GPT Zero Review: The Ultimate Challenge - Does It Detect All AI-Written Content?

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23 Apr 202413:25

TLDRThis video review explores the effectiveness of AI detection tools, focusing on 'Undetectable AI' and 'GPT Zero'. The host tests various tools using AI-generated content and highlights GPT Zero as the most challenging to deceive, even after content is rewritten to appear human. GPT Zero is endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers, indicating its use in educational settings to ensure academic integrity. The review concludes with GPT Zero as the top recommendation for detecting AI-written content, with a discussion on its pricing plans and features.


  • 😀 The video is a review of an AI detection tool called 'Undetectable AI'.
  • 🔍 The reviewer has used the tool hundreds of times and is impressed with its performance.
  • 📝 The script demonstrates the process of testing AI-generated content using 'Undetectable AI' and other tools.
  • 💰 The reviewer mentions a subscription fee of $20 a month for the best version of 'Undetectable AI'.
  • 📑 The AI-generated article about 'GPT Zero' is tested for AI detection.
  • 🟢 'Undetectable AI' initially shows mixed results with some content detected as half AI, half human, and some as 100% human.
  • 🏆 'GPT Zero' stands out as the most challenging AI detection tool to trick, even after content rewriting.
  • 👨‍🏫 'GPT Zero' partners with the American Federation of Teachers, indicating its use in educational settings to detect AI-written student work.
  • 🔑 'GPT Zero' is described as a gold standard in AI detection, trained to identify content from various large language models.
  • 📈 After using 'Undetectable AI' to 'humanize' the text, 'GPT Zero' still detects a significant probability of AI generation, unlike other tools.
  • 📊 The video concludes that 'GPT Zero' is the most effective tool for detecting AI content, with a pricing model that includes free and paid plans.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video review?

    -The main topic of the video review is evaluating AI detection tools, focusing on their ability to identify content written by AI.

  • What is the name of the AI detection tool that the reviewer is impressed with?

    -The reviewer is impressed with an AI detection tool called GPT Zero.

  • What is the purpose of using the tool 'Undetectable AI'?

    -The purpose of using 'Undetectable AI' is to check if the content created by AI can be detected as such, and to rewrite the text to pass AI detection.

  • What does the reviewer do with the content created by GPT?

    -The reviewer pastes the content created by GPT into various AI detection tools to test their effectiveness in identifying AI-generated text.

  • How does GPT Zero differentiate itself from other AI detection tools?

    -GPT Zero differentiates itself by being the hardest to trick, even after content is rewritten to appear human, and by partnering with the American Federation of Teachers to introduce AI education tools in classrooms.

  • What is the significance of GPT Zero being endorsed by school boards?

    -The endorsement by school boards signifies that GPT Zero is a trusted and reliable tool for detecting AI-generated content, which can be used by teachers to ensure academic integrity.

  • What feature does 'Undetectable AI' have that helps rewrite text to pass AI detection?

    -'Undetectable AI' has a 'humanize' feature that rewrites the text to make it appear as if it was written by a human, thus passing AI detection.

  • How does the reviewer test the effectiveness of the AI detection tools?

    -The reviewer tests the effectiveness by pasting the same AI-generated content into different AI detection tools and observing their ability to correctly identify the content as AI-generated or human-written.

  • What pricing plans are available for GPT Zero according to the video script?

    -GPT Zero offers a free plan and paid plans, which include Essentials at $10 a month, Premium at $16 a month, and Professional at $23 a month, each with increasing benefits such as word count limits and advanced features.

  • What is the reviewer's final verdict on GPT Zero after conducting numerous tests?

    -The reviewer's final verdict is that GPT Zero is the best AI detection tool they have tried so far, as it consistently detects AI-generated content even after attempts to make it appear human.

  • What action does the reviewer suggest for viewers interested in trying out the AI detection tools?

    -The reviewer suggests that interested viewers should check out the links provided in the video description to try out the AI detection tools themselves and see how well they work.



🤖 Reviewing AI Detection Tools

The speaker introduces a video review of AI detection tools, focusing on 'Undetectable AI' and 'GPT Z'. They discuss their experiences with these tools, mentioning that they have used them hundreds of times. The speaker is a paying customer of GPT and uses the premium version to create content. They demonstrate how the 'Undetectable AI' tool analyzes text for AI content and shows that it can be tricked by the latest GPT model. The video also mentions a partnership between 'GPT Z' and the American Federation of Teachers, indicating its use in educational settings to detect AI-generated content.


🔍 Testing AI Detection Accuracy

The speaker conducts tests on various AI detection tools using the same AI-generated text. They describe the process of pasting the text into different tools and analyzing the results. 'Undetectable AI' is shown to be effective in rewriting text to pass AI detection, but 'GPT Z' consistently identifies AI content even after rewriting. The speaker also tests 'Zero GPT' and 'Content at Scale', noting their varying levels of accuracy. The focus is on finding the most reliable tool for detecting AI-generated content.


🏆 GPT Z as the Top AI Detection Tool

The speaker concludes the video by highlighting 'GPT Z' as the most effective AI detection tool based on their extensive testing. They discuss the tool's ability to consistently identify AI-generated content, even when other tools fail. The video also provides information on the pricing model for 'GPT Z', mentioning free plans and paid plans with various features. The speaker recommends 'GPT Z' for those seeking a reliable AI detection tool, especially for educational purposes, and encourages viewers to try the tools themselves.



💡AI detection tool

An AI detection tool is a software designed to identify content generated by artificial intelligence. In the video, the host reviews various AI detection tools to determine their effectiveness in recognizing AI-generated text. The main theme revolves around the reliability and accuracy of these tools in distinguishing between human and AI-written content.

💡Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is one of the AI detection tools mentioned in the script. It is used to analyze text and determine if it appears to be written by a human or AI. The tool is highlighted for its ability to 'humanize' text, rewriting it to pass AI detection, which is a significant aspect discussed in the video.


GPT, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, refers to a type of AI model used for generating human-like text. In the video, GPT is used to create content that is then tested with AI detection tools to see if they can accurately identify it as AI-generated. The script mentions GPT 4, indicating a specific version of the model.


To 'humanize' in the context of the video means to modify AI-generated text in such a way that it can pass as being written by a human. The term is used when describing the function of the 'Undetectable AI' tool, which rewrites text to trick AI detection systems into thinking it is human-written.

💡GPT Zero (GP0)

GPT Zero, or GP0, is an AI detection tool that is portrayed as particularly effective in identifying AI-generated content. It is highlighted for its ability to detect text from various AI models, including GPT, which sets it apart as a robust tool in the video's narrative.

💡American Federation of Teachers

The American Federation of Teachers is mentioned as a partner of GPT Zero, indicating that the tool is being introduced to classrooms for educational purposes. This partnership underscores the tool's credibility and its application in detecting AI-generated student work.

💡Content Scale

Content Scale is another AI detection tool featured in the video. It is unique in that it provides insights into which sentences in a text are most likely to be AI-generated, offering a diagnostic feature to help users improve their content to pass AI detection.

💡Zero GPT

Zero GPT is an AI detection tool tested in the video. It is used to evaluate the AI-generated text's authenticity. The script notes that Zero GPT sometimes fails to detect AI content, indicating its inconsistent performance compared to other tools.

💡Pricing model

The pricing model refers to the different subscription plans offered by the AI detection tools. In the script, various plans for GPT Zero are detailed, including the features and benefits at each pricing tier, which is important for potential users considering the cost and value of the service.


Rewriting in the context of the video is the process of altering AI-generated text to make it appear more human-like. The term is used when discussing the 'humanize' function of the 'Undetectable AI' tool and the need to rewrite content to pass AI detection tests.


Transparency, as mentioned in the script, is the goal of GPT Zero in bringing clarity to the辨别 of AI-generated content. It signifies the importance of being able to trust the source of information in a world where AI content is increasingly prevalent.


Review of an AI detection tool called 'Undetectable AI'.

Introduction to 'GPT Zero', a gold standard in AI detection.

Undetectable AI's ability to detect AI-generated content with various writing purposes.

Demonstration of pasting AI-generated text into Undetectable AI for analysis.

Result from Undetectable AI showing mixed detection results.

GPT Zero's partnership with the American Federation of Teachers for AI education tools.

Testing AI-generated content with GPT Zero and its high detection rate.

Comparison of different AI detection tools and their effectiveness.

Use of 'humanize' feature in Undetectable AI to rewrite text for AI detection evasion.

GPT Zero consistently detecting AI content even after text rewriting.

Testing the 'humanized' text with GPT Zero and its detection results.

Zero GPT's inconsistent detection results compared to GPT Zero.

Content at Scale's unique feature of identifying AI-generated sentences.

Final test results and the effectiveness of Undetectable AI's 'humanize' feature.

GPT Zero's pricing model and features for different subscription tiers.

Recommendation of GPT Zero as the best AI detection tool based on extensive testing.

Invitation for viewers to try the AI detection tools and share their feedback.