✅ Pictory Coupon Code 🔥 Best Pictory AI Coupon Codes 2024

14 May 202404:16

TLDRDiscover the best Pictory AI coupon codes for 2024 in this guide. Learn how to sign up, choose a plan, and apply the 'coupon 20' code for a $93.60 discount. Explore three plans: Starter, Professional, and Teams, each offering different features like story block visuals, AI voices, video transcription, and custom brand kits. Opt for the yearly plan to save 177% more and maximize your savings with the coupon.


  • 🔗 Visit the Pictory website using the link in the description to start the process.
  • 📝 Sign up for a free account by filling in your name, last name, email, and a password.
  • 📧 After signing up, check your email for a confirmation message.
  • 🔄 Log in to access the Pictory dashboard and click 'Upgrade' or navigate through 'Profile' then 'My Subscription'.
  • 💰 Apply the coupon code 'coupon20' during checkout to get a discount, reducing the annual cost from $468 to $374.
  • 📈 There are three subscription plans: Starter, Professional, and Teams, with varying features and prices.
  • 🎙️ The Starter plan includes 1.5 million story block visuals, 34 standard voices, and other features.
  • 🎥 The Professional plan is recommended for the best value, offering up to 10 million story blocks and other enhanced features.
  • 👥 The Teams plan is designed for collaborative work, allowing adjustments for team size and video length.
  • 🎼 Both Professional and Teams plans include additional features like hyper-realistic AI voices and custom brand kits.
  • 📊 Choose the yearly subscription for a 177% greater saving compared to the monthly option.
  • 💡 The coupon code 'coupon20' can be applied to any plan for additional savings.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video?

    -The purpose of the video is to guide viewers on how to use the best coupon code for Pictory AI and explain the different subscription plans available.

  • How can a new user sign up for Pictory AI?

    -A new user can sign up for Pictory AI by clicking the link in the description, filling out basic information such as name, last name, email, and password, and then confirming their account through an email.

  • What is the first step after logging into the Pictory dashboard?

    -The first step after logging in is to click the 'Upgrade' option in the top left corner or go to 'My Profile' and then 'My Subscription' to access the plans page.

  • What are the three subscription plans offered by Pictory AI?

    -The three subscription plans are the Starter Plan, the Professional Plan, and the Teams Plan.

  • Which plan does the video recommend and why?

    -The video recommends the Professional Plan because it offers the most value, including more story block visuals, AI voices, and other features compared to the other plans.

  • How does the coupon code 'coupon 20' work?

    -The coupon code 'coupon 20' is applied during the checkout process in the coupon code box, providing a discount that reduces the annual cost of the chosen plan.

  • What are the benefits of the Starter Plan?

    -The Starter Plan offers 1.5 million story block visuals, 34 standard voices, 30 videos per month up to 10 minutes, 10 hours of video transcription, a custom brand kit, 5,000 music tracks, and various video formats.

  • What features does the Professional Plan include?

    -The Professional Plan includes adjustable video limits, 10 million story blocks and visuals, 48 hyper-realistic AI voices, automatic voice-over synchronization, 20 hours of video transcription, 15,000 music tracks, five custom brand kits, 60 standard voices, and the option to choose between 720p or 1080p video resolution.

  • What is the Teams Plan designed for and what does it include?

    -The Teams Plan is designed for teams and includes everything from the Professional Plan, with the addition of customizable team member limits and the ability to collaborate and share assets seamlessly.

  • Why is the yearly subscription option more cost-effective?

    -The yearly subscription option is more cost-effective because it saves 177% more compared to the monthly option, and when combined with the coupon code, it offers even greater savings.

  • What is the final recommendation made by the video?

    -The final recommendation is to choose the yearly subscription plan and use the coupon code 'coupon 20' for maximum savings on Pictory AI.



🎟️ Best Coupon Code for Pictory

This section introduces the best coupon code to use on Pictory. It guides users without an account to sign up by clicking the link in the video description, filling out their basic information, and verifying their email to access the Pictory dashboard. It then explains how to upgrade their plan and apply the 'coupon20' code to save $93.60 on the professional plan.

🔍 Overview of Pictory Plans

Here, the video details the different plans available on Pictory. It starts with the Starter plan at $19 per month, offering 1.5 million story block visuals, 34 standard voices, and 30 videos per month, among other features. The Professional plan, which costs $39 per month, provides more extensive features such as 10 million story block visuals, 48 hyper-realistic AI voices, and 20 hours of video transcription per month. The Teams plan allows customization for multiple team members and includes everything in the Professional plan plus additional team collaboration features.

💼 Benefits of Choosing a Yearly Plan

The final section emphasizes the cost-saving benefits of choosing a yearly plan over a monthly plan. By opting for a yearly subscription, users save 177% more compared to the monthly option. The video reiterates the additional savings when applying the 'coupon20' code, recommending viewers to select the yearly plan for maximum savings.




Pictory is an AI-powered tool for creating videos. The script discusses how to sign up for Pictory and use coupon codes to get discounts on its subscription plans. It's central to the video's theme of using and saving on Pictory services.

💡Coupon Code

A coupon code is a code that customers can use to get discounts on products or services. In the video, the coupon code 'coupon20' is used to reduce the cost of Pictory's subscription plans. It is a key element in demonstrating how viewers can save money.

💡Subscription Plans

Subscription plans refer to the different pricing tiers offered by Pictory. The video explains the features of the Starter, Professional, and Teams plans, and how to apply the coupon code to these plans for discounts.

💡Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is Pictory's basic subscription option, costing $19 per month. It includes features like 1.5 million story block visuals, 34 standard voices, and 30 videos per month. The video mentions it as an entry-level plan for users.

💡Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is a mid-tier subscription option for $39 per month. It offers enhanced features such as 10 million story blocks, 48 hyper-realistic AI voices, and 60 standard voices. The video highlights this plan as the best value.

💡Teams Plan

The Teams Plan is designed for groups, allowing collaboration and asset sharing among team members. It includes all Professional Plan features plus additional ones like 10 custom brand kits. The video discusses its flexibility and cost based on team size.


A discount is a reduction in the usual price of something. The video shows how applying the coupon code 'coupon20' reduces the annual cost of the Professional Plan from $468 to $374, saving $93.60.

💡Story Blocks

Story blocks are pre-made visuals that users can incorporate into their videos. The video mentions that different subscription plans offer varying numbers of story blocks, from 1.5 million in the Starter Plan to 10 million in the Professional Plan.

💡Video Transcription

Video transcription refers to converting spoken content in videos into text. The video details how the subscription plans provide varying hours of video transcription per month, with the Starter Plan offering 10 hours and the Professional Plan offering 20 hours.

💡AI Voices

AI voices are computer-generated voices used for narration in videos. The video explains that the Professional Plan includes 48 hyper-realistic AI voices from 11 Labs, enhancing the quality and variety of voice options for users.


The best coupon code for Pictory AI in 2024 is showcased.

Instructions for new users on how to create an account with Pictory.

A guide to accessing the Pictory dashboard after account creation and confirmation.

Explanation on how to upgrade the account on Pictory's platform.

A recommendation for the Professional Plan due to its value.

Demonstration of applying the coupon code 'coupon 20' to get a discount.

Details on the savings achieved by using the coupon code.

Description of the Starter Plan features and pricing.

Overview of the Professional Plan's customizable video options.

Benefits of the Professional Plan including story blocks, voices, and video transcription.

Introduction to the Teams Plan designed for collaborative work.

Customization options available in the Teams Plan for video length and team size.

Comparison of monthly and yearly pricing options, with a recommendation for the yearly plan.

Further savings when choosing the yearly plan combined with the coupon code.

Summary of all plans and their respective features for clarity.

Final recommendation to use the coupon code 'coupon 20' for maximum savings.