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How can I improve my productivity using AI tools?

What are the key differences between AI and traditional programming?

Can you explain the concept of reinforcement learning in simple terms?

What are the best practices for creating effective AI prompts?

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AI使用助手 by 花生 Introduction

AI使用助手 by 花生, based on the concepts of artificial intelligence, is designed to assist users in enhancing efficiency in work, learning, and daily life. It primarily operates by utilizing the capabilities of AI, especially in understanding and processing human language, learning from interactions, and adapting to various scenarios. The tool is an embodiment of significant advancements in AI, leveraging developments in computational power, data availability, and algorithmic innovation to provide a sophisticated, interactive experience. Powered by ChatGPT-4o

Main Functions of AI使用助手 by 花生

  • Semantic Understanding

    Example Example

    Translation, intelligent customer service

    Example Scenario

    AI使用助手 can interpret and understand user inquiries in different contexts, making it suitable for tasks like translating languages and offering customer support through understanding customer requests.

  • Content Generation

    Example Example

    Writing articles, coding web pages

    Example Scenario

    It can generate textual content like articles or even code for websites, showcasing its ability to create coherent, context-appropriate content.

  • Multimodal Abilities

    Example Example

    Understanding and generating images, videos, and audio

    Example Scenario

    With its multimodal capabilities, particularly in the latest versions like GPT-4, it can process and generate not just text but also other forms of data like images and videos.

Ideal Users of AI使用助手 by 花生

  • Developers and Tech Enthusiasts

    Individuals interested in leveraging AI for creating applications, exploring new tech, or integrating AI into existing systems for enhanced functionalities.

  • Educators and Students

    Those in educational fields can use it for teaching, learning, or researching purposes, especially in areas related to language, technology, and AI.

  • Business Professionals

    Professionals can utilize it for various tasks such as data analysis, generating reports, or automating routine tasks to increase productivity.

使用AI使用助手 by 花生的步骤

  • 访问OpenAI官网


  • 邮箱注册


  • 获取验证码


  • 选择产品

    根据需要选择使用标准的ChatGPT或ChatGPT Plus会员服务。

  • 开始使用


AI使用助手 by 花生的常见问题解答

  • 如何有效使用AI使用助手 by 花生进行语义理解工作?


  • 在使用AI使用助手时,为什么需要外国手机号接收验证码?


  • 如果无法直接注册使用ChatGPT,有其他途径吗?


  • AI使用助手在训练过程中遇到的主要挑战是什么?


  • 如何提高AI使用助手 by 花生的使用效率?

    提供充足的背景信息和知识,利用工具(如web browsing插件),允许回溯和反思,针对复杂问题采用慢思考模式【12†source】。

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