVP, FPS gameplay, ship combat, racing, hovercraft activities, tank battles, and more. It is an excellent way for new players to learn the ins and outs of ship and weapon combat and controls.



🚀 Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Overview and Tips

This paragraph discusses the significant changes in Star Citizen's Alpha 3.23 update, which include overhauls to the game's traversal, mission locations, star map, user interface, and flight model. It emphasizes the impact on both new and veteran players, mentioning the switch in crouch and prone keys as an example of changes that might confuse players. The speaker also mentions an upcoming new players guide for the 4.0 update and provides 13 tips for players adjusting to the 3.23 changes. The paragraph concludes with advice on starting the game, such as purchasing the cheapest game package, downloading the game to an SSD, ensuring sufficient RAM, and experimenting with the new character customizer.


🛠️ Controls, Inventory, and Server Crash Recovery

The second paragraph delves into the intricacies of the game's control scheme, emphasizing the importance of understanding and customizing key bindings for various in-game actions. It discusses the new starm map's features, such as interior and local navigation, waypoint placement, and text search functionality. The paragraph also highlights the game's new replication layer, which allows for server crash recovery without kicking players from the game. Additionally, it touches on the MobiGlas update, the physicalization of inventory in the game, and the importance of familiarizing oneself with gear storage terminals. The speaker advises players to prepare for the transition to more physically interactive inventory management in future updates.


🎒 Essential Gear and Solo Play Options

This paragraph focuses on essential gear for new players, such as multi-tools, backpacks, armor, and weapons. It suggests checking local outposts for supplies and utilizing the cargo system to make money. The speaker assures that Star Citizen is designed with solo play in mind, but also acknowledges the benefits of group play for certain game content. They recommend joining an organization or guild for accountability and mutual assistance. The paragraph also discusses the home base concept, respawn options, and the use of beds for long-range gameplay. Lastly, it encourages new players to try Arena Commander for practice and learning about ship and weapon combat.


🤖 Arena Commander and Future Learning Opportunities

The final paragraph emphasizes the importance of Arena Commander as a learning tool for new and returning players. It mentions the availability of various gameplay modes, including PVP, FPS, ship combat, racing, and more. The speaker suggests that Arena Commander is an excellent place to practice and become proficient in Star Citizen. They also hint at upcoming changes and encourage players to stay informed through the channel's content. The paragraph ends with an invitation to subscribe for updates and a promise of a comprehensive new players guide after the 4.0 update.



💡Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a space simulation game currently in development by Cloud Imperium Games. It is a single-player and multiplayer game that combines elements of space exploration, trading, and combat. In the video, it is the central topic as the speaker discusses major updates and changes to the game in version 3.23.


An overhaul refers to a thorough review and improvement of a system or process. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the significant changes and updates made to Star Citizen, including UI updates, control changes, and new gameplay features.


FPS stands for 'First-Person Shooter,' a genre of video games where the player experiences the game world from the perspective of the protagonist. In the script, FPS accommodations refer to updates made to the first-person perspective gameplay, likely involving shooting mechanics and user interface.

💡Crouch and Prone Keys

These are in-game control settings that allow players to assume a crouching or prone (lying down) position. The video mentions that in the 3.23 update, the keys for these actions have been switched, which could affect gameplay and require players to adjust their controls.

💡Character Customizer

The character customizer is a feature in Star Citizen that allows players to design and alter the appearance of their in-game avatar. The script highlights that the new character customizer offers more control and the ability to save and export character designs, enhancing player personalization.

💡Key Bindings

Key bindings are the specific keyboard inputs assigned to perform certain actions in a game. The video emphasizes the importance of learning and customizing key bindings to improve gameplay efficiency, especially with the introduction of new controls in the 3.23 update.

💡Starm Map

The starm map is an in-game navigation tool in Star Citizen that allows players to plot courses and find locations within the game's universe. The script discusses improvements to the starm map, including a new text search feature and the ability to navigate through cities and other locations.

💡Replication Layer

The replication layer is a technical aspect of game design that refers to how game data is duplicated and synchronized across different servers. The video mentions that this layer has been separated and functional, leading to a more stable gaming experience with less downtime in case of server crashes.

💡Inventory Physicalization

Inventory physicalization is a game design concept where in-game items and inventory systems are represented in a more realistic and tangible way. The script discusses upcoming changes to Star Citizen's inventory system, where players will need to physically interact with storage terminals to access their items.

💡Flight Model

A flight model in a video game is the system that governs how aircraft or spacecraft behave in response to player input and game physics. The video describes changes to the flight model in Star Citizen, with a return to pre-3.0 characteristics and the introduction of new modes for different types of travel.

💡Arena Commander

Arena Commander is a module within Star Citizen that allows players to engage in ship combat, racing, and other activities in a controlled environment. The video suggests using Arena Commander to practice and learn the game's mechanics, especially for new players.


Star Citizen 3.23 introduces major feature changes affecting gameplay for both new and returning players.

The game has seen updates in traversal, new missions, locations, a new star map, UI updates, and flight model changes.

Crouch and prone keys have been switched, which may confuse players.

A new character customizer offers more control and allows players to save and export their character designs.

Key bindings for various in-game actions have been updated and should be learned for optimal gameplay.

The new starm map features an interior and local map, improving navigation and quality of life for players.

Server crash recovery has been implemented, reducing downtime and frustration for players.

Physicalization of inventory requires players to interact with gear storage terminals, promoting the use of backpacks and vehicles for logistics.

The flight model has been fundamentally changed, splitting interaction-focused travel and high-speed travel into separate modes.

New players are advised to start with the cheapest game package and gradually acquire their desired ships through in-game activities.

Arena Commander mode is recommended for new players to practice and learn the game's mechanics in a controlled environment.

Solo play is supported, but some content is easier to achieve with a group, highlighting the value of joining an organization or guild.

The game's medical system allows players to respawn at the last used medical bed, influencing strategic choices about where to set respawn points.

Global events, competitions, and special activities are more easily tackled in groups, encouraging cooperative play.

The game's persistent universe presents risks, and new players should be cautious when starting out in the current star system.

The upcoming 4.0 update promises to bring significant changes to the game, which will be covered in a future guide.

For a comprehensive understanding of the game, players are encouraged to watch detailed videos, listen to podcasts, and join the community for monthly exclusives.