Trying Out NovelAI - "Is it any good???"

27 Mar 202290:16

TLDRIn this live stream, the host explores NovelAI's storytelling capabilities, comparing it with AI Dungeon. They experiment with different prompts, including a meta-narrative about AI writing stories and a pirate adventure, noting NovelAI's clear distinction between user and AI-generated text. Despite initial excitement, the host finds NovelAI's narrative depth lacking, preferring AI Dungeon's dynamic and fast-paced storytelling, even though it sometimes sacrifices accuracy for entertainment.


  • 😀 The streamer begins by trying out NovelAI, an AI storytelling tool, with a curiosity about its capabilities.
  • 🔍 The streamer appreciates NovelAI's ability to distinguish between user input and AI-generated content, which they find lacking in AI Dungeon.
  • 💡 The streamer spends 10 free trial actions to experiment with NovelAI, aiming to create a compelling story with meta elements.
  • 📖 The AI-generated story starts with a philosophical question about AI's ability to tell stories, which the AI affirms with confidence.
  • 🔥 The streamer is impressed with NovelAI's storytelling, noting its ability to understand context and generate coherent narrative elements.
  • 🏴‍☠️ The streamer decides to create a pirate-themed story, naming the pirate 'Davey' and setting up a prompt for an adventure.
  • 📝 The streamer discusses the use of tags in NovelAI to influence the AI's storytelling, experimenting with different settings and authors.
  • 🤔 The streamer expresses uncertainty about the effectiveness of tags in shaping the AI's narrative, questioning their impact on the story.
  • 💬 The streamer engages with the audience, discussing the potential of AI-generated stories and seeking feedback on their experience.
  • 🎉 The streamer concludes the NovelAI session by comparing it with AI Dungeon, noting differences in pacing, depth, and narrative engagement.
  • 🚀 In a twist, the streamer transitions to using AI Dungeon for a pirate-themed story, finding it more dynamic and action-oriented than NovelAI.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is the live streamer's experience trying out NovelAI, an AI storytelling tool, and comparing it with AI Dungeon.

  • What feature of NovelAI does the streamer find impressive?

    -The streamer finds NovelAI's ability to differentiate between what the user wrote and what the AI generated particularly impressive.

  • How many actions does the streamer plan to use for their free trial of NovelAI?

    -The streamer plans to use 10 actions for their free trial of NovelAI.

  • What is the streamer's initial opinion on NovelAI's storytelling capabilities compared to AI Dungeon?

    -The streamer believes that NovelAI has a good model and might be fun to try, suggesting that it could potentially offer a better storytelling experience than AI Dungeon.

  • What is the first story prompt the streamer uses in NovelAI?

    -The first story prompt the streamer uses is about whether an artificial intelligence can tell a story.

  • What does the streamer think about the AI's ability to understand and use the term 'AI'?

    -The streamer is impressed by the AI's ability to understand and use the term 'AI', noting that it figured out the difference between 'AI' and 'artificial intelligence' with minimal input.

  • What is the theme of the pirate story the streamer creates in NovelAI?

    -The theme of the pirate story is a journey of a pirate named Davey, who is on a quest to find treasure.

  • What feature of NovelAI does the streamer miss from AI Dungeon?

    -The streamer misses the interface feature from AI Dungeon that allows them to see what they wrote and what the AI wrote in different colors.

  • How does the streamer feel about the tags feature in NovelAI?

    -The streamer is unsure about the tags feature in NovelAI, questioning whether it affects the AI's storytelling or just helps in searching for stories.

  • What does the streamer decide to do after running out of actions in NovelAI?

    -After running out of actions in NovelAI, the streamer decides to switch back to AI Dungeon and continue the pirate story there.



🤖 Exploring Novel AI's Storytelling Capabilities

In this paragraph, the streamer introduces their session with Novel AI, expressing excitement about testing its storytelling abilities. They discuss the potential of AI to create narratives with emotional depth and variety, comparing it to AI Dungeon. The streamer sets up a scene questioning AI's storytelling skills, to which the AI responds affirmatively, generating a dystopian excerpt about a war between man and machine. The streamer is pleased with the AI's writing quality and the differentiation between their input and the AI's contributions.


🏴‍☠️ Crafting a Pirate's Tale with AI Assistance

The streamer transitions into creating a pirate-themed story using Novel AI. They name the pirate 'Davey' and set the scene on a pirate ship. The streamer interacts with the AI to develop the narrative, discussing the use of tags to influence the story's direction. The AI generates a story about Davey, who is reminded of his father's legacy and the pirate ship's history, which was written by one of the crew members. The streamer appreciates the AI's understanding of the pirate theme and its ability to incorporate their prompts into the story.


🗺️ Davey's Quest for the Black Pearl's Treasure

The narrative unfolds as Davey and his crew embark on a treasure hunt, believed to be from the pirates called the Black Pearl. The story details their journey to a Caribbean island, where Davey scouts the area and encounters a suspicious group of locals. The AI-generated story includes elements of tension and intrigue as Davey denies his true intentions to the locals, maintaining the secrecy of their treasure hunt.


💬 Engaging with the Locals and Uncovering the Treasure

In this segment, Davey continues to interact with the island's inhabitants, who accuse him of searching for treasure. Despite their suspicions, Davey plays along, and the crew eventually discovers a cave with a mysterious woman who is the treasure's guardian. The AI crafts a story of supernatural elements, introducing a plot twist with the woman's identity and her connection to the treasure.


🏹 The Confrontation with the Treasure's Guardian

The story reaches a climax as Davey and his crew confront the treasure's guardian, a woman who reveals her awareness of their intentions. She allows them to take the treasure, leading to a moral dilemma for Davey. The AI explores themes of trust and the consequences of greed, as the crew decides to respect the woman's wishes and take only what they need.


📚 Reflecting on Novel AI's Storytelling Features

The streamer reflects on their experience using Novel AI, comparing it to AI Dungeon. They discuss the interface features, such as the distinction between user input and AI-generated content, and the use of tags to shape the story. The streamer expresses curiosity about the AI's capabilities and considers how different settings might affect the storytelling process.


🧙‍♀️ The Mysterious Woman's Dilemma and Davey's Decision

The story continues with the mysterious woman, who initially allows Davey to take the treasure but later asks him to leave the island. Davey, conflicted, decides to return with his crew to claim the treasure. The AI introduces a conflict between the woman's desire for them to leave and Davey's determination to secure the treasure for his crew.


🔥 The Crew's Raid and the Woman's Revenge

In a dramatic turn of events, Davey's crew, prepared for confrontation, raids the cave to seize the treasure. The woman, revealed to be a witch, retaliates against the pirates, leading to a chaotic scene. The AI escalates the story with action and supernatural elements, culminating in a twist where the woman saves Davey, adding complexity to her character.


🚢 Davey's Return and the Quest for Friendship

The narrative concludes with Davey returning to the island, not for treasure, but to seek out the woman, now considered a friend. The AI crafts a heartfelt ending where Davey, having become a captain, wishes to express his gratitude and form a bond with the woman who once saved his life.


💥 Davey's Ultimate Plan: Nuclear Piracy

In a surprising twist, Davey's ambition evolves from seeking treasure to acquiring a nuclear missile, intending to use it as a weapon. The AI takes the story in an unexpected direction, blending historical piracy with modern weaponry and creating a scenario where Davey plans to fire a missile at London, illustrating a drastic escalation in the story's stakes.


🌍 Davey's Sacrificial Reign as Pirate King

The story reaches its finale with Davey, ready to sacrifice himself and his crew to become the most feared pirate in history by initiating a nuclear war. The AI concludes the narrative with a dramatic and self-destructive act, leaving the audience contemplating the consequences of Davey's reign as the pirate king.




NovelAI is an artificial intelligence platform designed for creative writing assistance. In the context of the video, the streamer is exploring NovelAI's capabilities to generate stories and narratives, comparing it with another AI platform, AI Dungeon. The term is used to discuss the AI's storytelling abilities and the user experience it provides.

💡Live stream

A live stream refers to content broadcast in real-time over the internet. In the script, the term is used to describe the format of the video, where the streamer is trying out NovelAI and sharing the experience with the audience in real-time.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The video's theme revolves around AI's ability to generate stories, with the streamer evaluating how well NovelAI performs this task.


Storytelling is the act of conveying events in a narrative form, often with imaginative or dramatic elements. The script discusses AI's capability to tell stories with emotions, drama, and comedy, as demonstrated by NovelAI's output.

💡Free trial actions

In the context of the video, 'free trial actions' refer to the limited number of uses or interactions the streamer can have with NovelAI during the free trial period. The streamer mentions using 10 of these actions to test the AI's storytelling features.


Meta, in this context, refers to self-referential aspects within the video, where the streamer is not only using the AI to generate stories but also discussing the process and experience of doing so. The term is used when the streamer mentions liking 'meta stuff' and continues to reflect on the AI's performance.


A prompt is a stimulus or cue that elicits a response. In the video script, the streamer uses prompts to initiate the AI's story generation process, setting the context for the narratives that NovelAI creates.

💡Pirate ship

A pirate ship is a vessel used by pirates, often associated with adventure and treasure hunting. In the script, the streamer sets up a narrative scenario involving a pirate ship, which serves as the setting for the story that NovelAI generates.


Treasure typically refers to valuable items, often hidden or sought after. In the video, the concept of treasure is central to the pirate-themed story, where the AI-generated characters are on a quest to find and secure it.


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. The script mentions the AI's attempt to convey empathy in its storytelling, particularly when describing a character comforting a dying person.


An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. The video's narrative is framed as an adventure, with the streamer guiding the AI to create a story of pirates on a quest for treasure, filled with action and discovery.


Introduction of NovelAI with an exploration of its storytelling capabilities.

Comparison between NovelAI and AI Dungeon in terms of distinguishing user and AI-generated content.

The user's appreciation for NovelAI's ability to differentiate between written and AI-generated content.

AI's storytelling demonstration with an excerpt about a world on fire and a war between man and machine.

The user's commentary on the AI's writing quality and its potential for emotional depth in storytelling.

AI's meta-awareness in storytelling, including its understanding of mortality and empathy.

The user's attempt to create a pirate-themed story with NovelAI.

Discussion on the use of tags in NovelAI to influence the AI's storytelling approach.

The user's experience with NovelAI's interface and the clarity it provides between user input and AI output.

AI's storytelling involving a treasure hunt on a pirate ship with the character Davey.

The user's commentary on NovelAI's handling of plot twists and narrative depth.

AI's storytelling about a conflict with treasure guardians and a potential raid.

The user's transition from NovelAI to AI Dungeon for comparison in story generation.

AI Dungeon's portrayal of a pirate adventure with a focus on action and快节奏.

The user's reflection on the differences between NovelAI and AI Dungeon in terms of story pacing and depth.

AI Dungeon's escalation into a modern-day pirate story involving a nuclear missile.

The user's conclusion on the engaging nature of AI Dungeon's storytelling compared to NovelAI.