8 AI Side Husltes You Can Start In 2024 (Almost Free)

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24 Mar 202414:20

TLDRDiscover eight AI-driven side hustles in 2024 that require minimal investment yet offer lucrative returns. From copywriting and prompt engineering to creating SEO blogs, video scripts, and social media content, these hustles leverage AI tools like WR Sonic for efficiency. Learn how to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly, scale your skills, and stay ahead in the AI-powered content creation industry.


  • 😀 AI can be leveraged for side hustles with minimal investment using a tool like Sonic.
  • 📝 Copywriting is a profitable side hustle due to constant demand for various types of content by businesses.
  • 💰 Copywriters charge between $10 to $300 per copy, with AI tools like WR Sonic helping to streamline the process.
  • 🤖 Prompt engineering involves crafting questions for AI systems to get helpful answers, with a growing demand and earning potential.
  • 📊 Writing SEO-optimized blogs is a lucrative side hustle, with AI tools like WR Sonic aiding in content creation and optimization.
  • 🎬 Writing video scripts is a creative option with a high earning potential, supported by AI for idea generation and scriptwriting.
  • 📱 Social media content creation is an easy entry side hustle with AI tools facilitating the generation of engaging posts.
  • ✍️ Editing blogs and articles is a detail-oriented side hustle, with AI assisting in enhancing clarity and reader experience.
  • 🤖 Building chatbots is a high-paying side hustle, becoming more accessible with no-code platforms like Bot Sonic.
  • 🛠️ Creating custom GPTs or chatbots is a premium service with high earning potential, simplified by platforms that allow easy customization.
  • 🚀 The key to success in these AI side hustles is to start small, learn quickly, and scale as experience grows.

Q & A

  • What are the eight AI side hustles mentioned in the transcript?

    -The eight AI side hustles mentioned are copywriting, prompt engineering, writing top-ranking blogs, writing video scripts, writing content for social media, editing blogs and articles, creating website chatbots, and creating custom GPTs.

  • How does the use of an AI tool like WR Sonic benefit a copywriter?

    -WR Sonic helps a copywriter by quickly creating top-quality copy for ads, emails, and websites without spending hours on it. It offers templates for different types of copy and handles the writing process after the user fills in details about the product or service.

  • What is the role of a prompt engineer in the context of AI?

    -A prompt engineer figures out the best way to ask AI systems questions to get the most helpful answers. They help ensure that companies and people are using AI correctly by crafting prompts that produce the desired outputs.

  • How can AI tools assist in writing SEO-optimized blogs?

    -AI tools like WR Sonic's AI article writer help content creators write high-quality, SEO-optimized content. They allow users to input important keywords, analyze competitor articles, customize word count, and tone, and have inbuilt SEO capabilities.

  • What is the earning potential for video scriptwriters in the context of AI side hustles?

    -Video scriptwriters can earn up to $1,000 for detailed, long-form scripts. The demand for video content is booming, and skilled scriptwriters can command premium rates, especially in niches like educational or corporate video scripts.

  • How can AI assist in creating social media content?

    -AI tools like chat Sonic can generate ideas, copy, and even custom bot builders for a more personalized approach. They also have tools to generate Instagram captions, Twitter tweets, and YouTube ideas, making the content creation process more efficient.

  • What are the benefits of using an AI tool for editing blogs and articles?

    -AI tools like the Sonic editor can assist with grammar, structure, plagiarism checks, and SEO optimization. They help enhance the readability and credibility of the content, making the editing process more efficient.

  • How does building chatbots with AI platforms like Bot Sonic differ from traditional programming methods?

    -Building chatbots with AI platforms like Bot Sonic is easier and does not require coding experience. Users can create customized conversational AI chatbots by deciding on a use case, inputting instructions, uploading data for training, and finalizing the bot's appearance.

  • What is the earning potential for creating custom GPTs?

    -Creating custom GPTs is a premium service with high earning potential, ranging from $500 to several thousand dollars per project. The profitability depends on the skill level and complexity of the projects taken on.

  • What advice is given for starting and scaling an AI side hustle?

    -The advice given is to start small, learn quickly, and scale the hustle as more experience is gained. This approach allows individuals to gradually build their skills and client base.



🤖 Leveraging AI for Side Hustles with WR Sonic

This paragraph introduces eight AI-powered side hustles that can be started with minimal investment. It emphasizes the use of a single AI tool, WR Sonic, to facilitate these ventures. The side hustles range from copywriting to prompt engineering, with varying levels of ease and earning potential. The paragraph rates each side hustle on a scale of 1 to 5, considering factors like demand, the learning curve, and potential income. It highlights the efficiency of AI in creating content, such as website copy and ad copy, and the importance of understanding AI capabilities for prompt engineering.


📝 Writing SEO-Optimized Blogs and Video Scripts with AI

The second paragraph discusses the benefits of using AI for content creation, specifically for SEO-optimized blogs and video scripts. It details how AI tools like WR Sonic can assist in writing high-quality content quickly, with features to analyze competitors, paraphrase, and summarize text. The paragraph also covers the earning potential for content creators and the importance of editing for quality assurance. It rates the ease of skill for writing blogs and video scripts, noting the high demand for such content and the potential for high earnings in the field.


💬 Social Media Content Creation and Chatbot Development with AI

This paragraph explores the use of AI for social media content creation and chatbot development. It explains how AI can streamline the process of writing engaging posts and developing chatbots for websites. The paragraph outlines the earning potential for social media content creators and the increasing demand for chatbots in customer service. It also touches on the ease of skill required for these side hustles, with AI tools simplifying the process and allowing for customization. The paragraph concludes by emphasizing the high value and earning potential of creating customized chatbots and generative pre-trained Transformers (GPTs).



💡AI Side Hustles

AI Side Hustles refer to part-time or supplemental income-generating activities that leverage artificial intelligence technologies. In the video, these hustles are presented as opportunities to earn money with minimal investment, highlighting the potential for significant monthly earnings by utilizing AI tools like WR Sonic.

💡WR Sonic

WR Sonic is an AI tool mentioned in the script that aids in various tasks such as copywriting, prompt engineering, and content creation. It is portrayed as a single solution that simplifies the process of generating high-quality content, making it easier for individuals to start side hustles in the AI domain.


Copywriting is a form of writing that involves creating persuasive content for advertising and marketing purposes. The script emphasizes its profitability and constant demand, as every business requires content like website copy, ad copy, and email content. The use of AI, such as WR Sonic, is suggested to streamline the copywriting process.

💡Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the process of formulating questions for AI systems to elicit the most helpful responses. The script describes it as a growing field where understanding AI models and creativity are key. It also mentions the use of AI tools like chat Sonic to enhance the quality of prompts.

💡SEO Optimized Blogs

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing a website's visibility in search engine results. The script suggests that writing SEO-optimized blogs is a lucrative side hustle because it helps attract more visitors and potentially increase sales and revenue for businesses.

💡Video Scripts

Video scripts are written outlines for video content across various platforms. The script discusses the growing demand for video content and the need for scripts, positioning writing video scripts as a creative and engaging side hustle that can generate passive income.

💡Social Media Content

Social media content refers to the posts, stories, and other materials created for platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The script highlights the importance of engaging and consistent social media content for businesses and influencers, presenting content creation for these platforms as a side hustle with significant earning potential.


Editing involves reviewing and refining written content to improve clarity, conciseness, and overall quality. The script positions editing as a side hustle suitable for detail-oriented individuals who can enhance the reader's experience and the credibility of the content through careful editing.


Chatbots are AI-powered programs designed to interact with users on websites, providing information and assistance. The script discusses building chatbots as a high-paying side hustle, emphasizing the growing need for businesses to automate customer service and improve user experience.

💡Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs, or generative pre-trained Transformers, refer to AI chatbots that are tailored to specific topics or tasks. The script describes creating custom GPTs as a premium service with high earning potential, especially with platforms like Bots Sonic that simplify the process of building these bots without extensive coding knowledge.


Eight AI side hustles can be started in 2024 with almost no investment, potentially earning hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly.

All side hustles can be managed using a single AI tool, Sonic.

Side hustles are rated on ease of execution and potential earnings.

Copywriting is a high-demand side hustle with businesses requiring various types of content.

AI tool WR Sonic can facilitate quick creation of top-quality copy for ads, emails, and websites.

Prompt engineering helps get the most helpful answers from AI systems.

Chat Sonic by WR Sonic enhances prompts and provides follow-up questions to improve AI responses.

Writing SEO-optimized blogs is a lucrative side hustle due to the high demand for content visibility.

WR Sonic's AI article writer helps in creating SEO-optimized content quickly.

Writing video scripts is a creative side hustle with a booming demand for video content.

WR Sonic offers tools to create video scripts and train AI to match specific tones and voices.

Social media content creation is an easy side hustle with a wide range of content types.

Chat Sonic can generate ideas and copy for social media posts, enhancing efficiency.

Editing blogs and articles is a side hustle for detail-oriented individuals with a love for editing.

Sonic editor within WR Sonic assists with editing, SEO, and plagiarism checks.

Creating website chatbots is a high-paying side hustle with increasing automation in customer service.

Bot Sonic allows non-coders to create customized conversational AI chatbots easily.

Creating custom GPTs involves developing smart chatbots for specific tasks or topics.

Bots Sonic's GPT bot builder simplifies the creation of custom GPTs with no coding required.

Custom GPT creation is a premium service with high earning potential due to its high level of customization.