Crypto Gains
15 May 202414:06

TLDRIn this video, the speaker discusses a dramatic rise in the value of a cryptocurrency called 'Dog with Blue Hat,' which surged 1800% in just 3 hours. The speaker recounts how early information shared with Patreon subscribers allowed them to capitalize on the explosive growth. However, the speaker warns viewers about the potential risks associated with such volatile investments, highlighting a significant sell-off that suggests the possibility of a 'rug pull'—a malicious maneuver in the crypto space where developers abandon a project and leave investors with worthless tokens. The video emphasizes extreme caution, suggesting that while massive gains are possible, the risks are equally significant.


  • 🚀 The 'Dog with Blue Hat' cryptocurrency experienced an incredible surge of 25,200% within just 3 hours, as discussed by the host of 'crypto Gaines'.
  • 📈 The host noticed a massive pump in the value of the cryptocurrency and shared it with his audience, particularly his Patreon supporters, who were able to buy in at a market cap of 27k.
  • 💡 The host speculated that the initial price surge could be due to the founder's decision to sell off their tokens, leading to a significant drop in value.
  • 📊 The cryptocurrency's value plummeted by 63% at one point, which the host believed was a sign that the founder had abandoned the project.
  • 🤔 The host questioned the founder's motives, suggesting that they may have intentionally tanked the coin's value after selling their tokens.
  • 😮 After a week, the host revisited the project and found that it had unexpectedly gained popularity and value, despite the initial sell-off.
  • 😄 The host shared his amusement at the situation, noting the irony of the coin's resurgence after the founder's apparent exit.
  • 🚨 The website associated with the cryptocurrency displayed a warning message, cautioning against buying into a potential 'pump and dump' scheme.
  • ⚠️ The host advised against investing in the cryptocurrency due to its high risk and volatility, emphasizing that only those who can afford to lose should consider it.
  • 💰 Despite the risks, the host mentioned his own investment in the cryptocurrency and his hope for a significant return, though he acknowledged the possibility of losing his investment.
  • 🌐 The host highlighted the power of community and social media in driving the value of cryptocurrencies, even when the original developers are no longer involved.

Q & A

  • What is the initial increase in percentage mentioned for the 'Dog with Blue Hat' in the video?

    -The 'Dog with Blue Hat' experienced an increase of 1800% within 24 hours, specifically within a 3-hour window.

  • What platform does the speaker use to inform his Patreons and viewers about investment opportunities?

    -The speaker uses his channel called 'Crypto Gaines' to share investment opportunities, with early alerts often given to his Patreon subscribers.

  • What cautionary advice does the website associated with 'Dog with Blue Hat' provide to potential investors?

    -The website explicitly warns potential investors not to buy into the 'pump and dump' scheme, signaling that it could be a scam and advising caution against buying at the peak.

  • What drastic market movement did the 'Dog with Blue Hat' experience during the video?

    -The 'Dog with Blue Hat' saw a significant sell-off, characterized by a massive red candle in the market chart, indicating a price drop of 67%.

  • Why does the speaker think the original developers might have dumped the token?

    -The speaker speculates that the developers may have launched the coin, faced a market downturn, and decided to sell off their holdings prematurely, leading to a substantial price drop.

  • What unexpected outcome occurred a week after the initial dump by the founders?

    -A week after the founders' sell-off, the 'Dog with Blue Hat' token unexpectedly surged in value, which would likely frustrate the founders since they no longer held tokens to profit from the rise.

  • How does the speaker describe his reaction to the website message advising against buying the token?

    -The speaker finds the website's blunt warning not to buy the token humorous and suggests keeping the message as it adds a comedic element to the situation.

  • What is the speaker's investment strategy regarding the 'Dog with Blue Hat' token?

    -The speaker mentions investing a moderate amount, which he can afford to lose, hoping for a substantial return but prepared for the possibility of losing the investment.

  • What does the speaker perceive as the benefits of meme coins like 'Dog with Blue Hat'?

    -The speaker sees meme coins as having the potential for rapid and significant financial gains due to their volatile nature, which can lead to high rewards for investors aware of the risks.

  • What is the general sentiment of the crypto community on the 'Dog with Blue Hat' token, according to the speaker?

    -The community's sentiment, as gathered from discussions in the telegram group, suggests frustration or disbelief that the developers sold their holdings too quickly and missed out on the subsequent pump.



🚀 Crypto Gains: The Dog with Blue Hat Coin's Unexpected Surge

The speaker discusses an extraordinary increase in the value of a cryptocurrency called 'Dog with Blue Hat', which spiked by 25,200% within a three-hour period. Initially, the coin had a market cap of $24K, but it surged to $488K, providing significant returns for early investors. The speaker speculates that the coin's founder may have sold off their tokens, leading to a massive sell-off and a subsequent drop in value. However, the community seems to have taken over, and the coin's value has rebounded, much to the chagrin of the original developer. The speaker warns against investing in such volatile assets and emphasizes the high-risk nature of 'meme coins'.


😂 The Meme Coin's Website: A Humorous Take on a Potential Scam

The speaker talks about the Dog with Blue Hat coin's website, which humorously warns visitors not to buy into a potential 'pump and dump' scheme. The speaker finds the situation amusing, as the coin's value has skyrocketed despite the founder seemingly having sold off their tokens. The speaker suggests that the coin is now community-driven, and the website owner has control over the site's content. They express a desire for the website to maintain its humorous and cautionary tone, even as the coin's value increases, and they share their decision to hold onto their investment for potentially higher returns.


⚠️ Risk and Reward: The High-Stakes World of Meme Coins

The speaker emphasizes the high-risk, high-reward nature of investing in meme coins, using the Dog with Blue Hat coin as an example. They caution viewers about the potential for extreme volatility and the possibility of losing one's entire investment. The speaker shares their own experience of investing a few hundred dollars in the coin and seeing substantial profits within a short period. They also discuss the benefits of being a Patreon subscriber, which provides access to buy alerts and a VIP Telegram group for further investment opportunities. The speaker concludes by reiterating the importance of only investing what one can afford to lose in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.



💡Pump and Dump

A 'pump and dump' scheme is a type of securities fraud that involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price. In the video, the speaker discusses a cryptocurrency that experienced a rapid increase in value (a 'pump') and then a significant sell-off (a 'dump'), which is indicative of a pump and dump scheme.


Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and operates independently of a central authority. The video's main theme revolves around a specific cryptocurrency called 'Dog with Blue Hat', which is used as an example to discuss the volatile nature of such digital assets.


In the context of the video, 'cap' likely refers to the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency, which is the total value of all coins in circulation. The speaker mentions various 'caps' such as '27k cap' and '488k', indicating the market value of the cryptocurrency at different points in time.


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service. It is also used as a platform for various communities, including those focused on cryptocurrency trading. In the script, the speaker references a Telegram group where people discuss the cryptocurrency and its developments.

💡Rug Pull

A 'rug pull' in the cryptocurrency world is when the developers of a new cryptocurrency abandon the project after raising funds, leaving investors with a worthless product. The speaker speculates that the founders of the 'Dog with Blue Hat' cryptocurrency may have performed a rug pull, based on the sudden drop in value.


Volatility refers to the degree of variation in the value of a financial asset. The video discusses the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency in question, highlighting how it can lead to significant gains or losses in a short period, as seen with the 1800% increase within 3 hours.

💡Community Driven

A 'community-driven' project is one that is developed and managed by its community of users rather than a centralized authority or a single developer. The speaker suggests that after the alleged rug pull, the cryptocurrency became community-driven, with the original developers no longer having influence over it.


An 'influencer' is an individual who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience. The speaker identifies himself as an influencer who has the ability to recognize potential in projects and share them with his audience.

💡Buy Alert

A 'buy alert' is a signal or recommendation to purchase a particular asset, often used in the context of trading. The speaker mentions that he provides buy alerts to his Patreon subscribers, which can influence the asset's price due to the trust his audience places in his recommendations.


Patreon is a platform that allows creators to receive financial support from their fans or patrons. In the video, the speaker uses Patreon as a way to offer exclusive content, including buy alerts for cryptocurrencies, to his subscribers.

💡Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks. The speaker emphasizes the importance of only investing what one can afford to lose, especially when dealing with high-risk assets like the cryptocurrency discussed in the video.


Dog with Blue Hat cryptocurrency experienced an insane 25x pump in just 3 hours.

The coin's value surged by 1,800% within 24 hours, particularly in the last 3 hours as shown in the video.

The presenter, Crypto Gaines, initially saw potential in the coin similar to the success of Dogecoin.

Patreons and subscribers were alerted to the opportunity, with some investing at a $27k market cap.

The website for Dog with Blue Hat was operational 3 hours prior but later displayed a warning against a pump and dump scheme.

A massive selloff, suspected to be from the founder, led to a 63% drop in the coin's value.

The presenter speculates the founder may have dumped their tokens, leading to community-driven growth afterward.

Despite the volatility, the presenter remains bullish on the coin due to its community support and potential.

The website now humorously warns against investing in the coin, which the presenter finds entertaining.

The presenter invested a few hundred dollars and is currently seeing significant profits.

Patreons who acted on the buy alert have made substantial returns on their investment.

The presenter advises against investing in such high-risk meme coins unless one is prepared for extreme volatility.

The potential for 100x returns is discussed, with the presenter aiming for a $500,000 profit.

The community seems to be rallying behind the coin, despite the initial selloff.

The presenter suggests that the original developers may be upset that the coin's value has increased after their selloff.

The video ends with a reminder of the risks involved in investing in meme coins and a call to join the Patreon for exclusive alerts.