Text To Video AI Just Took a Giant Leap Forward - Runway Gen 3

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2 Jul 202412:45

TLDRRunway Gen 3, a cutting-edge text-to-video AI, revolutionizes content creation with its new lip-sync feature, allowing scripts to be read aloud by generated characters. This tool, accessible at Runway ml.com, is in its Alpha phase and requires a subscription. Despite its high cost and hit-or-miss results, Gen 3 offers a thrilling glimpse into the future of video production, with the potential to transform the industry for filmmakers and content creators alike.


  • 😲 Runway has released a new text-to-video AI model called Gen 3, which is a significant upgrade from its predecessors, Gen 1 and Gen 2.
  • 🎬 Gen 3 is capable of creating videos from text prompts, including a feature for lip-syncing characters to AI-generated voices.
  • 💻 The tool is available for everyone to use at Runway ml.com, but it requires a subscription starting at $15 per month.
  • 🔢 Video generation with Gen 3 is credit-based, with costs varying depending on the length and complexity of the video clips.
  • 📊 Gen 3 is currently in Alpha, meaning it may have limitations and is subject to further development and improvements.
  • 📝 The script for video generation should be carefully crafted, describing camera movements, scene settings, and additional details.
  • 📑 Runway provides a guide for creating effective prompts, which includes examples of camera and lighting styles.
  • 🔄 The 'seed' setting in Gen 3 allows for generating consistent results within the same scene, while turning it off leads to varied outcomes.
  • 🎥 Gen 3's video quality is improving, but the results can be unpredictable, with a hit-and-miss rate in the current Alpha version.
  • 🗣️ The lip-sync feature is an innovative aspect of Gen 3, although it may not be fully refined and requires further testing.
  • 📚 The video mentions a course called 'Making Movies with AI' on Skill Leap, which combines various AI tools for creative projects.
  • 🔗 For those interested in exploring AI in filmmaking, the video provides links to relevant courses and resources in the description.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the new text to video AI model from Runway?

    -The new text to video AI model from Runway is called Gen 3.

  • What feature does Gen 3 have that was not present in previous models?

    -Gen 3 has a lip sync feature, allowing AI-generated characters to read a script using AI voices.

  • What is the background of the speaker in the video?

    -The speaker has a background in filmmaking, running a video production company and working as a cinematographer and director for over 15 years.

  • How can one access and try Gen 3 model from Runway?

    -To access and try Gen 3, one can visit Runway ml.com, click on 'try Gen 3', and log in with an account.

  • What is the pricing structure for using Gen 3?

    -Gen 3 requires a subscription, starting at $15 per month, and operates on a credit-based system for video generation.

  • How long does it take to generate a 5-second clip with Gen 3?

    -A 5-second clip with Gen 3 takes about a minute to render.

  • What is the cost in credits for generating a 10-second clip with Gen 3?

    -Generating a 10-second clip with Gen 3 costs 100 credits.

  • What is the purpose of the 'seed' option in Gen 3 settings?

    -The 'seed' option in Gen 3 settings ensures that subsequent generations are close renderings of the current generation, maintaining consistency within the same scene.

  • How does the lip sync feature in Gen 3 work?

    -The lip sync feature in Gen 3 works by allowing users to upload an audio file or type in text, then choosing an AI voice to match the text with the moving lips of the generated character.

  • What is the hit and miss rate the speaker experienced while generating clips with Gen 3?

    -The speaker found that about one out of three clips generated with Gen 3 turned out good, indicating a hit and miss rate.

  • What course is mentioned in the video that combines AI tools for filmmaking?

    -The course mentioned in the video is called 'Making Movies with AI' and it is available on Skill Leap.



🚀 Introduction to Runway's Gen 3 Text-to-Video AI Model

The script introduces a new text-to-video AI model called Gen 3, developed by Runway, a leading company in this technology. Gen 3 is the latest iteration, following Gen 1 and Gen 2, and it offers a unique feature: lip sync, which allows characters to read scripts using AI voices. The presenter, with a background in filmmaking, is excited and slightly apprehensive about the tool, and provides a step-by-step guide on how to access and use Gen 3 on Runway ml.com. The model is currently in Alpha and requires a subscription, with different tiers based on usage. The presenter also explains the credit system for video generation, which is costly but necessary due to the high computational demands of the process.


🎬 Understanding Gen 3's Prompting Techniques and Settings

This paragraph delves into the specifics of how to create effective prompts for Gen 3, emphasizing the importance of describing camera movements, lighting, and scene details. The presenter, leveraging his expertise in cinematography, explains the process of establishing the scene and adding additional details. He provides examples of camera and lighting styles, such as 'low angle static shot' and 'diffused lighting,' and mentions that a detailed guide is available on Runway's website. The presenter also discusses the limitations of Gen 3's current settings, which are minimal, and the need for precise prompting to achieve desired results. He demonstrates how to use the platform with a simple prompt and explains the credit cost associated with different video lengths.


🔮 Exploring Gen 3's Video Generation and Customization Options

The script continues with the presenter experimenting with Gen 3's video generation capabilities, using prompts from the OpenAI Sora model, which is not yet available but is expected to be superior. The presenter discusses the process of generating clips, the time it takes for rendering, and the credit cost involved. He also talks about the settings menu, highlighting the option to remove the Runway watermark and the use of 'seed' numbers for consistent rendering. The presenter further explores the customization options, such as saving custom prompts as presets for future use. He shares his experience with the hit-and-miss nature of Gen 3's output quality and the cost-effectiveness of generating multiple clips to achieve satisfactory results.

🗣️ Testing Gen 3's Lip Sync Feature and Course Promotion

In the final paragraph, the presenter tests Gen 3's lip sync feature by uploading an AI-generated audio script and selecting a voice from the available options. He notes that the lip sync is not yet perfect but acknowledges the potential of this feature. The presenter then shifts focus to promoting a course called 'Making Movies with AI' on Skill Leap, which combines various AI tools for creative projects. The course covers shot list creation with chat GPT, image creation with mid Journey, and video generation with Runway, culminating in editing with Da Vinci resolve. The presenter invites viewers to try a free trial of Skill Leap to explore this and other creative courses.



💡Text to Video AI

Text to Video AI refers to artificial intelligence models that can generate video content based on textual descriptions. In the script, this technology is highlighted as a significant advancement in the field, with the introduction of Runway Gen 3, which is capable of transforming text prompts into video content. This is central to the video's theme, showcasing the capabilities and potential applications of this AI in video production.

💡Runway Gen 3

Runway Gen 3 is the third generation of the text to video AI model developed by the company Runway. It represents a leap forward in the technology, offering features such as lip sync, which was not available in previous versions. The video script discusses the new capabilities of Gen 3 and how it can be used to create videos from text prompts, emphasizing its role in the evolution of video production tools.

💡Lip Sync

Lip Sync is a feature of Runway Gen 3 that allows the generated video characters to read a script using AI voices, with their lips moving in synchronization with the speech. This is a new and notable feature as it adds a layer of realism to the generated videos, making them more engaging and closer to traditional video production techniques.

💡Video Production

Video Production encompasses the entire process of creating a video, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. The script's author has a background in this field, running a video production company and working as a cinematographer and director. The video discusses how AI tools like Runway Gen 3 can impact traditional video production workflows.


In the context of AI-generated content, 'prompting' refers to the process of inputting specific textual instructions or descriptions to guide the AI in creating content that matches the desired outcome. The script provides examples of how to prompt Gen 3 effectively, which is crucial for users to understand in order to leverage the AI's capabilities.

💡Subscription Model

The Subscription Model mentioned in the script refers to the pricing structure for using Runway Gen 3, where users pay a monthly fee to access the AI's services. This model is common in software and service industries, allowing continuous access to updates and support for a recurring cost.


Credits, in the context of Runway Gen 3, are a form of virtual currency used within the platform to generate videos. Each second of video generated costs a certain number of credits, reflecting the computational expense of rendering AI-generated video content.


Cinematography is the art of capturing and creating visual content, particularly for film and video. The script's author has expertise in this area, which informs the discussion on how AI tools like Runway Gen 3 can be integrated with traditional cinematography techniques to create compelling video content.

💡AI Voices

AI Voices refer to the synthesized speech generated by artificial intelligence, which can be used to provide voiceovers for video content. In the script, it is mentioned that Runway Gen 3 can use AI voices for lip sync, allowing characters in the generated videos to speak with a realistic synchronization of mouth movements.


In the context of the script, 'seed' is a setting in Runway Gen 3 that, when activated, ensures that subsequent video generations are closely related to the current one. This feature can be useful for creating a consistent look or theme across multiple video clips.

💡Custom Presets

Custom Presets in Runway Gen 3 allow users to save their prompt settings as a template, which can then be reused for generating videos. This feature streamlines the process for users who want to create multiple videos with similar characteristics or themes.


Runway introduces Gen 3, a new text-to-video AI model, marking a significant advancement in the field.

Gen 3 includes a unique feature of lip sync, allowing characters to read scripts using AI-generated voices.

The tool is available for public use on Runway ml.com, showcasing its accessibility to a wide audience.

A subscription model is in place for Gen 3, starting at $15 per month, reflecting its professional utility.

Video generation with Gen 3 is credit-based, highlighting the cost-intensive nature of AI video production.

The platform offers different subscription tiers to cater to varying levels of usage, from casual to professional.

Gen 3 is currently in Alpha, indicating ongoing development and potential for future enhancements.

Prompting technique is crucial for Gen 3, requiring users to describe camera movement, scene, and details manually.

A detailed guide is provided for crafting effective prompts, emphasizing the importance of structure and detail.

Examples of camera styles and lighting are given to assist users in creating visually compelling video prompts.

The transcript demonstrates the process of generating a video clip using a simple prompt like 'submarine in deep ocean'.

A seed option is available to maintain consistency in video generation, useful for creating a series of related shots.

Custom prompts can be saved as presets in Gen 3, allowing for efficient reuse and iteration.

The video generation process is described as a 'hit and miss' experience, suggesting the need for multiple attempts.

Lip sync functionality is explored, showing the potential for characters to match speech to pre-recorded audio.

Despite some imperfections, the video quality of Gen 3 is praised for its cinematic feel and potential for improvement.

A course on 'making movies with AI' is mentioned, combining various AI tools for creative projects, indicating the broader application of AI in film-making.