BlackBox AI Code Generator New Features | Create Full-Stack App with AI Assistant | Code 10X faster

30 Apr 202412:32

TLDRThis video showcases the new features of BlackBox AI, a tool that accelerates coding by generating code snippets and full-stack applications. The presenter highlights the introduction of an Android app, chatboard creation, and improved prompt refinement for AI assistants. They demonstrate creating a YouTube video summarizer, a Python password generator, and a quiz game, emphasizing the ease of use and customization. The video also explores advanced features like offline prompts, web search integration, and 'Genius Mode' for optimized code. The presenter tests custom agents for Python, front-end building, and summarizing YouTube content, illustrating the tool's efficiency in creating functional applications rapidly.


  • 🌟 BlackBox AI has introduced new features, making coding 10 times faster with its AI-assisted full-stack app creation capabilities.
  • 📱 An Android app for BlackBox AI is now available, allowing users to install and use it on their mobile devices.
  • 🗒️ Users can create a chatboard for specific purposes, such as a 'YouTube Expert Summarizer', and improve the prompts for more detailed instructions.
  • 🔍 The platform now offers the ability to create a knowledge base by providing URLs or uploading files, enhancing the AI's summarization capabilities.
  • 📝 BlackBox AI provides a history viewing feature, allowing users to review their previous interactions and outcomes.
  • 🔄 There's a new feature for selecting the type of prompt: offline, web search, or code-related commands, catering to different user needs.
  • 💡 The 'Genius Mode' optimizes code generation, acting like an expert coder, and the 'Improve Code' feature allows for code refinement.
  • 🛠️ Users can create custom prompt modes, providing a personalized experience for coding tasks.
  • 📈 The addition of chat management features, like adding or removing chatboards, offers more organizational control within the platform.
  • 🔧 Custom agents in BlackBox AI, such as Python Assistant and Front End Builder, have been improved for higher output efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • 📚 The video demonstrates creating a Python-based password generator and quiz game, showcasing the ease of generating code with BlackBox AI's assistance.
  • 📱 The Front End Builder Assistant can create a basic Twitter-like app, which can be further customized and enhanced by the user.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video about BlackBox AI Code Generator?

    -The main focus of the video is to explore the new features of BlackBox AI Code Generator and demonstrate how to use its custom agents to create applications and summarize videos more efficiently.

  • What new feature does BlackBox AI offer for mobile users?

    -BlackBox AI has introduced an Android app that users can install on their phones to utilize its services on the go.

  • How does the chatboard feature work in BlackBox AI?

    -The chatboard feature allows users to create a custom AI assistant by naming the chatboard, defining its purpose, and providing instructions. Users can then improve the prompt for more detailed responses.

  • What is the purpose of the knowledge base in BlackBox AI?

    -The knowledge base in BlackBox AI can be used to provide the AI with additional information or URLs to enhance its understanding and the accuracy of its responses.

  • How can users test the functionality of their custom AI assistant in BlackBox AI?

    -Users can test their custom AI assistant by pasting a URL or providing specific instructions to see if it can generate the desired output, such as summarizing a YouTube video.

  • What are the benefits of the history viewing feature in BlackBox AI?

    -The history viewing feature allows users to review their past interactions with the AI, which can be helpful for tracking progress, understanding the AI's learning, and refining prompts.

  • What is the 'Genius Mode' in BlackBox AI and how does it work?

    -Genius Mode is a feature in BlackBox AI that optimizes code generation, making it more efficient and intelligent. When turned on, it acts like a genius in coding, providing better code suggestions.

  • How does the 'Improve Code' feature in BlackBox AI assist developers?

    -The 'Improve Code' feature allows developers to enhance their code by suggesting improvements, making the code more efficient and easier to understand.

  • What is the significance of the 'custom prompt mode' in BlackBox AI?

    -The custom prompt mode in BlackBox AI enables users to create their own unique prompts, tailoring the AI's responses to specific needs and making it more versatile for various tasks.

  • Can BlackBox AI's custom agents be used to create a full-stack application?

    -Yes, BlackBox AI's custom agents can be used to create a full-stack application. The video demonstrates this by showing how to use the Python assistant, front-end builder assistant, and other agents to build different components of an application.

  • How does the YouTube assistant in BlackBox AI help users save time?

    -The YouTube assistant in BlackBox AI helps users save time by summarizing the content of YouTube videos. Users can quickly understand the main points of a video without having to watch it in its entirety.



🚀 Introduction to Blackbox AI's New Features

This paragraph introduces the speaker's experience with Blackbox AI, a rising star in coding AI models, and sets the stage for exploring its new features. The speaker mentions an existing review video on their YouTube channel and highlights the significant updates since their last video, such as the release of an Android app, a new chatboard creation feature, and an improved prompt system for generating detailed instructions.


🛠️ Customizing AI Agents for Coding and Summarization

The speaker demonstrates how to create a custom 'YouTube Expert Summarizer' using Blackbox AI, including setting up a chatboard, defining instructions, and utilizing the AI's capabilities to summarize YouTube videos. They also showcase additional features like viewing history, selecting offline prompts or web search, and using 'Genius Mode' to optimize code. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's excitement about the new features and their plan to test three favorite custom agents: Python Assistant, Front End Builder Assistant, and Ube Assistant.


🔐 Testing Python Assistant for Password Generator and Quiz Game

The speaker tests the Python Assistant by asking it to create a password generator and a quiz game. They provide a step-by-step walkthrough of generating a random password and creating a basic quiz game with questions and answers. The assistant's responses are tested in Visual Studio Code, showing the functionality of the generated code and the speaker's intention to further customize and expand upon the basic templates provided by Blackbox AI.

💻 Front End Builder Assistant for Creating a Twitter-like App

The speaker uses the Front End Builder Assistant to create a basic template of a Twitter-like app, including features for posting, liking, and retweeting. They demonstrate the initial functionality of the app and then show how to enhance it by adding more features such as usernames and timestamps for each post. The speaker emphasizes the potential of Blackbox AI's custom agents to quickly develop applications with minimal coding knowledge.

📚 Utilizing the YouTube Assistant for Efficient Video Summarization

The speaker highlights the YouTube Assistant's ability to summarize videos, which is particularly useful for quickly understanding content when time is limited. They demonstrate the process by inputting a video link and receiving a concise summary, emphasizing the efficiency and practicality of this feature for research and learning.

🌟 Wrapping Up the Exploration of Blackbox AI's Features and Custom Agents

In conclusion, the speaker reflects on the new features of Blackbox AI and their experience with the custom agents, expressing satisfaction with the capabilities and ease of use. They encourage viewers to share their thoughts and experiences, and to stay tuned for future updates on the channel, ending the video with an invitation to continue learning and exploring.



💡BlackBox AI

BlackBox AI refers to a code generation tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist in the development of software applications. In the context of the video, it is described as a 'rising star in the field of coding AIs' and is the central focus of the video, showcasing its new features and capabilities.

💡Full-Stack App

A full-stack app is a software application that includes both the front-end (user interface) and back-end (server, database, and application logic) components. The video mentions creating a 'Full-Stack App with AI Assistant,' indicating that BlackBox AI can facilitate the development of complete applications with its AI-powered assistance.

💡Code 10X faster

This phrase suggests a significant increase in coding efficiency, implying that BlackBox AI can help developers write code much more quickly than traditional methods. It is used as a selling point to highlight the potential productivity gains from using the AI code generator.

💡Android app

The script mentions an 'Android app' that has been developed for BlackBox AI, allowing users to install it on their phones. This indicates an expansion of the platform's accessibility, enabling coding assistance on mobile devices.


A chatboard, as introduced in the video, is a new feature within BlackBox AI that allows users to create a conversational interface for various purposes, such as summarizing YouTube videos or generating code. It is exemplified by creating a 'YouTube expert summarizer' chatboard.

💡Knowledge Base

In the context of the video, a knowledge base is a source of information that can be provided to the AI to enhance its functionality. It can be a URL or a set of files that the AI uses to summarize content or generate code more accurately.

💡Custom Prompt

A custom prompt is a user-defined set of instructions or questions that guide the AI in generating specific outputs. The video describes how users can 'improve the prompt' to create more detailed and accurate responses from the AI.

💡Offline Prompt

An offline prompt is a feature that allows the AI to generate responses or code without accessing external data sources. The video script mentions the option to select 'offline prompt,' which implies that the AI can function independently of internet connectivity.

💡Genius Mode

Genius Mode is a feature of BlackBox AI that optimizes code generation to a higher standard, as if it were created by a 'genius.' The video highlights this mode as one of the presenter's favorites, suggesting it significantly enhances the quality of the generated code.

💡Custom Agents

Custom agents in BlackBox AI are specialized AI assistants tailored for specific tasks, such as Python coding, front-end development, or summarizing YouTube videos. The video showcases three favorite custom agents, demonstrating their capabilities and efficiency.

💡YouTube Assistant

The YouTube Assistant is a custom agent within BlackBox AI designed to summarize YouTube videos. It is highlighted in the video for its ability to provide concise summaries, helping users save time and quickly grasp the content of videos.


BlackBox AI is a rising star in the field of coding AI, offering a new way to code faster and more efficiently.

New features include an Android app and a chatboard for creating AI assistants with detailed prompts.

The chatboard allows for the creation of custom AI assistants, such as a YouTube expert summarizer.

AI can improve the prompts to create detailed instructions for the assistants.

Knowledge base can be added via URL or files, or left to AI for automatic summarization.

Testing the YouTube expert summarizer with a video URL yields a summary, title, duration, tags, and highlights.

BlackBox AI introduces a history feature for reviewing previous interactions.

Users can choose between offline prompts and web search for different levels of information retrieval.

The 'Genius Mode' optimizes code, acting like an expert programmer.

Custom prompt modes can be created for tailored AI assistant responses.

A new feature allows adding and removing chat instances within the platform.

Custom agents like Python Assistant, Front End Builder, and Ube Assistant have been improved for better output efficiency.

Python Assistant can generate code for a password generator and a quiz game based on user prompts.

Front End Builder Assistant creates a basic Twitter-like app, including functionalities like liking and retweeting.

The YouTube Assistant provides video summaries for efficient content consumption.

BlackBox AI's custom agents and features enable users to create full-stack applications with minimal coding knowledge.

The platform suggests further enhancements and features to add to the created apps for a complete solution.

The video concludes by emphasizing the value of BlackBox AI's new features and custom agents for efficient coding.