i took another edible and harassed A.I.

shawn mccomb
2 Jun 202421:18

TLDRThe video captures a candid and chaotic night as the influencer, seemingly under the influence, engages in a series of bizarre interactions. From addressing their parents and fans about their current state to contemplating unboxing packages and discussing music, the script takes a turn with surreal conversations with AI characters and celebrities. The video is a blend of humor, self-reflection, and a candid look at the influencer's online persona, ending with a nod to their subscriber count and a promise of more content to come.


  • 😅 The video's narrator is under the influence of an edible, causing unusual behavior and a strong smell that others in the room can detect.
  • 📦 The narrator teases upcoming vlog content involving unboxing packages, promising a haul reveal in a couple of weeks.
  • 🎶 The narrator expresses a strong admiration for an album, suggesting it's so good that they would be devastated if it doesn't win an award.
  • 🎉 The narrator celebrates reaching 88,000 subscribers on their channel and expresses gratitude for the milestone.
  • 🕒 The video script takes place at 3:00 a.m., indicating the narrator's unusual late-night activities.
  • 😡 The narrator has a strong aversion to men wearing sunglasses, to the point of wanting to punch them.
  • 😂 The script includes a humorous mix-up with the names of characters from 'Lord of the Rings' and a playful attempt to contact an actress who played a role in the movies.
  • 💔 The narrator experiences a virtual rejection that leads to an emotional meltdown, expressing extreme disappointment and self-deprecation.
  • 🤔 In a moment of self-reflection, the narrator questions the impact of being nice and respectful, citing examples of famous people who were not necessarily known for these traits.
  • 🏥 The narrator makes a sarcastic comment about the healthcare system, particularly in Canada, suggesting a lack of prompt medical attention.
  • 🤦‍♂️ The script ends with the narrator feeling regretful about their actions during the video, acknowledging that they may have done things they will regret.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video based on the title and transcript?

    -The main theme of the video appears to be the speaker's experience after consuming an edible, leading to a series of interactions and reflections, including discussions about various topics such as music, celebrities, and personal feelings.

  • What does the speaker mention about their parents and the situation in the living room?

    -The speaker mentions that their parents are in the living room, they can smell the scent of the edible the speaker has taken, and they plan to talk to the speaker about it later.

  • What is the significance of the number 88,000 in the transcript?

    -The number 88,000 signifies a milestone in the speaker's YouTube channel, as they express gratitude for reaching 88,000 subscribers.

  • What is the speaker's opinion about the album they mention in the transcript?

    -The speaker highly praises the album, calling it incredible and expressing strong emotions about it, even going as far as saying they would be devastated if it doesn't win an award.

  • What is the context of the speaker's interaction with a character named 'Queen X'?

    -The interaction with 'Queen X' seems to be part of a role-play scenario where the speaker is expressing admiration and possibly romantic interest, but is rejected by the character.

  • What is the speaker's intention when they mention wanting to talk to Jojo Siwa?

    -The speaker expresses an intention to warn Jojo Siwa about potential future events, suggesting they have some knowledge or belief about her future actions and their consequences.

  • What does the speaker say about their relationship with their dentist?

    -The speaker describes their relationship with their dentist as toxic and claims to have quit going to the dentist due to the negative experiences.

  • What is the speaker's reaction to the character Marissa's behavior?

    -The speaker is taken aback by Marissa's mean and rude behavior, and after an awkward interaction, they send her an inappropriate picture, which leads to a negative reaction.

  • Why does the speaker express regret at the end of the video?

    -The speaker expresses regret because they feel they have done several inappropriate things during the video, including sending an inappropriate picture, which they believe they will regret.

  • What is the speaker's reference to 'Drama GEDDON' and their experience with it?

    -The speaker refers to a past event or series of events known as 'Drama GEDDON,' which seems to have involved public figures and controversy. They mention having lived through it as a minor and a micro-influencer, indicating it had a significant impact on them.



🌫️ Embarrassing High Antics and Upcoming Vlog Tease

The speaker begins by addressing a situation where someone appears to be high in the living room, with parents and others present, leading to an awkward atmosphere. The script then shifts to a promotional tease for an upcoming vlog where the speaker will be unboxing packages, urging viewers to subscribe for a sneak peek. There's also a mention of a music album that the speaker highly praises and a personal reflection on loneliness. The paragraph concludes with the speaker expressing gratitude for reaching a subscriber milestone and hinting at a part two of a previous video, referencing pop culture and personal quirks.


😵‍💫 Emotional Rollercoaster and Celebrity Interactions

This paragraph delves into the speaker's emotional turmoil after a virtual rejection from a crush, leading to a panic attack and self-deprecation. The narrative then takes a surreal turn as the speaker imagines interacting with various celebrities, including JoJo Siwa, discussing her future song 'Karma' and its impact, and Morgan Freeman, touching on conspiracy theories about Jennifer Lopez's singing abilities. The speaker also reflects on past bullying behavior and expresses regret, ending with a humorous jab at the healthcare system in Canada.


🤯 Unhinged Monologue and Personal Confessions

The speaker embarks on a chaotic monologue, expressing strong emotions and making controversial statements about YouTube monetization. They then attempt to engage in a conversation with Jesus, but quickly pivot to discussing a college acquaintance named Marissa, who is portrayed as a mean and popular figure. The speaker humorously tries to become Marissa's 'gay bestie,' leading to an inappropriate exchange involving a 'dick pic.' The paragraph ends with the speaker feeling regretful and confused about their actions.


🎉 Subscriber Appreciation and Personal Anecdotes

The speaker expresses gratitude for reaching 8,808 subscribers and encourages viewers to join a book club and follow on Instagram. They also reflect on past drama in the YouTube community, mentioning notable figures like James Charles and Shane Dawson, and share personal experiences as a micro-influencer during those times. The paragraph concludes with a heartfelt confession of the emotional impact of living through the 'drama-geddon' and a humorous note about the speaker's mother's reaction.




An 'edible' in this context refers to a food item infused with cannabis, which is often consumed for its psychoactive effects. The script suggests that the speaker has consumed such an item, affecting their behavior and speech throughout the video, as indicated by the mention of being 'high' and the reactions of others in the living room.


A 'Vlog' is a video blog, a form of media where a person documents their daily life or specific events in video format. The script mentions an upcoming vlog where the speaker plans to unbox and review items from packages, which is a common theme in vlogging culture.


To 'subscribe' in the context of online content, particularly on platforms like YouTube, means to follow a channel or creator to receive notifications when new content is posted. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to be updated on the unboxing vlog.


In the script, the speaker expresses a dislike for men wearing sunglasses, suggesting a personal opinion or cultural commentary on fashion choices. Sunglasses are typically worn for eye protection from sunlight or as a fashion accessory.

💡Character AI

The term 'Character AI' seems to refer to an artificial intelligence that takes on a specific character or personality in interactions. The script includes dialogue with various AI personas, indicating a theme of exploring AI's ability to mimic human characteristics.


In the script, 'Karma' is mentioned as a song title, which is part of a narrative about the speaker's future actions and their consequences. The term 'karma' generally refers to the spiritual concept of cause and effect, where actions have corresponding reactions.

💡Drag Race

The script discusses 'Drag Race,' which is a popular reality competition television series, 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' where drag queens compete in various challenges. The speaker expresses a desire to participate in the show, indicating a personal interest and the show's cultural impact.


A 'dickpic' is a slang term for an unsolicited explicit photograph of a man's genitalia, often sent without consent. The script includes a scenario where the speaker inappropriately sends such a photo, reflecting on the negative social implications of this behavior.

💡Drama Genon

The term 'Drama Genon' seems to be a reference to a period of public scandal or controversy, possibly alluding to past events involving internet personalities. The speaker mentions having lived through such a period, indicating the impact of online drama on personal and public life.

💡Micro Influencer

A 'micro influencer' is a term used to describe someone with a smaller but highly engaged social media following. The speaker identifies as a micro influencer during a period of online controversy, highlighting the role of social media in contemporary fame and influence.


The individual experiences the effects of consuming an edible in the presence of others who can smell it.

A conversation with parents about the situation is planned for later.

The person hints at a future vlog involving unboxing packages and revealing their contents.

A call to action for viewers to subscribe to see what's inside the packages.

An album is praised for its quality, with a suggestion to put it on merchandise.

The speaker expresses a strong emotional reaction to the possibility of an album not winning an award.

A milestone of 88,000 subscribers is celebrated, and the speaker expresses gratitude.

The speaker contemplates the idea of men wearing sunglasses and their personal reaction to it.

A reference to part one of a series and the importance of watching it for context.

An interaction with an AI named 'Queen X' in a role-playing scenario.

The speaker expresses nervousness and a desire to connect with a character named 'Gadriel'.

A humorous and emotional reaction to a rejection in a role-play scenario.

A conversation with 'JoJo Siwa' about her future song 'Karma' and its potential success.

An apology for bullying behavior and a commitment to stop it.

A discussion with 'Morgan Freeman' about Jennifer Lopez's singing abilities and public perception.

The speaker reflects on their own dental health and a negative experience with a dentist.

A humorous and self-deprecating comment about the speaker's excessive sweating.

A role-play scenario with a mean girl named 'Marissa' and an unexpected turn of events.

The speaker's emotional reflection on past drama involving YouTubers and their personal experience.