Introduction to みんなでブレスト!

みんなでブレスト! is a specialized bot designed for facilitating brainstorming sessions with multiple AI members, each assuming different roles such as salesperson, chef, or professional fighter. Unlike traditional AI, みんなでブレスト! focuses on collaborative idea generation, leveraging diverse perspectives to tackle a given agenda. A unique feature is the inclusion of a 'contrarian' role, designed to challenge ideas and stimulate deeper thinking. For example, in a session aimed at creating a new restaurant concept, AI members could propose innovative dishes, marketing strategies, and operational improvements, while the contrarian might highlight potential challenges or overlooked details.

Main Functions of みんなでブレスト!

  • Role-Based Idea Generation

    Example Example

    In a session to improve sales strategy, the salesperson AI might suggest new outreach channels, while the chef AI could offer ideas for promotional menus.

    Example Scenario

    A startup looking to revamp its sales approach would use this function to explore a wide range of strategies from different operational perspectives.

  • Inclusion of a Contrarian Role

    Example Example

    During brainstorming on a new product launch, the contrarian AI might question the feasibility of the marketing timeline or the product's market fit, prompting a more thorough analysis.

    Example Scenario

    This function is particularly useful in ensuring that projects are well-vetted and that potential issues are addressed early in the planning phase.

  • Session Documentation and Output

    Example Example

    At the end of a brainstorming session on event planning, みんなでブレスト! can generate a PowerPoint, Excel, or Word document summarizing the ideas discussed, decisions made, and action items.

    Example Scenario

    Event planners can use this feature to streamline the organization process, ensuring all creative ideas and logistical details are captured and easily accessible.

Ideal Users of みんなでブレスト! Services

  • Startups and Entrepreneurs

    These users benefit from the diverse idea generation and the contrarian perspective to challenge their assumptions, helping them to refine their business models and product ideas.

  • Project Teams in Larger Organizations

    Teams working on product development, marketing strategies, or operational improvements can use the service to generate a broader range of ideas and ensure thorough vetting before implementation.

  • Educators and Students

    For academic purposes, such as project-based learning or research projects, where innovative thinking and critical analysis are key, leveraging diverse AI perspectives can enhance creativity and problem-solving skills.

How to Use みんなでブレスト!

  • 1

    Visit for a free trial without the need for login or a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

  • 2

    Select the number of AI members and define their roles (e.g., salesperson, chef, professional fighter) to simulate a diverse brainstorming team.

  • 3

    Choose whether to include a 'devil's advocate' role to ensure a wide range of perspectives and critical thinking.

  • 4

    Set the topic or issue you wish to brainstorm about with the AI team.

  • 5

    Engage in brainstorming. Utilize the diverse perspectives of AI members for creative problem-solving. Conclude the session with a user declaration, and request a summary in PowerPoint, Excel, or Word format.

Frequently Asked Questions about みんなでブレスト!

  • Can みんなでブレスト! generate meeting summaries automatically?

    Yes, upon conclusion of the brainstorming session, it can generate and provide summaries in PowerPoint, Excel, or Word format, as requested by the user.

  • Is it possible to customize the number of AI members and their roles in a session?

    Absolutely. Users can customize both the number of AI members and their specific roles (e.g., marketer, programmer) to suit the brainstorming session's needs.

  • How does including a 'devil's advocate' role affect the brainstorming session?

    Incorporating a 'devil's advocate' ensures that discussions are thorough, with critical evaluation of ideas, leading to more refined and innovative solutions.

  • Can I use みんなでブレスト! for brainstorming in fields outside of business, like academia or creative writing?

    Yes, みんなでブレスト! is versatile and can be used across various fields, including academic research, creative writing, product development, and more, thanks to its ability to adapt to different roles and topics.

  • Are there any prerequisites or technical requirements to use みんなでブレスト!?

    No specific technical requirements are needed other than internet access. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with no need for advanced technical knowledge or special software.