YOU Gotta Check Out this Midjourney Reference Page

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20 May 202408:30

TLDRCheck out this awesome Midjourney reference page created by Charlotte Quinn, aka Charlie Q. It features a collection of style reference codes for generating unique art styles using the D-sref parameter in Midjourney. By keeping prompts simple, you can explore a variety of artistic styles with over 4 billion codes available. The video showcases different styles, such as warm colors, rough sketches, and retro vibes, using specific srf codes. It also includes tips on using and experimenting with these codes to create diverse and unique images. A link to the reference page and a list of showcased codes are provided.


  • 🎨 Check out the MidJourney reference page created by Charlotte Quinn (Charlie Q) for various style reference codes.
  • 🔤 Use the parameter `D-sref` followed by 'random' to let MidJourney choose an art style for your image.
  • 📝 A code number will be generated with your picture, which you can share with others to create similar images.
  • 📋 Keep your prompts simple to easily see the impact of the style code on your image generation.
  • 🔢 You can use random numbers yourself or let MidJourney choose for you; there are over 4 billion codes.
  • 🖼️ Examples of style codes include srf 5897 and 4627, which can produce varied results even with simple prompts.
  • 👾 MidJourney's reference codes can evoke specific styles, colors, and perspectives without additional stylized values.
  • 🖍️ Experiment with adding your own art styles into the prompt along with the reference code for unique results.
  • 📊 A spreadsheet is available with different stylized values and corresponding generations, showcasing the versatility of the reference codes.
  • 🙏 Special thanks to Charlie Q for compiling the reference page and providing a valuable resource for MidJourney users.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Midjourney reference page mentioned in the video?

    -The Midjourney reference page is designed to document various style reference codes that users can use to generate images with specific artistic styles on Midjourney.

  • Who is credited for putting together the Midjourney reference page?

    -Charlotte Quinn, who goes by Charlie Q, is credited for creating the Midjourney reference page.

  • How can users utilize the style reference codes in Midjourney?

    -Users can prompt for a subject and include the parameter 'D-sref' followed by the word 'random' to let Midjourney choose an art style, or they can use specific codes to generate images with particular styles.

  • Why does the speaker recommend keeping prompts simple when using style reference codes?

    -Keeping prompts simple helps users see the effect of the style code more clearly, as complex prompts can make it difficult to discern the style's impact.

  • What is the significance of sharing the code number with others?

    -Sharing the code number allows others to create similar-looking images using the same style reference code.

  • What examples of style reference codes does the speaker mention in the video?

    -The speaker mentions several examples, including codes 5897, 4627, and 24822, 3535, showing how different codes produce various artistic styles.

  • What type of images does the speaker enjoy generating with Midjourney?

    -The speaker enjoys generating images with warm colors, retro vibes, rough sketches, and styles that evoke a first draft or human essence.

  • What does the speaker suggest doing if an image generated with a style reference code is cut off?

    -The speaker suggests upscaling the image and then using options like panning up or down or zooming out to adjust the image.

  • How can users combine their own art styles with the style reference codes?

    -Users can add their own art style descriptions to the prompt along with the style reference code to create unique images that blend both elements.

  • What additional resources does the speaker provide in the video description?

    -The speaker provides a link to the reference page, a list of the mentioned style reference codes, and a link to a spreadsheet with more information about the codes and their effects.



🖼️ Exploring Mid Journey Style Reference Codes

This paragraph introduces the concept of using style reference codes (sref) in Mid Journey to generate images in different art styles. It highlights the contribution of Charlotte Quinn (Charlie Q) in creating a reference website documenting various style codes. The paragraph explains how to use the sref parameter with random or specific numbers to achieve unique art styles and encourages users to experiment with different codes. The author recommends keeping prompts simple to better understand the impact of style codes and shares personal preferences for certain styles and colors.


🎨 Showcasing Specific Style Codes and Their Effects

The paragraph demonstrates the use of specific style reference codes and their visual effects on generated images. Examples include srf codes for retro vibes, rough sketchy photocopy generations, and deep dream-like colors. The author emphasizes the variety of styles achievable with different codes, including a rough pencil sketch look and a graphic novel aesthetic. Additionally, the importance of simple prompts to isolate the influence of the srf code is reiterated, and the potential for combining art styles in prompts is mentioned. A link to a spreadsheet of style codes is provided for further exploration.




MidJourney is an AI-based image generation tool that allows users to create images by providing prompts. In the video, it is highlighted as the platform where users can experiment with style reference codes to produce various artistic effects.

💡Style Reference Codes (sref)

Style Reference Codes (sref) are specific parameters used in MidJourney to generate images in different artistic styles. The video explains how users can include these codes in their prompts to achieve unique visual outcomes. For example, the code 'srf 5897 4627' results in a specific style.


Prompts are the textual descriptions users provide to MidJourney to generate images. The video advises keeping prompts simple, such as 'Batman' or 'Neon Genesis Evangelion,' to better observe the effects of the style reference codes.

💡Random Codes

Random Codes refer to the practice of letting MidJourney choose a random style reference code by using 'D-sref random.' This can result in a wide variety of artistic styles, providing a fun and exploratory way to use the tool. The video encourages viewers to try this feature.

💡Simple Subject

A Simple Subject in the context of MidJourney prompts refers to using brief and clear descriptions for the image generation process. The video emphasizes this to ensure that the style effects are more noticeable, suggesting subjects like 'Batman' or 'Wonder Woman.'

💡Mash Keyboard

Mashing the Keyboard is a playful suggestion in the video for generating random numbers to use as style reference codes in MidJourney. This highlights the vast number of possible codes available (over 4 billion) and encourages experimentation.

💡Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is used as an example of a simple subject in the video. It demonstrates how specific style reference codes can transform the visual style of well-known subjects. The video shows how the code '24822 3535' gives an early '90s anime look.

💡Warm Colors

Warm Colors are described in the video as a characteristic of certain style reference codes. These codes create images with a warm and inviting color palette, as seen in the example of the 'Batman' prompt with the code '5897 4627'.


Upscale refers to enhancing the resolution of generated images in MidJourney. The video mentions this feature to adjust images that might be partially cut off, ensuring the final output is more detailed and complete.


Discord is referenced in the video as a platform where users can find more information and resources related to MidJourney. The video credits Charlotte Quinn (Charlie Q) for creating a comprehensive style reference page and sharing it through Discord.


Check out this MidJourney reference page with style reference codes by Charlotte Quinn (Charlie Q).

You can prompt for a subject and include the parameter D-Sref followed by 'random' to let MidJourney choose an art style for you.

Generated images come with a code number that can be shared to create similar-looking images.

Recommended to keep prompts simple to easily see the effect of the style code.

There are over 4 billion style codes to choose from.

Mash your keyboard to type in random numbers or let MidJourney choose a random number for you.

Examples of styles include srf 5897, 4627 with simple prompts like 'Batman.'

Grid results might have some variety within the same style code.

Warm colors provided by certain codes can evoke specific visual aesthetics.

Use style codes for rough, sketchy photocopy generations.

Specific codes can create flat illustration type pictures.

Codes evoke specific color palettes and perspectives.

Adjust images after initial generation by upscaling or panning.

Codes can generate rough, first-draft style images that encapsulate human essence.

Deep dream-like colors and 3D effects can be achieved with specific codes.

Early 2000s anime or graphic novel aesthetics can be created with certain style codes.

Combining style codes with additional art style prompts like 'pixel art' offers unique results.

Spreadsheet with style codes available, showing effects of different stylize values.

Big thanks to Charlie Q for compiling the reference page.