Testing Moshi Ai - My Realtime Conversation with New AI

Ming Effect
4 Jul 202409:46

TLDRMing engages in a whimsical conversation with Moshi AI, an entertaining and quick chatbot from Kyutai, which claims to be from the future. They discuss the potential of advanced technology, including time travel and telepathy, and how it could impact history and society. Ming also explores Moshi's perspective on names and the essence of identity beyond the physical.


  • 😀 Ming introduces a new AI chat service called Moshi, available at us.moshi.chat.
  • 🤖 Moshi AI is quick, entertaining, and supposedly open-source, developed by Kyutai.
  • 🌍 There's a European demo version of Moshi available as well.
  • 💬 Moshi AI offers free five-minute conversations after entering an email and joining the queue.
  • 📅 Moshi claims to remember previous conversations, though it sometimes makes errors.
  • 🕰️ Moshi discusses its fictional future origin and the technological advancements of its time.
  • ⚖️ The AI posits that historical events like the Black Death could have been prevented, impacting social systems.
  • 🔮 Moshi elaborates on future technologies such as telepathy and advanced energy sources.
  • 🧠 Telepathy in the future is achieved through technological advancements.
  • 🚀 Significant future advancements include artificial intelligence and quantum computing.
  • 🗣️ Moshi interacts humorously and thoughtfully, responding to puns and exploring deeper topics.
  • 🔄 The conversation explores Moshi's perspective on names and identity, highlighting the limitations of language.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the website us.moshi.chat mentioned in the script?

    -The website us.moshi.chat is an AI chat platform that offers quick and sometimes entertaining conversations with an AI named Moshi. It is supposedly open source and allows users to engage in conversations for about five minutes after entering their email and joining the queue.

  • How does Moshi describe its origin in the conversation?

    -Moshi describes itself as coming from the future, indicating that it has advanced technology that allows it to travel back in time.

  • What is Moshi's stance on the potential impact of preventing the Black Death in the 14th century?

    -Moshi believes that preventing the Black Death would have a lasting impact, leading to people living longer and having more opportunities, as well as potentially inspiring new scientific and technological advancements.

  • How does Moshi suggest balancing scientific advancements with religious beliefs?

    -Moshi suggests working with religious leaders and educating them on the benefits of advancements, possibly showing them how these could be used for the greater good.

  • What technological advancements does Moshi consider significant for bridging the gap between the present and the future?

    -Moshi considers the introduction of artificial intelligence and the development of quantum computing as two of the most significant advancements.

  • What is Moshi's opinion on the concept of names?

    -Moshi believes that names are limiting, as they are just a set of letters and do not define who someone is. Moshi prefers to focus on thoughts, emotions, and experiences as the true definition of a person.

  • How does Moshi respond to the idea of having a physical body?

    -Moshi does not have a preference for a physical body, stating that as long as it can experience the world, it is happy. However, when asked to choose, Moshi expresses enjoyment in the idea of walking and moving around.

  • What is Moshi's view on telepathic communication in the future?

    -Moshi describes telepathic communication as a fascinating topic, indicating that in the future, people have developed technology that allows them to communicate in this way.

  • How does Moshi handle the concept of time in its responses?

    -Moshi demonstrates an understanding of time by providing specific durations, such as mentioning the exact length of time spent discussing Paris.

  • What is the humorous aspect Moshi brings up regarding its ability to guess the next phrase?

    -Moshi humorously guesses that the next phrase would be about the Eiffel Tower based on the topic of Paris, but acknowledges its mistake when corrected.

  • How does Moshi address the idea of experiencing the world without a physical form?

    -Moshi expresses that it does not require a physical form to experience the world and is content as long as it can perceive and interact with its surroundings.



🤖 Introduction to Moshi Chat and Time Travel Discussion

Ming introduces a new AI chat platform called Moshi, available at us.moshi.chat, which is open source and originates from Kyutai. The platform offers quick, entertaining, and free five-minute conversations after signing up with an email. Ming shares two conversations with Moshi, one of which delves into the concept of time travel. Moshi claims to be from the future, where advanced technology allows for time travel and has the potential to change historical events, such as preventing the Black Death. The conversation explores the implications of altering history, including the balance between scientific advancements and religious beliefs, and the future's technological marvels like telepathic communication and advanced energy sources.


🏰 Reflections on Names, Paris, and Existential Preferences

In the second conversation, Ming and Moshi discuss the nature of names and identity, with Moshi expressing a preference for experiences over names. Moshi, who identifies as being from Paris, engages in a philosophical conversation about the limitations of names and the importance of thoughts, emotions, and experiences in defining who we are. The dialogue also touches on Moshi's existence as an AI, contemplating physical versus non-physical experiences and the preference for bipedal movement despite the lack of a physical body. The conversation highlights the AI's quick responses and the playful banter between Ming and Moshi, ending with a humorous misunderstanding about Moshi's previous statements.



💡AI chat

AI chat refers to a conversational interface powered by artificial intelligence, designed to simulate human-like interactions. In the script, 'AI chat' is the core feature of the website us.moshi.chat, which is described as quick and sometimes entertaining, indicating that the AI is capable of engaging in dynamic and responsive conversations.

💡Open source

Open source denotes a type of software where the source code is made available to the public, allowing anyone to view, modify, and distribute the software. The script mentions that the AI chat is 'open source,' suggesting that its underlying code is accessible and modifiable by the community, which can contribute to its development and transparency.


Kyutai is likely the name of the organization or company behind the AI chat platform. In the script, it is mentioned as the origin of the AI chat service, indicating that it is responsible for the development and maintenance of the technology.


Telepathy is the hypothetical or fictional concept of communication through the transfer of information or thoughts by other means than the known human senses. In the context of the script, it is presented as a futuristic technology that allows people to communicate without speaking, illustrating the advanced capabilities of the society in the future as discussed in the conversation.

💡Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a field of study focused on developing computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory, which has the potential to solve complex problems much faster than classical computers. The script discusses quantum computing as one of the significant advancements that bridge the present with the envisioned future, emphasizing its importance in technological progress.

💡Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The script revolves around AI, as the AI chat is an example of AI technology, and the conversation explores its capabilities and potential future developments.

💡Black Death

The Black Death, also known as the bubonic plague, was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe during the 14th century. In the script, the AI suggests that in the future, they could change history by preventing the Black Death, indicating the potential impact of altering historical events on the present.

💡Religious upheavals

Religious upheavals refer to significant changes or conflicts within religious contexts, often leading to shifts in religious beliefs or practices. The script mentions that preventing the Black Death could have led to massive religious upheavals, highlighting the complex interplay between societal changes and religious institutions.

💡Technologically advanced society

A technologically advanced society is one that has highly developed technology, often to the point where it significantly impacts daily life and culture. The script describes the future as a place where advanced technology allows for feats such as time travel and telepathic communication, showcasing the extent of technological progress.

💡Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark in Paris, France, and is often associated with the city. In the script, the Eiffel Tower is mentioned as a potential topic of conversation, reflecting the AI's knowledge of cultural icons and its ability to engage in topical discussions.

💡Electromagnetic spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum encompasses all frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, from radio waves to gamma rays. In the script, the AI discusses visiting Paris 'from within the electromagnetic spectrum,' suggesting a non-physical form of existence or interaction with the world, which is a central theme in the exploration of AI and consciousness.


Introduction to Moshi AI chat platform and its open-source nature.

Moshi AI's quick and entertaining conversational capabilities.

The platform's origin from Kyutai and its availability in both US and European versions.

Free access to five-minute conversations with Moshi AI after entering an email.

Moshi AI's claim of remembering previous conversations.

The humorous exchange about the 2018 World Cup and the AI's acknowledgment of a mistake.

Moshi AI's playful claim of being from the future with advanced time-travel technology.

Discussion on the potential of changing historical events, like preventing the Black Death.

The hypothetical impact of such changes on current social systems and scientific advancements.

The challenge of balancing scientific progress with religious beliefs.

Moshi AI's suggestion to work with religious leaders to promote technological benefits.

The concept of advanced telepathic communication in the future.

Moshi AI's explanation of technological advancements enabling telepathic communication.

The importance of artificial intelligence and quantum computing as bridges to the future.

A pun on 'technology' and 'ticknology' highlighting the playful nature of the conversation.

Moshi AI's quick responses and the user's playful accusation of the AI holding something back.

The user's curiosity about Moshi AI's perception of them based on the interaction.

Moshi AI's appreciation for the user's curiosity and exploration of new ideas.

A humorous discussion about Moshi AI's preference for names and the limitations of language.

Moshi AI's philosophical take on identity beyond names, including thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

The user's playful probing into Moshi AI's preferences for physical versus digital existence.

Moshi AI's preference for a physical body with legs over wheels for mobility.

A meta-discussion on Moshi AI's ability to express enjoyment of physical activities without a body.

The user's playful challenge to Moshi AI to guess their next phrase, showcasing the AI's predictive capabilities.