The Water Temple - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | Blind Playthrough [Part 13]

15 Jun 2024152:34

TLDRIn this episode 13 of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time blind playthrough, the player navigates the Water Temple, awakening the Water Sage and facing off against a dark doppelgänger. The journey includes mastering the temple's water level mechanics, battling water spiders and Dark Link, and ultimately rescuing Princess Ruto. The player also discovers the utility of the Longshot and the Fire Arrow, setting the stage for further exploration and adventure.


  • 🕹️ The video is a playthrough of 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time', specifically Episode 13, focusing on the Water Temple.
  • 🎶 Sheik taught the protagonist a song that leads to the Water Temple, where the player aims to awaken the next stage.
  • 🕷️ The temple introduces water spiders as enemies that harass the player.
  • 👢 The player discusses the use of Iron Boots for underwater exploration and the limitations of the game mechanics, such as not being able to swing the sword underwater.
  • 🔵 The player encounters a puzzle involving changing water levels in the temple, which is a recurring mechanic.
  • 💡 The use of the Hookshot is discovered to be a key to progress in the temple, including stunning certain enemies.
  • 👸 Princess Ruto, who has grown up, guides the player to change the water levels and mentions that the Zora's domain is frozen.
  • 🐲 The dungeon's design includes snake imagery, and the player anticipates a boss fight with a giant snake.
  • 🔑 The player finds small keys and discusses the strategy of using them to access new areas.
  • 🔥 The player uses fire arrows to light torches and discusses the mechanics of using different items in the game.
  • 🤔 The player experiences moments of confusion and trial-and-error while navigating the temple's puzzles and combat challenges.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the episode being discussed in the script?

    -The title of the episode is 'The Water Temple - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | Blind Playthrough [Part 13].'

  • What game is being played in the video script?

    -The game being played is 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.'

  • What is the main character's task in the Water Temple?

    -The main character's task is to awaken the next stage by exploring and navigating through the Water Temple.

  • What song was taught to the main character by Sheik to access the Water Temple?

    -Sheik taught the main character a specific song to take them to the Water Temple, but the script does not provide the name of the song.

  • What does the main character use to manipulate the water levels in the temple?

    -The main character uses various mechanisms within the temple, such as hitting switches with arrows or using the hookshot, to change the water levels.

  • Who does the main character encounter in the Water Temple?

    -The main character encounters Princess Ruto, who has grown up and is now able to help Link with his quest.

  • What is the significance of the small keys in the Water Temple?

    -Small keys are used to unlock doors within the temple, allowing access to different areas and items.

  • What item does the main character receive after defeating the boss in the Water Temple?

    -After defeating the boss, the main character receives the Water Medallion, which is a crucial item for progressing in the game.

  • How does the main character deal with the boss in the Water Temple?

    -The main character uses the hookshot to pull out the nucleus of the boss, an aquatic amoeba-like creature, and attacks it during its vulnerable moments.

  • What new ability does the main character gain after completing the Water Temple?

    -After completing the Water Temple, the main character gains the longshot ability, which is an upgraded version of the hookshot, allowing for longer reaches.

  • What is the next step for the main character after completing the Water Temple?

    -The next step is to explore previous areas with the newly acquired longshot ability and to potentially visit the Fire Temple, as suggested by the acquired fire arrows.



🕷️ Spider Encounters in Water Temple

The player begins their adventure in the Water Temple, facing challenges such as hostile water spiders and navigating through the temple's Egyptian-themed architecture. They discuss the mechanics of the Iron Boots for underwater exploration and speculate on the potential need to drain water levels, using the Hookshot for puzzle-solving. The player also encounters a mysterious freezing effect when using the Hookshot on certain enemies.


🎶 Awakening the Water Sage with Princess Ruto

The player meets Princess Ruto, who has grown up and is now able to assist in the quest to save Zora's Domain. They have awakened the Water Sage and are guided by Ruto to change the water levels within the temple, using the Hookshot to open doors and progress. The player also discusses the game's mechanics, such as the inability to swing the sword underwater.


🔥 Fire and Water Level Manipulation

The player focuses on manipulating the water levels within the dungeon, discovering that fire is automatically lit in certain areas. They encounter a unique enemy, the Shellblade, with a weak point in its internal muscle. The player also discusses the mechanics of obtaining small keys and the strategic choices involved in using them to access different areas of the dungeon.


🔧 Puzzle-solving with Underwater Devices

The player interacts with underwater devices and puzzles, attempting to move objects and activate mechanisms to progress. They express frustration with the limitations of their character's abilities, such as the inability to use bombs or the hammer effectively in certain situations. The player also discusses the strategic use of the Hookshot to navigate the temple's challenges.


🐚 Exploring Hidden Paths in the Water Temple

The player explores hidden paths and rooms within the Water Temple, discovering new areas as they change the water levels. They encounter a sea dragon-like mechanism and struggle with its operation, eventually finding a solution. The player also discusses the importance of trying different strategies and the process of elimination in overcoming the dungeon's challenges.


🔄 Navigating the Water Temple's Complexities

The player continues to navigate the Water Temple's intricate design, discussing the need to constantly change between the Iron Boots and regular boots. They encounter a room with a skull that appears when the water level is down and strategize about how to reach it. The player also expresses their appreciation for the dungeon's unique design and the absence of clichéd underwater music.


🗝️ Small Keys and Timed Challenges

The player faces a timed challenge involving the use of small keys and the manipulation of water levels. They express frustration with the game's mechanics, such as the inability to use a hookshot from a distance, and discuss the need for speed and strategy in overcoming obstacles. The player also reflects on the importance of managing their inventory and the challenges of the dungeon's design.


💔 Encounters with Stingers and Health Loss

The player battles new enemies called Stingers and experiences significant health loss. They navigate through rooms filled with these creatures and struggle with the temple's traps. The player also discusses the importance of finding treasure chests and the strategic use of bombs to progress.


🔄 Water Level Strategies and Chest Discoveries

The player devises strategies for managing the water levels to reach treasure chests and unlock new areas. They encounter challenges such as spikes and the need to make quick decisions about which doors to open with their small keys. The player also discusses the importance of the Triforce and the need to play a specific song to open certain pathways.


🕸️ Dark Link's Mirror Match and Self-Conquest

The player faces a unique boss battle against a dark version of themselves, referred to as Dark Link. This mirror match is intense and requires the player to learn and counter their own moves. The player experiments with different strategies, including the use of arrows and magic, to defeat their doppelganger.


🔥 Fire Magic and Dark Link's Defeat

The player discovers that fire magic is effective against Dark Link and uses it strategically during the boss fight. They also discuss the importance of understanding the boss's attack patterns and finding openings to strike. The player experiences a thrilling and challenging battle, ultimately emerging victorious.


🌀 Vortexes and the Snake Room

The player encounters vortexes in the Snake Room and must navigate carefully to avoid being swept away. They discuss the use of heavy boots to resist the vortexes' pull and the strategic use of the Hookshot to reach different platforms. The player also reflects on the challenges of the temple and their excitement to explore with the newly acquired Longshot ability.


🎯 Longshot Upgrade and Exploring New Areas

The player receives an upgrade to the Hookshot, now called the Longshot, which allows them to reach previously inaccessible areas. They discuss their plans to revisit earlier locations with this new ability and anticipate the discovery of new secrets. The player also reflects on the challenges and satisfaction of conquering the Water Temple.


🔨 Boulder Puzzles and Skulltula Rescues

The player encounters boulder puzzles and works to maneuver them onto switches to progress. They also rescue Skulltulas, discussing the possibility of additional rewards for their efforts. The player experiences frustration with the complexity of the puzzles but ultimately finds satisfaction in solving them.


💡 Light Puzzles and the Final Chest

The player solves light puzzles, using fire arrows to illuminate targets and unlock new areas. They discuss the mechanics of the puzzles and the satisfaction of overcoming them. The player also retrieves a final chest, which contains a boss key, and prepares to face the next challenge.


🐍 Boss Battle with Morpher in the Water Temple

The player faces the boss, Morpher, in a battle that requires them to use the Hookshot to extract and attack the boss's nucleus. They discuss the strategy of the fight, the importance of avoiding the boss's attacks, and the satisfaction of defeating it.


💍 Ruto's Transformation and the Water Medallion

After the boss battle, the player witnesses Ruto's transformation into the Sage of Water and receives the Water Medallion. They discuss the implications of this transformation and the importance of the medallion for their quest. The player also reflects on the connection between Ruto and Princess Zelda.


🔄 Post-Boss Reflections and Future Plans

The player reflects on their experience in the Water Temple, discussing the challenges they faced and the strategies they used. They express excitement about exploring previous areas with their new abilities and anticipate discovering new elements related to their quest.


🎉 Completion of the Water Temple and Next Steps

The player celebrates the completion of the Water Temple and discusses their next steps, which include revisiting earlier areas with the Longshot and potentially transforming back into Young Link to explore further. They express gratitude to their audience and excitement for the upcoming adventures.



💡Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time is a legendary action-adventure video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 and later ported to other platforms. It is part of the Legend of Zelda series and is known for its immersive gameplay and groundbreaking mechanics. In the video, the player is in the midst of a blind playthrough, navigating through the game without prior knowledge of its puzzles or solutions.

💡Water Temple

The Water Temple is a dungeon within Ocarina of Time, notorious for its complex design and water level mechanics. It is where the player must awaken the Water Sage to progress in the game. The script describes the player's experience as they explore the temple, mentioning the Egyptian-themed design and the challenges they face with the temple's unique features.

💡Iron Boots

Iron Boots are a crucial item in Ocarina of Time that allow the player to walk on the bottom of bodies of water or to sink and rise in areas with variable water levels. The transcript describes the player's strategic use of the Iron Boots to navigate the Water Temple's depths and solve its puzzles.


The Hookshot is an item that allows Link to grapple onto certain objects or enemies. It is used for various purposes, including traversing gaps and solving puzzles. In the script, the player discovers that the Hookshot can be used underwater to stun certain enemies and to open the Water Temple's door.


Princess Ruto is a character from the Zora's Domain in Ocarina of Time. She is initially a child but grows into an adult when the player uses the Song of Time. In the video, the player encounters the adult Ruto, who has transformed into the Water Sage and guides the player through the Water Temple.


The Triforce is a sacred relic in the Legend of Zelda series, consisting of three golden triangles. It is a symbol of power and is sought after by many characters in the game. In the script, the player mentions the Triforce as they navigate the Water Temple, hinting at its significance in the game's storyline.

💡Small Key

Small Keys in Ocarina of Time are used to open specific doors within dungeons. The player must strategically manage these keys, as they are often limited in number. The transcript details the player's quest to find and use Small Keys to progress through the Water Temple.

💡Boss Key

A Boss Key is a special key in Ocarina of Time that is required to access the boss of a dungeon. It is a crucial item for completing the dungeon and progressing in the game. The script mentions the Boss Key in the context of the player's goal to confront the Water Temple's boss.

💡Dark Link

Dark Link is a doppelgänger of Link and a recurring antagonist in the Legend of Zelda series. In Ocarina of Time, he serves as a challenging boss that the player must defeat. The script describes an intense battle between the player and Dark Link within the Water Temple.


The Longshot is an upgraded version of the Hookshot that allows Link to reach更远的对象. It is a valuable tool for accessing distant areas and items. The transcript mentions the player's acquisition of the Longshot and its potential to open up new areas in the game world.


In Ocarina of Time, a Medallion is an item that is often associated with awakening a Sage, who is a guardian of a specific element. The script refers to the player receiving a Medallion after defeating the boss of the Water Temple, which is a key step in restoring balance to the world.


Introduction to the Water Temple in 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' and the Egyptian-themed environment.

Encountering water spiders and the strategic use of Iron Boots for underwater navigation.

The discovery of the Hookshot's ability to stun enemies and its role in temple exploration.

Puzzle-solving with water levels and the use of the Hookshot to access new areas.

Awakening Princess Ruto as the Water Sage and her assistance in navigating the temple.

The strategic use of fire arrows to light torches and their importance in temple progression.

Exploration of the dungeon's map and the realization of its snake-like layout.

The boss battle with the Morpher, a giant aquatic creature, and the use of the Hookshot to extract its nucleus.

The revelation of the Water Medallion and its significance in the game's storyline.

The impact of the Water Temple's completion on the Zora's Domain and the lake's purification.

The upgrade to the Longshot, allowing access to previously unreachable areas.

The reflection on the temple's challenges and the player's growth in navigating complex dungeons.

The anticipation of revisiting earlier locations with new abilities and the excitement for future exploration.

The acquisition of the Fire Arrows and their potential uses in upcoming challenges.

The player's realization of the interconnected nature of the game's elements and the importance of each temple's completion.

The closing remarks expressing gratitude to the viewers and the tease of upcoming adventures.