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Introducing Command R+

Unlock new levels of efficiency and precision with Command R+, the latest innovation from Coare. Designed for businesses that demand the best in retrieval augmented generation technology, Command R+ offers unmatched performance in multilingual understanding and application. This advanced model not only enhances your existing systems but also introduces a new era of cost-effective AI solutions, making it the preferred choice for forward-thinking enterprises.

What is Command R+?

Evolving AI Technology

Command R+ is an evolution of Coare’s previously successful model, Command R, which launched just a few weeks ago. As a foundational model creator focusing on retrieval augmented generation at production scale, Coare has taken a significant leap with Command R+. This model incorporates 104 billion parameters, which is a substantial increase from its predecessor's 34 billion, allowing for a much wider context window of 128,000 tokens. Command R+ excels in accuracy and speed, tailored specifically for enterprise-scale tasks in multilingual environments.

Key Features

Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency

Larger Context Window: Command R+ can process and understand up to 128,000 tokens of input, allowing it to handle much larger datasets efficiently. This capability ensures that even the most complex queries are dealt with effectively, providing accurate and relevant information swiftly.

Multilingual Support

With the ability to support 10 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Chinese, Command R+ is ideal for global enterprises looking to maintain consistency and quality across diverse markets.


Command R+ is priced competitively, offering lower costs than comparable models like Mistal Large and GP4 Turbo, without compromising on performance. This pricing strategy makes advanced AI more accessible to a broader range of businesses.

Superior Performance

In head-to-head comparisons with leading models such as Mixt Lodge and GP4 Turbo, Command R+ demonstrates superior capability in multilingual tasks and retrieval augmented generation. Its enhanced tool usage and quick response times set it apart as a market leader in AI technology.

How to Access

Seamless Integration and Subscription Options

Access Through Coare API: Command R+ is accessible via the Coare API, ensuring easy integration into existing systems with minimal disruption. This approach allows businesses to leverage the power of Command R+ without the need for extensive infrastructure changes.

Flexible Pricing Plans:

Coare offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to meet the needs of different business sizes and usage requirements. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, there is a plan designed to fit your budget and consumption patterns. Detailed pricing information is available upon request, with options ranging from basic access to premium services featuring higher throughput and enhanced support.

Trial and Demo:

For those interested in experiencing Command R+ before committing, Coare provides a trial period. This includes a demonstration of how Command R+ can be integrated and utilized within your specific business context, ensuring you understand its full capabilities and benefits.

Enterprise Applications

Broad Spectrum Utility Across Industries

Finance and Banking: Command R+ enables real-time data analysis and decision-making support, enhancing financial forecasting, fraud detection, and customer service in banking environments. Human Resources: Automate and improve various HR processes such as recruitment, employee onboarding, and performance evaluations with Command R+'s advanced AI capabilities. Sales and Marketing: Leverage Command R+ to gain insights from customer data, optimize marketing strategies, and personalize sales pitches, thereby increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Customer Support: Improve response times and problem resolution by integrating Command R+ into your customer service platforms. Its multilingual support ensures that you can provide high-quality service to customers around the world. Real-world Case Studies: The webpage includes several case studies demonstrating how businesses in these industries have successfully integrated Command R+ to drive innovation and improve operational efficiencies.

Keyword List Related to Command R+

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): A technique where a model retrieves relevant information from a large dataset before generating responses, enhancing accuracy and relevance.

Multilingual Support: The capability of an AI system to understand and generate content in multiple languages, essential for global applications.

Context Window: Refers to the amount of text (measured in tokens) the model can consider at one time when generating responses. Command R+ has a 128,000 token window.

Throughput and Latency: Throughput refers to the amount of data processed in a given time, while latency is the time taken to respond to a request. Command R+ is designed for high throughput and low latency.

Enterprise AI: AI applications tailored for business needs, focusing on scalability, reliability, and integration with existing corporate systems.

API Access: Method of interacting with Command R+ through a set of defined protocols, allowing businesses to integrate and automate processes within existing systems.

Tokenization: The process of converting text into a series of tokens or words, which the AI model can then process. Effective tokenization is critical for handling multilingual content efficiently.

Competitive Pricing: Refers to the strategy of setting the price of a product or service based on the prices of the competition. Command R+ is competitively priced to offer better value than comparable models.

FAQ for Command R+

What is Command R+?

Command R+ is a highly advanced AI model developed by Coare, specializing in retrieval augmented generation (RAG) tasks. It supports multilingual content across 10 languages and is designed for enterprise-scale applications.

How does Command R+ improve upon its predecessor, Command R?

Command R+ offers enhanced capabilities such as a larger context window of 128,000 tokens, increased accuracy in RAG tasks, and support for 10 different languages, making it more robust and versatile than the previous version.

Which industries can benefit from using Command R+?

Industries such as finance, human resources, sales, marketing, and customer support can significantly benefit from the integration of Command R+ by automating complex tasks, enhancing data analysis, and improving customer interactions.

What are the key features of Command R+?

Key features include a 128,000 token context window, multilingual support, high throughput and low latency, competitive pricing, and superior performance in multilingual and RAG tasks compared to other models.

Is there a trial available for Command R+?

Yes, Coare offers a trial period for businesses to evaluate Command R+. This trial includes access to the API and a demonstration of the model's capabilities within your specific business environment.

How can I access Command R+?

Command R+ is accessible through the Coare API, which allows for seamless integration into existing systems. Subscription plans are available, and detailed information on these can be requested from Coare.

What languages does Command R+ support?

Command R+ supports ten languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Chinese.

How does Command R+ handle data privacy and security?

Command R+ complies with stringent data privacy and security standards. Coare ensures that all data processed by Command R+ is handled in a secure manner, respecting both regulatory requirements and client confidentiality.