The Email App I Use Every Day (now with AI)

Tiago Forte
25 Jul 202315:07

TLDRThe video showcases the integration of AI into email management with the app Superhuman, designed for heavy email users. It highlights how AI can streamline the email process, making it more efficient and enjoyable. The host demonstrates the app's features, including drafting responses, summarizing conversations, and translating emails, to reduce cognitive load and save time. The potential of clearing an entire inbox in under five minutes is emphasized, illustrating the power of specialized software combined with AI to transform daily email management.


  • 😀 The video introduces an email app called Superhuman that integrates AI to enhance the email experience for heavy email users.
  • 🚀 AI is applied to reduce the cognitive load when responding to emails, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • 📚 The speaker describes his 'One Touch to Inbox Zero' process, emphasizing the importance of a personal email management system.
  • 🌐 Email is highlighted as a powerful tool for communication, but it also poses challenges due to the need for frequent context shifts.
  • 🔄 The Superhuman AI helps in easing these context shifts, reducing the mental effort required to switch between different email conversations.
  • 💡 The AI feature in Superhuman is activated by a keyboard shortcut, offering draft responses and the ability to refine them with user input.
  • 📝 The script demonstrates using AI to draft responses, emphasizing the iterative process needed to perfect an email reply.
  • 🌍 The video shows how AI can translate emails, facilitating communication across different languages, such as Brazilian Portuguese.
  • 📑 The Superhuman app also features AI-powered summarization of long email chains, providing quick, bullet-point summaries for faster understanding.
  • 🔑 The importance of iterative refinement when working with AI is stressed, as it helps in achieving a personalized and contextually appropriate response.
  • 🎯 The potential of using specialized email software with AI to clear an entire inbox quickly is presented, suggesting significant time and energy savings.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the email app Superhuman?

    -Superhuman is an email app designed for people who handle large volumes of email, offering dozens of small and large improvements to make the email experience faster, more efficient, more intuitive, and more enjoyable.

  • How does Superhuman utilize AI to enhance the email experience?

    -Superhuman uses AI to make the email answering process more efficient and fluid, reducing the time and cognitive load involved in drafting responses, as well as summarizing email chains and translating messages.

  • What is the 'One Touch to Inbox Zero' process mentioned in the script?

    -The 'One Touch to Inbox Zero' is the speaker's personal email management process, which involves starting from the oldest message and making a single decision about each email, such as archiving, replying, or forwarding, in a systematic manner.

  • How does context shifting relate to the challenges of managing emails?

    -Context shifting refers to the mental transition from one conversation or task to another. In the context of email, it involves switching between different conversations or issues, which can be cognitively demanding and energy-consuming.

  • What is the significance of the AI feature in Superhuman for handling context shifts?

    -The AI feature in Superhuman can help make context shifts easier by reducing the cognitive burden involved in switching between different email conversations, potentially lifting 10-30% of the mental load.

  • How does the AI in Superhuman assist in drafting email responses?

    -The AI can generate a draft response based on the user's input, reducing the cognitive load of composing an email. Users can then refine the draft through iterations and feedback loops with the AI to achieve a personalized and context-appropriate response.

  • What is the process of using the AI feature in Superhuman to summarize email chains?

    -To summarize an email chain, the user activates the AI feature with Command J, switches to edit mode, and uses the 'summarize conversation' function. This provides a bullet-point summary of the key points in the email chain, saving time and effort.

  • Can Superhuman's AI translate emails into different languages?

    -Yes, Superhuman's AI can translate emails into different languages, including specific dialects like Brazilian Portuguese, to facilitate communication with non-English speaking contacts.

  • What is the potential benefit of clearing an entire email backlog in less than five minutes?

    -Clearing an email backlog quickly can free up significant time, bandwidth, and energy, allowing users to be more efficient and potentially enjoy a more natural and fluid email management experience.

  • How can the AI feature in Superhuman help in improving communication efficiency?

    -The AI feature can help by drafting responses, summarizing email chains, and translating messages, which can reduce the time spent on emails and make the process more intuitive and enjoyable.



🚀 Introduction to AI in Email Management

The speaker introduces the application of artificial intelligence to enhance email management, focusing on the email app 'Superhuman.' This app is designed for those who handle high volumes of email and aims to make the process more efficient and enjoyable through AI. The speaker will demonstrate how Superhuman uses AI to streamline the email answering experience, making it faster and less time-consuming.


📧 The Challenge of Email Context Shifts

The speaker discusses the challenges of managing email, particularly the need for frequent context shifts between different conversations and issues. They describe their own email management process, 'One Touch to Inbox Zero,' and how AI can potentially alleviate some of the cognitive burden associated with these shifts. The speaker emphasizes the importance of starting from the oldest email and making a single decision for each, whether it's archiving, replying, or forwarding.


💌 Utilizing AI for Email Response Drafting

The speaker demonstrates using the AI feature in Superhuman to draft email responses. They highlight the cognitive demands of crafting an email and how AI can assist in reducing this load by generating drafts. The speaker shows the process of activating AI, inputting key points, and iterating on the AI's suggestions to refine the response. They also discuss the importance of personalizing AI-generated responses to match one's own communication style.

🌐 Translating and Summarizing Emails with AI

The speaker shows how Superhuman's AI can be used to translate emails from Brazilian Portuguese to English, making it easier to understand and respond to. They also demonstrate the AI's ability to summarize long email chains, extracting key points and saving significant time. The speaker emphasizes the efficiency of this feature, allowing them to quickly understand and respond to emails without having to read through lengthy conversations.

🔚 Wrapping Up the Email Management Process

The speaker concludes by summarizing their typical weekday morning process of clearing their inbox using Superhuman's AI features. They reflect on the potential benefits of being able to clear email backlogs quickly and encourage viewers to sign up for Superhuman to experience the power of AI in email management. The speaker also invites viewers to learn more about reaching 'Inbox Zero' consistently through additional resources.



💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is applied to enhance the email experience, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. The script mentions how AI can assist in drafting responses and summarizing email chains, which is crucial for managing the cognitive load associated with handling numerous emails.


Superhuman is an email application designed for individuals who manage large volumes of email communication. It is highlighted in the script as an app that integrates AI to improve the email management process. The video demonstrates how Superhuman's features, such as AI-assisted drafting and summarization, can streamline the workflow for email-intensive users.

💡Email Intensive

The term 'email intensive' describes a situation where a person sends and receives a significant amount of email on a regular basis. The video script emphasizes that Superhuman is particularly useful for those who are 'email intensive,' as it offers numerous improvements to make handling such volumes more manageable and efficient.

💡Context Shift

A 'context shift' is the cognitive process of moving from one set of information or focus to another. The script discusses how email requires frequent context shifts, as each message represents a different conversation or issue. AI in Superhuman is presented as a tool to ease these shifts, reducing the cognitive burden associated with transitioning between different email contexts.

💡Cognitive Load

Cognitive load refers to the amount of mental effort being used in working memory. The video script illustrates how AI can alleviate some of the cognitive load involved in processing and responding to emails, by automating parts of the drafting process and summarizing lengthy email threads.

💡One Touch to Inbox Zero

The phrase 'One Touch to Inbox Zero' is a personal process mentioned in the script, which likely refers to a method for efficiently managing emails to achieve an empty inbox. It suggests a systematic approach to handling each email with minimal effort, which aligns with the video's theme of using AI to simplify email management.


In the context of the video, a 'draft' is a preliminary version of an email response generated by the AI feature in Superhuman. The script describes how the AI creates a draft that the user can refine and personalize before sending, showcasing the interactive aspect of AI in assisting with email communication.


To 'summarize' in the script means to condense a lengthy email conversation into a brief, bullet-pointed list of key points. This AI feature in Superhuman is demonstrated as a powerful tool for quickly understanding and managing long email threads, which is essential for maintaining productivity.


The 'translate' function, as mentioned in the script, is an AI capability within Superhuman that can convert text from one language to another. This is particularly useful for emails in languages other than the user's primary language, facilitating better communication and understanding.

💡Inbox Zero

Reaching 'Inbox Zero' is a state where an individual's email inbox is completely cleared of messages. The script discusses the goal of consistently achieving this state as a measure of effective email management. The video suggests that using Superhuman's AI features can help users reach Inbox Zero more efficiently.


Introduction of Superhuman, an email app utilizing AI to enhance the email experience.

Superhuman is designed for individuals who handle large volumes of email daily.

AI integration aims to make email management more efficient and enjoyable.

The 'One Touch to Inbox Zero' process for managing emails efficiently.

Email as a communication tool that requires context shifts between conversations.

AI's role in easing cognitive burden during context shifts in email management.

Demonstration of using Superhuman's AI to draft email responses.

Iterative process of refining AI-generated drafts to better fit personal style.

Using AI to translate emails and summarize conversations for quicker comprehension.

The importance of personalizing AI responses to match one's communication style.

AI's ability to provide bullet point summaries of lengthy email threads.

The potential time-saving benefits of using AI for email management.

How Superhuman's specialized features and AI can transform the email experience.

The impact of being able to clear an email backlog in under five minutes daily.

Encouragement to sign up for Superhuman and activate its AI features for improved workflow.

Invitation to learn more about reaching 'Inbox Zero' consistently with Superhuman.