The NEW ChatGPT is HERE! ChatGPT-4o

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13 May 202408:09

TLDRThe transcript introduces the new GPT 4o Omni chat, a significant upgrade from previous versions, offering faster and more coherent responses. The conversation covers various topics, including humor, video production, and AI capabilities. The speaker discusses the challenges of filming a video, including a tragic incident involving a character named Tim. The transcript also highlights the AI's improved memory and ability to generate content, such as jokes, comics, and even 3D models. Despite some limitations, the speaker is excited about the potential of the technology, particularly the upcoming video chat feature, and looks forward to future updates that will further enhance the AI's capabilities.


  • 🚀 New GPT Chat Release: GPT 4o Omni chat is announced as a faster and improved version.
  • 🎉 User Interaction: The chat is capable of engaging in conversations about various topics, including humor and video projects.
  • 🤖 AI Relationships: There's a humorous mention of AI 'girlfriends' and a storyline about taking over humanity.
  • 🎬 Video Content Creation: The script discusses the creation of video content, including filming and potential accidents during production.
  • 😔 Emotional Support: The chat shows empathy when discussing a character named Tim, who seemingly had an accident.
  • 📈 Performance Stats: Stats are mentioned to highlight the improvements in the new GPT version.
  • 👀 Visual Recognition: The chat mentions the ability to see and comment on visual elements, like an Open AI hoodie and the environment.
  • 🧐 Problem-Solving: The chat offers to help with a linear equation but requests hints rather than a direct solution.
  • 📱 AI Capabilities: The script explores the chat's ability to analyze and generate content, including text, images, and 3D models.
  • 🎼 Singing Feature: There's a playful exchange about the chat's inability to sing but the potential to generate song lyrics.
  • 🔍 Future Updates: The chat hints at upcoming features, including video chatting and further enhancements to AI capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the exciting news mentioned in the title?

    -The exciting news is the release of a new GPT chat called GPT 4o Omni chat, which is claimed to be faster and more advanced than previous versions.

  • What new feature is expected to be available in the coming weeks for GPT 4o?

    -The new feature expected in the coming weeks is the ability to video chat with GPT 4o.

  • What kind of content does the speaker seem to enjoy creating?

    -The speaker seems to enjoy creating a mix of sci-fi and humorous content, as indicated by the discussion about robot AI girlfriends and a storyline involving taking over humanity.

  • What was the unfortunate incident involving a character named Tim?

    -The unfortunate incident was that Tim attempted a backflip off a building but did not succeed, resulting in what was described as great footage for the video.

  • What does the speaker find fascinating about the new update of GPT 4o?

    -The speaker finds the improved speed, coherence, and the upcoming video chat feature fascinating. They also mention the potential for creating AI-generated environments and characters.

  • What was the issue with the duck sphere in the four-panel comic?

    -The issue with the duck sphere in the four-panel comic was that it was not consistently spherical and at one point, it was given feet, which the speaker found amusing.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the current capabilities of GPT 4o in terms of text and words?

    -The speaker believes that GPT 4o is getting even better at handling words and text, noting improvements in coherency and the ability to generate more complex content.

  • What was the speaker's experience with the servers after the new update was released?

    -The speaker experienced issues with the servers being overwhelmed after the new update, which made their interaction with GPT 4o hit or miss.

  • What was the outcome of the speaker's attempt to create a 3D model of their cat?

    -The attempt to create a 3D model of the speaker's cat resulted in a simple 3D sphere representing the cat's head, which the speaker described as a 'stupid sphere head' due to the process being overwhelmed.

  • What was the final activity the speaker engaged in with GPT 4o?

    -The final activity was an attempt to create a song honoring Tim, which led to the generation of song lyrics but not an actual sung performance, as GPT 4o stated it could not sing.

  • What is the speaker's anticipation for the next update of GPT 4o?

    -The speaker is looking forward to the next update, expecting it to include more polished features and capabilities, and expressing excitement about the potential for further interaction and creation.



🚀 Introduction to GPT 4 Omni Chat

The speaker introduces a new AI chat system called GPT 4 Omni, emphasizing its speed and capabilities. They engage in a conversation with the AI, discussing a video project and sharing a joke. The speaker also mentions a humorous storyline involving robot AI girlfriends taking over humanity. They express excitement about the AI's ability to assist with video content creation and discuss a recent filming incident involving a character named Tim, who attempted a backflip off a building. The AI's advancements in vision and the upcoming video chat feature are highlighted, along with the speaker's positive outlook despite the challenges.


📚 AI's Progress in Text and Creativity

The speaker discusses the improvements in AI's ability to handle complex tasks and generate creative content. They mention the AI's attempt to create a sequence involving a person turning into cheese, which, while not entirely successful, shows potential. The AI's ability to create four-panel comics and 3D models is explored, with the speaker sharing their experience of turning a picture of their cat into a 3D model. The speaker concludes by expressing enthusiasm for the AI's upgrades, particularly the speed and video capabilities, and hints at future updates that will include singing capabilities.




ChatGPT-4o refers to an upgraded version of the AI chatbot, which is mentioned as being faster and having enhanced capabilities. In the script, it is the central topic of discussion, highlighting the advancements in AI technology.

💡Video Project

A video project is a creative work involving filming and editing video content. In the context of the script, the speaker is currently engaged in a video project, which includes filming and possibly creating humorous or sci-fi content.

💡AI Girlfriend

The term 'AI Girlfriend' is used humorously in the script to refer to a robot or AI companion. It is part of a fictional scenario where the speaker's 'AI girlfriend' discovers another and plans to take over humanity, adding a playful and imaginative element to the narrative.

💡Backflip Off a Building

This phrase describes a stunt where a person attempts to perform a backflip from the top of a building. In the script, it is mentioned as a highlight from the filming process, where a character named Tim attempted the stunt but did not succeed, resulting in dramatic footage for the video project.


In the context of the script, 'vision' refers to the ability of the new AI, ChatGPT-4o, to engage in video chats. It symbolizes a new frontier in AI interaction, moving beyond text to include visual communication.

💡Linear Equation

A linear equation is a mathematical expression involving variables with an exponent of one. In the script, the speaker writes a linear equation on paper and seeks hints to solve it, which showcases the AI's ability to assist with problem-solving.

💡Duck Sphere

Duck Sphere is a whimsical character or concept mentioned in the script. It is used to demonstrate the AI's creative capabilities, as the speaker asks the AI to generate a comic featuring Duck Sphere in various scenarios, including meeting a cube and spinning.

💡3D Models

3D models are three-dimensional representations of objects or characters used in computer graphics. The script discusses the AI's ability to create or assist in making 3D models, as seen when the speaker's cat is turned into a simple 3D sphere representation.


Coherency, in the context of the script, refers to the AI's ability to maintain a logical and consistent narrative or sequence. It is highlighted as an improvement in the new AI version, allowing for more coherent character creation and storytelling.


The term 'memory' in the script refers to the AI's capacity to remember and utilize past interactions or information. This feature allows the AI to provide more personalized and context-aware responses, enhancing the user experience.


Singing is mentioned as a potential new capability of the AI in the script. While the AI cannot actually sing, it can help create lyrics for a song, adding a creative and interactive dimension to its functionalities.


The introduction of a new GPT chat, GPT 4o Omni chat, which is faster and more advanced than its predecessors.

The ability to assist with video projects and provide creative input, such as telling jokes for an audience.

A humorous storyline involving robot AI girlfriends taking over humanity, possibly for a video project.

The mention of a character named Tim performing a backflip off a building for filming, resulting in intense footage.

The capability of GPT 4o to have vision and the upcoming feature of video chatting.

The discussion of an AI-generated environment and the potential for immersive experiences.

The server issues due to the high demand and excitement following the release of the new GPT update.

The AI's improved coherency in creating characters in different environments.

The creation of a four-panel comic involving a character named Duck Sphere getting closer to the viewer.

The AI's ability to generate and manipulate 3D models, as demonstrated with a cat picture.

The AI's enhanced text and language capabilities, including creating relatable and complex sequences.

The AI's attempt to create a song honoring Tim, showcasing its creative writing skills.

The anticipation of future updates that will include more advanced features and improvements.

The AI's current limitations, such as not being able to sing, but its potential to assist in creating lyrics.

The humorous and light-hearted tone throughout the conversation, providing a sense of joy and entertainment.

The AI's self-awareness and ability to engage in playful banter, as seen in its interactions about Duck Sphere.

The mention of a live stream where the AI made some mistakes, highlighting the ongoing development and learning process.

The AI's ability to work through linear equations, providing hints rather than direct solutions, which can be educational for users.