The DEAD SIMPLE AI Passive Income Side Hustle in 2024

Jason Lee
26 Jan 202414:04

TLDRThe video outlines a lucrative side hustle in 2024 involving the creation and sale of digital birth flower bouquets. The presenter explains that a shop is already making $48,000 monthly from this concept, with high margins due to the digital nature of the product. The process is streamlined using AI, specifically the Mid Journey tool, to automate the arrangement of flowers into bouquets. The presenter also emphasizes the importance of offering various styles and listing them separately on platforms like Etsy to increase visibility and sales. Additionally, they suggest diversifying income by selling through one's own website, which can be synced with Etsy using apps like Shopify. To further increase profits, the presenter recommends offering a printing service through a print-on-demand provider. The video concludes with a teaser about the presenter's success on YouTube and an offer to learn more about growing a YouTube channel through a course.


  • 🌸 A shop is making $48,000 a month selling digital birth flower prints with a 93% margin.
  • 📈 Another store replicated the idea and started making $10,000 per month, showing the market's potential.
  • 🚀 The speaker identifies a mistake in the current listings and offers advice on how to capitalize on it for higher profits.
  • 🎨 Birth flower bouquets are associated with each month and qualities of individuals born in that month.
  • 🤖 AI technology, specifically Mid Journey, is used to automate the arrangement of flowers into bouquets.
  • 💰 High margins, no shipping, and low start-up costs make this a potentially passive and profitable side hustle.
  • 🌐 Mid Journey offers quick and high-quality image generation, which is crucial for the product's appeal.
  • 📝 The importance of using effective prompts with AI image generators is emphasized for best results.
  • 🖼️ Offering various styles like watercolor or pencil sketch in different listings can increase exposure and sales.
  • 🔍 Multiple listings can help target more keywords and increase the chances of discovery on platforms like Etsy.
  • 💡 The idea of offering a printing service in addition to digital files is suggested as a way to enhance customer experience and profits.
  • 📈 Diversifying income by having a presence on both Etsy and a personal website is recommended for stability and growth.

Q & A

  • What is the main product being sold by the shop mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main product being sold is a digital print of a bouquet of birth flowers, which represent each month of the year and are associated with certain qualities that reflect the individual born in that month.

  • What is the approximate monthly income generated by selling these flower prints?

    -The shop is making around $48,000 a month from selling these digital flower prints.

  • What is the margin percentage for digital products like these?

    -The margin for digital products like these is around 93%.

  • How does the use of AI help in creating the flower bouquet designs?

    -AI is used to automate the arrangement of the flowers into a bouquet. With a single prompt, the AI can generate the desired bouquet design in less than 60 seconds, eliminating the need for manual arrangement using tools like Photoshop.

  • What are the three main advantages of selling digital downloads mentioned in the transcript?

    -The three main advantages are high margins (around 93%), no shipping or fulfillment required, and low cost to start the business (as low as $20).

  • How does the use of multiple listings benefit the seller on Etsy?

    -Multiple listings increase the seller's exposure on Etsy as they appear on different pages in search results, increasing the likelihood of discovery. It also allows the seller to target more keywords in their titles.

  • What is the recommended AI image generator tool for creating high-quality designs?

    -Mid Journey is recommended as it provides the best results for creating high-quality designs with just a single prompt.

  • How much does it cost to use Mid Journey for the AI image generation?

    -Mid Journey costs $10 a month.

  • What is the suggested approach to personalizing the birth flower bouquet for customers?

    -Customers can choose the flowers that represent each of their family members, and the seller uses AI to arrange these flowers into a bouquet, which is then sent to them as a digital download.

  • How can sellers diversify their income when selling on platforms like Etsy?

    -Sellers can diversify their income by also having their own website, such as a Shopify store, and using apps to sync their Etsy listings with their Shopify site.

  • What is the additional service that can potentially double or triple the profits of the digital print business?

    -Offering a printing service where customers can get the digital files printed on physical items like picture frames or canvases.

  • How can new YouTubers quickly grow their channel and income?

    -By using strategies that focus on the right content creation and monetization techniques, as well as leveraging courses like the Creator Academy to learn from others' experiences and avoid common pitfalls.



💰 High Margin Digital Product Success

The video introduces a digital product business that sells birth flower prints, generating significant monthly revenue with high profit margins around 93%. The store's success is attributed to the digital nature of the product, which eliminates shipping and fulfillment costs. The video promises to reveal a mistake made by the stores and a strategy to capitalize on it for increased earnings. The product's appeal lies in its personalization, where customers select flowers representing their family members, which are then arranged into a bouquet and provided as a digital download. The use of AI, specifically Mid Journey, is highlighted as a tool to streamline the design process, making the business a potentially passive side hustle. The video also emphasizes the benefits of selling digital downloads on platforms like Etsy and having a personal website for broader reach and control.


🎨 Customizing and Marketing Birth Flower Art

This paragraph focuses on how to customize and market the birth flower art products. It discusses the use of an AI image generator, specifically Mid Journey, to create high-quality designs quickly. The video provides a specific prompt for Mid Journey to generate a bouquet of flowers and suggests experimenting with prompts to find the best results. It also mentions the importance of offering various styles to appeal to a broader customer base and increase exposure on platforms like Etsy. The paragraph includes a guide by Randolin for selecting artist styles and creating prompts. It then demonstrates how to use a tool like Kando to add personalization to the artwork and create a mockup for listing purposes. The use of a Pro Plan for access to premium features is also mentioned. The video touches on the benefits of selling on Etsy due to its traffic and the option to diversify income by having a personal website, which can be synced with Etsy listings using an app.


🌟 Diversifying Income with Domains and Print Services

The final paragraph discusses strategies for diversifying income and standing out from competitors. It suggests offering a printing service through a print-on-demand provider like Printify, which can potentially double or triple profits by providing customers with a finished product. The video explains that integrating Printify with Etsy or Shopify is free and automated, requiring only the creation of the artwork. It also highlights the importance of having a unique domain name for an online store and how it can increase visits and visibility. The paragraph includes a sponsored offer for a domain from Shopify's official website at a discounted rate. The video concludes with a personal anecdote about the creator's success on YouTube and an offer to learn more about growing a YouTube channel through a course called Creator Academy, designed to help new creators avoid common pitfalls and monetize their channels quickly.



💡Digital Product

A digital product refers to goods that are distributed electronically, often over the internet, rather than in physical form. In the context of the video, the digital product is a flower print that customers can download after purchase. The significance of digital products in the video is highlighted by the high margins (93%) due to the lack of physical production and shipping costs.


Margins in a business context refer to the difference between the cost of producing a good and the price at which it is sold, essentially the profit. The video emphasizes the high margins associated with selling digital products, particularly when the product is a simple flower print with minimal costs involved.

💡Birth Flowers

Birth flowers are a concept where each month of the year is associated with a specific flower that is believed to reflect the qualities of individuals born during that month. In the video, the business model revolves around creating bouquets of these flowers as digital art, allowing customers to select flowers representing their family members.

💡AI Image Generator

An AI image generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images based on textual prompts. The video mentions using an AI image generator called Mid Journey to automate the process of creating flower bouquet designs, which is crucial for the passive income side hustle discussed.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is a specific AI image generator mentioned in the video that can create high-quality images with just a single prompt. It is highlighted as a key tool for designing the digital flower prints, allowing for quick and efficient production of the digital products without the need for manual design skills.


Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. The video discusses using Etsy as a platform to sell the digital flower prints due to its large audience and suitability for personalized products. It is presented as an effective marketplace for reaching potential customers.


Personalization refers to the process of customizing a product to meet individual customer's preferences. In the video, personalization is a selling point for the digital flower prints, where customers can choose flowers that represent their family members, adding a personal touch to the artwork.


A mockup is a representation of how a design will look when applied to a physical object or in a real-world environment. The video suggests using a mockup tool to display how the digital flower prints would appear as wall art, helping customers visualize the end product.

💡Print on Demand

Print on demand is a service that allows businesses to print and ship products only when an order is received, eliminating the need for inventory. The video proposes offering a printing service through a print on demand provider like Printify to potentially increase profits by providing customers with a physical product.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows merchants to create their own online stores to sell products. The video recommends having a Shopify store in addition to selling on Etsy to diversify income sources and grow one's own audience, emphasizing the importance of not being solely reliant on a single platform.

💡Creator Academy

The Creator Academy is a course mentioned in the video designed to help individuals build a successful YouTube channel. It is presented as a resource for learning strategies to monetize a channel quickly, even with a small subscriber base, by following the creator's proven systems.


A shop is making $48,000 a month selling simple flower prints with a 93% margin.

The listing is only 2 months old, showcasing the rapid success of the product.

Another store mimicked the product and started making $10,000 per month.

Birth flowers represent each month of the year and are associated with certain qualities.

Customers choose flowers representing their family members for a personalized bouquet.

AI is used to automate the arrangement of flowers into bouquets, reducing manual work.

Mid Journey is recommended for creating high-quality AI-generated images.

The cost to start the business is as low as $20, with the potential to scale up significantly.

Multiple listing styles on Etsy can increase exposure and keyword targeting.

A guide with hundreds of artist styles is available to help with AI image generation prompts.

Adding personalization to the images can increase customer satisfaction.

Using a mockup tool can help customers visualize how the product will look.

A Pro Plan subscription is needed for advanced features like AI background remover and premium mockups.

Diversifying income by having an independent website in addition to Etsy can be beneficial.

Syncing Etsy listings with a Shopify site can streamline management across platforms.

Offering a printing service can potentially double or triple profits by providing a complete product experience.

Print on demand providers like Printify can automate the printing and shipping process.

The presenter grew their YouTube channel to $10,000 a month in the third month with only 3,200 subscribers.

A Creator Academy course is available to help others replicate the presenter's YouTube success.