Umax app vs. LooksMax AI comparison - which one is cheaper & better? Should you upgrade?

27 Jan 202405:28

TLDRThe video compares two popular AI apps, Umax and Looks Max, which analyze selfies to provide appearance improvement suggestions. Umax is popular on TikTok and caters to all genders, while Looks Max is designed for men. Both require a paid upgrade for full functionality, with Umax offering weekly reveals and Looks Max providing unlimited reveals at a lower cost. Looks Max also includes product recommendations and social media sharing features, making it more feature-rich and cost-effective.


  • 📈 Both Umax and LooksMax are top AI apps for analyzing selfies and providing appearance improvement suggestions.
  • 🚀 Umax is currently trending and popular on platforms like TikTok.
  • 👥 Umax advertises as gender-inclusive, while LooksMax targets males specifically.
  • 💰 There is no free trial in either app; both require a subscription starting at $4 per week.
  • 📸 Umax requires three photos (front, side, and another), LooksMax needs two (front and side).
  • 🌟 Umax provides ratings on masculinity, skin quality, jawline, and other facial features.
  • 📊 LooksMax offers analysis on various body parts and direct links to products for purchase.
  • 🔄 LooksMax allows unlimited reveals with the upgrade, whereas Umax restricts to one reveal per week.
  • 🛍️ LooksMax features share buttons for direct posting on social media platforms.
  • 🔗 Invite codes are available in LooksMax for users to share and benefit from.
  • 🔄 Despite Umax being more expensive and less feature-rich, it has gained more popularity recently compared to LooksMax.

Q & A

  • What are the main functions of the Umax app?

    -The Umax app allows users to upload selfies and receive AI-generated suggestions on how to improve their appearance. It provides an overall score, potential masculinity, skin quality, jawline, and cheekbone ratings, along with specific recommendations for grooming and skincare.

  • How does the LooksMax app differ from Umax in terms of gender inclusivity?

    -While the Umax app advertises itself as being for all genders, the LooksMax app is specifically targeted towards men, offering features and recommendations tailored to the male demographic.

  • What is the cost associated with upgrading in both Umax and LooksMax apps?

    -Both apps require a subscription for full access, with Umax costing approximately $4 per week and no free trial. The exact pricing for LooksMax is not mentioned, but it is noted to be cheaper than Umax for unlimited reveals.

  • What are the limitations of the free accounts in Umax and LooksMax apps?

    -Free accounts on both apps do not allow users to perform any analyses or access recommendations. They essentially serve as a platform to promote the paid subscription features.

  • What type of recommendations does the Umax app provide?

    -The Umax app offers grooming recommendations such as eyebrow grooming and skincare advice like treating acne. It also provides a learning base with additional insights into beauty standards and self-improvement.

  • How does the LooksMax app enhance the user experience with its features?

    -LooksMax includes features like direct links to products for easy purchase, share buttons for instant social media sharing, and a more developed interface with additional tags for body parts analysis.

  • What is the main difference between the subscription models of Umax and LooksMax apps?

    -Umax allows one reveal per week with its premium subscription, while LooksMax offers unlimited reveals for the same price, making it a more cost-effective option for users wanting frequent analyses.

  • How does the Umax app engage with its user base regarding improvements and suggestions?

    -Umax encourages users to reach out with ideas or questions via email, indicating a willingness to engage with the community and improve the app based on user feedback.

  • What is the significance of the invite codes in the LooksMax app?

    -Invite codes in LooksMax are used for user referrals, allowing users to share the app with others and potentially benefit from the expansion of the user base.

  • How do the Umax and LooksMax apps contribute to the AI-driven self-improvement trend?

    -Both apps leverage AI technology to analyze user selfies and provide personalized suggestions for appearance enhancement, contributing to the growing trend of using technology for personal grooming and self-improvement.

  • What is the potential downside of using AI-based appearance analysis apps?

    -The apps may perpetuate certain beauty standards and could lead to users feeling pressured to conform to these standards. Additionally, the AI-generated advice should be taken as suggestions and not medical advice, as the apps do not offer professional consultations.



📱 Comparison of AI Appearance Apps: Umax vs LooksMax

This paragraph introduces a comparison between two AI-driven appearance apps, Umax and LooksMax. The speaker aims to evaluate these apps by sharing their features and personal experience after upgrading both. Umax is described as popular on the App Store and TikTok, offering a universal appeal for all genders, while LooksMax targets men specifically. The speaker discusses the process of using the apps, including uploading selfies for analysis and receiving suggestions for improvement. The cost of upgrading is mentioned, noting that neither app offers a free trial and both require payment for full functionality. Umax provides ratings on various facial features and some grooming recommendations, whereas LooksMax offers unlimited reveals and a more developed interface with direct links to purchase recommended products.


💰 Pricing and Target Audience Analysis

The second paragraph delves into the pricing models and target audiences of Umax and LooksMax. It highlights that Umax is more expensive and open to all genders, whereas LooksMax is cheaper and currently only caters to men. The speaker speculates on the reasons behind the apps' popularity and the potential use of similar AI models by various clone apps. The paragraph concludes with a brief mention of the apps' features and the speaker's invitation to use their referral code for LooksMax.



💡umax app

The umax app is an AI-driven platform that allows users to upload selfies and receive suggestions for improving their appearance. It is marketed as inclusive for all genders, both male and female. In the video, the umax app is compared with the looksmax app, highlighting its popularity and cost structure.

💡looksmax app

The looksmax app is another AI app focused on appearance improvement, but it is specifically targeted at men. It offers users the ability to perform unlimited reveals for a weekly fee, unlike the umax app, which limits to one reveal per week. The app also provides links to products for direct purchase.


Selfies refer to self-portrait photographs taken with a smartphone or digital camera, typically by holding the device at arm's length. In the context of the umax and looksmax apps, users upload selfies for AI analysis to receive personalized appearance improvement suggestions.

💡AI analysis

AI analysis in this context refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate and analyze the uploaded selfies. The AI provides ratings and suggestions based on facial features and overall appearance, aiming to help users enhance their looks.


In the context of the apps discussed, an upgrade refers to subscribing to a premium version of the service, which unlocks additional features and capabilities beyond the basic, free account. Users are required to upgrade to utilize the full range of services offered by either umax or looksmax apps.

💡appearance improvement

Appearance improvement refers to the process of enhancing one's physical look, often through grooming, styling, or other aesthetic changes. In the video, it is the primary goal of the umax and looksmax apps, which provide users with personalized suggestions based on AI analysis of their selfies.

💡gender inclusivity

Gender inclusivity means designing products, services, or environments that are accessible and relevant to individuals of all gender identities. In the video, the umax app advertises itself as being inclusive for all genders, while the looksmax app is specifically targeted at men.

💡rating system

The rating system in the context of the apps refers to the numerical scores assigned to various facial features and overall appearance by the AI analysis. These ratings are intended to provide users with a quantifiable measure of their attractiveness and potential for improvement.

💡product recommendations

Product recommendations are suggestions provided by the looksmax app, linking users to specific products that can help them achieve the appearance improvements suggested by the AI analysis. These recommendations are designed to facilitate the user's journey towards enhancing their looks.

💡social media integration

Social media integration refers to the ability of an app or platform to interact directly with social media networks, allowing users to share content seamlessly. In the looksmax app, this feature enables users to quickly share their analysis results on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and messaging apps.

💡invite codes

Invite codes are unique identifiers that users can share with others to sign up for a service or app, often providing benefits such as discounts or bonus features to both the inviter and the invited. In the video, the looksmax app includes this feature to encourage user growth and engagement.


Comparison of two top AI apps for appearance improvement suggestions.

Umax and Looksmax are popular AI apps for scanning selfies and receiving appearance improvement tips.

Umax app is currently topping the App Store charts and is viral on TikTok.

Both apps have a similar concept but target different demographics; Umax is for all genders while Looksmax is for males.

Upgrade is required in both apps to access features, with no free trial available.

Umax app offers a basic analysis with ratings on various facial features and some grooming recommendations.

Looksmax provides more detailed analysis with tags for different body parts and specific advice.

Looksmax app is more cost-effective, offering unlimited reveals compared to one per week in Umax.

Looksmax has a feature to link to products for direct purchase, enhancing its user experience.

Looksmax app seems more developed with share buttons for social media platforms.

Invite codes are available in Looksmax for users to share and benefit from.

Umax, despite being more expensive, has gained more popularity currently.

Looksmax is exclusively for men, while Umax is open to all genders.

There are many clones of these apps, potentially using the same AI API or model.

The tutorial aims to determine whether upgrading in these apps is worth the investment.

Both apps require users to upload selfies, specifically front and side angles for analysis.

The apps use AI to analyze and rate the user's appearance, providing a score and potential improvements.

The main difference between the apps is the pricing model and the features offered post-upgrade.