31 Aug 202210:03

TLDRThis video tutorial explores the Wonder AI art generator app, currently trending alongside the Dream by Wombo app, which it closely resembles. The presenter highlights how Wonder uses AI to transform text prompts, such as 'Elephant Forest Tower,' into visual art. Viewers learn about the app's functionality, including account creation, the use of abstract and realistic AI models, and the feature to input images for more tailored outputs. Despite its appeal, the presenter notes drawbacks such as increased ads and some user-reported bugs. The review covers the app's subscription model, suggesting the lifetime option for avid users, and ends with a walkthrough of personal profile management and the recommendation to join the app's Discord for support.


  • 🎨 The Wonder AI art generator app is gaining popularity and functions similarly to the Dream by Wombo app, offering unique features.
  • 📝 The app's core functionality is to convert text prompts into pieces of art using AI technology.
  • 🖼️ Users can type in prompts like 'Elephant Forest Tower' and select an AI model to generate corresponding images.
  • 🌟 The generated art can be saved to the user's profile, used as wallpapers, or shared with others, promoting creativity.
  • 💡 The app works best with abstract concepts, such as 'planets' or 'rivers', rather than specific images or subjects.
  • 🔒 Some AI models are locked and require payment to access, offering a Pro version for a weekly subscription or a lifetime purchase.
  • 📸 A notable feature is the ability to upload an input image as a reference, allowing for more personalized and related artwork.
  • 🔄 Users can recreate their prompts if they are not satisfied with the initial output and can modify the text as desired.
  • 💬 App reviews indicate that while the app is enjoyable, there are issues with ads and occasional bugs that may require updates or reinstallation.
  • 🛠️ The app offers support through Discord for users experiencing issues, and provides options to change the profile picture and username.

Q & A

  • What is the core functionality of the Wonder AI art generator app?

    -The core functionality of the Wonder AI art generator app is to use AI technology to turn words into art. Users can type in prompts like 'Elephant Forest Tower', select an AI model, and the app will generate an image based on those prompts.

  • How does Wonder AI compare to the Dream by Wombo app?

    -Wonder AI is similar to Dream by Wombo in its functionality, allowing users to create art from text prompts using AI. However, it's implied that Wonder AI might be seen as a bit of a copycat but still offers its own unique features.

  • Can you save and share the art created in Wonder AI?

    -Yes, users can save the art created in Wonder AI on their profile and share it with others. They can use the generated art as wallpapers, lock screens, or simply enjoy and share their creativity.

  • Are there any limitations when generating images of specific subjects like selfies or pets?

    -Yes, the app works better with more abstract concepts like planets, rivers, or cities. Generating photo-like images of specific subjects, such as selfies or pets, might not yield as accurate results since the AI technology is not fully there yet.

  • What customization options are available when generating art in Wonder AI?

    -Users can enter multiple prompts, select from various AI models (including abstract and realistic ones), and even use an input image for the AI to reference, enhancing the relevance and specificity of the generated artwork.

  • What are some of the criticisms faced by Wonder AI following its viral success?

    -Following its viral success, Wonder AI faced criticism for introducing more ads and locking many styles behind a paywall, which led to user frustration due to the increased need for a subscription to avoid ads and access all features.

  • How does the input image feature work in Wonder AI?

    -The input image feature allows users to provide an image, which the AI uses as a reference or inspiration for the generated artwork. This can be useful for creating art that is related to an existing image or sketch.

  • What are the subscription options and their benefits in Wonder AI?

    -Wonder AI offers a Pro subscription for $4.99 per week, which includes benefits like faster processing, no ads, access to all 50+ styles, higher resolution downloads, and unlimited art creation. A lifetime option for $39.99 is also available, which is cost-effective for long-term users.

  • How can users address bugs or issues in Wonder AI?

    -Users are advised to update the app or reinstall it if they encounter bugs or issues, especially during times of high user traffic due to the app's viral popularity. Joining the Discord community is also recommended for support.

  • What kind of content can users generate with Wonder AI?

    -Users can generate a wide variety of content with Wonder AI, including visual interpretations of poems, song lyrics, movie characters, star signs, and much more, utilizing the app's diverse styles and models for creative exploration.



📱 Overview of Wonder AI Art Generator App

This paragraph introduces the Wonder AI art generator app, which is gaining popularity and is somewhat similar to the Dream app by Wombo. The core feature of this app is its ability to turn text into art using AI technology. Users can input prompts like 'Elephant Forest Tower' and choose an AI model to generate images, which can be saved and shared. The app is better with abstract concepts and less effective with specific images like selfies. It offers different AI models, some of which are locked behind a paywall. The paragraph also explores the app’s ability to use existing images as a base for artwork creation, and mentions user concerns about increasing ads and the app becoming less user-friendly after gaining popularity.


🔧 Using and Troubleshooting the Wonder AI Art Generator

This paragraph delves into the functional aspects of the app, explaining the process of recreating art, modifying prompts, and exploring styles. It also covers options for saving, exporting, and sharing artwork. The author addresses some technical issues like app bugs and suggests updating or reinstalling the app as solutions. The paragraph also describes the user's profile section, where past creations can be managed, and discusses the pricing for Wonder Pro, which offers ad-free usage and more styles. Lastly, it touches on community support through Discord, account management features, and the overall enjoyable and addictive experience of the app despite its drawbacks like excessive ads and occasional bugs.



💡Wonder AI Art Generator

Wonder AI Art Generator is presented as an application rising in popularity, akin to the 'Dream by Wombo' app, designed to convert textual prompts into visual artwork using AI technology. This app is notable for allowing users to input phrases like 'Elephant Forest Tower,' which the AI then interprets to create art. The app's relevance to the video lies in its core functionality of transforming words into images, a process that underscores the merging of creativity and technology, exemplified by the user's ability to save and share these AI-generated pieces.

💡AI Model

AI models within the context of the Wonder AI Art Generator refer to the various algorithms or frameworks the app employs to interpret textual prompts and generate corresponding artwork. These models can range from abstract to realistic in their output, with some being locked behind a premium version of the app. The choice of model influences the style and detail of the generated art, indicating the app's versatility and its ability to cater to different artistic preferences, as discussed in the script.

💡Abstract Concepts

In the video script, 'abstract concepts' refer to general, non-specific ideas or themes such as 'planets,' 'river,' or 'city,' which the app reportedly handles better compared to concrete subjects like personal selfies or specific animals. This distinction highlights the AI's current proficiency in generating more imaginative, less detailed art over photorealistic depictions, reflecting the technology's capabilities and limitations.

💡Input Image

The 'input image' feature allows users to provide a reference image, which the AI uses as a basis to generate new artwork. This can be particularly useful for users who have a specific visual idea or sketch they want to expand upon. The script mentions this as a way to guide the AI, ensuring the generated art bears some relation to a pre-existing visual concept, thus offering a blend of user control and AI creativity.


Prompts in the context of the Wonder AI Art Generator are textual inputs provided by the user to guide the AI in creating artwork. These can range from single words to phrases, and can even combine multiple elements. The script illustrates the use of prompts like 'Elephant Forest Tower,' which the AI interprets to generate a corresponding image, showcasing the interactive and creative aspect of the app.

💡Realistic Painters

Realistic painters within the app refer to AI models designed to produce artwork that closely resembles real-life images, as opposed to the more abstract or stylized outputs of other models. This option caters to users seeking more photorealistic art from their prompts, indicating the app's range in accommodating different artistic tastes and preferences.

💡Ads and Subscription

The script mentions the introduction of ads and the requirement for a subscription to access premium features as the app gained popularity. This shift towards monetization through ads and locked styles under a paid model reflects a common trend in app development, balancing free access with premium options to generate revenue while offering enhanced services like ad-free experiences and access to exclusive content for subscribers.

💡Recreate and Modify

The 'recreate' and 'modify' features allow users to iteratively refine their generated artwork. If unsatisfied with the initial output, users can prompt the AI to 'recreate' the art, potentially with modifications to the original text input. This iterative process emphasizes the app's interactive nature, enabling users to experiment with and tweak their creative outputs.

💡Publish and Share

These features enable users to publish their AI-generated artwork on their profile within the app and share it externally, like through messenger services. This social aspect of the app encourages community engagement and sharing of creative works, expanding the app's utility beyond personal use to include social interaction and community building around AI-generated art.

💡App Reviews and Bugs

The script touches upon user feedback and technical issues, noting that some app reviews mention bugs and performance problems, especially as the app gained popularity. This points to the challenges of scaling and maintaining app quality in response to a growing user base, and the importance of continuous updates and bug fixes in ensuring a positive user experience.


Introduction to Wonder AI art generator app, a top charting application similar to Dream by Wombo, using AI to convert words into art.

Overview of core features: turning prompts into art, saving and sharing creations, and exploring new styles for various applications.

Demonstration of creating an account using multiple sign-in options and navigating the app's user interface.

Explanation of the app's better performance with abstract concepts compared to specific images or selfies.

Selection process for AI models, differentiating between abstract and realistic outputs.

Introduction of the input image feature, enhancing creativity by using existing images as a foundation for AI-generated art.

Description of the app's monetization strategy, including the introduction of ads and premium models post-virality.

User experience issues highlighted through app reviews, mentioning ads, accessibility of styles, and suggestions to upgrade.

Real-time demonstration of creating art using the app, including selecting an AI model and using an input image for reference.

Insight into the app's feature to modify and recreate art prompts for desired outcomes.

Options to save, export, and share creations, enhancing the social aspect of the app.

Troubleshooting tips for common app issues, such as updating or reinstalling the app to resolve bugs.

Profile management features, including viewing past creations, changing names, and downloading art.

Detailed explanation of Wonder Pro subscription benefits, pricing, and recommendation based on usage.

Community support through Discord for troubleshooting and support issues.

Final thoughts on the app's enjoyability, addictiveness, and potential for creative expression with AI technology.