midjourney基础教程,基础指令详细讲解:midjourney U和v的作用,midjourney基础套餐,AI简单作图方法,如何写Prompt提示词,midjourney一看你就会的详细教学

28 Feb 202410:07

TLDRWelcome to Xiaoyu's AI technology school for a beginner's tutorial on using midjourney for AI drawing. Learn how to register for midjourney, navigate the platform, and create channels for different drawing styles. Discover the basics of using prompts to generate images and understand the function of U and V buttons for image manipulation. Get insights on subscription plans and cost-effective shared options. Engage with the community by liking and subscribing for more tutorials on advanced features and creative AI art.


  • 🎨 **Midjourney Drawing Tutorial**: Xiaoyu'er teaches how to use midjourney for AI drawing, including creating channels and using commands.
  • 📝 **Channel Creation**: Users can create channels for different purposes, like animation or realistic style, to organize their work.
  • 🔍 **Secret Channels**: There's an option to set channels as secret, making them visible only to those with access.
  • 💬 **Drawing Commands**: Drawing in midjourney starts with a slash command, followed by a description of the desired image.
  • 🌐 **Language Support**: Midjourney currently supports English input only, requiring translation for other languages.
  • 📈 **U and V Buttons**: U buttons are used to enlarge individual images, while V regenerates similar images based on the initial prompt.
  • 🔄 **Refresh Button**: Clicking the refresh button generates four new images based on the entered description.
  • ❤️ **Liking Images**: Users can 'like' images with a heart, which may provide rewards such as quick mode hours.
  • 💰 **Subscription Plans**: Midjourney offers various subscription plans, with options for monthly and annual payments.
  • 📉 **Cost-Sharing Options**: For those finding the official plans expensive, shared or rental plans are available at lower prices.
  • ⏰ **Usage Tracking**: Users can check their remaining time and generated images by entering a slash command and selecting 'note'.
  • 📚 **Further Learning**: Xiaoyu'er provides additional tutorials for beginners and advanced users, covering a range of topics.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the tutorial provided by Xiaoyu'er's AI technology school?

    -The tutorial aims to teach beginners how to use midjourney for AI drawing, including the use of basic commands and simple drawing methods.

  • How can one register for midjourney and create a server?

    -To register for midjourney and create a server, one can follow the introductory registration tutorial provided in Xiaoyu's previous video.

  • What is the significance of creating a channel in midjourney?

    -Creating a channel in midjourney is like creating a folder to manage and organize different types of drawings or projects.

  • How do you start drawing in midjourney?

    -To start drawing, one needs to enter a slash in the input box, which will prompt instructions to help you input the description of the picture you want to draw.

  • Why is translation needed when using midjourney?

    -Translation is necessary because midjourney currently only supports English input for the description of the picture you want to draw.

  • What does the term 'Prompt' refer to in the context of midjourney?

    -In midjourney, a 'Prompt' is a description of the picture you want to draw, which is used by the AI to generate the image.

  • What do the 'U' and 'V' buttons represent in midjourney?

    -The 'U' buttons (U1 to U4) are used to enlarge the corresponding pictures, while the 'V' button regenerates four similar pictures based on the first image.

  • What is the function of the refresh button in midjourney?

    -The refresh button is used to regenerate four new pictures based on the provided descriptor or prompt.

  • How can users show appreciation for a picture in midjourney?

    -Users can show appreciation for a picture by clicking the heart button below the picture.

  • What are the subscription plans offered by midjourney?

    -Midjourney offers various subscription plans including a basic plan at $10 per month or $96 per year, a standard plan at $30 per month, and professional and super plans with higher costs.

  • How can users check their subscription status and remaining time in midjourney?

    -Users can check their subscription status and remaining time by entering a slash in the input box and selecting the 'note' option.

  • What is the alternative suggested by Xiaoyu for those who find midjourney's subscription plans expensive?

    -Xiaoyu suggests sharing the subscription with others or opting for a cheaper shared rental plan, which costs 59 yuan per month in RMB.



🎨 Introduction to Midjourney Drawing Tutorial

This paragraph introduces a tutorial by Xiaoyu'er on using the AI tool Midjourney for drawing. It starts with a welcome back to Xiaoyu'er's AI technology school and mentions a previous tutorial on registration for Midjourney. The speaker guides viewers on creating a channel in a disco community and adding a Midjourney bot. The process involves navigating the interface, creating a new channel, and setting it to secret if desired. The tutorial then explains how to initiate a drawing by entering a slash command and providing a description in English, which may require translation software. The AI generates four images based on the description, and the speaker describes the initial steps of using Midjourney, including understanding prompts and parameters.


📚 Understanding Midjourney's Interface and Commands

The second paragraph delves deeper into Midjourney's interface, explaining the function of the 'U' and 'V' buttons and the refresh button. 'U' buttons are used to enlarge the generated images, with U1 to U4 corresponding to each of the four images. The 'micro' button regenerates four similar images based on the initial input, while the refresh button generates an entirely new set of images. The paragraph also discusses the importance of the heart button for liking images and mentions a reward system for users who comment on images. It then addresses the cost of using Midjourney, comparing the official subscription plans with a cheaper shared rental option, and explains how to check the remaining time on a subscription. The speaker encourages viewers to ask questions if they have any and reminds them to like and subscribe for more tutorials.


🔍 Exploring Advanced Features and Additional Resources

The final paragraph offers a brief look at advanced tutorials and additional resources for those who have a basic understanding of Midjourney. It suggests that viewers can explore more complex tutorials, a complete list of parameters, and picture-based guides for further learning. The speaker invites viewers to look forward to the next video and encourages them to engage with the content by liking and subscribing to the channel.




Midjourney is a term used in the script to refer to a specific AI drawing tool or platform. It is the central focus of the video, as the tutorial aims to guide beginners on how to use this tool for creating artwork. The script mentions various features and commands associated with midjourney, indicating its importance in the video's theme of AI-assisted drawing.

💡Disco account

A 'Disco account' is mentioned in the context of registering and setting up a necessary account for using midjourney. It seems to be a prerequisite for accessing the midjourney platform, indicating that it is an essential step for new users who wish to engage with AI drawing tools.


In the script, a 'server' is discussed in relation to midjourney, suggesting that users need to create a server for the platform to function properly. This could refer to a virtual space where the AI operates and where users can interact with the tool to create their drawings.


The term 'channel' is used to describe different workspaces or categories within the midjourney platform. Users can create channels for different types of projects, such as an 'animation channel' as mentioned in the script, which helps in organizing and managing their AI-generated artwork.

💡slash command

A 'slash command' is a type of command input method used in many online platforms, including midjourney. It is represented by a forward slash ('/') and is used to initiate actions or bring up menus, as described when the script talks about accessing commands within midjourney.


A 'Prompt' in the context of the video refers to the description or instructions given to the AI to generate a specific image. It is a crucial part of the AI drawing process, as it guides the AI on what kind of artwork to create. The script provides an example of a prompt being used to generate a picture of a 'cartoon cat playing guitar'.

💡U and V

The script explains that 'U' and 'V' are specific commands or functions within midjourney. 'U' is used to enlarge or view a particular image, with 'U1' to 'U4' referring to the sequence of images. 'V', on the other hand, is used to regenerate similar images based on the initial prompt, with subtle variations.

💡refresh button

The 'refresh button' is a feature within midjourney that allows users to generate new images based on their prompts. It is mentioned in the script as a way to create different versions or styles of the artwork if the user is not satisfied with the initial results.

💡subscription plan

The 'subscription plan' refers to the pricing structure for using midjourney. The script discusses different tiers of plans, such as basic, standard, professional, and super plans, which offer varying levels of access and features for a monthly or yearly fee.

💡shared rental

A 'shared rental' is an alternative to the official subscription plans mentioned in the script. It suggests a more cost-effective way to access midjourney, where multiple users can share the cost and usage of the AI drawing tool, making it more affordable for individuals.

💡note command

The 'note command' is a function within midjourney that allows users to check their usage statistics, such as how many images have been generated and how much time remains on their subscription. It is brought up in the script as a way for users to manage and keep track of their midjourney usage.


Introduction to midjourney U and V functions for AI drawing.

Creating and managing channels in midjourney for organization.

How to add the midjourney robot to a channel for drawing.

Using the slash command to initiate drawing in midjourney.

Entering a description for the desired image in the input box.

Translation requirement for midjourney's English-only input.

Using Google Translate for prompt translation.

Understanding the queue and processing of image generation.

Explaining the use of U1 to U4 for enlarging images.

The function of the V button for regenerating similar images.

The refresh button's role in generating new images.

The meaning and use of the heart button for liking images.

Subscription plans and pricing for midjourney.

Options for shared rental subscriptions to midjourney.

Checking remaining time and subscription details in midjourney.

The importance of sharing feedback and getting rewards in midjourney.

Navigating the official website for subscription plans.

The benefits of carpooling and shared rentals for cost-effective use.

Encouraging beginners to ask questions and seek further guidance.

Invitation to subscribe for more tutorials and advanced guides.