The Ultimate MidJourney Prompting Guide

Matt Wolfe
2 Jan 202322:50

TLDRThe video script offers an in-depth guide on utilizing MidJourney, an AI tool for creating diverse and imaginative images. It covers the process of joining the beta, setting up the tool on Discord, and exploring various styles and prompts. The guide shares tips on refining images through aspect ratio adjustments, remix mode, and negative prompts. It also highlights the potential of using seeds for consistent styles, blending images, and even uploading personal photos for unique iterations. The video draws inspiration from other creators and suggests resources for additional prompt ideas, showcasing the versatility and creativity possible with MidJourney.


  • 🌟 MidJourney is a powerful tool for creating a variety of images, from cool infographics to unique watercolor and poster styles.
  • 🚀 To get started with MidJourney, visit, join the beta, and use Discord to interact with the MidJourney bot for generating images.
  • 🎨 The MidJourney version 4 is recommended for higher quality images, and remix mode allows for additional creative possibilities.
  • 📸 Users can specify aspect ratios (e.g., 3:2 for landscape or 2:3 for portrait) for their images using the `-ar` command.
  • 🚫 Negative prompts (e.g., `--no`) are currently not functioning optimally in MidJourney version 4, so results may still include unwanted elements.
  • 🌀 The 'remix' feature enables users to tweak and generate variations of an existing image by adding new prompts.
  • 📈 'Upscale' and 'remastered' options allow users to refine and improve the quality or proportions of their generated images.
  • 🛠️ Users can find inspiration and ready-to-use prompts from other creators on platforms like Twitter and YouTube.
  • 🎭 MidJourney can blend two images together, creating a hybrid artwork that combines the features of both.
  • 💡 The 'ultimate cheat code' technique involves blending an abstract art prompt with a more detailed image to produce innovative designs.
  • 📚 Resources like the MidJourney subreddit, chat GPT, and can provide additional inspiration and curated prompts for users.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the Mid Journey tool discussed in the transcript?

    -The primary purpose of the Mid Journey tool is to create a variety of digital art styles based on user-provided prompts. It can generate images inspired by various themes, styles, and artistic directions, including but not limited to cool infographics, watercolor images, posters, and video game-inspired art.

  • How can one join the Mid Journey beta program?

    -To join the Mid Journey beta program, one needs to visit and sign up. After joining, the program opens up access to Discord, where users need to have an account. It's free to join and can be done through

  • What are the recommended settings for Mid Journey version 4?

    -For Mid Journey version 4, it is recommended to select the 'mid Journey version 4' and turn on 'remix mode' for optimal results. The default quality settings can be adjusted according to personal preference, with the option to choose between base quality and higher quality levels.

  • What is the function of the 'remix mode' in Mid Journey?

    -The 'remix mode' in Mid Journey allows users to make additional adjustments and tweaks to the generated images by adding extra prompts. This feature provides more control over the final output and enables the creation of variations based on the initial image.

  • How does the aspect ratio work in Mid Journey?

    -The aspect ratio in Mid Journey determines the shape of the generated image. By default, it is set to a 1:1 square aspect ratio. Users can change it to 3:2 for a landscape mode (wider than tall) or 2:3 for a portrait mode (taller than wide) for different image orientations.

  • What are negative prompts in Mid Journey and how effective are they?

    -Negative prompts are used in Mid Journey to specify elements that should not appear in the generated image. However, as of the time of the transcript, the negative prompts do not work perfectly and sometimes the undesired elements may still appear in the final image.

  • How can users find inspiration for prompts in Mid Journey?

    -Users can find inspiration for prompts by observing what other people are generating within the Mid Journey community, following creators on platforms like Twitter, or exploring resources such as the Mid Journey subreddit and Future Tools for curated prompts and ideas.

  • What is the significance of the 'seed' in Mid Journey?

    -The 'seed' in Mid Journey refers to the random number generator used to create a specific image. By using the same seed for future prompts, users can generate images with a similar style and aesthetic, maintaining consistency in their artwork.

  • How can users blend two images together in Mid Journey?

    -With remix mode enabled, users can upload two separate images and blend them together by including both image URLs in the 'imagine' command along with additional prompts. This creates a new image that combines elements from both sources.

  • What are some creative ways to use Mid Journey based on the transcript?

    -Some creative ways to use Mid Journey include creating retro or synthwave portraits, duotone images, 32-bit isometric designs, phantasmal iridescent art, diagrammatic drawings, watercolor sketches, and stained glass concepts. Users can also blend images, use their own photos for iteration, and apply artistic styles like Charlie Harper's national park posters.

  • What resources are suggested for additional inspiration for Mid Journey prompts?

    -The transcript suggests the Mid Journey subreddit on Reddit, chat GPT for generating prompts, and Future as resources for additional inspiration and curated prompts for Mid Journey.



🎨 Introduction to MidJourney and Getting Started

The paragraph introduces MidJourney, an AI tool for creating images, and discusses various styles of images that can be generated using it. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to join the beta version of MidJourney through Discord, how to use the MidJourney bot for generating prompts privately, and the importance of selecting the right settings, particularly MidJourney version 4 and remix mode, for optimal results. The paragraph emphasizes experimenting with different styles and prompts to leverage the tool effectively.


🖌️ Upscaling, Remixing, and Negative Prompts in MidJourney

This section delves into the process of upscaling and remixing images within MidJourney. It explains how to use the 'upscale' feature to enlarge specific images and the 'remix' feature to tweak settings and generate variations based on the original prompt. The paragraph also discusses the use of negative prompts, noting that they may not always work as expected in the latest version of MidJourney. It highlights the importance of adjusting prompts and trying different variations to achieve desired outcomes.


🌲 Using Seeds for Consistent Image Styles

The paragraph focuses on the concept of 'seeding' in MidJourney, which allows users to generate images with a consistent style by using the same random number generator seed. It describes how to obtain a seed from a preferred image and apply it to future prompts to maintain a similar aesthetic. The paragraph also touches on the use of aspect ratios and the process of iterating prompts to refine the generated images further.


🎭 Creative Prompts Inspired by Other Artists

This part of the script showcases various creative prompts inspired by different artists and styles. It highlights the work of Guy Parsons, Chris Castaneda, and Olivio Sarriques, among others, and how their prompts can be used to generate unique and artistic images. The paragraph covers a range of styles, from retro and synthwave to isometric and 16-bit video game aesthetics, and encourages users to explore these styles and find inspiration for their own MidJourney creations.


🖼️ Advanced Techniques and Blending Images in MidJourney

The final paragraph discusses more advanced techniques in MidJourney, such as uploading personal images for iteration and blending two images together. It introduces the concept of using 'beta upscale redo' and 'remaster' options to refine images with odd proportions or other issues. The paragraph also presents a 'ultimate cheat code' technique for blending different prompts to create never-before-seen artistic designs. It concludes with a list of resources for finding more inspiration and prompts, including a subreddit, chat GPT for generating prompts, and for a variety of AI tools.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an AI-based tool designed for creating images through text prompts. It is the central theme of the video, where the speaker shares their experience and techniques for generating various styles of images. The tool is accessed through a website and utilizes a Discord bot for interaction.


Discord is a communication platform used in the video as a medium to interact with the Mid Journey bot. It is where users join the beta version of Mid Journey and engage with the community to generate and share their AI-created images.


Prompts are the text inputs that users provide to the Mid Journey AI to generate specific images. They are a crucial element in the video, as they guide the AI in creating the desired visual content based on the user's description.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. In the context of the video, it is an adjustable setting within Mid Journey that allows users to choose the shape and size of their generated images, such as square, landscape, or portrait modes.

💡Negative Prompts

Negative prompts are specific instructions included in the text prompt to exclude certain elements from the generated image. However, in the video, the speaker notes that negative prompts do not always work effectively in the latest version of Mid Journey, sometimes resulting in images that still include the unwanted elements.

💡Remix Mode

Remix mode is a feature of Mid Journey that allows users to tweak and modify existing images by adding new prompts and generating variations based on the original image. This mode provides more creative control and enables users to refine the AI's output.


In the context of Mid Journey, a seed is a unique identifier for a specific set of generated images. Users can utilize the same seed to create images with a consistent style, ensuring that new images match the visual aesthetic of previous ones.


Upscaling in Mid Journey refers to the process of enlarging a generated image to achieve higher resolution or detail. This feature allows users to obtain a more refined and detailed version of an image they like.

💡Art Styles

Art styles encompass the various visual aesthetics and techniques used to create images. In the video, the speaker explores different art styles achievable with Mid Journey, such as synthwave, duotone, and 32-bit isometric, showcasing the tool's versatility.

💡Community and Inspiration

The community and inspiration aspect of the video highlights the importance of engaging with other users and drawing inspiration from their creations. The speaker encourages viewers to follow other creators, explore resources like subreddits, and share their own work for feedback and ideas.

💡Blending Images

Blending images in Mid Journey is a technique where two or more images are combined to create a new, hybrid image. This feature allows for the creation of innovative and artistic visuals that blend elements from different sources.


Introduction to Mid Journey for creating various types of images such as cool designs, video game inspired images, infographics, watercolor images, and posters.

Guidance on joining the Mid Journey beta and using Discord for the process.

Explanation of how to use the Mid Journey bot for private prompt generation.

Importance of selecting Mid Journey version 4 for higher quality images and enabling remix mode for additional creative options.

Instructions on how to type prompts and use aspect ratios for different image dimensions.

Discussion on the current limitations of negative prompts in Mid Journey version 4.

Process of upscaling and tweaking images using the V1 button and remix mode.

Utilizing seeds for generating images with a consistent style.

Showcasing various creative prompts inspired by other artists, like synthwave, duotone, and 1990s point-and-click adventure game styles.

Demonstration of how to blend two images together using remix mode.

The ability to upload personal images and iterate over them with Mid Journey.

Combining different prompts to create never-before-seen artistic designs.

Sharing of resources for additional inspiration and better prompting, such as the Mid Journey subreddit and chat GPT.

Introduction to as a curated source for the latest AI tools and inspiration.

Emphasis on the potential of Mid Journey for individual creativity and the exploration of various art styles.