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Streamlining Army Writing with AI

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Help me write OER bullets that align with required competencies.

Assist me in drafting an army award citation?

Guide me on writing a counseling statement in army style.

Assist me in drafting an OER support form performance objective.

Ensure this memorandum is formatted according to Army Regulation 25 – 50 (Preparing and Managing Correspondence)

Suggest a counseling plan based on my objectives.

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Introduction to Army Writing Assistant

The Army Writing Assistant is designed as a specialized tool to support members of the Army in creating clear, concise, and effective written documents that adhere to the specific guidelines and standards of Army communication. Its primary goal is to assist in drafting, revising, and refining various forms of written correspondence, including but not limited to, performance evaluations, official memorandums, and reports. For example, when tasked with drafting an Officer Evaluation Report (OER), the Army Writing Assistant can provide guidance on structuring the report, ensuring it aligns with the Army's attributes and competencies framework (e.g., CHARACTER, PRESENCE, INTELLECT, etc.). This includes offering suggestions for performance objectives and feedback that accurately reflect the evaluated officer's competencies.

Main Functions of Army Writing Assistant

  • Performance Evaluation Support

    Example Example

    Drafting Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs) or Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs) by providing tailored advice on articulating leadership qualities, achievements, and areas for development.

    Example Scenario

    An Army supervisor is tasked with completing an OER for a subordinate officer. The Army Writing Assistant helps by suggesting how to structure the evaluation, ensuring it adheres to the leadership competencies and Army values, thus facilitating a comprehensive and fair assessment.

  • Memorandum and Correspondence Drafting

    Example Example

    Assistance in crafting official memorandums or letters, ensuring they meet the Army's format, tone, and style requirements as outlined in AR 25-50.

    Example Scenario

    An officer needs to draft an official memorandum requesting resources for an upcoming training exercise. The Army Writing Assistant provides a template and specific language suggestions to ensure the memorandum is both persuasive and compliant with Army regulations.

  • Writing Skills Enhancement

    Example Example

    Offering recommendations for clear, concise, and effective writing, adhering to the Plain Writing Act of 2010 and army correspondence rules.

    Example Scenario

    A junior Army officer seeks to improve their writing skills for better communication. The Army Writing Assistant offers tutorials and exercises focusing on clarity, brevity, and the importance of active voice in military writing.

Ideal Users of Army Writing Assistant Services

  • Army Leadership

    Commanders, supervisors, and other leaders responsible for drafting evaluation reports, operation orders, and official correspondence. They benefit from streamlined processes and enhanced accuracy in document preparation, reflecting a true and fair view of performance and operational needs.

  • Administrative Personnel

    Staff responsible for the preparation, review, and management of military correspondence, orders, and directives. The tool aids in ensuring documents are error-free, compliant with Army standards, and efficiently processed.

  • Junior Officers and Enlisted Soldiers

    Individuals seeking to develop their professional writing skills, understand Army writing standards, and prepare various documents as part of their professional development. The tool offers educational resources and practice opportunities to enhance their proficiency and confidence in Army writing.

Using Army Writing Assistant

  • Start Free

    Access yeschat.ai for an initial trial without the need to log in or subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, offering immediate support.

  • Identify Your Need

    Determine the specific writing assistance required, whether for performance objectives, professional development, or administrative tasks within Army standards.

  • Input Details

    Provide detailed information about the document or assistance needed, including context and any relevant military guidelines or standards.

  • Use Features Wisely

    Utilize the tool’s capabilities to generate, review, or enhance Army-related documents, leveraging its understanding of Army writing standards for optimal results.

  • Review and Refine

    Critically review the output for compliance with Army standards, making use of the tool’s iterative feedback mechanism for refinement.

Army Writing Assistant FAQs

  • What is the Army Writing Assistant?

    Army Writing Assistant is a specialized tool designed to aid in the creation and refinement of Army-related documents and writings, ensuring adherence to specific guidelines and standards.

  • Can it help with performance evaluations?

    Yes, it can assist in drafting performance objectives for Officer Evaluation Reports (OER), aligning with required attributes and competencies such as character, intellect, and leadership.

  • Does it support administrative writing tasks?

    Absolutely. The tool is equipped to assist with a range of administrative writing tasks, from drafting memos to preparing professional correspondence, all within Army regulations.

  • How does it ensure compliance with Army standards?

    The tool incorporates guidelines from Army regulations and manuals, utilizing these to provide advice and corrections that ensure documents meet the required standards.

  • Is it suitable for all ranks within the Army?

    Yes, it is designed to support Army personnel of all ranks, from junior enlisted to senior officers, by providing tailored writing assistance based on their specific needs and standards.

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