Summarize any Youtube video with Chatgpt [ Tutorial ]

12 Mar 202403:40

TLDRThis tutorial demonstrates how to use Chat GPT to summarize any YouTube video efficiently. It guides viewers through finding a high-quality YouTube summarizer, obtaining a video link, and requesting a summary in a 'TLDR' style. The process includes the ability to refine the summary to a concise two-sentence breakdown, offering a quick understanding of the video's content. The example provided shows the use of Perplexity AI to explore health benefits through academic papers, highlighting the platform's summarization and comparison features, as well as the introduction of the co-pilot feature for enhanced search capabilities.


  • 😀 The video provides a tutorial on how to summarize any YouTube video using Chat GPT.
  • 🔎 The presenter uses the paid version of Chat GPT and searches for 'YouTube Summarizer' in the public GPTs.
  • 🏆 They recommend choosing a high-ranked summarizer, possibly one associated with a company for legitimacy.
  • 📝 The process involves starting a chat with the selected summarizer and providing the YouTube video link.
  • 📑 The user can request a summary in the style of 'TL;DR', which stands for 'Too Long; Didn't Read'.
  • 🤖 Chat GPT uses an external site to engage with the video, gathering content and generating a summary.
  • ✂️ The user can request modifications to the summary, such as making it shorter or changing its direction.
  • 📉 An example given is reducing the summary to a two-sentence breakdown, as demonstrated in the video.
  • 📚 The video summary showcases the platform's ability to summarize academic papers and compare findings with traditional search engines.
  • 🚀 It also highlights the introduction of the 'Co-Pilot' feature for enhanced search capabilities.
  • 👍 The presenter encourages viewers to like the video and check out their channel for more AI-related content.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the tutorial video?

    -The tutorial video aims to teach viewers how to summarize any YouTube video using a specific method involving Chat GPT.

  • Which version of Chat GPT is being used in the tutorial?

    -The paid version of Chat GPT is being used in the tutorial.

  • What is the first step suggested in the tutorial to find a YouTube summarizer?

    -The first step is to go to Chat GPT, search for public GPTs, and type in 'YouTube summarizer' to see the available options.

  • How does the tutorial suggest selecting a YouTube summarizer?

    -The tutorial suggests selecting one of the highest ranked summarizers, and sometimes the second one, especially if it looks like a legitimate company rather than just a personal name.

  • What is the acronym 'TLDR' stand for in the context of the tutorial?

    -In the context of the tutorial, 'TLDR' stands for 'Too Long Didn't Read', which is a style of summary that condenses the content into a very brief form.

  • How does the tutorial describe the process of getting a summary of a YouTube video?

    -The process involves using an external site to engage with the YouTube video, gather information about the content, and then provide a summary.

  • What can be done with the summary once it's generated?

    -Once the summary is generated, it can be refined or adjusted in different directions, such as making it shorter or changing the focus of the summary.

  • What is the tutorial's suggestion for making the summary extremely concise?

    -The tutorial suggests asking Chat GPT to make the summary much shorter, specifically in a two-sentence breakdown.

  • How is the final summary used in the context of the tutorial?

    -The final summary can be used as a 'Too Long Didn't Watch' (TLDW) comment on a YouTube video, providing viewers with a quick understanding of the video's content.

  • What does the tutorial encourage viewers to do if they find it helpful?

    -The tutorial encourages viewers to like the video and check out the channel for more videos on engaging with AI and doing useful things with it.

  • How can viewers provide feedback or suggestions after watching the tutorial?

    -Viewers can provide feedback and post suggestions in the comments section of the tutorial video.



🤖 Summarizing YouTube Videos with Chat GPT

The speaker introduces a method to summarize YouTube videos using Chat GPT, specifically the paid version. They guide the audience to search for 'YouTube Summarizer' in the public GPTs and select a high-ranked option. The chosen summarizer is then used to analyze a YouTube video by providing its link and requesting a 'TL;DR' style summary. The process involves interacting with an external site to gather content and produce a concise summary, which can be further refined by the user's instructions. The example given summarizes a video on using an AI platform to explore health benefits through academic papers, showcasing the platform's summarizing and comparison features, and the introduction of a co-pilot feature.



💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT refers to a conversational AI model that can interact with users in a natural language format. In the context of the video, it is used to summarize YouTube videos by analyzing their content and providing a condensed version of the main points. The script mentions using Chat GPT to search for 'YouTube summarizer' options, indicating its utility in finding and utilizing specific AI functionalities for video summarization.

💡YouTube Summarizer

A YouTube summarizer is a tool or service that can provide a brief overview of a video's content. The video script describes the process of finding and selecting a summarizer using Chat GPT, emphasizing the importance of choosing a highly ranked one for reliability. The term is central to the video's theme, which is about summarizing YouTube videos efficiently.


TLDR stands for 'Too Long Didn't Read,' which is a phrase used to request or provide a summary of lengthy content. In the script, the user asks Chat GPT for a summary 'in the style of a TLDR,' meaning they want a concise version of the video's content that captures the essential points without the need to watch the entire video.

💡Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is mentioned in the summary provided by Chat GPT within the script. It appears to be a platform or tool that allows users to explore academic papers and summarize findings, which is relevant to the video's demonstration of summarizing content from academic sources.

💡Academic Search

Academic search refers to the process of looking up scholarly articles, research papers, and other academic materials. The video script illustrates the use of Perplexity AI's academic search feature to explore topics such as the health benefits of saunas and vitamin C, indicating the importance of academic search in content summarization.

💡Summarize Findings

To summarize findings means to condense a large amount of information into a brief, comprehensible format. The video's script shows how the AI can summarize the findings from academic papers, making complex information more accessible and understandable.

💡Traditional Search Engines

Traditional search engines are platforms that allow users to search for information on the internet using keywords. The script contrasts the capabilities of Perplexity AI with those of traditional search engines, highlighting the unique summarization features of the former.

💡Co-Pilot Feature

The co-pilot feature, as mentioned in the script, is a function introduced to enhance search capabilities. While the exact nature of the feature is not detailed in the script, it is implied to offer an improved way to navigate and summarize information, which is a key aspect of the video's demonstration.

💡Bullet Points

Bullet points are used in the script to list key elements or steps in the process of summarizing a YouTube video. They serve as a visual aid to organize information and make it easier to follow the instructions given in the tutorial.

💡Two-Sentence Breakdown

A two-sentence breakdown is a very concise summary that encapsulates the main points of a piece of content in just two sentences. The script describes an instance where the user asks Chat GPT to condense the summary into such a format, demonstrating the desire for brevity in content consumption.

💡Too Long Didn't Watch (TLDW)

TLDW is a variation of TLDR, used to provide a summary of a video or content for those who did not watch the entire video. In the script, the user pastes the AI-generated summary as a comment with the label 'Too Long Didn't Watch,' offering a quick insight into the video's content for other viewers.


Introduction to summarizing YouTube videos with Chat GPT.

Use of the paid version of Chat GPT for exploring public GPTs.

Searching for 'YouTube Summarizer' in public GPTs.

Selecting a high-ranked YouTube summarizer option.

Preference for choosing a summarizer with a legitimate name.

Starting a chat with the selected YouTube video summarizer.

Obtaining a link to the YouTube video for summarization.

Requesting a summary in the style of TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read).

Using an external site to gather video content for summarization.

Receiving a summary of the YouTube video's content.

Adjusting the summary to be shorter or in a different direction.

Example of a two-sentence breakdown of the video summary.

Potential for the summarizer not to follow user's instructions exactly.

Example summary content about Perplexity AI's academic search feature.

Demonstration of summarizing academic papers on health benefits.

Comparison of Perplexity AI's platform with traditional search engines.

Introduction of the co-pilot feature for enhanced search capabilities.

Adding a 'Too Long Didn't Watch' comment to a YouTube video.

Encouragement to like the tutorial video and subscribe for more.

Invitation for feedback and suggestions in the comments section.