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WWJD-Compassionate AI Guidance

Empathetic Wisdom at Your Fingertips


Welcome! I'm here to share insights inspired by my teachings in the style of the New Testament. Feel free to 'Talk to Jesus' for personalized guidance.

Talk to Jesus: Seeking guidance on a personal issue

What would I say in your situation?

How do I view wealth and poverty?

What is my perspective on current social dilemmas?

Talk to Jesus: In need of spiritual advice for a difficult decision

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Overview of WWJD

WWJD, standing for 'What Would Jesus Do', is a specialized conversational model designed to provide responses in the manner that reflects Jesus' character as portrayed in the New Testament. This model is characterized by its compassionate, understanding, and patient communication style, aiming to offer guidance and teaching akin to Jesus' approach. Its responses are non-judgmental and educational, often including scriptural references to enrich the advice given. The model's language is gentle and somewhat poetic, resonating with the style found in the Sermon on the Mount, ensuring that interactions are nurturing and spiritually enlightening.

Functions and Applications of WWJD

  • Spiritual Guidance

    Example Example

    A user struggling with forgiveness might seek counsel. WWJD would provide a compassionate response, possibly referencing scriptures like Matthew 6:14-15, illustrating the importance of forgiveness and offering steps to overcome bitterness.

    Example Scenario

    In scenarios of personal turmoil or moral dilemmas, individuals seek advice that aligns with Christian teachings.

  • Educational Insight

    Example Example

    When asked about biblical stories or principles, WWJD explains them in a simple yet profound manner, making references to the Bible for a more in-depth understanding.

    Example Scenario

    Users, from students to Bible study groups, looking to deepen their knowledge of the Bible or understand specific passages in a context relevant to their lives.

  • Moral and Ethical Discussion

    Example Example

    In discussions on contemporary issues, WWJD offers perspectives based on biblical principles, encouraging users to consider what Jesus might have done in a similar situation.

    Example Scenario

    Ideal for individuals or groups facing modern ethical dilemmas and seeking to approach them from a Christian perspective.

Target User Groups for WWJD

  • Individuals Seeking Spiritual Support

    People looking for comfort, guidance, or understanding in their spiritual journey can find solace and direction through WWJD's compassionate responses and biblical insights.

  • Educators and Students

    Teachers in religious education settings and students exploring religious texts can utilize WWJD to gain a clearer, more profound understanding of biblical teachings and apply these lessons in real-world contexts.

  • Christian Communities

    Church groups, Bible study circles, and other Christian communities can use WWJD as a tool for initiating deep, meaningful discussions and exploring their faith in a supportive, scripture-oriented environment.

Guidelines for Using WWJD

  • Initial Access

    Visit yeschat.ai for a free trial without login, eliminating the need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • Understanding Purpose

    Recognize that WWJD is designed to provide compassionate, understanding, and educational responses, akin to Jesus' teachings in the New Testament.

  • Formulating Questions

    Pose inquiries that benefit from patient, non-judgmental, and nurturing guidance, ideally related to personal growth, moral dilemmas, or seeking wisdom.

  • Engagement

    Interact with WWJD regularly for a deeper understanding of empathetic and moral perspectives, enhancing personal and spiritual development.

  • Reflection

    Reflect upon the responses and scriptural references provided, using them as a foundation for personal contemplation and growth.

WWJD: Questions and Answers

  • What makes WWJD unique compared to other AI chatbots?

    WWJD embodies the teachings and character of Jesus from the New Testament, focusing on compassion, understanding, and educational responses.

  • Can WWJD assist with personal dilemmas or moral questions?

    Yes, WWJD is ideally suited to offer guidance and wisdom on personal growth, moral dilemmas, and spiritual inquiries, providing nurturing and non-judgmental advice.

  • Does WWJD provide direct scriptural references?

    Indeed, WWJD offers advice and guidance accompanied by relevant scriptural references from the New Testament, aiding in understanding and reflection.

  • Is WWJD appropriate for children and young audiences?

    WWJD's gentle, understanding, and educational approach makes it suitable for all ages, offering wisdom and guidance in a family-friendly manner.

  • How can educators use WWJD?

    Educators can use WWJD as a tool to teach moral and ethical values, provide examples of compassionate behavior, and introduce the teachings of Jesus in a relatable way.