5+ FREE AI Image Upscaler

14 Apr 202410:57

TLDRThis video introduces five free AI image upscaling tools, ideal for enhancing image quality without cost. Tools like 'upscale with a Y' cater to high-configuration PCs, while others offer solutions for lower-end systems. Each tool has its limitations, such as maximum pixel size or daily usage, but they provide impressive results, with some even supporting 4X upscaling for free. The video also compares the effectiveness of these tools, highlighting the best options for different needs, making it a valuable resource for content creators seeking to upscale images efficiently.


  • 💻 The first tool mentioned, 'upscale with a Y', requires a high-configuration PC for optimal use.
  • 🔍 For those with lower PC specs, a solution is provided through a downloadable tool with a user-friendly interface for image selection and upscaling.
  • 🔧 Users can experiment with different models and settings to upscale images up to 4X or even 16X with the double upscale option.
  • 👀 The tool impressively enhances image details, especially noticeable in the eyes and whiskers of the images provided as examples.
  • 🎨 People with powerful graphics cards can benefit from this free tool as a top option for image upscaling in the market.
  • 🌐 A website is suggested for those without powerful systems, offering hundreds of free tools including an image upscaler with up to 4X free upscaling.
  • 📏 One limitation of the mentioned free tools is the maximum image size they can upscale, capped at 2,000 pixels for height or width.
  • 🛠️ The third tool, from clipd.io, offers 2x upscaling for free but requires a subscription for higher multiples or detailed upscaling.
  • 📸 Pixel cut provides 2x free upscaling and allows for larger image sizes compared to clip drop, but charges for 4X upscaling.
  • 🔮 The fifth tool, upscale.media, offers both normal and AI upscaling with a proof-of-Earth requirement before image processing.
  • 🎖️ The sixth tool, ca.ai, provides 2x upscaling for free but limits compute time to 3 minutes per day for free use.
  • 🤖 Leonardo AI's Universal upscaler is introduced as a powerful tool with a daily coin limit, allowing for up to 2x free upscaling with various styles and strengths.

Q & A

  • What is the first free AI image upscaler mentioned in the script and what are its system requirements?

    -The first free AI image upscaler mentioned is 'upscale with a Y'. It requires a high configuration PC to use effectively, but for those with lower configuration PCs, there are alternative solutions provided.

  • How many times can you upscale an image using the first tool mentioned in the script?

    -With the first tool, you can upscale an image multiple times according to your preference in the settings option, with the result being more detailed and clear with each upscaling.

  • What is the limitation of the second tool's free version in terms of image size?

    -The second tool's free version has a limitation where the upscaled image size cannot exceed 2,000 pixels for either height or width.

  • What does the third tool, ClipDrop, offer in terms of upscaling options?

    -ClipDrop provides 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x upscaling options, but for detailed upscaling or batch upscaling, a subscription is required.

  • What is the limitation of the fourth tool, Create. Pixel Cut, in terms of image size for free upscaling?

    -Create. Pixel Cut allows free 2x upscaling, but for 4x upscaling, a payment is required. It also has a limitation on the image size that can be upscaled for free, which is larger than both ClipDrop and the second tool mentioned.

  • What is the unique feature of the fifth tool, Upscale Media, compared to the others?

    -Upscale Media offers both normal and AI upscaling options, allowing users to compare the results and choose the one they prefer.

  • What is the limitation of the sixth tool, Kaa, in terms of compute time for free use?

    -Kaa provides 3 minutes of compute time for free each day, which is a good amount of time for using its image upscaling capabilities.

  • What is the daily credit limit for using Leonardo AI's Universal upscaler tool?

    -Leonardo AI provides 150 coins for free every day, which can be used to upscale images up to 2x.

  • What is the size limitation for free plans on Leonardo AI's upscaler tool?

    -The free plans on Leonardo AI's upscaler tool are limited to 5-megapixel upscales, meaning you cannot upscale an image larger than 5 megapixels without adjusting the upscale multiplier.

  • How does the script suggest using the different tools for the best results?

    -The script suggests using Kaa and Leonardo AI for the most prioritized images due to their compute time and daily credit limits, and then using Pixel Cut, ClipDrop, and others for additional images.

  • What is the main takeaway from the script regarding the use of AI image upscaling tools?

    -The main takeaway is that there are various free AI image upscaling tools available, each with its own strengths, limitations, and ideal use cases. Content creators can benefit from these tools depending on their specific needs and system capabilities.



🖼️ Best Free Image Upscaler Tools Overview

The script introduces various free image upscaling tools available in the market. It highlights the first tool, 'Upscale with a Y,' which requires a high-configuration PC and suggests an alternative for low-configuration devices. The process involves selecting an image, choosing models, setting output folders, and scaling options. The tool impressively enhances image details, especially eyes and whiskers, and offers up to 16x scaling. The script also mentions other tools, such as 'upscale image,' which provides 4x scaling for free with a 2000-pixel size limit, and compares the results of different tools for the best image upscaling solution.


🔍 In-Depth Analysis of Free Image Upscaling Tools

This paragraph delves into the evaluation of several free image upscaling tools, discussing their limitations and capabilities. It covers tools like 'Kaa,' which offers 2x upscaling for free with a 3-minute compute time limit, and 'Leonardo AI,' which provides daily coins for upscaling and allows for up to 2x scaling with various strength settings. The paragraph emphasizes the importance of creativity strength and prompt guidance in achieving high-quality results. It concludes with a comparison of the tools' outputs, showcasing the effectiveness of each in enhancing image details and resolving glitches.


📊 Comparative Evaluation and Recommendations for Image Upscaling Tools

The final paragraph summarizes the comparison among the discussed image upscaling tools, providing insights into their performance at different upscaling strengths. It ranks 'Kaa' as the top option due to its generous compute time, followed by 'Leonardo AI' for its daily coin system. The paragraph advises using these tools for prioritized images, then utilizing 'Pixel Cut' and 'Clip Drop' for additional upscaling needs. It concludes by endorsing these tools as valuable resources for content creators seeking free upscaling solutions.



💡AI Image Upscaler

An AI Image Upscaler is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to enhance the resolution of images, making them appear clearer and more detailed without the loss of quality that often accompanies traditional upscaling methods. In the video, the host discusses various free AI Image Upscalers available online, emphasizing their ability to produce high-quality results, especially when compared to paid alternatives.

💡High Configuration PC

A High Configuration PC refers to a personal computer with advanced hardware specifications, such as a powerful processor, a high-end graphics card, and ample RAM. In the context of the video, the host mentions that some AI Image Upscalers perform better on high configuration PCs, suggesting that these systems can handle the computational demands of AI-based image processing more effectively.

💡Low Configuration

Low Configuration describes a system with basic or entry-level hardware specifications, which may struggle with resource-intensive tasks like AI image upscaling. The video script offers solutions for users with low configuration PCs, recommending specific tools that can still provide satisfactory upscaling results without requiring high-end hardware.

💡Upscaling Models

Upscaling Models in the context of AI Image Upscalers refer to the different algorithms or techniques used by the software to increase the resolution of an image. The video mentions that users can experiment with various models to see how they affect the final image, indicating that different models may produce different results in terms of detail and clarity.

💡Output Folder

An Output Folder is the directory on a computer where the processed or final files are saved after an operation like image upscaling. The script explains that users can select an output folder in the upscaling software, which allows them to organize and easily access their upscaled images.

💡2x, 4x, 8x, 16x Upscaling

These terms refer to the multiples by which an image's resolution can be increased using an image upscaler. For example, 2x upscaling would double the original dimensions of the image, while 16x would increase it by a factor of sixteen. The video script highlights that some tools offer different levels of upscaling, with higher multiples providing more dramatic enhancements in image size and detail.

💡Free Tools

Free Tools are software applications or online services that can be used without payment. The video script discusses several free AI Image Upscalers, emphasizing their value for users who may not want to or cannot afford to pay for premium upscaling services.


A Subscription in this context refers to a payment plan that grants users access to premium features or additional capabilities of a service that is otherwise free or limited. The script mentions that while some basic upscaling is free, advanced features like higher resolution upscaling or batch processing may require a subscription.

💡Image Size Limitation

Image Size Limitation refers to the maximum dimensions or resolution that an image upscaling tool can process. The video explains that some free tools have limitations on the size of images they can upscale, which can affect the usability of the tool for users with larger or higher-resolution images.

💡Batch Upscaling

Batch Upscaling is the process of upscaling multiple images at once, rather than one by one. This feature can save time and effort for users who need to upscale a large number of images. The script mentions that some tools offer batch upscaling as a premium feature, requiring a subscription to access.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is mentioned in the script as a provider of an 'Universal upscaler tool.' It represents a specific AI Image Upscaler that the video discusses, highlighting its features and capabilities. The tool from Leonardo AI allows users to choose different upscaling styles and strengths, and it uses a credit system for free use, with daily limits on the number of images that can be upscaled.


Upscale with a Y is a powerful AI image upscaler for high-configuration PCs.

For low-configuration PCs, a solution is provided with a downloadable tool for various devices.

The tool offers a simple interface with options to select images, choose models, and set output folders.

Users can upscale images multiple times and adjust settings for impressive results, especially in eyes and whiskers detail.

4X upscaling with the double upscale option results in a 16x upscaled image with enhanced clarity.

The second tool offers 4X free upscaling, a rarity among free tools that typically offer only 2x.

This tool has a limitation of 2,000 pixels for image height or width after upscaling.

Clipd is introduced as a third tool with a variety of free, mind-blowing tools.

Clipd allows for 2x upscaling of images up to 2800 x 600 pixels for free.

Pixel cut is the fourth tool, offering 2x free upscaling with the option to upscale larger images for a fee.

Upscale media is the fifth tool, providing normal and AI upscaling with a proof of not being from Mars.

Kaa is the sixth tool, offering 2x upscaling with a 3-minute compute time limit per day.

Leonardo AI's Universal upscaler is the seventh tool, allowing up to 2x upscaling with various styles and strengths.

Leonardo AI requires a prompt for better AI understanding and offers 150 coins daily for up to five images per day.

A comparison of the tools shows that Kaa and Leonardo AI provide the best results for prioritized images.

Pixel cut and clip drop are recommended for upscaling a larger number of images due to their free offerings.

Content creators can benefit greatly from these free tools for image upscaling.