World’s *SMARTEST* People! (900 IQ)

28 Nov 202314:35

TLDRThis video celebrates the ingenious shortcuts and clever tricks people use to simplify daily tasks, showcasing a mix of humor, creativity, and sheer brilliance. From a child teaching a lesson in physics to a dog outsmarting its owners, each clip highlights the inventive ways individuals tackle problems, making life easier or more amusing. Viewers are treated to a variety of smart solutions, such as a novel way to mow the lawn, sneaky methods to sneak snacks into the cinema, and creative problem-solving that saves time and effort. The video encapsulates the spirit of working smarter, not harder, through a series of entertaining and sometimes astonishing examples of human ingenuity and resourcefulness.


  • 🧠 Creative Problem Solving - Individuals showcased in the script demonstrate innovative ways to tackle everyday tasks, from mowing the lawn with a Segway to using a plunger to fix a car dent.
  • 🎨 Unconventional Use of Objects - The script highlights the use of everyday items in unexpected ways, such as using a Barbie doll as chopsticks or a pizza box as a carrying case for pizza slices.
  • 🤣 Humor in Daily Life - The scenarios presented often involve humor, such as pretending to be a security guard or using a leaf blower to swing around in trees.
  • 📚 Educational Moments - The script includes instances where learning is applied practically, like using physics knowledge to understand the spinning motion of a lawnmower or the use of a UNO reverse card for a prank.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Dynamics - The interactions between family members, including parents and children, are a central theme, showcasing both cleverness and the dynamics of learning from each other.
  • 🏡 Home Life Hacks - The script is filled with home-related hacks, from using curtains as a sofa cover to transforming a bin liner into a prank, showing smart ways to manage household tasks.
  • 🍟 Food-Related Ingenuity - Several takeaways involve smart tricks with food, like making homemade McDonald's or using a pizza box to carry pizza slices, highlighting resourcefulness in meal preparation and consumption.
  • 🐶 Pet Smarts - The intelligence of pets is highlighted, such as a dog walking itself from a window or hiding in the clothes, showing the cleverness of animals in everyday situations.
  • 🎮 Technology and Leisure - The use of technology for leisure, like using a phone as a calculator or playing with a speaker, is showcased, emphasizing the blend of technology in our relaxation time.
  • 💡 Life Hacks for Efficiency - The script is filled with life hacks aimed at increasing efficiency, from using a fan to cool down while working to using a dog to mow the lawn, promoting the idea of working smarter, not harder.
  • 🎓 Teaching and Learning - The script includes educational elements, such as a teacher assigning a cleaning task to students or a parent encouraging a child to draw to avoid naptime, highlighting the importance of learning and teaching in daily life.

Q & A

  • What is the teacher's reaction to the boy's disappearance?

    -The teacher is surprised and instructs others to find the boy, but she is unaware that he has cleverly escaped.

  • How does the father get the kids to take a nap?

    -The father instructs the kids to draw him sleeping, which inadvertently helps them take a nap as they imitate what they are drawing.

  • What is the lawn mowing trick described in the script?

    -The father's lawn mowing trick involves spinning the lawn mower around, which tightens the rope and eventually cuts everything, showcasing a smart way to get the job done efficiently.

  • How does the kid manage to use chopsticks despite the challenge?

    -The kid demonstrates impressive dexterity and adaptability by successfully using chopsticks, which surprises the observer.

  • What is the clever trick the father uses to avoid getting his hands dirty?

    -The father cuts the corners and the top of a box, allowing him to easily slide items in without having to touch them directly.

  • How does the man manage to catch a fish without getting wet?

    -The man uses a long pole to reach out into the ocean and skillfully catches a fish, showcasing his ingenuity and smart fishing technique.

  • What is the purpose of the 'work smarter not harder' philosophy mentioned in the script?

    -The philosophy emphasizes finding efficient and innovative ways to accomplish tasks with less effort, as exemplified by the various individuals in the script who use clever tricks to get things done more easily.

  • How does the father use a fan to multitask while working?

    -The father attaches his mouse to the fan, allowing it to move back and forth as the fan oscillates, which helps him work while resting.

  • What is the creative use of curtains as a temporary sofa solution described in the script?

    -The individuals wrap their sofa in curtains, spending only about $20 to transform the look of their furniture, which is a cost-effective and smart home improvement hack.

  • How does the script illustrate the concept of 'working smarter' in the context of cleaning up a mess?

    -The script shows a person efficiently clearing up a mess by having their friends push them along on a rolling chair, demonstrating a smart way to save effort while cleaning.

  • What is the innovative use of a plunger and hot water shown in the script?

    -The script depicts a person using hot water and a plunger to fix their car after a minor accident, showcasing a creative and cost-saving solution to a common problem.



😄 Ingenious Life Hacks and Clever Pranks

This paragraph showcases a series of smart life hacks and clever pranks. It begins with a humorous take on escaping from a principal and a teacher's futile attempt to find the mischievous boy. The narrative then transitions into a series of innovative ideas, such as a dad's ingenious way of making his kids nap by having them draw him sleeping, a husband's lawn mowing technique, and a person's impressive balancing act on poles. The paragraph is filled with instances of people using their wits to solve problems in unique ways, like using chopsticks, getting out of a tricky situation with physics knowledge, and even a toddler outsmarting their parent. It also includes a dad's creative way of cutting corners and avoiding manual labor, a fisherman's smart trick, and various other examples of people working smarter, not harder, in their daily lives.


😲 Unconventional Solutions and Unexpected Ingenuity

The second paragraph delves into more unconventional solutions and unexpected displays of ingenuity. It starts with a humorous take on a father's reaction to his son's intelligence and continues with a variety of scenarios where people find creative ways to accomplish tasks. These include a person pretending to be a security guard, a kid's innovative use of a speaker to simulate building noises, and a clever method of fixing a car with hot water and a plunger. The paragraph also highlights a dishwasher's unconventional cleaning method, a person wrapping their sofa in curtains, and a creative use of maple syrup to black out a window. It showcases a father's multitasking while mowing the lawn and the clever tactics used by people to get free food from fast-food chains. The paragraph ends with a series of smart tricks involving umbrellas, Nutella, and a unique way of carrying pizza slices.


🤔 Creative Problem-Solving and Mischievous Antics

The third paragraph is a blend of creative problem-solving and mischievous antics. It starts with a dog's clever trick to avoid being left alone in a car and moves on to describe an air hockey goal that is deemed 'Big Brain' worthy. The paragraph then presents a series of innovative ideas, such as a machine that perfectly times gym lifts, a teacher's unique way of cleaning her room, and a dog's smart move to avoid getting into trouble. It also includes a father's dedication to making homemade McDonald's, a pizza box hack, and a couple's clever use of an umbrella. The paragraph concludes with a series of smart tricks involving chocolate-filled brussel sprouts, a creative use of a leaf blower, and a time-lapse video of a flying blind. It also touches on the use of technology for academic purposes and ends with a mention of kids outsmarting the system.




The term 'smart' refers to the ability to think quickly and intelligently, to solve problems efficiently, and to apply knowledge in a practical way. In the context of this video, it highlights the clever and innovative solutions people come up with in everyday situations. For example, a dad using a clever trick to mow the lawn more efficiently or a child using chopsticks in an unexpected way demonstrates their smart thinking.


Innovative refers to the creation of new ideas, methods, or devices, often involving the application of science, technology, or other forms of knowledge to produce something not previously thought of or available. In the video, innovative ideas are the core as people devise new ways to accomplish tasks more efficiently or effectively. The innovative aspect is seen in the various 'life hacks' and problem-solving techniques displayed.

💡Life Hacks

Life hacks are any form of advice or knowledge that can make daily tasks easier and more efficient. They often involve shortcuts or novel uses of everyday items. In the video, life hacks are central as it showcases various individuals using unconventional methods to simplify tasks, save time, or achieve desired outcomes with minimal effort.


Clever refers to being quick to understand and able to solve problems or create solutions in a smart and original way. In the video, cleverness is demonstrated by individuals who find unique and often simpler ways to handle everyday challenges, often resulting in more effective outcomes.


Efficiency is the ability to do or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy. It's about achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort. In the video, efficiency is a key theme as individuals are constantly looking for ways to perform tasks in a more streamlined and effective manner.


Resourcefulness is the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. It involves using available resources, even in scarce amounts, to achieve a desired outcome. In the video, resourcefulness is demonstrated by individuals who use their surroundings or everyday objects in unconventional ways to solve problems or make tasks easier.

💡Problem Solving

Problem solving is the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues. It often involves critical thinking, creativity, and the application of knowledge to reach a resolution. In the video, problem solving is a recurring theme as individuals tackle everyday challenges with creative and efficient solutions.


Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new or to find new ways of doing things. It involves thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions. In the video, creativity is evident in the unique and novel approaches people take to everyday tasks, often leading to more enjoyable or efficient outcomes.


Practicality refers to the quality of being concerned with what is actually possible or beneficial rather than abstract ideas or theories. It's about applying knowledge or skills in a way that is sensible and effective in real-world situations. In the video, practicality is a key aspect as the solutions presented are often simple, straightforward, and immediately useful.


Humor is the quality of being amusing or funny, and it often involves the use of wit, irony, or satire to entertain or to convey a message in a light-hearted way. In the video, humor is used to make the presentation of clever ideas and solutions more engaging and enjoyable for the audience.


A clever escape method from the principal using physics knowledge.

Innovative nap strategy: kids draw a sleeping dad to take a break.

A unique lawn mowing technique using a spinning rope for efficiency.

Exceptional balance and precision demonstrated on rolling poles.

Utilizing chopsticks with innovative methods for easy handling.

Creative use of breath to scroll on TikTok, showcasing the power of physics.

A toddler outsmarts adults with a clever trick involving cutting corners.

A genius fishing method that pulls an unexpected catch from the ocean.

Cleverly sneaking McDonald's into a cinema with a popcorn trick.

Using an UNO reverse card to avoid payment in a humorous scenario.

A child efficiently using a Segway to mow the lawn, showcasing multitasking.

Transforming a sofa with $20 curtains for a new look, demonstrating cost-effective renovation.

A creative cleaning hack: students compete with wipes to clean the classroom.

Disguising a TV remote as a bin to cleverly replace the bin liner.

A unique way to lock a dog using a spoon to prevent escape.