What is Invideo? 2023 Review (Everything You Need to Know)

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20 Aug 202323:57

TLDRIn this comprehensive review, the presenter dives into the features and benefits of using Invideo, a video creation platform. With a paid subscription, users gain access to over 5,000 customizable video templates, AI text-to-video conversion, and a vast library of over 1 million premium stock media assets. The review highlights the ease of use, with drag-and-drop editing and the ability to generate scripts and voiceovers, making video creation accessible even for beginners. The presenter also discusses the different pricing plans, recommending a paid plan over the free one for the best quality and features. A step-by-step demonstration shows how to create a professional-looking video about Amsterdam, from script generation to video export, emphasizing the platform's efficiency and user-friendly interface.


  • 🌟 InVideo is a video creation platform that offers a variety of tools including templates, AI text-to-video conversion, and a stock media library with over 1 million premium videos and photos.
  • 🛠️ The platform provides over 5000 customizable video templates that can be used across different types of content, making video creation accessible even for beginners.
  • 🤖 AI text-to-video feature allows users to convert scripts into complete videos smoothly and quickly, enhancing the ease of video production.
  • 📝 Users can either type their script directly, paste a pre-prepared script, or use InVideo's AI to generate a script, offering flexibility in content creation.
  • 💡 The AI script generator in InVideo is a unique feature that not many competitors offer, enabling users to create detailed, context-specific scripts automatically.
  • 🎥 Premium stock options are available through integrations with high-quality sources like iStock and Shutterstock, which are essential for enhancing the video quality over free sources.
  • 🎬 Editing in InVideo is simplified with drag-and-drop functionality, making it feasible for anyone to edit videos without prior experience.
  • 🎤 InVideo includes a voiceover feature that supports text-to-speech, uploading custom voice files, or recording directly within the platform, offering various options for narrative styles.
  • 🔊 The platform allows users to adjust audio levels between background music and voiceover to ensure clarity and a professional sound.
  • 💲 InVideo offers different pricing plans, including a lifetime purchase option, with various features depending on the user's needs, and a 7-day money-back guarantee on paid plans.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Invideo platform?

    -Invideo is a video creation platform that offers various features such as templates, AI text to video conversion, stock media access, and a standard video editor for professional video creation.

  • How many video templates does Invideo offer for customization?

    -Invideo offers over 5,000 video templates for users to customize and use for their own videos.

  • What is the AI text to video feature in Invideo?

    -The AI text to video feature allows users to convert a script into a full video automatically, including the option for Invideo's AI to write the script based on a user's description.

  • What kind of media access does an Invideo subscription provide?

    -An Invideo subscription provides access to over 1 million premium videos and photos, which can be valuable for video creators.

  • How does Invideo assist users in creating faceless videos?

    -Invideo assists users in creating faceless videos by providing templates and AI text video features that can generate content without the need for personal appearances.

  • What are the different options to add a voiceover to a video in Invideo?

    -Invideo offers four different ways to add a voiceover: text-to-speech AI, importing from user uploads, recording a voiceover live within the software, and using an uploaded voiceover file.

  • How does Invideo handle the synchronization of video clips with the script?

    -Invideo automatically generates scenes by reading the script and matching the videos with the spoken words, making it easy for users to complete their video.

  • What is the process for changing the background clip in a video scene on Invideo?

    -To change the background clip, users can search for a new clip using keywords, select a clip from the stock library, and then insert or replace it in the video scene.

  • How does Invideo's drag and drop editing feature benefit users?

    -The drag and drop editing feature allows users to easily customize their videos by adding, removing, or modifying text, clips, and overlays without prior video editing experience.

  • What are the different pricing plans offered by Invideo?

    -Invideo offers a free plan, a business plan at $15 per month, an unlimited plan at $30 per month, and lifetime plans for a one-time payment of $400 for the business plan or $1,100 for the unlimited plan.

  • What is the benefit of using the 'realistic' text-to-speech option in Invideo?

    -The 'realistic' text-to-speech option provides a higher quality voiceover that sounds more natural and human-like compared to the 'legacy' option.

  • How does Invideo support users during the video creation process?

    -Invideo offers a live chat feature with support agents available 24/7 to help users with any questions or issues they encounter while creating their videos.



📚 Introduction to InVideo and Its Features

The video script introduces InVideo, a paid subscription-based platform for video creation. It discusses the presenter's experience with InVideo and outlines the features available on the platform's dashboard, such as templates, AI text to video, stock media, and a standard editor. The focus is on the templates and AI text video features, as well as creating faceless videos, which are currently trending on various platforms. The AI text to video feature is highlighted for its ability to convert a script into a full video and even generate a script based on a user's description, showcasing the tool's capabilities and potential benefits for users.


🎬 Customizing Videos with InVideo's AI and Templates

The paragraph explains the process of creating a video with InVideo by customizing templates and using AI to generate scripts. It details how to select video templates, choose video sizes for different platforms, and input or generate a script. The paragraph emphasizes the high-quality stock footage available with a premium subscription and the ease of customizing each scene of the video. It also touches on the convenience of InVideo's interface, which allows even beginners to create professional-looking videos without prior video editing experience.


🔍 Editing and Customizing Video Clips and Text

This section of the script focuses on the editing process within InVideo. It describes how to customize video clips and text within the platform's editor. The user can change the text size, color, and effects, as well as remove or add overlays. The paragraph also mentions the convenience of the 'elements' feature, which provides an overview of all the elements in a scene, making it easier to edit and remove unwanted items. The importance of high-quality previews and the final rendered video output is also highlighted, with assurance that the final product will be of high definition.


🎙️ Adding Voiceovers and Background Music

The script explains how to incorporate voiceovers and background music into videos created with InVideo. It outlines the different methods for adding voiceovers, such as text-to-speech, uploading a voiceover file, or recording a voiceover directly within the software. The paragraph also details the process of generating an automated voiceover for all scenes to save time. Additionally, it discusses the importance of balancing the volume of background music with the voiceover for a professional result and the availability of live chat support for any issues encountered during the video creation process.


📈 Exploring InVideo's Template Section and Pricing

The final paragraph discusses InVideo's template section, which offers over 5000 templates for various types of videos, and the platform's pricing structure. It provides a brief guide on how to search and customize these templates for different purposes. The pricing options are outlined, with a recommendation for a paid plan over the free plan due to the limitations and watermarks of the latter. The paragraph also mentions a discount coupon code 'yvh25' for a 25% discount on any InVideo plan, a seven-day money-back guarantee, and additional resources such as InVideo's YouTube channel for further tutorials.




Invideo is an online video creation platform that offers a range of tools and features for users to create professional-looking videos. It includes templates, AI text-to-video conversion, and access to a vast stock media library. In the context of the video, Invideo is presented as a solution for content creators looking to enhance their video production capabilities without extensive video editing experience.


Templates in Invideo refer to pre-designed video layouts that users can customize for their own content. These templates cover a variety of themes and can be used for different types of videos, such as YouTube intros or social media ads. They are a key feature of Invideo, allowing users to quickly create videos with a professional look without starting from scratch.

💡AI Text to Video

AI Text to Video is a feature within Invideo that allows users to convert written scripts into fully produced videos. The AI technology helps in generating video content that matches the script's context, making the video creation process more efficient. In the video, this feature is highlighted as a time-saving and innovative tool that can transform a simple text script into an engaging video.

💡Stock Media

Stock media refers to the collection of video clips and images that are available for use in video projects. Invideo provides its subscribers with access to over 1 million premium stock videos and photos. This feature is particularly valuable as it offers high-quality visual content that can significantly enhance the production value of videos.


A voiceover is a spoken commentary or narration recorded to be heard on a video, radio, or other media presentations. Invideo offers various ways to add voiceovers to videos, including text-to-speech AI, uploading a user's own file, or recording directly within the software. Voiceovers are essential for creating engaging and informative video content, as they provide the audio track that accompanies the visual elements.

💡Drag and Drop Editing

Drag and Drop Editing is a user interface feature that allows users to create and edit video content by simply dragging and dropping elements such as text, images, and video clips into place. This feature is emphasized in the video as being user-friendly, making video editing accessible to people without prior video production experience.

💡Premium Plan

A Premium Plan in the context of Invideo refers to a paid subscription tier that offers users access to advanced features and a larger selection of stock media, as well as the ability to export videos without watermarks. The Premium Plan is recommended in the video for those who are serious about video creation and want higher quality and more options than the free plan provides.

💡Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan is a subscription option within Invideo that provides users with unlimited video exports and access to a greater number of iStock media clips. It is designed for users who require a higher volume of video production or are working on behalf of clients, offering greater flexibility and resources for video creation.

💡Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee is a promise from a company to refund the purchase price if the customer is not satisfied with the product. Invideo offers a 7-day money back guarantee for its Business and Unlimited plans, which gives users the opportunity to try the service risk-free and request a refund if it does not meet their expectations or needs.

💡Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support is a customer service feature that allows users to communicate with support agents in real-time through a chat interface on the Invideo platform. This is presented in the video as a valuable resource for users who may encounter issues or have questions while using the service, ensuring they can receive immediate assistance.


Exporting in the context of video editing refers to the process of rendering and saving the final video in a specific format for sharing or distribution. Invideo allows users to export their videos in high quality, which is a crucial step in the video creation process. The video emphasizes the need for a paid plan to export videos in the highest quality without limitations.


Invideo is a video editing platform with a paid plan offering various features for video creation.

The platform provides over 5,000 video templates for customization.

AI text to video feature can convert a script into a full video automatically.

Invideo offers access to over 1 million premium videos and photos with its subscription.

The normal editor is designed for professional video creation, allowing users to upload and edit their own videos.

Invideo's AI can generate a script based on a user's description, a unique feature not commonly found in similar tools.

Users have the option to use free stock footage or premium sources like iStock for higher video quality.

The storyboard feature allows users to customize and create their full video scene by scene.

Invideo provides an easy drag-and-drop interface, making video editing accessible for beginners.

The platform offers various text customization options, including typography, filters, and stickers.

Voiceover capabilities include text-to-speech, uploading a file, and live recording within the software.

Invideo allows users to add background music and adjust its volume to balance with the voiceover.

The platform has a live chat feature for 24/7 support, ensuring users can get help when needed.

Templates on Invideo can be searched and customized for various types of videos, like Instagram story ads or YouTube intros.

Pricing plans include a one-time lifetime option, as well as monthly plans with a 50% yearly discount.

The business plan offers 60 HD video exports per month, while the unlimited plan provides unlimited exports and additional media clips.

Invideo does not recommend the free plan due to limited features and watermarks on videos.

A coupon code 'yvh25' is available for a 25% discount on any Invideo plan, along with a 7-day money-back guarantee.