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27 Sept 202321:35

TLDRThe video showcases several AI music generators, each with unique features and capabilities. The first generator is designed for creating humorous songs with lyrics, suitable for memes and quick shares. The second, Loudly, offers a flexible platform for generating background music in various genres, including a blend of hip-hop and techno. Soundful is geared towards creatives, providing a more complex interface and customization options, albeit with a paywall for advanced features. V Dot IO and Vision are text-to-music generators with varying degrees of success in matching prompts to generated music. Google's Music LM is in beta and offers high-quality output, while the Facebook Music Generator stands out for its ability to incorporate user-uploaded music files into its creations. The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their favorite AI music generator and explore more AI tools on the provided website.


  • 🎵 The first AI music generator mentioned is designed for creating fun and meme-worthy music with lyrics, suitable for sharing with friends.
  • 🎶 You need a voice mod account to use the first generator, but it's free for a limited time.
  • 🎧 The second tool, Loudly AI Music Generator, creates good-sounding music that can be used as background music for videos.
  • 🎷 Loudly offers a range of customization options, including genre blend, energy level, and BPM, allowing for flexible music creation.
  • 🎸 Soundful is a more professionally oriented platform that requires a free account and offers limited free use before payment is required.
  • 🎤 V Dot IO is a text-to-music generator that quickly generates music based on prompts, though the results may not always match the prompt exactly.
  • 🌟 Vision is a simple interface, completely free tool that visually represents the music generation process and can also create sound effects.
  • 🏆 Music LM, Google's AI music generator, is in beta and requires a waitlist sign-up, offering high-quality music generation with the ability to add lyrics.
  • 👻 The Facebook Music Generator, available on Hugging Face Spaces, was rated as the best music generator in the list for its consistent and high-quality output.
  • 📁 This generator allows uploading a music file to influence the generated music, a unique feature not found in the other tools.
  • 💲 While most tools are free at the base level, some like Soundful have a paywall for additional features, and downloading music often requires payment.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the transcript?

    -The main topic of the transcript is about AI music generators and their capabilities to create music from text or other prompts.

  • How does the first AI music generator mentioned in the transcript work?

    -The first AI music generator mentioned is more for creating memes and fun songs quickly. It requires a voice mod account and can generate songs with lyrics for sharing.

  • What is unique about the Loudly AI music generator?

    -The Loudly AI music generator is not a text-to-music generator but can create good sounding music that could be used as background music for videos. It allows users to select a genre, blend genres, and customize the beat, energy, instruments, BPM, and duration of the music.

  • What is the limitation of Soundful in terms of free usage?

    -Soundful offers a free account with limited capabilities. Users can create music, but they are limited to three free downloads before they have to start paying for additional downloads and access to copyright.

  • How does V Dot IO's music generator differ from others mentioned?

    -V Dot IO's music generator is the first text-to-music generator mentioned, but it doesn't seem to use the prompt effectively to generate music that matches the user's description.

  • What feature does the Vision music generator offer that is unique?

    -The Vision music generator offers a unique feature where it shows how it's generating music by creating an image that represents the music and then converting that into audio.

  • What is the status of Google's AI music generator, Music LM?

    -Music LM is Google's AI music generator that is currently in beta and requires users to sign up for a waitlist to gain access.

  • Why is the Facebook music generator considered the best according to the transcript?

    -The Facebook music generator is considered the best because it does not require an account, it's available on Hugging Face Spaces, and it generates high-quality music that closely matches the prompt without artifacts.

  • What is the special feature of the Facebook music generator that allows it to incorporate user-uploaded files?

    -The Facebook music generator can take a user-uploaded music file and generate music based on the melody and feeling of that file, in addition to the text prompt provided by the user.

  • How many AI music generators are mentioned in the transcript?

    -Six AI music generators are mentioned in the transcript.

  • What is the website recommended for discovering more AI tools like the ones discussed in the transcript?

    -The website recommended for discovering more AI tools is



🎵 Introduction to AI Music Generators 🎵

The paragraph introduces the concept of AI music generation, noting the recent advancements in the field. It highlights that while text-to-image AI has gained popularity, text-to-music has also seen significant improvements. The speaker shares their enthusiasm for showcasing some favorite AI music generators, emphasizing the increasing quality of these tools. The first mentioned tool is not a text-to-music generator but is used for creating memes and fun songs. The process of generating a song with lyrics is demonstrated, and the result is a humorous music video with a still image and text. The tool requires a voice mod account but is free to use for a limited time.


🎧 Exploring More AI Music Generators 🎧

The speaker discusses additional AI music generators, starting with Loudly, which generates good-sounding music suitable for background scores in videos. Users can select a genre and customize various aspects like energy level and instruments. The tool requires an account but offers free access with the option to upgrade. The next generator, Soundful, targets creative professionals and offers a more comprehensive platform for music creation, albeit with limitations in the free version. The speaker demonstrates creating a track by selecting a genre and template, and the tool's output is praised for its quality. However, downloading music incurs costs after a certain limit, and additional fees apply for copyright access.


🚀 Advanced AI Music Generation Features 🚀

The paragraph introduces V Dot IO, the first text-to-music generator in the list, which, despite not perfectly matching the user's prompt, offers a quick generation process. The speaker also mentions Vision, a unique tool that translates prompts into images and then into audio, providing insight into its process. It generates sound effects and music based on prompts, with the audio quality not yet matching industry standards but showing promise. Google's Music LM is next, a beta AI music generator requiring a waitlist sign-up. The speaker praises its output quality and加勒比 (Caribbean) vibe in the generated tracks, also noting its spooky house music experiment.


🎶 Comparing Spooky Music Generations 🎶

The speaker evaluates the spooky music generated by Music LM and compares it with another generator's output. They find the second generator's spooky music to be more effective, although it isn't perfect. The paragraph concludes with a discussion of the Meta or Facebook music generator, which is considered the best among those presented. It can be run locally and is available on Hugging Face Spaces. The tool generates high-quality Caribbean-style music and spooky sounds, with the unique feature of incorporating a user-uploaded music file's melody into the generated track.


📚 Final Thoughts on AI Music Generation 📚

The final paragraph reflects on the music generation capabilities of the discussed tools, noting that they are still in development. The speaker is optimistic about the future of music generation technology. They invite viewers to share their favorite music generator from the ones covered and to explore more AI tools through their website,



💡AI Music Generators

AI Music Generators are software applications that use artificial intelligence to create music. They can transform text prompts into musical compositions or generate music based on selected styles and parameters. In the video, various AI Music Generators are explored, demonstrating how they can produce unique songs and beats, which is central to the video's theme of showcasing advancements in AI-generated music.

💡Text to Music

Text to Music refers to the process where a system converts textual input into a musical output. It's a specific application of AI where the generator understands the context or mood described in the text and translates it into music. The video discusses the improvements in this technology, showing how it can create music that matches the sentiment or theme of the given text.

💡Voice Mod Account

A Voice Mod Account is a type of user account associated with a service that allows users to modify or generate voices for various applications, including music generation. In the context of the video, having a Voice Mod Account is a prerequisite for using one of the AI music generators to add a singing voice to the generated music.

💡Genre Blend

Genre Blend in music refers to the combination of two or more different music genres to create a unique sound. The video demonstrates how an AI music generator can blend genres, such as hip-hop and techno, to produce a new and distinct musical style. This feature is significant as it allows users to experiment with different music styles and create innovative compositions.

💡BPM (Beats Per Minute)

BPM stands for Beats Per Minute and is a term used to describe the tempo of a piece of music. In the video, the AI music generators allow users to specify the BPM, which directly influences the pace and feel of the generated music. Choosing the right BPM is important for setting the desired mood or energy level of the song.

💡Music Copyright

Music Copyright refers to the legal rights that musicians and creators have over their musical works. The video touches on the topic when discussing the limitations and costs associated with downloading AI-generated music, including the need for copyright clearance. This is an important consideration for creators who intend to use AI-generated music commercially.

💡AI Music Generator Software

AI Music Generator Software is a broader term that encompasses various applications and tools that use AI to assist in the creation of music. The video reviews several such software options, highlighting their capabilities, the type of music they can produce, and their potential uses for content creation and other purposes.

💡Spooky Music

Spooky Music is a genre characterized by its ability to evoke a sense of fear or unease, often associated with horror themes. In the video, the AI music generators are tested to see if they can create music that fits the 'spooky' theme. The result is a discussion on how well the AI understands and translates abstract concepts like 'spooky' into a musical form.

💡Caribbean Vibe

Caribbean Vibe refers to the rhythmic and melodic characteristics often associated with music from the Caribbean region, typically featuring a relaxed, carefree, and sunny atmosphere. The video uses 'Caribbean Vibe' as a prompt to test the AI music generators' ability to capture and reproduce specific musical styles or moods.

💡Hugging Face Spaces

Hugging Face Spaces is a platform that hosts various AI models and allows users to interact with them without the need to download or run them locally. In the context of the video, one of the AI music generators is available on Hugging Face Spaces, showcasing how users can easily access and experiment with AI music generation technology.

💡Music File Input

Music File Input is the process of uploading an existing music file into an AI music generator to influence the output. The video demonstrates a unique feature of one of the generators where a music file is used as a reference to create a new piece of music that incorporates elements of the original, showcasing the AI's ability to learn and adapt to existing musical structures.


AI music generators have seen significant improvements, offering new ways to create music from text.

The first AI music generator discussed is used for creating memes and fun songs with lyrics.

Chat GPT was used to generate verses celebrating a fictitious person named Bob.

The generator can create a music video with a funny twist, suitable for occasions like birthdays.

Loudly AI music generator produces good sounding music for background use in videos.

Users can select a music genre and customize the beat with options like genre blend and energy level.

Soundful is a more professional tool for creatives, offering a wider range of music creation options but with limitations in the free version.

V Dot IO is a text-to-music generator that quickly generates tracks but may not always match the prompt accurately.

Vision's music generator has a simple interface and is completely free, showing the process of converting images to audio.

Google's Music LM is an advanced AI music generator currently in beta, requiring a waitlist sign-up.

Music LM generates music that attempts to incorporate lyrics and has a good overall vibe.

The Facebook music generator, available on Hugging Face Spaces, is considered the best music generator on the list.

This generator can take a music file and generate new music based on the text prompt and melody of the uploaded file.

It allows for the creation of spooky music that captures the essence of the requested atmosphere.

All the discussed AI music generators are free at their core, with some offering premium features for a cost.

The future of music generation appears promising, with these tools still in development and testing phases.

Readers are encouraged to share their favorite music generator from the list in the comments.

For more AI tools, visit to discover innovative applications.