The Truth About Wombo: Your Must-Have Free Alternative for Midjourney!

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24 Jul 202309:13

TLDRThe transcript introduces Lambo, a free AI art generator accessible via It emphasizes the platform's user-friendly interface and the 350-character limit for prompts. The video highlights various art styles like 'Floral V2' and 'Realistic V2', and demonstrates how they can be used to create images based on abstract prompts. It also explains the influence of uploaded images on the generated art and the importance of the prompt's structure. The video showcases the tool's capabilities and encourages users to explore its potential for creative image generation.


  • 🎨 Introduction to Lambo, a free AI art generator accessible via Womble AI art generator or
  • 📝 Starting with a prompt limited to 350 characters, users can generate images based on their descriptions.
  • 🎨 Selection of art styles is crucial, with options like floral V2, realistic V2, and horror cut 2.1, each producing distinct visual outcomes.
  • 🖼️ Users can upload an image for the AI to use as a reference, choosing the influence level (strong, weak, or medium) on the final artwork.
  • 💡 The quality of the input prompt significantly impacts the final image, with more precise prompts yielding better results.
  • 🔄 The AI's ability to understand and use the prompt improves with successive image generations, reaching a peak before potentially diverging.
  • 📸 Saving and re-inputting preferred images allows users to refine the AI's output by adjusting the influence level of the saved image.
  • 🌐 The script emphasizes the wide range of creative possibilities with Wombo, showcasing its capabilities through various examples.
  • 👥 When generating images with human subjects, slight distortions may occur, suggesting the need to adjust prompts for better results.
  • 📱 A note on the difference in user experience between using Wombo on a computer versus a mobile app, with the latter directing to an app for access.
  • 🚀 Overall, Lambo (Wombo) is presented as a fun, fast, and free tool for creating unique images, suitable for various users including business owners.

Q & A

  • What is the alternative AI art generator discussed in the transcript?

    -The alternative AI art generator discussed is called Lambo, which can be accessed through the website

  • What is the character limit for the prompts used in Lambo AI art generator?

    -The character limit for the prompts in Lambo AI art generator is 350 characters or words.

  • How do the art styles in Lambo AI art generator work?

    -The art styles in Lambo AI are based on the small images provided with each style. Users should imagine the type of image they will get while selecting the art style that best suits their desired output.

  • What are some of the art styles available in Lambo AI art generator?

    -Some of the art styles available include Floral V2 for earthy, floral images, Realistic V2 for more lifelike pictures, and Horror Cut 2.1 for more abstract and creative outputs.

  • How does uploading an image influence the generated artwork in Lambo AI?

    -Uploading an image allows users to choose the level of influence (strong, weak, or medium) the image will have on the generated artwork. This helps to guide the AI in creating a more tailored output based on the user's input.

  • What is the recommended approach if the first generated image does not meet expectations?

    -The recommended approach is to hit 'create' again instead of 'make variations' to avoid being prompted to pay. Patience and repeated attempts can lead to better results.

  • How does the AI learn and improve its use of the prompt over time?

    -As more images are generated, the AI begins to understand and use more of the prompt, leading to a peak in the quality of the generated images. It may fluctuate but generally improves with continued use of the same prompt.

  • What is the significance of saving the generated images?

    -Saving the generated images allows users to re-input the photo and adjust the level of influence to recreate the image until the desired result is achieved.

  • How does the specificity of the prompt affect the generated images?

    -The specificity of the prompt can greatly influence the generated images. Placing the most important information at the beginning of the prompt can help guide the AI to create more accurate and desired outputs.

  • What happens when an image is re-generated with different art styles?

    -Re-generating an image with different art styles can produce a variety of outputs, each reflecting the unique aesthetic of the chosen style. This can lead to diverse and creative results.

  • How does the platform's interface differ between computer and mobile use?

    -Using Lambo AI on a computer allows access to the full range of features shown in the transcript, whereas using it on a mobile device will direct the user to the app version of the platform.



🎨 Introduction to Lambo AI Art Generator

The paragraph introduces Lambo, a free AI art generator, as an alternative to mid Journey. It explains the process of using the tool, starting with typing in 'Womble AI art generator' or visiting the website The user interface is described as comprehensible, and users begin by entering a prompt limited to 350 characters. The script highlights the importance of choosing art styles based on the provided images and understanding the type of image that will be generated. Although Lambo may not have the full capabilities of mid Journey, it is still considered fun and capable of producing stunning creative images from abstract prompts. The paragraph also discusses the different art styles available, such as floral V2 and realistic V2, and emphasizes the potential of the tool to create impressive images.


🚀 Using Lambo for Creative Image Generation

This paragraph delves into the specifics of using Lambo for generating creative images. It discusses the process of uploading an image and selecting the level of influence (strong, weak, or medium) it will have on the generated artwork. The script provides a practical example of creating an image based on a prompt involving a textile parkour running through a space station. It explains how the AI may require several attempts to generate a satisfactory image, and the importance of patience and understanding in achieving the desired result. The paragraph also touches on the advanced version of Lambo, which generates more images at once, but asserts that it is not necessary for users to pay for this version. The goal is to demonstrate Lambo's capabilities and how it can be a valuable tool for creating unique images without cost, especially beneficial for business purposes.



💡AI art generator

An AI art generator refers to an artificial intelligence system designed to create visual art. In the context of the video, it is the main subject, with the specific generator being discussed named 'Wombo'. The AI art generator uses prompts to produce images, showcasing the evolving capabilities of AI in the field of art and creativity.

💡 is the website mentioned in the script where users can access the Womble AI art generator. It serves as the platform for users to input their prompts and receive AI-generated images, highlighting the ease of access and use for such technology.


In the context of the AI art generator, a prompt is a short text or phrase that users input to guide the AI in creating an image. The prompt is the user's way of communicating their creative vision to the AI, which then attempts to generate an image that matches the description.

💡Art styles

Art styles refer to the different visual aesthetics or approaches that the AI art generator can adopt when creating images. These styles can range from realistic to abstract, and users can select the style that best fits their desired output.

💡Image upload

Image upload is the process of adding an existing image to the AI art generator to influence the resulting artwork. By uploading an image, users can provide a stronger, weaker, or medium basis for the AI to create a new image that is inspired by or related to the uploaded content.

💡Advanced version

The advanced version refers to a premium or upgraded version of the AI art generator that offers additional features or capabilities compared to the free version. This often includes generating more images at once or accessing advanced tools and options.


Variations in this context refer to the different iterations or versions of an image that the AI art generator can produce based on the same prompt or uploaded image. These variations showcase the AI's ability to create diverse and unique outputs from a single input.

💡Creative Images

Creative images are the innovative and original visual outputs produced by the AI art generator. These images are the result of the AI's interpretation of the user's prompts or uploaded images, demonstrating the potential for AI to contribute to the artistic process.


In art, abstract refers to a style that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality, but instead uses shapes, colors, and forms in a non-figurative way to achieve its effect. In the context of the video, the abstract art style is one of the options users can choose for the AI to generate more conceptual and less realistic images.

💡Platform accessibility

Platform accessibility refers to how easily and conveniently users can access and use a particular service or tool. In the video, it is mentioned that using Womble on a computer is different from using it on a phone, with the computer providing a more comprehensive experience for accessing the AI art generator.


Introduction to Lambo, a free AI art generator.

Accessing the Womble AI art generator through the website

The limitation of 350 characters or words for the prompt input.

Selection of art styles based on the provided images.

Comparison of Lambo with mid Journey in terms of capabilities and fun.

Floral V2 being particularly effective for earthy, floral type images.

Realistic V2's potential for generating extremely realistic pictures with suggested photos.

Horror cut 2.1 for creating Absurd images.

The importance of the input image and its influence strength on the generated artwork.

The process of refining the AI-generated image by repeatedly using the create function.

Saving and re-inputting saved photos to fine-tune the image generation.

Demonstration of the AI's learning curve as it comprehends and uses more of the prompt.

The impact of the prompt's specificity on the AI's ability to generate desired images.

Using different art styles to showcase the AI's range and capabilities.

The difference in results when changing the subject and context of the prompt.

The potential of Lambo for business use in creating unique and owned images.

The distinction between using Lambo on a computer versus a phone.