How to use the beautiful ai PowerPoint add-in (2023)

Jennifer Sharkey
23 Mar 202303:37

TLDRThis tutorial showcases the integration of Beautiful AI with PowerPoint, guiding users through the process of accessing the add-in, signing in, and creating smart slides. It highlights the ability to customize fonts, colors, and layouts, and offers options for saving slides as editable PowerPoint files or images. The video also mentions the advanced features available for Pro Team and Enterprise accounts, such as the Designer Bot for text rewriting.


  • 📊 Start with a account, which includes a free 14-day trial and a free basic account after the trial.
  • 🔍 Access the add-in by clicking 'Insert', then 'Get Add-ins' in PowerPoint, and searching for ''.
  • 📌 Click 'Add' to install the add-in and agree to the terms of use if prompted.
  • 🔑 After installation, sign in to through the Home tab where the button appears.
  • 🔄 If sign-in fails, try clicking the button again to reopen the panel.
  • 📑 Use the 'Add Slide' button within the panel to insert smart slides into your presentation.
  • 🖌 If doesn't recognize your fonts, you may need to select new fonts for headings and body text.
  • 🎨 Customize your presentation with color schemes and slide backgrounds, which can be set before clicking the 'Add Slide' button.
  • 📐 Click 'More Options' for advanced customizations of slide color, font, and layout.
  • 🛠 Edit smart slides within, including changing colors, layouts, decorative elements, and text.
  • 🤖 Pro team or Enterprise account users can utilize the Designer Bot for text rewriting within the slides.
  • 💾 Save your slides as editable PowerPoint slides or as images, depending on your preference.
  • 📚 Continue to build your presentation by repeating the process, and with a Pro team or Enterprise account, use the Designer Bot AI feature for slide generation.
  • 🖋️ Edit the slides as you normally would in PowerPoint, with the ability to change images, text, and slide color.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the Beautiful AI PowerPoint add-in?

    -The Beautiful AI PowerPoint add-in is designed to integrate the smart slide creation capabilities of Beautiful AI with the familiarity of PowerPoint, allowing users to create visually appealing presentations with ease.

  • How can I get started with the Beautiful AI add-in?

    -To get started, you need a Beautiful AI account. You can start with a free 14-day trial and then use the free basic account after the trial ends.

  • Where can I find the Beautiful AI add-in within PowerPoint?

    -In PowerPoint, click the 'Insert' tab and then click the 'Get Add-ins' button. Search for 'Beautiful AI' in the pop-up window and click 'Add' to install the official add-in.

  • What should I do if the sign-in process within the Beautiful AI panel doesn't work?

    -If the sign-in doesn't work, close the Beautiful AI panel by clicking the Beautiful AI button, then open it again. This should resolve the issue.

  • How can I insert a smart slide using Beautiful AI?

    -Within the Beautiful AI panel, click the 'Add Slide' button to insert a smart slide. If Beautiful AI doesn't recognize the fonts, you may be prompted to select new fonts for headings and body text.

  • Can I change the color scheme and slide background in Beautiful AI?

    -Yes, you can change the color scheme and slide background in Beautiful AI. The colors shown are from the color scheme selected within PowerPoint, and you can also set custom or brand colors before clicking the Beautiful AI add slide button.

  • What customization options are available for the smart slides?

    -You can customize slide color, font, and layout by clicking the 'More Options' button. This allows you to make further adjustments before generating the smart slide.

  • How can I edit the content of a smart slide created by Beautiful AI?

    -You can edit the slide color, layout, decorative elements, or even switch the smart slide within Beautiful AI. Additionally, you can change the content like images, font characteristics, and the actual text.

  • What is the Designer Bot feature, and how can I use it?

    -The Designer Bot is a feature available to Pro Team or Enterprise account holders that can rewrite the text for you. It helps automate the slide creation process and can be used to generate each slide after the initial setup.

  • How do I save a smart slide created by Beautiful AI?

    -When you're ready to save a smart slide, click the 'Save' button and choose whether to save it as an editable PowerPoint slide or as an image. For editing within PowerPoint, select 'Save as an Editable PowerPoint Slide' and click 'Save to PowerPoint'.

  • Can I edit the slides created by Beautiful AI like normal PowerPoint slides?

    -Yes, once the slides are created and saved within PowerPoint, you can edit them as you would with any other PowerPoint slide, including changing images, text, and slide color.



😎 Getting Started with Beautiful AI for PowerPoint

This paragraph introduces the Beautiful AI add-in for PowerPoint, emphasizing its integration with familiar PowerPoint features and AI-powered smart slides. It guides users on how to obtain a Beautiful AI account, including starting a free 14-day trial and transitioning to a basic account post-trial. The process of accessing the add-in within PowerPoint is detailed, from locating it through the 'Insert' tab to signing in via the Beautiful AI website. Troubleshooting tips for sign-in issues are provided, along with instructions on how to insert smart slides, select fonts, and customize colors and layouts. The paragraph concludes with guidance on using the 'More Options' button for advanced customizations and saving the smart slides as editable PowerPoint slides or images.



💡PowerPoint add-in

A PowerPoint add-in is a software component that adds specific functionality to the PowerPoint application. In the context of the video, the 'beautiful AI add-in' is a tool that integrates with PowerPoint to enhance the creation of slides, making them more visually appealing and intelligently designed. The script mentions the process of installing and using this add-in to create smart slides within PowerPoint.

💡beautiful AI account

The term 'beautiful AI account' refers to a user account created on the platform, which is necessary to access and use the add-in features. The script suggests starting with a free 14-day trial and then continuing with a free basic account after the trial period ends, indicating the availability of different subscription tiers for users.

💡insert Tab

In PowerPoint, the 'insert Tab' is a part of the ribbon interface that contains options for adding various elements to a slide, such as images, text boxes, and shapes. The script instructs users to click on this tab to access the 'get add-ins' button, which is the first step in adding the beautiful AI add-in to PowerPoint.

💡get add-ins button

The 'get add-ins' button in PowerPoint is used to browse and install additional features or tools that extend the functionality of the application. The script describes how to find and click this button to search for and add the beautiful AI add-in.

💡terms of use

The 'terms of use' are the conditions and rules set by a service provider that a user must agree to in order to use their services or products. In the script, users are prompted to click a 'continue' button to signify their agreement to the terms of use for the beautiful AI add-in.

💡smart slide

A 'smart slide' in the context of the video refers to a slide that is automatically generated by the beautiful AI add-in, incorporating design elements and content in a visually appealing and intelligent manner. The script explains how to insert a smart slide and customize its various aspects.

💡web fonts

Web fonts are fonts that are hosted online and can be used in web design to ensure consistency across different devices and platforms. The script mentions that beautiful AI uses web fonts and may prompt users to select new fonts if it does not recognize the fonts in their PowerPoint presentation.

💡color scheme

A 'color scheme' is a set of colors that are chosen to work harmoniously together in a design. The script explains how users can change the color scheme of their slides within the beautiful AI add-in, which affects the appearance of the smart slides generated.

💡more options button

The 'more options' button in the beautiful AI add-in provides additional customization features for users. The script mentions this button as a way to access further customizations of slide color, font, and layout before generating a smart slide.

💡designer bot

The 'designer bot' is an AI feature within the beautiful AI add-in that assists users by rewriting or generating text content for their slides. The script highlights this feature as a benefit for users with a pro team or enterprise account, allowing for automated text generation and editing.

💡save to PowerPoint

The 'save to PowerPoint' action in the script refers to the process of exporting the smart slide created by the beautiful AI add-in back into the PowerPoint presentation as an editable slide. This allows users to further edit and customize the slide within PowerPoint as needed.


Introduction to the Beautiful AI PowerPoint add-in and its integration with PowerPoint.

Requirement of a Beautiful AI account for using the add-in, with an option for a free 14-day trial.

Instructions on how to find and add the Beautiful AI add-in within PowerPoint.

A step-by-step guide on signing in to Beautiful AI from within PowerPoint.

Troubleshooting tips for signing in issues within the Beautiful AI panel.

Explanation of how to insert smart slides using the Beautiful AI add-in.

Handling font recognition issues with Beautiful AI and Microsoft's default fonts.

Customization options for color schemes and slide backgrounds in Beautiful AI.

Guidance on setting color schemes in PowerPoint for consistency with Beautiful AI slides.

Advanced customization options available through the 'More options' button in Beautiful AI.

Selection of smart slide options and styles within Beautiful AI.

Editing capabilities within Beautiful AI, including changing slide elements and text.

Utilization of the Designer Bot feature for text rewriting with a Pro Team or Enterprise account.

Instructions on saving slides as editable PowerPoint slides or images.

Demonstration of how to save and integrate smart slides into a PowerPoint presentation.

Advantages of using the Designer Bot AI feature for slide generation with Pro Team or Enterprise accounts.

Final tips on editing slides in PowerPoint, including images, text, and color adjustments.