AI Makes Any Sound A Synth Preset INSTANTLY

5 Oct 202308:45

TLDRThe video discusses a groundbreaking plugin that uses AI to revolutionize music production. It explains the concepts of sampling and synthesis, showing how the plugin, Synplant 2 by Sonic charge, can take any audio sample and recreate it as a synth preset. This allows producers to not only replicate sounds but also to alter and manipulate them at a fundamental level, offering creative possibilities previously unimaginable. The plugin's new Geno patch feature is highlighted, demonstrating its ability to analyze and recreate sounds with high fidelity. The video concludes with excitement about the ethical use of AI in music and the potential for further innovation.


  • 🎛️ The AI plugin discussed is a game changer in music production, allowing producers to create sounds they never imagined before.
  • 🔁 Sampling involves using a piece of real audio and playing it back at different pitches, creating a realistic sound.
  • 🎼 Synthesis starts with basic sound waves and builds complex sounds by modulating them in various ways.
  • 🌱 Synplant 2 by Sonic Charge is a synthesizer with a unique interface that can create a wide range of sounds.
  • 🔧 The new Geno patch feature in Synplant 2 allows users to input any audio sound and have the plugin recreate the sound with adjustable parameters.
  • 🎚️ With Geno patch, users can access the 'source code' of a sound, enabling them to alter it internally.
  • 🚀 The ability to manipulate sounds internally opens up new creative possibilities for music producers.
  • 🥁 The plugin can also be used to analyze and recreate drum samples, offering a multitude of options for sound design.
  • 🎹 Synplant 2 is not only useful for creating new sounds but also for experimenting with complex and unique sounds.
  • 🎧 The video demonstrates the plugin's capabilities with various sound examples, including bass hits, drum samples, and vocals.
  • 📚 The presenter encourages viewers to explore ethical AI usage in music and to check out Synplant 2 for themselves.
  • 🎉 The video concludes with an invitation to subscribe for more content and a discount offer for an online music production course.

Q & A

  • What are the two concepts discussed in the beginning of the transcript that are fundamental to music production?

    -The two concepts discussed are sampling and synthesis. Sampling involves taking a piece of audio and using it as a musical instrument across different pitches. Synthesis, on the other hand, creates sounds from basic building blocks like sine waves and can be used to make complex and unique sounds.

  • How does a sampler work in music production?

    -A sampler is a device that plays back recorded audio at various pitches, effectively turning the audio sample into a musical instrument. It allows for the manipulation of the pitch without altering the timing, which is useful for creating realistic and varied sounds.

  • What is the limitation of using sampling for creating sounds?

    -Sampling is limited by the actual recordings used. It is difficult to fundamentally change the sound or its timbre without introducing additional effects or processing, such as auto-tune.

  • How does the process of synthesis differ from sampling?

    -Synthesis involves creating sounds from scratch using basic waveforms, which can then be modulated and combined in various ways to produce complex sounds. It allows for greater flexibility and creativity as it manipulates the fundamental properties of the sound.

  • What is the Synplant 2 plugin and how does it work?

    -Synplant 2 is a synthesizer plugin from Sonic charge that has a unique, plant-based structure for sound design. It allows users to create and modulate sounds in various ways, offering a wide range of settings and controls to shape the sound.

  • What is the new feature added to Synplant 2 that allows for a different approach to sound design?

    -The new feature is called Geno patch, which enables users to drop any audio sound or sample into the plugin, and it will automatically adjust its settings to recreate the sound. This allows for the sound to be altered from the inside out.

  • How does the Geno patch feature of Synplant 2 differ from traditional sampling?

    -Unlike traditional sampling, the Geno patch feature provides the user with the 'source code' of the sound, allowing for internal alterations and modifications to the sound, rather than just playing the sample back at different pitches.

  • What is the potential of using the Geno patch feature for drum samples?

    -The Geno patch feature can analyze drum samples and recreate them, offering a multitude of variations and options to choose from, which can significantly expand a producer's sound palette for drum sounds.

  • What are the implications of using AI in music production as demonstrated by the Synplant 2 plugin?

    -The use of AI in music production, as shown by the Synplant 2 plugin, allows for the creation of new and unique sounds that were previously unimaginable. It also promotes ethical AI usage in the creative process, opening up new possibilities for music producers.

  • How does the Geno patch feature handle more complex sounds like vocals or growls?

    -The Geno patch feature can analyze and recreate complex sounds such as vocals or growls, though it may not always produce perfect results with every type of sound. It can still offer interesting and unique variations that can be further manipulated.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the future of AI in music production?

    -The speaker is very excited about the future of AI in music production. They believe that AI, as demonstrated by the Synplant 2 plugin, will enable producers to do new things they never even imagined and are eager to see the creative possibilities it will unlock.

  • What is the speaker's recommendation for those interested in learning more about music production?

    -The speaker recommends checking out, which is a collection of online music production courses designed to help individuals learn to make music in the way they want to. They also provide a discount code (lse) for their viewers.



🎼 Introduction to AI in Music Production

The speaker introduces a plugin that revolutionizes music production by leveraging AI. They discuss two fundamental concepts in music production: sampling and synthesis. Sampling involves using recorded audio and manipulating it to create new sounds, while synthesis generates sounds from basic waveforms. The speaker highlights the limitations of sampling, such as the inability to fundamentally alter the sound, and the creative potential of synthesis, which allows for the creation of complex and unique sounds. They then introduce a new feature of the Synplant 2 plugin by Sonic Charge, which allows users to analyze an audio sample and recreate its sound using the plugin's interface, offering a new level of control and creativity.


🔍 Exploring Synplant 2's Geno Patch Feature

The speaker demonstrates the Geno patch feature of Synplant 2, which enables users to import audio samples and have the plugin analyze and recreate the sound. They show how this feature can be used to take a sample, such as a bass hit or a drum sound, and transform it into a fully customizable sound within the plugin. The speaker also tests the feature with more complex sounds, like a bass growl and vocals, to explore its capabilities and limitations. They express excitement about the potential of AI in music production and the ethical use of technology in this field. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to subscribe for more content and to check out the speaker's music production courses for further learning.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to analyze and recreate the sound of a sample, allowing music producers to manipulate and create new sounds they might not have imagined before. It's a game-changer in music production, as it provides a new level of control and creativity.


Sampling is a technique used in music production where a portion or snippet of a sound recording is reused in a new piece of music. The video explains that sampling involves taking a real, recorded sound and using a sampler to play it back at different pitches, effectively turning it into a musical instrument. Sampling is fundamental to creating realistic sounds but is limited by the original recording.


Synthesis in music production is the process of creating sounds from basic building blocks, starting with simple waveforms like sine waves and then adding and modulating these sounds to create complex tones. The video illustrates that while synthesis allows for the creation of unique and complex sounds, it differs from sampling in that it doesn't rely on pre-recorded audio but rather generates sounds from scratch.

💡Sin Plant 2

Sin Plant 2 is a software synthesizer plugin from Sonic Charge that is known for its unique and unconventional sound design capabilities. The video highlights that Sin Plant 2 has a complex interface with a multitude of settings, allowing for the creation of a wide range of sounds. The plugin's new feature, Geno Patch, is particularly noteworthy as it allows users to analyze and recreate the sound of any audio sample.

💡Geno Patch

Geno Patch is a new feature added to the Sin Plant 2 synthesizer that enables users to import an audio sample and have the software analyze it to recreate the sound. This feature is significant because it allows producers to take a pre-recorded sound and not only use it as a sample but also to understand and manipulate its underlying components, offering a new level of sound design.


An envelope in the context of synthesizers refers to the shape of a sound over its duration, typically defined by four stages: attack, decay, sustain, and release (ADSR). The video mentions that Sin Plant 2 includes standard synth controls such as the envelope, which is crucial for shaping the dynamics of the synthesized sounds.


Oscillators are components of a synthesizer that generate the basic waveforms that form the core of a sound. The video discusses oscillators as the actual elements that produce sound within the synthesizer, and they can be modulated to create a wide variety of tones.

💡Filters and Effects

Filters and effects are used in music production to alter and enhance the sound produced by a synthesizer. The video lists filters and effects such as reverb and distortion as part of the standard synth controls available in Sin Plant 2, which can be used to add depth and character to the synthesized sounds.

💡Drum Samples

Drum samples are pre-recorded audio clips of drum hits that can be used in music production to create rhythm tracks. The video demonstrates how the Geno Patch feature can analyze drum samples and recreate them within the synthesizer, providing producers with a vast array of drum sounds to choose from.


Vocals in music production refer to the singing or spoken word elements that are recorded and used in a track. The video shows an example of using the Geno Patch to analyze and recreate the sound of a vocal sample, opening up possibilities for unique vocal treatments and sound design.

💡Music Production

Music production is the process of creating and recording music, which involves various aspects such as composing, recording, mixing, and mastering. The video's main theme revolves around the impact of AI on music production, particularly how it can enhance creativity and open up new possibilities for sound design.


The plugin is described as one of the biggest game changers in music production due to its AI capabilities.

AI will enable music producers to create sounds they never imagined before.

The concept of sampling involves using real recorded sounds played back at different pitches.

Synthesis creates sounds from basic building blocks, like sine waves, and can be manipulated for complex sounds.

Sin Plant 2 by Sonic Charge is a unique synth with a plant-based structure for creating wild sounds.

The Geno patch feature allows users to drop any audio sound into the plugin and it will recreate the sound settings.

The plugin can take a sample and provide the 'recipe' for that sound, allowing for internal alterations.

Users can audition different options the plugin generates, offering a high degree of control over the sound.

The plugin can recreate drum samples, providing a wide range of kick drum options.

More complex sounds, like bass growls, can be analyzed and recreated, although with varying success.

Vocal samples can be manipulated to create unique and unusual pad sounds.

The plugin represents ethical AI usage in music, which is exciting for the future of music production.

There is a three-week trial available for Sin Plant, showcasing the plugin's capabilities.

The potential for creative sound design with AI is vast, and the plugin opens up new possibilities for producers.

The video encourages viewers to subscribe for more content on music production and check out for courses.

A discount code (lse) is offered for purchases on

The host expresses excitement about the plugin's ability to revolutionize how music is made.