Turning $3 Grocery Store Cupcakes into Boujee CAKE TRUFFLES!

The Icing Artist
6 Nov 202011:49

TLDRIn this creative culinary adventure, the host transforms ordinary grocery store cupcakes into luxurious cake truffles, or 'cakesicles', using a meticulous process of separating icing from cake and adjusting the dough's consistency. Despite facing challenges with molds and chocolate dipping, the video offers a playful exploration of food crafting, complete with a surprise twist involving the game 'Words with Friends 2' as a sponsor. The result is a mix of edible art and a learning experience that doesn't shy away from the inevitable mishaps of experimentation.


  • 🧁 The video is about transforming ordinary grocery store cupcakes into a fancy dessert called cake truffles.
  • 🎨 The process involves separating the icing from the cupcakes and manually picking off all the sprinkles.
  • 📦 Zynga's Words with Friends 2 sponsored the video, with a call to action to download the game through a link in the description.
  • 🍰 The consistency of the dough, made from crumbled cake and icing, is crucial for the success of the truffles.
  • 🤲 The presenter's hands become sticky during the process, indicating the dough's stickiness is an important aspect.
  • 📏 There's concern about the amount of dough produced from four dozen mini cupcakes, which might not be sufficient for the project.
  • 🛍️ Molds for the truffles were purchased from Amazon and used to shape the dessert into different forms, such as hearts.
  • ❓ There's uncertainty about how to effectively remove the truffles from the molds, which is a common issue not often shown in tutorials.
  • 🍫 The use of white chocolate melts and food coloring specifically meant for chocolate is highlighted to avoid issues with regular food coloring that contains water.
  • 🎨 The presenter experiments with different colors and a marble effect for the chocolate coating, aiming for a trendy and luxurious appearance.
  • 💎 Gold dust mixed with vodka is used to add a fancy touch to the truffles, demonstrating a creative approach to decoration.
  • 🍂 The final product is intended to have a fall theme, inspired by the new Words with Friends 2 update, despite facing several challenges during the process.

Q & A

  • What is the main objective of the video?

    -The main objective of the video is to transform grocery store cupcakes into fancy cake truffles, also referred to as 'boujie cake pops'.

  • What is the first step the presenter takes to prepare the cupcakes for the cake truffles?

    -The first step is to handpick off all the sprinkles from each cupcake and then separate the icing from the cupcake.

  • Why is the consistency of the dough important in making cake pops?

    -The consistency of the dough is important because it needs to be moldable and sticky enough to hold its shape without cracking when squished.

  • What game is sponsoring the video and how can viewers download it?

    -Zynga's Words of Friends 2 is sponsoring the video. Viewers can download the game through the link provided in the description box below the video.

  • What is the concern regarding the amount of dough obtained from the cupcakes?

    -The concern is that the amount of dough obtained from four dozen mini cupcakes might not be sufficient to make many cake truffles, as it seems to be less than expected.

  • What type of molds does the presenter use and where did they get them?

    -The presenter uses 'cakesicles' molds purchased from Amazon a couple of weeks prior to the video.

  • What is the issue the presenter faces when trying to remove the cake pops from the molds?

    -The presenter is unsure of how to get the cake pops out of the molds without them sticking or breaking, as many tutorial videos fail to show this step.

  • Why does the presenter choose to use food coloring meant for chocolate?

    -The presenter chooses to use food coloring meant for chocolate to avoid the issue of seizing, which can occur when using regular gel-based food coloring that contains water.

  • What is the presenter's strategy for coloring the chocolate for the cake pops?

    -The presenter's strategy is to create multiple colors and then pour some white chocolate on top to give it a marbled effect, avoiding solid colors to make them more interesting.

  • What technique does the presenter use to apply gold dust to the cake pops?

    -The presenter mixes gold dust with vodka to dilute it, making it easier to paint on the cake pops, as the alcohol will evaporate, leaving the gold dust behind.

  • What issue does the presenter encounter when dipping the cake pops in chocolate?

    -The presenter struggles with getting a consistent and visually appealing coating, with the chocolate either sliding off or not adhering properly to the cake pops.

  • What is the presenter's final verdict on the 'cakesicles' and why?

    -The presenter's final verdict is that they hate 'cakesicles' because they caused a lot of headaches during the process and did not turn out as expected.

  • What advice does the presenter give regarding the heart-shaped cake pops?

    -The presenter recommends the heart-shaped cake pops as they turned out cute and were easier to make compared to the 'cakesicles'.



🧁 Cupcake Transformation and Sponsorship Acknowledgement

The narrator starts by expressing their readiness for a baking challenge, feeling less intimidated due to prior experience. They plan to deconstruct classic grocery store cupcakes by removing sprinkles, separating icing from the cake, and preparing for a new recipe. The video is sponsored by Zynga's Words with Friends 2, and viewers are encouraged to download the game through a link in the description. The process of creating a dough from crumbled cake and icing is described, highlighting the importance of consistency. The narrator also discusses the challenges of molding the dough and their concerns about the quantity of dough obtained from the cupcakes. They experiment with molds purchased from Amazon, aiming to create a modern and trendy treat, and share their plans for decorating with white chocolate and food coloring meant for chocolate to avoid issues with regular food coloring.


🎨 Artistic Struggles with Chocolate and Color

The paragraph delves into the narrator's attempts to color and work with chocolate for their cake pops. They discuss the challenges of achieving vibrant colors and the decision to add shortening to thin the chocolate for easier dipping. The process does not go as smoothly as anticipated, with the chocolate not adhering as expected and causing a mess. The narrator also mentions a break to brainstorm solutions and expresses gratitude to Zinka's Words of Friends Too for sponsoring the video. They talk about their long-term enjoyment of the game and introduce a new feature called 'Rewards Pass,' encouraging viewers to download the game and join them in playing. Despite the setbacks, the narrator remains optimistic and shares their plan to improve the dipping process by sealing the pops with chocolate around the stick.


🍫 Final Touches and Reflections on the Baking Experience

In the final paragraph, the narrator reflects on the outcome of their baking endeavor. They express dissatisfaction with the cakesicles, citing the numerous challenges and headaches they encountered during the process. However, they find solace in the success of the heart-shaped cake pops, which turned out cute and were easier to make. The narrator wraps up by thanking the sponsor, Words with Friends Too, once more and encourages viewers to download the game using the provided link. The music in the background signifies the conclusion of the video, with the narrator having transformed generic cupcakes into a creative and unique treat, despite the trials faced along the way.




Cupcakes are small, individual-sized cakes baked in a cup-shaped mold. They are a popular dessert often found in grocery stores and bakeries. In the video, the creator is transforming these store-bought cupcakes into cake truffles, which is a creative and innovative way to repurpose a common dessert into something more upscale and unique.


Boujee CAKE TRUFFLES are a luxurious version of cake pops, often made with high-quality ingredients and presented in an elegant manner. The term 'boujee' is slang for 'bourgeois,' implying a sense of sophistication and affluence. In the script, the creator attempts to elevate simple grocery store cupcakes into these decadent treats, aiming for a high-end presentation and taste.


Icing refers to the sweet, often creamy topping that is applied to cakes and cupcakes. It is an essential component in the video's recipe, as the creator separates the icing from the cupcakes to control the consistency of the dough for the truffles. The process of removing and reintegrating the icing is a key step in achieving the desired texture for the cake truffles.


Consistency in this context refers to the texture and firmness of a mixture, which is crucial for shaping the cake truffles. The creator emphasizes the importance of achieving the right consistency by mixing crumbled cake with icing, ensuring that the dough is moldable without being too fragile or too sticky.


Molds are the shapes or forms used to give food items a specific appearance. In the video, the creator uses molds purchased from Amazon to give the cake truffles a distinctive shape, such as hearts or popsicles. The molds are a key tool in the transformation process, helping to create visually appealing treats.

💡White Chocolate Melts

White Chocolate Melts are a type of candy-making ingredient that is melted and used for coating or dipping other confections. The creator uses them to create a chocolate coating for the cake truffles, aiming for a smooth and professional finish. The use of white chocolate melts is part of the process to elevate the cupcakes into a more sophisticated dessert.

💡Food Coloring

Food Coloring is used to add color to food items, often used in baking and confectionery to create visually appealing products. The script mentions the use of food coloring meant for chocolate, which is important because regular food coloring can cause chocolate to seize due to the presence of water. The creator uses this specialized coloring to achieve vibrant hues for the chocolate coating of the truffles.

💡Gold Dust

Gold Dust, in the context of the video, refers to edible gold-colored specks used to add a touch of luxury and elegance to desserts. The creator mixes gold dust with vodka to create a paint-like consistency that can be applied to the cake truffles for a fancy finish. This use of gold dust exemplifies the 'boujee' theme of the video.

💡Cake Pops

Cake Pops are a type of confectionery where cake is mixed with icing, shaped into a ball, and coated in chocolate. They are often attached to a stick, resembling a lollipop. In the script, the creator mentions that the final product is similar to cake pops but with a more modern and sophisticated twist, indicating a higher level of presentation and flavor.


Marbled refers to a pattern or effect that resembles the variegated appearance of marble. The creator attempts to achieve a marbled effect with the chocolate coating on the cake truffles, indicating a desire for a visually complex and appealing design. This term is used to describe the aesthetic goal for the final appearance of the dessert.


Transforming inexpensive grocery store cupcakes into luxurious cake truffles.

The process begins with handpicking off all the sprinkles from each cupcake.

Separating icing from the cupcakes to control the dough consistency.

Sponsorship acknowledgment for Zynga's Words with Friends 2.

Importance of dough consistency in making cake pops or truffles.

Concerns about the amount of dough obtained from four dozen mini cupcakes.

Molding the dough and addressing the issue of dough strength.

Using molds purchased from Amazon for shaping the cake pops.

Freezing the molds to solidify the cake pops before removing them.

Using white chocolate melts and food coloring meant for chocolate.

Experimenting with different colors and textures for the chocolate coating.

Adding gold dust to vodka for painting on the cake pops for a fancy touch.

The unexpected ease of removing the cake pops from the molds.

Challenges faced with dipping the cake pops in chocolate.

Sponsorship details for Words with Friends 2 and its Rewards Pass feature.

Adapting the process after initial failures with the cakesicles.

Creative attempts to salvage the cakesicles with chocolate and color dust.

Final thoughts on the cakesicles and hearts, recommending the heart mold.