s5 kick off

15 Jun 2024168:00

TLDRThe 's5 kick off' event marks the beginning of a six-week journey for creators and dreamers at Build Space. Host Farza introduces the program, emphasizing the importance of pursuing personal projects with passion. He outlines the schedule, including lectures and labs, and the goal of moving from idea to tangible product. Farza also discusses the supportive community, the potential for growth, and the resources available, such as Sage, a tool for finding like-minded individuals. The event concludes with a live performance of the original song 'All the Way,' symbolizing the spirit of Build Space.


  • 🎉 The event is a kickoff for 'Season Five' of an initiative, likely related to Build Space, a community for creators and innovators.
  • 🌟 The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing up and taking the initiative to work on personal projects, especially during nights and weekends.
  • 🚀 There is a focus on the journey of creation, from idea to reality, and the courage it takes to start and see projects through to completion.
  • 🎓 The speaker shares personal anecdotes to inspire attendees, highlighting their own experiences and growth as an entrepreneur and creator.
  • 🤝 Build Space aims to connect like-minded individuals through a new product called Sage, facilitating collaboration and co-working.
  • 🎙️ The kickoff includes an introduction to the platform's features, such as Sage, and the importance of community and support in the creative process.
  • 🎼 The event concludes with the premiere of an original song, demonstrating the diversity of talents within the Build Space community.
  • 📅 The script outlines a structured program for the season, including lectures, labs, and goals for participants to achieve over the six-week period.
  • 💰 There is mention of grants being provided to support participants in their projects, with an emphasis on the value of consistency and quality in their work.
  • 🌐 The initiative is global, with participants from various countries, showcasing the diverse and international nature of the Build Space community.
  • 🎓 The speaker encourages attendees to see the program as an educational journey, offering opportunities to learn, grow, and build connections in their field of interest.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the 's5 kick off' event?

    -The main theme of the 's5 kick off' event is to initiate a six-week journey called 'nights and weekends' where participants work on their personal projects or ideas with the goal of transforming them from concept to reality.

  • What激励了参与者在 's5 kick off' 活动中展示他们的作品?


  • What is the significance of the 'Buddy Pass' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'Buddy Pass' is a referral program mentioned in the script that allows current participants to invite others to join the 's5 kick off' event, ensuring that those who are interested have a chance to be part of the season.

  • What is the role of 'Sage' in the context of the event?

    -Sage is a platform introduced to help participants find and connect with others who have similar interests or are working on similar projects, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

  • What is the purpose of the 'buildspace OS' extension mentioned in the script?

    -The 'buildspace OS' is a Chrome extension that serves as a reminder for the demo day and provides a space for participants to access recordings and other resources, enhancing their engagement with the event.

  • How does the speaker describe the journey of an idea from concept to reality in the 's5 kick off'?

    -The speaker describes the journey as a six-week process where participants start with an idea, build a basic or 'toy' version of it, get feedback, iterate, and then work on scaling it up to reach more people or achieve their project goals.

  • What is the significance of the '20% completion rate' mentioned in the script?

    -The '20% completion rate' signifies the percentage of participants who manage to see their projects through to the end of the six-week program. It highlights the challenge and commitment required to complete the program.

  • What are the 'houses' in the context of build space, and how do they function?

    -The 'houses' in build space are groups or categories that participants are sorted into based on their characteristics or interests. They serve to create a sense of belonging and to help participants connect with like-minded individuals.

  • What is the criteria for selecting participants for the 'campus' program?

    -The criteria for selecting participants for the 'campus' program include consistency in submitting weekly updates and the quality of the work produced during the 'nights and weekends' season.

  • How does the speaker encourage participants to approach the 'nights and weekends' season?

    -The speaker encourages participants to approach the season with dedication, passion, and a focus on their own projects. They emphasize the importance of showing up consistently, working hard, and not getting distracted by networking or group chats.



🌞 Six Flags Summer Fun

The speaker talks about the excitement of spending a summer day at Six Flags, emphasizing the joy of cooling off with an ice-cold Coca-Cola. The atmosphere is lively with background music and applause, creating a festive and refreshing vibe.


🥤 Refreshing Coca-Cola Moments

This segment continues the theme of enjoying a Coca-Cola at Six Flags. It highlights the transition from one activity to another, with the speaker noting the fun and refreshing experience that Coca-Cola brings. The background sounds include music and applause, enhancing the lively atmosphere.


🎵 Musical Interlude

A brief musical interlude with background music playing continuously. This section is mostly instrumental, providing a moment of relaxation and enjoyment amid the event's excitement.


🎶 Continued Music and Vibes

The background music continues to play, creating a consistent and enjoyable atmosphere. This segment focuses on maintaining the event's upbeat and engaging vibe through music.


💼 Personal Journey and Aspirations

The speaker shares their personal journey, expressing a love for creation and turning ideas into reality. They introduce themselves as a freshman at UC Santa Cruz and a university dropout, highlighting their interest in videography and recent purchase of a camera. The segment includes descriptions of their creative projects, such as a 3D-printed lamp, and their excitement about joining a cohort to explore new possibilities.


🌍 Interactive Global Livestream

The speaker addresses the audience in a livestream, asking them to press one if they can hear and see him, and to drop their country's flag emoji. They mention technical difficulties but encourage viewers to use their imagination. The chat becomes interactive with viewers from various countries participating, creating a sense of global community.


📈 Introduction to Nights and Weekends

The speaker welcomes viewers to the kickoff of Nights and Weekends Season 5, expressing excitement over the large turnout of 16,000 participants. They describe the journey of finding out about Buildspace, applying for Nights and Weekends, and making it to the live stream. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing up and the journey ahead, addressing common questions about the event.


💡 Creativity and Courage

The speaker discusses the courage required to bring creative ideas to life, using examples like Post Malone's early videos. They encourage viewers to start somewhere and put themselves out there despite potential fears and failures. The segment aims to inspire participants to pursue their ideas with passion and perseverance.


🎨 The Power of Ideas

The speaker emphasizes that great creations start as random ideas in someone's head and encourages viewers to recognize their own potential. They argue that the difference between successful creators and others is the courage to bring ideas to life. The speaker uses examples like Bill Gates and Oprah to illustrate that these individuals were once ordinary people who decided to act on their ideas.


🚀 Starting the Journey

The speaker reflects on their own journey, starting with a League of Legends app created out of a passion for the game. They share how this project unexpectedly led to significant opportunities and success. The message is clear: starting with something you're passionate about can lead to unforeseen and rewarding outcomes.


🎯 Setting Goals

The speaker outlines the goals for participants in Nights and Weekends: to get their first 100 or 1,000 users, fans, or subscribers, or simply to get their ideas out into the world. They emphasize the importance of taking the first step and being consistent, regardless of the scale of success.


👥 Community and Consistency

The speaker highlights the community aspect of Nights and Weekends, encouraging participants to find like-minded individuals. They stress the importance of consistency in weekly updates and how these will be crucial for success. The speaker shares examples of past participants who achieved significant milestones by being consistent.


🏆 Focus and Dedication

The speaker discusses the importance of focusing on personal goals and avoiding distractions. They address the reality that not all ideas will succeed but emphasize the value in showing up and putting in consistent effort. The speaker encourages participants to stay dedicated and celebrate their own progress.


📅 Detailed Program Outline

The speaker provides a detailed outline of the Nights and Weekends program, including weekly schedules and expected activities. They explain the importance of each phase, from ideation to building a prototype, and highlight the support available through lectures and labs.


🛠️ Building and Iterating

The focus is on the practical aspects of building and iterating on ideas. The speaker emphasizes the need for participants to actively work on their projects, make prototypes, and iterate based on feedback. The goal is to have a tangible version of their idea by the end of the program.


🌐 Connecting with Peers

The speaker introduces Sage, a platform to find and connect with like-minded individuals. They demonstrate how Sage works, showing how participants can find others with similar interests and collaborate. The aim is to enhance the community aspect and help participants find valuable connections.


📈 Leveraging Sage

A deeper dive into using Sage effectively, with examples of how participants can find help for specific challenges, such as making TikToks. The speaker encourages participants to use Sage to build a supportive network and get assistance with their projects.


📣 Engaging with the Community

The speaker talks about the importance of engaging with the Buildspace community through social media and email. They provide details on how participants can stay updated and interact with others. The focus is on creating a vibrant and supportive online presence.


🎓 Preparing for Demo Day

The speaker introduces Demo Day, where participants will showcase their projects. They explain the significance of this event and encourage participants to prepare thoroughly. The goal is to present their work to a broad audience and make a strong impression.


🏅 Grant Opportunities

Details on the grant opportunities available for participants, including categories and selection criteria. The speaker highlights past grant recipients and encourages participants to aim for these awards by being consistent and demonstrating quality work.


🏢 IRL Events and Meetups

Information about the in-person events and meetups planned, including a major event in San Francisco and smaller pop-up events in other cities. The speaker explains the criteria for attendance and the benefits of participating in these gatherings.


🏡 House System Introduction

Introduction to the house system within Buildspace, where participants are grouped into houses based on their chosen colors. The speaker explains the significance of each house and encourages participants to identify with their house and build a sense of community.


🎓 Graduation Requirements

The speaker outlines the requirements for graduating from the Nights and Weekends program, emphasizing the importance of submitting weekly updates. Graduates will receive benefits such as access to Buildspace facilities and ongoing support from the team.


🛠️ Buildspace OS and Tools

Introduction to Buildspace OS, a Chrome extension designed to help participants stay organized and motivated. The speaker explains the features of the extension and how it can be used to track progress and access resources.


🚀 Final Thoughts and Encouragement

The speaker wraps up with final thoughts and encouragement for participants. They reflect on their own journey and emphasize the importance of pursuing one's passions. The speaker expresses excitement for what participants will create and encourages them to keep building.


🎵 Closing with Music

The session closes with an original song produced by a participant from a previous season. The speaker shares their excitement about the music and encourages participants to enjoy the creative output of their peers.



💡Six Flags

Six Flags is a renowned amusement park brand with multiple locations across North America. In the context of the video, it is used metaphorically to represent an exciting and full-out experience, akin to what one might expect from a day at the park. The script mentions it to set a tone of enthusiasm and fun for the 'summer's day' activities being discussed.


Coca-Cola is a globally recognized soft drink brand. In the script, it symbolizes refreshment and enjoyment, especially in the hot summertime. The reference to 'cooling off with a refreshing ice cold Coca-Cola' ties into the theme of seeking refreshment and a break from routine, which parallels the video's message of pursuing creative endeavors during one's free time.

💡UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz is a public university in California known for its liberal arts and progressive learning environment. The mention of UC Santa Cruz in the script is to establish the speaker's educational background and to illustrate the idea that diverse individuals from different walks of life, including students, are encouraged to pursue their passions and ideas.


Videography refers to the art and practice of creating video content. The script mentions a personal interest in videography, which is a key theme of the video. It highlights the importance of exploring one's creative interests, such as videography, and turning them into tangible projects or realities, as part of one's personal and professional development.

💡3D printed

3D printing is a process of creating three-dimensional objects from digital models. The script refers to a '3D printed curve lamp,' showcasing the intersection of technology and creativity. This example emphasizes the potential for innovation and the creation of unique, tangible items that can result from pursuing one's interests.


An introvert is someone who tends to direct their energy inward and may prefer solitary activities. The script uses the term 'introvert' to describe a personality type that might be drawn to creative projects, allowing them to immerse themselves in their own world. It suggests that even introverted individuals can find a platform to express their creativity and ideas.

💡Build Space

Build Space appears to be the central theme or organization being discussed in the video. It is portrayed as a platform or community that encourages individuals to work on their ideas and projects, particularly during their free time. The term is repeatedly mentioned to emphasize the supportive environment it provides for creators and innovators.

💡Nights and Weekends

The phrase 'nights and weekends' is used to signify the personal time outside of regular work or school hours. In the script, it refers to a program or initiative that allows participants to dedicate their free time to pursuing their passions and ideas, highlighting the importance of making time for creativity and personal projects.


Coherence in this context refers to the clarity and logical consistency of the video's message. The script mentions the importance of coherence in guiding participants through the process of developing their ideas, emphasizing the need for a clear and structured approach to turning concepts into reality.

💡IRL Event

IRL stands for 'In Real Life,' contrasting with online or virtual interactions. The script mentions an 'IRL Event in San Francisco,' which is a physical gathering or meeting for the participants of the Build Space program. It serves as an opportunity for individuals to network, collaborate, and engage with like-minded creators in person.

💡San Francisco

San Francisco is a city known for its cultural diversity, technological innovation, and vibrant创业精神. The script's reference to an 'IRL Event in San Francisco' positions the city as a hub for the creative and entrepreneurial activities fostered by the Build Space program, suggesting a locale that is conducive to innovation and collaboration.


Kick off of Season 5 at Six Flags with a refreshing Coca-Cola.

Introduction of a community for creators and designers to turn ideas into realities.

A designer's journey from an introvert to being ready to take the next lead.

Launch of a project to expose participants to diverse projects and interesting people.

Premiere of the first original song by a participant from Season 4.

The importance of showing up and being part of a community that supports new endeavors.

Introduction to Build Space and its mission to help people work on their ideas.

The story of a League of Legends app that started as a simple idea and gained massive traction.

Emphasis on the importance of starting somewhere, even if it's not perfect.

The diverse range of ideas and projects within the Build Space community.

The goal of Nights and Weekends: to take an idea from nothing to something significant.

The announcement of the acceptance rate and the focus on the journey to the end.

Introduction of Sage, a new tool to find and connect with like-minded individuals.

Details about the six-week schedule, including lectures and labs.

The requirement of submitting weekly updates for six weeks to track progress.

The emphasis on working solo and the importance of self-motivation and consistency.

The reveal of the IRL event dates and the criteria for attending.

The allocation of $100,000 in grants to support participants' projects.