aespa 에스파 'Supernova' MV

13 May 202403:13

TLDRThe 'Supernova' music video by aespa 에스파 is a thrilling spectacle that captures the essence of a cosmic event. The lyrics liken the group to a supernova, an astronomical phenomenon where a dying star explodes with immense light and heat. The song is a metaphor for the group's powerful presence and their explosive impact on the music scene. With references to hyperstellar forces and a quest for origins, the narrative suggests a journey through space and time. The video is filled with energy, with the group's performance likened to a massive explosion, their bodies moving in sync like celestial bodies. The theme of questioning one's origins and the power within each individual is a central focus, inviting viewers to ponder their place in the universe. The summary ends with a reminder of the group's name, emphasizing their significance and the unforgettable experience they bring to the audience.


  • 🌌 The song portrays a powerful and energetic theme, likening the singer to a 'Supernova', a celestial event.
  • 🚀 The lyrics suggest a sense of urgency and an imminent event, possibly symbolizing a significant change or revelation.
  • 💥 The repeated phrase 'Blowin' up crazy' implies an explosion of energy or a breakthrough moment.
  • ✨ The 'light of a dying star' could be a metaphor for the end of an era or the last burst of brilliance before a transformation.
  • 🔥 The mention of 'hyperstellar' and 'seek its origin' might be about reaching for the stars or exploring one's roots.
  • 🤔 The questions 'Where did we come from?' and 'Event's imminent' create a sense of mystery and curiosity.
  • 🧬 The line 'Every one of my cells are created from stars' might suggest a connection to the universe or a grand sense of self.
  • 💣 The 'tick tick bomb' is a recurring motif that adds tension and a sense of an impending event.
  • 👥 The phrase 'My lookalike, who are you?' could be a reflection on identity or the duality of self.
  • 🛸 The 'invisible force' and 'meeting you inside infinity' might be about intangible connections or the exploration of the unknown.
  • 💃 The 'Cruel Queen and the Scene' could represent a powerful figure or a dramatic climax in the narrative.

Q & A

  • What is the theme of the song 'Supernova' by aespa 에스파?

    -The theme of the song 'Supernova' revolves around the concept of a supernova, a powerful and luminous stellar explosion, which is used metaphorically to describe the energy, presence, and impact of the group aespa 에스파.

  • What is the significance of the lyrics 'Every one of my cells are created from stars'?

    -This lyric suggests a cosmic or celestial origin, implying that the members of aespa 에스파 possess an inherent and powerful energy that is as ancient and magnificent as the stars themselves.

  • What does the term 'hyperstellar' refer to in the context of the song?

    -The term 'hyperstellar' is not a standard English word but seems to be used here to describe something beyond or exceeding the qualities of a regular star, possibly indicating the extraordinary nature of the group's performance or their impact.

  • What is the meaning behind the phrase 'Seek its origin'?

    -The phrase 'Seek its origin' could be interpreted as an exploration or a quest to understand the source of the group's power and talent, or it could be a call to look back at the roots of their inspiration.

  • What is the role of the 'Cruel Queen' in the song's narrative?

    -While the script does not provide explicit details about the 'Cruel Queen,' it could be a character or symbol representing a powerful figure or force within the song's narrative, possibly linked to the theme of a supernova.

  • How does the song 'Supernova' use the concept of a 'dying star'?

    -The 'dying star' is likely a metaphor for the end of an era or the culmination of a cycle, which is then contrasted with the birth or rise of a new force, represented by aespa 에스파.

  • What is the significance of the repeated phrase 'Event's imminent'?

    -The repeated phrase 'Event's imminent' creates a sense of anticipation and urgency, suggesting that something significant is about to happen, which in the context of the song, could be the rise or the performance of aespa 에스파.

  • What does 'Blowin' up crazy' signify in the lyrics?

    -The phrase 'Blowin' up crazy' is a colloquial expression that implies an explosive growth in popularity or success, which fits the theme of a supernova and the group's rapid rise to fame.

  • What is the 'invisible force' mentioned in the song?

    -The 'invisible force' could be a metaphor for the intangible qualities that drive the group's success, such as talent, charisma, or the power of their music, which are not physically visible but have a profound impact.

  • How does the song use the concept of 'infinity' in its lyrics?

    -The concept of 'infinity' is used to suggest the limitless potential and the vastness of the universe that aespa 에스파 is bringing forth through their performance, as well as the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

  • What message is conveyed by the line 'Don’t forget my name'?

    -The line 'Don’t forget my name' is a powerful assertion of identity and a reminder of the group's presence and impact, reinforcing the idea that aespa 에스파 is a force to be reckoned with.

  • What is the significance of the 'tick tick tick bomb' in the song?

    -The 'tick tick tick bomb' is a metaphor for a countdown or a building tension that leads up to a significant event, which in this context, could symbolize the explosive release of energy associated with a supernova or the group's performance.



💥 Supernova's Cosmic Journey

The first paragraph introduces the theme of a supernova, a star that has exploded and is radiating an immense amount of energy. The lyrics describe the speaker as a supernova, with references to light, heat, and a powerful presence. There's a sense of anticipation and excitement, with phrases like 'Event's imminent' and 'Blowin' up crazy.' The speaker also contemplates their origins, questioning 'Where did we come from,' and suggests a connection to the cosmos, as 'Every one of my cells are created from stars.' The paragraph ends with a powerful message of potential and the impact of the speaker's presence, likening it to a 'massive, this Explosion within me.'




A supernova is a powerful and luminous stellar explosion that occurs at the end of a massive star's life cycle. In the context of the song, it symbolizes the explosive impact and bright presence of the performer, suggesting a powerful and transformative force. The term is used repeatedly throughout the lyrics to emphasize the theme of a dramatic and brilliant event, as in 'Su su su Supernova, Nova, Can't stop hyperstellar, Seek its origin, Bring the light of a dying star.'


While 'hyperstellar' is not a standard scientific term, it appears to be a creative compound word that combines 'hyper', meaning more than usual or beyond normal, with 'stellar', relating to stars. It could be interpreted as something beyond the normal scope of stars, possibly suggesting an extraordinary or superlative quality. In the lyrics, it may refer to the artist's ambition to reach beyond the stars, as indicated in 'Can't stop hyperstellar, Seek its origin.'

💡Light at the Core

The phrase 'Light at the Core' could metaphorically refer to the inner essence or the central source of power and inspiration within a person. In the context of the song, it may represent the artist's inner strength and the driving force behind their performance. The script uses this phrase to highlight the intensity of the artist's presence: 'Light at the Core, So hot hot.'


Discord typically refers to a lack of harmony or agreement, often used to describe a disagreement or a disharmonious situation. In the lyrics, 'Like a Discord' might suggest a sense of chaos or disunity, possibly reflecting the artist's uniqueness and their departure from the norm. It is used to contrast the artist's distinct identity with the expectations or harmony of others: 'Feelin' each other's presence, Like a Discord.'


A lookalike is a person who bears a strong resemblance to another person, often used in the context of impersonation or mistaken identity. In the song, the mention of a 'lookalike' could imply the exploration of identity and the idea of multiple versions of oneself, as in 'My lookalike, who are you?' This could be a commentary on the complexities of personal identity and the search for authenticity in the public eye.

💡Tick-tick bomb

A 'tick-tick bomb' is a colloquial term often used to describe a situation that is rapidly approaching a critical or explosive point, similar to the countdown of a bomb. In the context of the lyrics, it could symbolize the anticipation and tension leading up to a significant event or the artist's explosive entrance on the scene: 'That tick that tick tick bomb, That tick that tick tick bomb.'

💡Cruel Queen

The term 'Cruel Queen' can evoke imagery of a powerful and possibly ruthless female figure. It might be used in the song to personify a strong, commanding presence or to describe a character who is in control of her own narrative. The 'Cruel Queen' could be a metaphor for the artist herself, asserting dominance and control over her environment: 'Cruel Queen and the Scene, its finale, It's massive, this Explosion within me.'

💡Invisible force

An 'invisible force' is a term that suggests an unseen power or influence that can affect outcomes or situations. In the song, it could represent the artist's influence or impact that is not immediately visible but is felt strongly by others. The phrase is used to convey the idea that the artist's presence and talent have a profound, if not immediately apparent, effect: 'With my invisible force, Should I reach out my hand to you.'


Possibilities refer to the potential for different outcomes or the range of options that are available. In the context of the song, 'All the possible possibilities' might suggest the artist's openness to exploring various paths or the limitless potential within themselves. It ties into the theme of exploration and self-discovery: 'All the possible possibilities, Meeting you inside infinity.'

💡Cells created from stars

The phrase 'Every one of my cells are created from stars' is a poetic way to express the idea that humans are made of the same matter as stars, reflecting the scientific concept that all elements heavier than hydrogen and helium were produced in stars. It serves to elevate the artist by connecting them to the cosmos and suggesting a grand, celestial origin: 'Every one of my cells are created from stars, (Under my control Ah).'

💡Questions keep comin'

The phrase 'Questions keep comin'' implies a continuous inquiry or a series of probing questions that are being asked. In the song, it could represent the ongoing search for answers or the relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It might also reflect the artist's experience of facing constant questions about their identity or their work: 'Questions keep comin' Ah Oh Ay, Where did we come from Oh Ay.'


I'm like some kind of Supernova

Watch out, Look at me go

Gon' have a ball

Light at the Core

So hot hot

Open the door

Feelin' each other's presence

Like a Discord

My lookalike, who are you?

Event's imminent Ah Oh Ay

Blowin' up crazy Ah Oh Ay

That tick that tick tick bomb

Won't dare touch it

Su su su Supernova

Can't stop hyperstellar

Seek its origin

Bring the light of a dying star

Watch this universe I've brought out

Supernova, Ah Body bang

Make it feel too right

Swept-up energy, It's so special

Cruel Queen and the Scene, its finale

It’s about to bang bang

Don’t forget my name

Su su su Supernova

Questions keep comin' Ah Oh Ay

Where did we come from Oh Ay

Nova, Can't stop hyperstellar

Every one of my cells are created from stars

With my invisible force

Should I reach out my hand to you

All the possible possibilities

Meeting you inside infinity