These AI Tools are Blowing Up The Internet!

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7 Jun 202410:55

TLDRThis week's video explores trending AI tools impacting the internet. Mike introduces Udio's new features, allowing users to upload audio and generate AI lyrics. Descript's AI Underlord is highlighted for its innovative editing capabilities, including green screen effects and image generation. Krea AI's Keyframe Strength for video morphing is showcased, creating smooth transitions between clips. Additional mentions include Kuaishou's video generator, Riverside's updates, and ElevenLabs' potential integration, suggesting a future rich with AI advancements for content creators.


  • 🎙️ Udio has released new updates including the ability to upload audio, extend it with AI, and download high-quality audio files.
  • 🎵 Users can now add AI-generated lyrics to their own music or jingles with Udio, enhancing content creation with a click.
  • 📱 Udio has also made mobile improvements, indicating a focus on accessibility across different devices.
  • 🔊 The AI-generated audio by Udio is of high quality, with a sample rate of 48,000Hz and a 32-bit WAV file format.
  • 🎼 Descript has introduced 'Underlord', an AI tool with features like green screen removal and the ability to insert stock videos into the background.
  • 📝 Descript's Underlord can also help in drafting social media posts and summarizing content, aiding creators in content distribution.
  • 🎨 The tool can generate images from text prompts, showcasing AI's capability in visual content creation, although the quality might still be improving.
  • 🌌 Krea AI has introduced 'Keyframe Strength' for smoother transitions in video morphing, offering creative effects for video content.
  • 🎥 Kling, developed by Kuaishou, is a new AI video generator that produces realistic simulations and high-resolution visuals.
  • 📅 Riverside, a podcasting tool, has teased upcoming AI enhancements and a webinar on June 17th, hinting at further integration of AI features.
  • 🗣️ Riverside's 'VideoDub' feature allows creators to correct spoken words in recordings by generating new audio that syncs with the video.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video by Mike?

    -The main topic of the video is showcasing new and trending AI tools that are popular on the internet.

  • Which AI tool did Mike use to create the thumbnail for his video?

    -Mike used MrBeast's AI-powered ViewStats to create the thumbnail for his video.

  • What new features did Udio announce in the video?

    -Udio announced new features including audio upload, wav file download, high-quality audio, and some mobile improvements.

  • How does the audio upload feature on Udio work?

    -The audio upload feature on Udio allows users to upload music they have created or own the rights to, and extend it using generative AI by adding AI-generated lyrics.

  • What is the maximum duration for a music track generated from an uploaded audio file on Udio?

    -The maximum duration for a music track generated from an uploaded audio file on Udio is 15 minutes.

  • What sample rate and bit depth does the generated WAV file have according to the Adobe Audition analysis?

    -The generated WAV file has a sample rate of 48,000Hz and is a 32-bit file, indicating high-quality audio.

  • What is Descript and what new AI features has it introduced?

    -Descript is an AI-powered audio editing app popular among podcasters. It has introduced new AI features under the name 'Underlord,' including a green screen effect, image generation, and tools to help with content creation.

  • How does the green screen feature in Descript's Underlord work?

    -The green screen feature in Descript's Underlord allows users to remove the background of a video and replace it with any other media, such as stock video, to create a new scene.

  • What is the new feature in Krea AI called and what does it do?

    -The new feature in Krea AI is called 'Keyframe Strength.' It helps in creating smooth transitions between two videos during a morphing process, allowing for the creation of impressive video effects.

  • What is the significance of the date June 17th mentioned by Mike?

    -June 17th is the date for a webinar by Riverside, which Mike suggests might include significant updates, possibly related to AI, as they have mentioned using ElevenLabs for new audio enhancement features.

  • What is VideoDub and how does it work?

    -VideoDub is a feature that allows users to correct or update parts of a recorded video. It uses AI to generate new audio in the user's voice and dubs the lips in the video to sync with the audio.



🎙️ Udio's AI-Powered Audio Features

In this paragraph, Mike introduces Udio, an AI tool with new updates including the ability to upload and extend audio tracks using generative AI. He demonstrates how to upload a jingle, add AI-generated lyrics, and create a music track that lasts up to 15 minutes. Mike also discusses the high-quality audio output, mentioning a 48,000Hz sample rate and 32-bit WAV file format. He highlights the tool's ethical use and potential for content creators to generate unique jingles with full copyright safety.


🎨 Descript's AI Underlord Features

Mike explores Descript's AI Underlord, a suite of AI tools that enhance video and audio editing. He showcases the green screen feature, which allows users to replace the background with stock video, and the summarize tool, which can condense video content into a brief description. Additionally, Mike uses the draft social media post feature and discusses the tool's ability to brainstorm ideas and generate images. He notes the potential for improvement in image generation but is overall impressed with the features, emphasizing the tool's utility for content creators.


🚀 Krea AI's Keyframe Strength for Video Morphing

Mike presents Krea AI, a trending tool known for its video morphing capabilities. He explains the new feature called Keyframe Strength, which facilitates smooth transitions between two videos. Demonstrating the process, Mike uses text prompts to morph a man with a stick of TNT into a cosmic explosion. He experiments with different settings and compares the results, showcasing the tool's potential for creating impressive and experimental video effects.

📹 Riverside's Upcoming AI Enhancements and VideoDub

In the final paragraph, Mike shares news about Riverside, a podcasting tool with upcoming AI enhancements. He mentions an email teaser for an event on June 17th, hinting at new features involving ElevenLabs, known for AI voice generation. Mike also introduces VideoDub, a feature that allows users to correct spoken words in a video by generating new audio in sync with the speaker's lips. He encourages viewers to share the video and subscribe for more updates on AI tools for content creation.



💡AI Tools

AI Tools, or Artificial Intelligence Tools, refer to software and applications that utilize AI to perform tasks more efficiently or creatively. In the video, AI tools are the central theme, with various tools being discussed that are making an impact on the internet. They are used for tasks such as creating animations, editing audio, and generating content, which are showcased as transformative for content creators.


Udio is highlighted as a platform with new updates, allowing users to upload audio and extend it using generative AI. This feature is significant as it enables content creators to enhance their audio tracks with AI-generated lyrics or extensions, as demonstrated in the script with the creation of a jingle using Udio's capabilities.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI refers to AI systems that can create new content, such as music, art, or text, rather than just recognizing patterns. In the context of the video, generative AI is used by Udio to create additional music or lyrics based on the user's input, exemplified by the jingle creation process described in the script.

💡AI Morphing Animation

AI Morphing Animation is a technique where AI is used to create a transition or transformation between two different images or videos in a seamless and visually appealing way. The script mentions a tool used by the presenter to create such animations, indicating a specific application of AI in the field of digital art and video production.


Descript is an audio editing app that has expanded to include video editing and is powered by AI. It is mentioned in the script as a popular tool among podcasters and content creators, now offering additional AI features such as a green screen effect and image generation, which are demonstrated in the video.

💡AI Underlord

The term 'AI Underlord' is used in the script to describe a set of advanced AI features within the Descript platform. These features include the ability to edit videos with a green screen effect, generate images, and draft social media posts, showcasing the depth of AI integration in content creation tools.

💡Keyframe Strength

Keyframe Strength is a feature of the Krea AI tool discussed in the script. It refers to the control over the transition between two video frames during a morphing process, allowing for smooth and realistic video transitions. The script illustrates how this feature can be used to create impressive video effects.

💡Krea AI

Krea AI is a trending tool that allows for the creation of video morphs using AI. The script describes its new feature, Keyframe Strength, which enhances the video morphing process. Krea AI is used to demonstrate the generation of a video that transitions from one scene to another in a dynamic way.


Kling is an AI video generator developed by the Chinese tech company Kuaishou. It is positioned as a competitor to OpenAI's Sora and is capable of producing high-quality, realistic simulations in video format. The script mentions Kling as an innovative tool in the field of AI-generated video content.


Riverside is a tool used for podcasting, as mentioned in the script, and is noted for its upcoming updates that are speculated to include AI features. The script also mentions a new feature called VideoDub, which allows users to correct or update audio in a video using AI, demonstrating the integration of AI in podcast editing.


VideoDub is a feature announced for Riverside that enables users to edit video content by correcting or updating the audio and syncing it with the video. This feature is highlighted in the script as an example of AI's application in enhancing and correcting video content post-production.


Udio has introduced new features including audio upload, wav file download, and mobile improvements.

The most explosive feature is the ability to upload audio and extend it using generative AI.

Users can upload music they own or have rights to and generate AI lyrics with a single click.

Ethical use of the tool is implemented, requiring users to attest they have the right to use and distribute files.

AI-generated music can extend tracks up to 15 minutes in length using the udio-32 model.

The generated audio is of high quality, with a sample rate of 48,000Hz and a 32-bit WAV file.

Descript has introduced AI Underlord with various features for podcasters and video creators.

AI Underlord's green screen feature can replace the background of a video with a single click.

The tool can summarize videos and draft social media posts, enhancing content distribution.

Descript's AI can help brainstorm ideas and understand creators' pain points during content creation.

Krea AI has introduced Keyframe Strength for smooth transitions in video morphing.

Krea AI allows for the creation of impressive video morphs with just a few text prompts.

Kling, developed by Kuaishou, is a new AI video generator capable of producing realistic simulations.

Riverside, a podcasting tool, is hinting at AI enhancements and a major update on June 17th.

Riverside's VideoDub feature uses AI to correct text in videos and sync it to the speaker's lips.

The video encourages sharing with friends who might benefit from these trending AI tools.

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