AI Art Generator : Make Money By Selling AI Art

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16 Nov 202309:30

TLDRDiscover how AI is revolutionizing the design industry, enabling creators to generate and sell AI art. The video introduces a platform for selling AI-generated designs, emphasizes the importance of using platforms that provide commercial licenses, and demonstrates the process of creating art with AI using aiso art. It also explores, an AI-powered marketplace for designers to submit, upscale, and sell their work across multiple platforms, offering additional features like image styling and face swapping. The video concludes with tips on monetizing AI art and the benefits of premium memberships for increased submissions and features.


  • 🎨 Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the design field, enabling anyone to create outstanding designs and generate income from them.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The video introduces a platform for selling AI art and manipulating designs using AI, emphasizing the importance of choosing AI tools that provide commercial licenses.
  • 🌿 Popular niches for AI-generated images include nature and food, and Google Bard can be used for research on the most popular image niches in the stock market.
  • πŸ” When using AI art generators, it's crucial to avoid free tools that don't offer commercial licenses and opt for platforms like Mid Journey that do.
  • πŸ‘€ To create AI art, one must first create an account on the AI art generator platform, select a model, and enter a prompt to generate the desired image.
  • 🎨 Tools like Gravity can assist in generating prompts for those who need help coming up with ideas for their AI art.
  • πŸ“Έ AI-generated images can be monetized through various platforms, but the video suggests using Wirestock, an AI-powered marketplace that allows selling on multiple platforms with a single upload.
  • πŸš€ Wirestock offers additional features such as AI image generation, image style transformation, image mixing, face swapping, and image upscaling.
  • πŸ’° Creators can earn a commission of 30% to 100% from sales on Wirestock, with the potential to increase income by participating in daily AI art generation challenges.
  • πŸ“ˆ The video creator shares their personal success on Wirestock, having made over $1,300 by selling AI-generated art, highlighting the platform's efficiency and potential for income generation.
  • πŸ”₯ Premium packages on Wirestock offer more submission allowances and advanced features at reasonable prices, making it a valuable resource for designers and creators.

Q & A

  • What significant changes has artificial intelligence brought to the field of design?

    -Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the field of design by enabling anyone to create outstanding designs. It has made the process more accessible and efficient, allowing designers to generate high-quality artwork and designs with the help of AI-powered tools and platforms.

  • How can one find popular niches for AI-generated art?

    -To find popular niches for AI-generated art, one can use Google Bard or other search tools by entering a prompt such as 'three most popular image niches in the stock marketplace.' This will provide insights into the most sought-after categories for AI art.

  • Why is it important to use AI art generators that provide a commercial license?

    -Using AI art generators that provide a commercial license is crucial because it ensures the user has the legal right to sell or use the generated art for commercial purposes. Many free AI generators do not offer commercial licenses, which can lead to copyright issues.

  • What are some features of the platform? is an AI art generator that provides a commercial license for its users. It offers various art generator models, allows users to add filters, and enables the generation of ultra-realistic art, among other features.

  • How can one generate prompts for AI art creation?

    -For prompt generation, designers can use tools like gravity right. This platform offers an image prompt tool that generates four different prompts based on the user's input, such as design concept, action, environment, and art form.

  • What is the process of uploading and selling AI-generated art on

    -To sell AI-generated art on, one must first create an account, complete their profile, and upload their art. The platform provides AI tools for image generation, reimagining, mixing, face swapping, and upscaling. Users can then submit their art to various marketplaces for monetization.

  • What are the benefits of using for selling AI-generated art? is an AI-powered marketplace that allows designers to sell their art on multiple platforms without the need to individually upload to each one. It also offers a range of AI tools for enhancing and creating art, making it a comprehensive platform for designers and creators.

  • What are the premium packages offered by and what do they include? offers two premium packages: Premium and Premium AI. The Premium package allows users to submit 100 images on marketplaces with unlimited image upscales for $7.79 per month. The Premium AI package offers 200 marketplace submissions, 1,000 monthly AI generations, and access to all AI tools for less than $15 per month.

  • What is the sales commission structure for creators on

    -The sales commission for creators on ranges from 30% to 100%. This means that for an art piece valued at $100, the creator would receive a minimum of $70.

  • How can one participate in the daily AI art generation challenge on

    -To participate in the daily AI art generation challenge on, creators need to create art based on the given topic and submit it through the platform. Wirestock runs this competition and awards cash prizes to the daily winners.

  • What additional features does offer besides being a marketplace for AI-generated art?

    -Besides being a marketplace, offers a suite of AI tools, including image generation, reimagining, mixing, face swapping, and upscaling. It also allows creators to upload and sell videos, providing a versatile platform for monetizing various forms of digital content.



🎨 AI in Design: Monetizing AI Art

This paragraph introduces the impact of artificial intelligence on the design field, emphasizing the ease with which individuals can now create outstanding designs with AI. It highlights the commercial success some are experiencing by selling AI-generated art. The speaker plans to share a platform for selling AI art and discusses the importance of using AI tools that provide commercial licenses. The recommended platform is aiso art, which offers a commercial license and is used to generate ultra-realistic art. The process of creating an account, selecting a model, and entering prompts to generate AI art is outlined, along with a suggestion to use tools like gravity right for prompt generation.


🌟 Enhancing and Monetizing AI Art

The second paragraph delves into the various features available on the wirestock platform for enhancing and monetizing AI-generated art. It discusses the ability to change image styles, mix images, swap faces, and upscale low-resolution images. The platform's marketplace is introduced as a one-stop solution for selling art across multiple platforms, with a focus on its AI tools and the potential to earn substantial income. The paragraph outlines the account creation process, the submission of personal details, and the uploading of art, including the requirement for images to be larger than 4 megapixels. It also explains the premium packages available for more extensive features and higher submission limits, and the potential earnings from sales commissions.



πŸ’‘artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to create outstanding designs, emphasizing its role in the field of design and its capability to generate art that can be sold commercially.


Design is the process of creating visual or functional concepts, often with the purpose of problem-solving or communication. In the video, design is a key focus, with AI being used to generate designs that can be monetized in the stock market and discussed as a tool for designers to create and manipulate designs efficiently.


A niche refers to a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. In the video, the speaker suggests choosing a niche, such as nature or food, for creating designs with AI, highlighting the importance of targeting specific market segments for successful sales.

πŸ’‘commercial license

A commercial license is a legal permission that allows the user to use a product, such as AI design software, for commercial purposes, including selling the generated designs. The video emphasizes the importance of using AI platforms that provide a commercial license to ensure legality and monetization of the art.

πŸ’‘AI art generator

An AI art generator is a software or platform that uses artificial intelligence to create visual art based on user input or prompts. In the video, the AI art generator is central to the theme, as it is used to produce designs that can be sold on various platforms, with a focus on those that provide commercial licenses.

πŸ’‘prompt generation

Prompt generation involves creating a specific input or statement that guides the AI to produce a particular design or piece of art. The video mentions using tools like gravity right for prompt generation to help users who may not be adept at creating effective prompts for AI art generators.


To monetize means to convert a non-profit asset or resource into one that generates income. In the context of the video, monetizing AI-generated art involves selling the designs on various platforms or using specific marketplaces like wirestock to earn money from the created content.


Wirestock is an AI-powered marketplace for designers, allowing them to submit and sell their art, vectors, and even videos. It also provides tools for image enhancement and style transformation. The platform is highlighted in the video as a one-stop solution for designers to monetize their AI-generated creations.

πŸ’‘image mixer

An image mixer is a tool that combines two or more images to create a new, unique image. In the video, the image mixer is one of the features provided by wirestock, allowing designers to mix their AI-generated art with other images for additional creative possibilities.

πŸ’‘AI tools hub

An AI tools hub is a centralized platform that offers a variety of artificial intelligence-based tools for tasks such as image generation, style transformation, and image mixing. The video describes wirestock as an AI tools hub, emphasizing its role in providing designers with a range of AI-powered capabilities to enhance and monetize their creations.

πŸ’‘sales commission

Sales commission refers to the percentage of the sale price that is paid to the seller or the creator of the product. In the context of the video, wirestock offers creators a sales commission ranging from 30% to 100%, meaning that creators can earn a significant portion of the revenue from their AI-generated art sold on the platform.


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of design, making it easier for anyone to create outstanding designs.

Individuals are now able to generate significant income by creating and selling AI-generated designs.

Selecting a niche is crucial, with nature and food being among the most popular for stock images.

Google Bard can be utilized for researching popular image niches in the stock market.

Free AI generators found online often lack commercial licenses, so it's important to use platforms that provide them.

Platforms like Mid Journey and Aiso Art offer AI art generation with commercial licenses.

Aiso Art is highlighted as an exceptional AI art generator providing commercial licenses.

The process of creating an account on Aiso Art and selecting an art generation model is straightforward.

Filters can be added in Aiso Art to refine the generation process, but they are not mandatory.

Gravity Right is a tool for generating prompts, which can assist those less skilled in prompt creation.

Gravity Right offers various art forms like photography, which can be selected for prompt generation.

AI-generated art can be monetized through platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Fine Art America.

Wirestock is an AI-powered marketplace that allows designers to sell their art across multiple platforms.

Wirestock provides tools for image generation, reimagining, mixing, face swapping, and upscaling.

The platform offers premium packages for unlimited image upscales and additional features.

Designers can earn substantial income from Wirestock, with sales commissions ranging from 30% to 100%.

The video creator has made over $1,300 by selling AI-generated art, showcasing the potential income from this method.

Wirestock is not just a marketplace but also an AI tools hub, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for designers and creators.