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Ever wished you could convert your recorded audio to text free? Meet, your go-to audio to text converter. Whether it's capturing every note of a lightning-fast lecture or transcribing spontaneous coffee chats, we make it a breeze. With our 'audio to text free unlimited' service, lengthy audios convert to neat text. And for those always on the go, the audio to text iphone online transcription tool keeps productivity at your fingertips.

What is is an advanced AI-powered tool, meticulously crafted to transcribe audio to text free. This platform embraces a vast array of media formats, including MP3, WAV, MP4, MPEG, and more, making it the perfect companion for academic researchers, media professionals, and anyone in between. From simple voice notes to complex multimedia projects, simplifies the transcription process, making it accessible and efficient for users around the globe.

Key Features of

1.High Accuracy Levels: delivers up to 99.9% recognition accuracy, thanks to its state-of-the-art AI support, making it one of the most reliable audio to text converters available today.

2. Extensive Format Support:

The platform effortlessly handles a wide spectrum of audio and video formats, ensuring flexible applications across various media types.

3. Rapid Processing Capabilities:

Equipped with high-octane GPUs and multi-threaded processing, guarantees quick turnarounds on large transcription volumes—perfect for deadlines that can't wait.

4. Multilingual Recognition:

With support for 98 languages, doubles as a global audio to text converter , ideal for international conferences and multicultural media outlets.

5. AI-Powered Summarization:

Get the gist quickly with’s AI summarization, which highlights the key points of your transcripts.

6. Flexible Export Options:

Choose from various file formats for exporting your transcripts, including PDF, Word, and plain text.

7. Generous Free Quotas: offers a generous free transcription service, allowing users to transcribe three audio segments each day, with each segment lasting up to 30 minutes.

8. Ironclad Security:

We pledge the highest levels of confidentiality and ensure that your files are processed securely without third-party access.

How to transcribe audio to text for free?

Quickly convert your audio to text with using these simple steps:

1、Access the Platform: Visit the website to get started.


2、Upload Your Files: Upload your audio files, selecting the preferred language and transcription mode.


3、Transcription and Download: Click the “UPLOAD” button to initiate the transcription process. Upon completion, download the text in your chosen format, such as PDF, DOCX, or TXT.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Audio to Text

1. What file formats can I upload? supports a broad spectrum of formats, making it your go-to solution for diverse transcription needs.

2. Is the audio to text converter really free?

Absolutely! Get up to three free transcriptions daily, each for up to 30 minutes—perfect for those testing the waters.

3. How accurate is the transcription?

Expect up to 99.9% accuracy, subject to audio clarity.

4. Can handle multiple languages?

Yes, with support for 98 languages, is a versatile audio to text converter for worldwide use.

5. What are my export options?

Export your transcripts in PDF, Word, or plain text, tailored to your needs.

6. Does offer real-time transcription?

While focused on pre-recorded files, our real-time transcription feature is in the works.