MidJourney Ai FREE Alternative You Should Know if You want to Make MONEY Online

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27 Apr 202308:03

TLDRDiscover a free alternative to MidJourney AI for unlimited image creation without restrictions. The video demonstrates how to use the platform 'bluewillow.ai' through Discord, showcasing the process of generating images with prompts. It also explains the functionalities for upscaling and regenerating images, and promises a tutorial on monetizing this AI tool from home.


  • 😀 The video introduces a free alternative to MidJourney AI for creating unlimited images without restrictions.
  • 🔍 The alternative platform is accessed through Discord rooms, such as 'rookie 80' or 'rookie 84'.
  • 📝 To create an image, users type a command with a prompt in a message box, which the AI uses to generate the image.
  • 💡 Professional prompts are recommended for better image quality, and the video promises to provide examples of such prompts.
  • 🔎 Images can be found in the platform's inbox or by scrolling through the chat, but the inbox is the recommended method.
  • 🖼️ The AI generates four versions of each image, allowing users to select and upscale their preferred version for more variations.
  • 🔄 There's a regeneration button for creating new sets of images if the initial results are not satisfactory.
  • 🗑️ An option to delete images from the platform is provided, which is useful given the high volume of messages and creations.
  • 💰 The video hints at a future tutorial on how to make money using the AI-generated images.
  • 🌐 To sign up for the platform, users need to visit 'bluewillow.ai' and join through their Discord account.
  • 📢 The video encourages viewers to join a Telegram channel for prompt examples and additional resources.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is about finding a free alternative to MidJourney AI for creating unlimited images online.

  • What issue did the speaker face with MidJourney AI?

    -The speaker faced an error message repeatedly when using MidJourney AI, which led them to find an alternative.

  • What is the name of the free alternative to MidJourney AI mentioned in the transcript?

    -The free alternative to MidJourney AI mentioned in the transcript is not explicitly named but is referred to as 'Rookies' with rooms like 'rookie 80' and 'rookie 84'.

  • How does one get started with the free AI image creation platform mentioned in the transcript?

    -To get started, one needs to visit the platform, select a room, and use a command like '/imagine' followed by a prompt to create an image.

  • What is the importance of using professional prompts when using the AI platform?

    -Using professional prompts ensures that the AI generates high-quality and relevant images, avoiding shallow or irrelevant outputs.

  • How can users find the images they created on the platform?

    -Users can find their created images by checking the 'Inbox' or 'Mentions' sections, as the platform's main feed may quickly bury individual images.

  • What functionalities does the AI platform offer for image variations?

    -The platform offers functionalities to upscale or create variations of a selected version of an image, allowing users to refine their desired outcome.

  • What does the speaker suggest for users who want to make money using the AI platform?

    -The speaker suggests that users stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on how to make money using the AI platform by prompting the AI to generate profitable images.

  • How can interested users sign up for the free AI image generation platform?

    -Users can sign up by visiting 'bluewillow.ai', joining their Discord account, and following the prompts to create or use an existing Discord account.

  • Where can users find prompt examples to create amazing images with the AI platform?

    -Users can find prompt examples by joining the speaker's Telegram channel through the link provided in the video description.



🌟 Discovering a Free AI Image Generator

The speaker introduces a free alternative to the popular AI image creation tool, 'Journey', which has been plagued by error messages. They share their discovery after extensive research, emphasizing the ability to create unlimited images without restrictions. The video offers a tutorial on how to use the alternative platform, suggesting that viewers who can afford a subscription to 'Mid Journey' should proceed with that option, while those interested in the free alternative are encouraged to follow along. The process of creating an image on the new platform is demonstrated, including navigating the interface, entering prompts, and retrieving the generated image from the inbox.


📈 Monetizing AI-Generated Images from Home

The script continues with a focus on how viewers can make money using the AI image generator without significant effort. It guides viewers to the platform's inbox to demonstrate the upskilling feature, which creates variations of a selected image version. The process of saving the generated images is explained, and the video encourages viewers to like it for increased visibility. The speaker then provides instructions on how to sign up for the platform, which involves visiting a website and joining a Discord server. They also mention a Telegram channel where viewers can access prompt examples and additional resources. The video concludes with a teaser for an upcoming tutorial on leveraging the AI tool for financial gain and a recommendation to watch another video about new AI tools from Canva.




MidJourney is a term mentioned in the title, likely referring to a specific AI tool or service for creating images. In the context of the video, it seems to be a popular platform that the speaker has found an alternative to. The alternative is described as being free and unrestricted, suggesting that MidJourney might have limitations or costs associated with it.


An alternative refers to a different choice or option that can be used in place of another. In the video script, the speaker presents a free alternative to MidJourney, which is a significant aspect of the video's theme as it offers viewers a cost-effective solution for generating images.

💡Unlimited Images

The term 'unlimited images' implies the ability to create an unrestricted number of images without any limitations on quantity. This is a key selling point in the video, as the alternative to MidJourney allows users to generate as many images as they want for free.


In the script, 'Rookies' appears to refer to different rooms or categories within the alternative platform. The speaker suggests choosing any of the rooms, such as 'rookie 80' or 'rookie 84', to start creating images, indicating that these are entry points or categories for different types of image generation tasks.


A 'prompt' in the context of AI image generation is a text input that guides the AI to create a specific image based on the description provided. The video emphasizes the importance of using professional prompts to get high-quality images from the platform.


The 'Inbox' is a feature within the platform where users can find the images they have created. The script mentions checking the inbox to locate the generated images, as they might get lost among the many messages in the main chat.


In the video, 'upscale' refers to a function that creates variations of a selected image version. For example, if a user likes 'version 3' of an image, they can use the upscale function to generate more versions similar to it.


'Regen' is short for 'regenerate' and is used in the context of the platform to create a new set of images if the user is not satisfied with the initial results. This feature allows for multiple attempts until the desired outcome is achieved.


The 'delete' function allows users to remove an image from the platform's archive. This is mentioned in the context of managing the large volume of messages and images generated on the platform.

💡Telegram Channel

A 'Telegram Channel' is a feature within the Telegram messaging app where users can subscribe to receive updates and content. In the video, the speaker invites viewers to join their Telegram Channel for access to prompt examples and other resources related to the AI image generation platform.

💡Canva AI Tools

While not the main focus of the video, 'Canva AI Tools' are mentioned as part of a follow-up tutorial that the speaker promises to provide. These tools are likely related to AI-assisted design features within the Canva platform, suggesting that the speaker will cover how to use AI to enhance graphic design work.


Discovered a free alternative to MidJourney for unlimited image creation without restrictions.

MidJourney users may encounter error messages after repeated use; the alternative offers a solution.

The alternative platform is accessible for free and does not require a subscription.

Introduction of the process to start creating images on the alternative platform.

Instructions on how to select a room and use the 'imagine' command to create images.

Emphasis on using professional prompts for better image results.

Explanation of how to find created images using the inbox feature.

Demonstration of the AI's ability to generate four different versions of an image.

Description of the upscaling feature to refine and vary a chosen image version.

Mention of a tutorial on how to make money using the AI-generated images.

Instructions on saving the generated images to a desired location.

A call to action for viewers to like the video to help others benefit from the information.

Details on how to sign up for the alternative platform using a web browser.

Clarification on joining the platform's Discord account for access.

Invitation to join a Telegram channel for prompt examples and additional resources.

Recommendation to watch another video for information on the latest AI tools from Canva.

Final prompt example provided: 'a mesmerizing surreal scene of a psychedelic jungle with a majestic yadres'.