Using Bing AI for students to maximise studying pdf readings

Nathan Beel
4 Jun 202309:51

TLDRDr. Nathan Beale, an Australian counselor and educator, demonstrates how to utilize Bing AI to enhance study efficiency with complex PDF readings. He guides students through setting up Microsoft Edge to read and summarize academic materials, generating questions for self-testing, and emphasizing the importance of not relying solely on AI for learning. The video encourages ethical use of AI as a study aid, not a replacement for understanding, and advises students to verify information with original sources.


  • 😀 Dr. Nathan Beale is an Australian counselor and educator who teaches students how to efficiently study complex PDF readings.
  • 🔍 Ensure you have the latest version of Microsoft Edge installed on your system to access Bing AI's capabilities.
  • 📁 Associate Microsoft Edge as the default browser for opening PDF files for seamless integration with Bing AI.
  • 📚 Open a chapter or article in Edge and use Bing AI to summarize key points by typing commands into the search bar.
  • ❓ Ask Bing AI specific questions about the content to receive tailored responses based on the current webpage context.
  • 📝 Request detailed information on particular topics, such as the difference between professional ethics and legally mandated ethics.
  • 📈 Ask for structured summaries like key dot points to better understand the main themes of the reading material.
  • 📖 Use Bing AI to test your knowledge with multiple-choice questions drawn from the PDF, enhancing memorization and recall.
  • 🚫 Remember that AI is a tool to assist, not replace, your learning; it's crucial to have a deep understanding of the material.
  • 📝 Do not copy and paste AI-generated content directly into your essays; use it as a draft to create original work.
  • ⚠️ Be aware that AI may not always provide accurate information, so always verify with the original source material.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the video by Dr. Nathan Beale?

    -The primary purpose of the video is to show counseling students how to make the most effective use of their study time, particularly when dealing with complex or large PDF readings, and to read them more efficiently and effectively.

  • Which web browser does Dr. Nathan Beale recommend for reading PDF files with AI assistance?

    -Dr. Nathan Beale recommends Microsoft Edge as the web browser to read PDF files with AI assistance.

  • How can one set Microsoft Edge as the default browser for opening PDF files?

    -To set Microsoft Edge as the default browser for opening PDF files, right-click on a PDF file, select 'Open with', and choose Microsoft Edge. If necessary, click 'Choose another app', select Microsoft Edge, and ensure 'Always' is checked.

  • What is the first step Dr. Beale suggests after opening a PDF file in Microsoft Edge?

    -The first step Dr. Beale suggests is to type a command in the window at the bottom of the screen, such as 'summarize the key points', to utilize Bing AI's capabilities to summarize the content.

  • How can Bing AI help in generating questions from the PDF content?

    -Bing AI can generate questions by analyzing the content of the PDF. Users can ask specific questions or request the AI to create multiple-choice questions based on the material.

  • What is the role of testing oneself after reading the material according to Dr. Beale?

    -Testing oneself after reading the material helps in practicing memorization and recalling information from memory, which enhances learning.

  • Why does Dr. Beale advise against relying solely on Bing AI for learning?

    -Dr. Beale advises against relying solely on Bing AI for learning because it is meant to assist, not replace, human learning. It is important for students to have a deep understanding and knowledge that comes from their own learning process.

  • What ethical considerations does Dr. Beale mention regarding the use of AI in academic work?

    -Dr. Beale mentions that students should not copy and paste AI-generated content directly into their essays. Instead, they should use it as a draft and rephrase it to reflect their understanding, as the work submitted should be their own and not the AI's.

  • How does Dr. Beale suggest students use Bing AI to enhance their learning experience?

    -Dr. Beale suggests using Bing AI to summarize key points, generate questions, and provide structured information from PDF readings. This helps students to have a basic understanding before delving deeper into the material.

  • What is Dr. Beale's view on the accuracy of information provided by Bing AI?

    -Dr. Beale cautions that Bing AI does not always provide accurate information. Therefore, it should be used as a learning tool but not relied upon as the sole source of information.

  • What are some limitations Dr. Beale mentions about using Bing AI with very long PDF files?

    -Dr. Beale mentions that when using Bing AI with very long PDF files, the quality of the answer may not be as good, and it may provide a very brief summary. He suggests that a chapter length or a journal article might be the limit for receiving good quality information.



📚 Effective Study Techniques for Counselling Students

Dr. Nathan Beale, an Australian counselor and educator, introduces a method for counseling students to optimize their study time, especially when dealing with complex or voluminous PDF readings. He emphasizes the use of Microsoft Edge browser with its integrated AI for summarizing and analyzing content. The process involves associating PDF files with the Edge browser for seamless integration. Dr. Beale demonstrates how to use AI to summarize key points, ask specific questions, and even generate multiple-choice questions for self-testing. He advises on the ethical use of AI for learning assistance, not as a replacement for knowledge acquisition, and the importance of referring to original sources for accurate information.


🤖 Utilizing AI for Learning Enhancement, Not Replacement

Dr. Beale provides additional guidance on the use of AI tools like Bing's AI, which can assist with reading and summarizing PDFs. He discusses the potential for AI to generate case studies related to the content in a chapter. However, he strongly cautions against relying solely on AI for learning, as it should be used as a tool to aid, not replace, the learning process. He also advises against copying and pasting AI-generated content into essays, as this could be considered unethical and may not reflect the student's true understanding. Dr. Beale encourages students to experiment with AI tools, but to always verify information with the original source material and to use AI summaries as a starting point for deeper comprehension and learning.



💡Counseling Students

Counseling students are individuals who are studying to become professional counselors, often in the fields of psychology, education, or social work. In the context of the video, Dr. Nathan Beale is addressing this group to demonstrate how to effectively manage and study complex PDF readings, which is a crucial skill for their academic and professional development.

💡Study Time

Study time refers to the hours or periods dedicated to learning and reviewing material, typically for academic purposes. The video emphasizes the importance of making the most effective use of study time, especially when dealing with large volumes of reading material, which is a common challenge for counseling students.

💡PDF Readings

PDF readings are documents in Portable Document Format that students are required to read and study. These can include textbooks, articles, and other academic materials. The script discusses how to read these documents more efficiently, which is essential for counseling students who often have to process a significant amount of information.

💡Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft. In the video, it is mentioned as the preferred browser for accessing Bing AI, which is used to assist with reading and summarizing PDF documents. The browser's integration with AI tools is highlighted as a key feature for studying.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In this video, AI is utilized through Bing's features to help students summarize, understand, and test their knowledge of PDF readings, enhancing their study process.


To summarize means to provide a brief statement or account of the main points of something. In the context of the video, the AI is used to summarize key points from PDF readings, allowing students to quickly grasp the essential information without having to read the entire document.

💡Key Dot Points

Key dot points are the main ideas or topics that are highlighted in a summary or overview of a document. The video script mentions asking Bing AI to provide three key dot points with descriptions, which helps students to focus on the most important aspects of their readings.

💡Professional Ethics

Professional ethics refers to the moral principles and values that guide the conduct of professionals in their work. In the video, Dr. Beale demonstrates how students can use AI to gain more information on professional ethics versus legally mandated ethics, which is a critical topic in the field of counseling.


Testing in an educational context involves assessing a student's knowledge or understanding of a subject. The video suggests using AI to generate multiple-choice questions from the readings, which can help students practice memorizing and recalling information, thus enhancing their learning.

💡Ethical School Issue

An ethical school issue refers to a matter that pertains to the principles of right and wrong within an academic setting. The video emphasizes the ethical use of AI in studying, cautioning against relying solely on AI-generated content for essays and stressing the importance of original work and understanding.

💡Bing AI

Bing AI is the artificial intelligence feature integrated into the Bing search engine. It is used in the video to demonstrate how students can interact with their PDF readings in a more efficient manner, including summarizing content, generating questions, and providing detailed explanations on specific topics.


Dr. Nathan Beale introduces himself as an Australian counselor and counseling educator.

The video aims to teach counseling students how to maximize their study time with complex or large PDF readings.

Recommendation to use the latest version of Microsoft Edge browser for accessing Bing AI.

Instructions on how to associate Microsoft Edge with PDF files for AI assistance.

Demonstration of opening a chapter in Microsoft Edge and using Bing AI to summarize key points.

Bing AI can generate questions based on the content of the PDF to test understanding.

The AI can provide structured information, such as key dot points with descriptions of main themes.

Example given on how to ask Bing AI for more detailed information on specific topics within the reading.

Advice on using Bing AI to test oneself with multiple-choice questions derived from the reading.

Suggestion to not rely solely on Bing AI for learning, but to use it as a tool to assist understanding.

Ethical considerations when using AI-generated content in academic work.

Recommendation to always go back to the original source material for accurate information.

Caution that Bing AI may not always provide accurate interpretations or information.

Encouragement to experiment with Bing AI for different readings and PDFs.

Note on the potential limitations when using Bing AI with very long PDFs.

Dr. Beale invites viewers to share their experiences and feedback in the YouTube comments.