【AI新手必看2024】ChatGPT從入門到精通,23個使用技巧完整教程,讓賺錢&工作效率翻100倍!ChatGPT Tutorial for Beginners, 23 tips tricks!

22 Jan 202419:03

TLDRThe video script offers 23 comprehensive tips for mastering ChatGPT, covering role assignment for personalized responses, changing reply formats, providing contextual background, structuring prompts, and utilizing plugins for tasks like generating charts and to-do lists. It also highlights the ability to refine writing styles, summarize texts, and even create personalized GPT assistants for specific tasks, emphasizing the versatility and utility of ChatGPT in various applications.


  • 🎯 Assign a role to GPT to customize its responses, such as having it adopt the persona of Captain America for a themed reply.
  • 📝 Change the reply format of GPT to generate responses in various formats, like creating a table of YouTube channels with subscriber counts and languages.
  • 🌐 Provide detailed contextual background information to help GPT offer targeted solutions based on your specific situation or needs.
  • 📈 Structure your prompts with clear goals, context, and actions for GPT to deliver a more precise and relevant answer.
  • 🔌 Utilize GPT plug-in applications for enhanced functionality, like generating AI chart subdivisions through third-party applications.
  • 📋 Generate a to-do list from a block of text by instructing GPT to extract specific tasks and details.
  • 🔄 Continue the dialogue with GPT beyond the initial reply, allowing for follow-up questions and refined responses.
  • 💬 Share chat records easily by generating a shareable link for collaboration with others.
  • 🌟 Use natural language with GPT, as it can understand and interpret misspellings and incorrect words.
  • 🎨 Generate images through GPT by providing descriptive prompts, and refine or download the generated images.
  • 🔄 Rename and collect chat histories for better organization and accessibility of past interactions.

Q & A

  • What is the first tip for using ChatGPT effectively?

    -The first tip is to assign a role to ChatGPT. This can be done by clicking on the pencil icon and modifying the prompt to include a specific character or role, such as Captain America, which will influence the tone and wording of the responses.

  • How can ChatGPT be used to change its reply format?

    -ChatGPT can be instructed to use different reply formats by specifying the desired output format in the prompt. For instance, you can ask it to create a table listing the top ten YouTube channels by subscriber count and language.

  • Why is providing sufficient contextual background information important when using ChatGPT?

    -Providing sufficient context allows ChatGPT to generate more targeted and accurate responses based on the user's specific situation. Without context, ChatGPT cannot tailor its responses to the user's needs effectively.

  • What does structuring your prompt words mean and how does it benefit the user?

    -Structuring prompt words means clearly defining the goal, context, and actions required in the prompt. This helps ChatGPT to provide a more targeted and relevant response to the user's query.

  • How can ChatGPT be utilized to generate a to-do list?

    -ChatGPT can extract specific tasks from a large block of text, such as a long email, by instructing it to generate a to-do list. This helps in identifying and organizing the core tasks mentioned in the text.

  • What is the purpose of the GPT plug-in application mentioned in the script?

    -The GPT plug-in application allows users to enhance ChatGPT's functionality by integrating with third-party applications. For example, it can be used to create a numerical chart of subdivisions for the field of AI artificial intelligence by using an AI diagram plug-in.

  • How can ChatGPT assist in adjusting the tone of writing?

    -ChatGPT can adjust the tone of an email or written content based on the user's instructions. For instance, it can make the tone more formal, angry, or apologetic to suit the user's requirements.

  • What is the '5-year-old child' instruction and how does it help?

    -The '5-year-old child' instruction is a way to simplify complex concepts or explanations. By asking ChatGPT to explain something as if to a 5-year-old, the response becomes easier to understand and more accessible.

  • How does ChatGPT help in summarizing and refining key points from lengthy texts?

    -ChatGPT can quickly process long texts, such as emails, articles, or books, and generate summaries with key points. This allows users to grasp the main ideas without having to read the entire content.

  • What is the GPT store and how can it be used?

    -The GPT store is a feature where users can create their own GPT applications with specific functionalities tailored to their needs. Users can follow prompts to build and customize their GPT applications for tasks like comment analysis or content creation.

  • What are the benefits of using ChatGPT's web browsing function?

    -The web browsing function in ChatGPT allows users to search for recent articles or information on the internet. It can quickly find and present relevant content, which can then be used to generate ideas or scripts for videos, blogs, or other creative works.



📝 Mastering GPT: Tips and Tricks

This paragraph introduces 23 tips for using GPT effectively. It starts with assigning a role to GPT, such as Captain America, to alter the tone of responses. It then discusses changing reply formats, providing contextual background for targeted solutions, structuring prompts for clear answers, and using GPT's plugin application for tasks like generating AI diagrams. The importance of structuring prompts and customizing commands for personalized interactions is emphasized, along with summarizing and refining key points from long texts.


💬 Interactive GPT: Continued Dialogue and Task Management

The paragraph focuses on the interactive nature of GPT, highlighting its ability to continue dialogues and assist in task management. It explains how GPT can plan tasks based on estimated completion times and sort them. The ease of sharing chat records and using natural language for queries is discussed. The paragraph also touches on GPT's capability to generate images, rename chat histories, collect important chat records, and summarize long articles or books for quick understanding.


🌟 Simplified Explanations and Analogies

This section delves into the use of GPT for simplified explanations and analogies. It describes how GPT can explain complex concepts, like Bitcoin, in a way that a 5-year-old could understand. The power of analogy is also highlighted, with an example of DNA being compared to Lego installation instructions. The paragraph discusses adjusting writing tone for different contexts, such as formal emails or angry messages, and changing writing styles to mimic celebrities or historical figures like Lu Xun.


🔍 Advanced Features and Custom GPT Creation

The final paragraph covers advanced features of GPT, including object identification, voice conversation, and the creation of personalized GPT applications. It explains how GPT can analyze files, browse the web for recent articles, and generate content ideas based on those articles. The paragraph concludes with instructions on how to create a custom GPT through the GPT store, emphasizing the simplicity of the process for付费用户 (paying users) of GPT4.




CHATGPT is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot developed by OpenAI. It is designed to simulate human-like conversations and provide users with information, answer questions, and assist with various tasks. In the context of the video, CHATGPT is the primary tool being discussed, with numerous tips on how to effectively utilize its capabilities.

💡Role Assignment

Role assignment refers to the process of defining a specific character or persona for CHATGPT to adopt during the conversation. This allows the AI to tailor its responses according to the assigned role, adding a layer of personalization and creativity to the interaction.

💡Reply Format

Reply format refers to the structural presentation of CHATGPT's responses. Users can customize the format to receive information in various ways, such as plain text, tables, or even graphical representations.

💡Contextual Background Information

Contextual background information is the specific, situational data that a user provides to CHATGPT to enable more targeted and relevant responses. By understanding the user's context, CHATGPT can generate answers that are better suited to the user's needs.

💡Structured Prompt Words

Structured prompt words are clear and organized instructions given to CHATGPT that outline the desired goal, context, and actions required. This structure helps the AI to deliver more precise and actionable responses.

💡Plug-in Application

A plug-in application is an additional tool or feature that can be integrated with CHATGPT to extend its functionality. These plug-ins allow the AI to perform specialized tasks, such as creating diagrams or analyzing data.

💡To-Do List

A to-do list is a compilation of tasks or actions that need to be completed. CHATGPT can extract specific tasks from a larger body of text and organize them into a concise list, making it easier for users to manage and prioritize their responsibilities.

💡Follow-Up Instructions

Follow-up instructions are additional requests made to CHATGPT after the initial response, allowing for a continued dialogue and further refinement of the AI's output. This interaction can lead to more detailed and organized plans or answers.

💡Chat Record Sharing

Chat record sharing is the process of distributing conversation logs from CHATGPT to other individuals. This feature allows users to collaborate and communicate effectively with others by providing access to previous interactions with the AI.

💡Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of artificial intelligence that focuses on the interaction between computers and human languages. CHATGPT uses NLP to understand and generate human-like text based on user inputs, even when those inputs contain errors or are phrased in a non-standard way.

💡Image Generation

Image generation is the process by which CHATGPT can create visual content based on textual descriptions. This feature leverages AI's capabilities to produce images that match the user's prompt, adding a visual element to the conversation.


Assign a role to GPT to enhance interaction and responses.

Change the reply format of GPT to include tables and other formats.

Provide sufficient contextual background for targeted solutions.

Structure your prompt words for clear and targeted answers.

Utilize GPT plug-in applications for enhanced functionality.

Generate a to-do list from large paragraphs of text.

Continue the dialogue with GPT for in-depth task planning.

Share chat records easily for collaboration.

Use natural language for more intuitive interactions.

Generate images using GPT's integrated image generation capabilities.

Rename and collect chat histories for better organization.

Customize your commands for personalized and efficient interactions.

Summarize and refine key points from lengthy texts or books.

Explain complex concepts using the 'explain to a 5-year-old' method.

Use analogy instructions for vivid explanations of abstract ideas.

Adjust writing tone for different audiences and purposes.

Change writing style to mimic celebrities or characters.

Identify objects in images using GPT4's advanced features.

Engage in voice conversations with GPT through the mobile app.

Analyze files using GPT4's data analysis capabilities.

Use web browsing functions to find recent articles and content ideas.

Create your own personalized GPT for specific tasks and problems.