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11 Aug 202226:45

TLDRIn this Adobe Live session, Andrew Hochradel introduces Adobe Express to beginners, showcasing its user-friendly interface and wide array of templates suitable for those without design experience. The session covers the platform's quick edit features, such as background removal and image resizing, and guides viewers through creating a travel postcard, demonstrating the ease of customizing templates, adding text, and adjusting design elements. Hochradel also highlights Adobe Express's integration with Creative Cloud, its accessibility on mobile devices, and the ability to schedule social media posts directly from the platform. The summary emphasizes the efficiency and versatility of Adobe Express for quick and simple graphic design tasks.


  • 🌐 Adobe Express is a tool accessible to everyone, offering quick edits and design capabilities for those without extensive design experience.
  • 📚 The platform is a part of the Creative Cloud suite, providing premium features to Creative Cloud members while still being usable by non-members.
  • 🔍 Users can find a wide range of templates and resources on, negating the need for external source files to start creating.
  • 🚀 Adobe Express includes Quick Actions for tasks like background removal, image resizing, and video trimming, enhancing everyday workflow efficiency.
  • 🎨 The tool integrates design elements directly into panels, allowing users to easily drag and drop items into their projects.
  • 🔄 Express offers the ability to duplicate and align design elements, as well as customize them with different colors and effects.
  • 📬 Users can create both the front and back of a postcard easily, with options to customize size, orientation, and design elements.
  • 🌟 Adobe Fonts Integration provides access to thousands of fonts directly within Adobe Express, enhancing the design capabilities.
  • 📱 Adobe Express is also available on mobile devices, allowing users to create and edit designs on the go.
  • 📅 The Scheduler feature in Adobe Express allows users to plan and schedule social media posts directly from the platform.
  • 🖨️ Projects created in Adobe Express can be exported as PDFs or images, making it easy to print or share custom graphics.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of Adobe Express?

    -Adobe Express is a tool that serves as a culmination of Creative Cloud, offering easy-to-use design features for quick edits and creation of graphics, especially useful for those without design experience. It provides access to templates and resources for various design needs and is accessible to everyone, with premium features for Creative Cloud members.

  • How can one start using Adobe Express?

    -To start using Adobe Express, one needs to go to The platform offers a variety of templates and resources that users can leverage right away without needing any source files.

  • What is a Quick Action in Adobe Express?

    -Quick Actions in Adobe Express are features that assist users in augmenting and streamlining their everyday workflow. They include functionalities such as removing backgrounds from images, resizing images, converting images to GIF or mp4, trimming and resizing videos, and changing the speed of videos.

  • How does the background removal feature in Adobe Express work?

    -The background removal feature in Adobe Express uses the power of Adobe Photoshop to analyze an image and identify the subject, removing the background with a high degree of accuracy. Users can simply select 'Remove Background', upload their image, and the tool will process it, allowing for a clean subject extraction.

  • What is the process of creating a postcard using Adobe Express?

    -To create a postcard in Adobe Express, one would start by selecting a card template, customizing the size if necessary, and choosing a background. Then, they can add text, adjust colors, and apply effects to the typography. Additional elements like shapes or additional images can be incorporated, and the design can be exported as a PDF for printing or sharing.

  • How can users get design suggestions in Adobe Express?

    -Adobe Express analyzes the design as the user works and provides suggestions for fonts and colors that would complement the design. It also has a feature that allows users to use the eyedropper tool to select colors from their design and apply them to different elements.

  • What is the benefit of using Adobe Fonts integration in Adobe Express?

    -Adobe Fonts integration in Adobe Express provides users with access to thousands of fonts that they can use in their designs. This feature allows for greater customization and variety in typography, making it easier to find a font that matches the design's style and theme.

  • How can users share their Adobe Express creations with others?

    -Users can share their Adobe Express creations by tagging the creator on social media, sending it to him on Behance, or posting it in one of the community Discord channels. They can also export their designs as images or PDFs to distribute more widely.

  • What is the Scheduler tool in Adobe Express used for?

    -The Scheduler tool in Adobe Express is used for planning and automating the posting of social media content. Users can select a design, choose the date and time they want it to be posted, link it to their social media platforms, and write captions for the posts.

  • How can Adobe Express help with social media content creation?

    -Adobe Express helps with social media content creation by providing templates and an easy-to-use interface for designing graphics. Users can customize these templates and then use the Scheduler tool to plan and post their designs directly to various social media platforms.

  • What are some of the design elements that can be added to a postcard in Adobe Express?

    -In Adobe Express, users can add various design elements to a postcard such as backgrounds, text, shapes, and images. They can also apply effects like shadows and outlines to typography, use blending modes for creative interactions between elements, and add pages for the backside of the postcard with additional text and graphics.



🎓 Introduction to Adobe Express for Beginners

Andrew Hochradel welcomes viewers to Adobe Live and introduces Adobe Express, a tool designed for quick and easy editing, especially useful for those without design experience. He emphasizes that no prior files are needed as Adobe Express offers numerous templates and resources. Andrew also mentions the benefits of a Creative Cloud membership for accessing premium features.


🔍 Exploring Adobe Express Features and Live Chat Interaction

The video showcases the Quick Actions feature in Adobe Express, which includes tools like background removal, image resizing, and video trimming. Andrew demonstrates the background removal tool using an image from a previous tutorial. He then engages with the live chat to gather suggestions for a project to create on the spot, deciding on a travel destination postcard and guiding viewers through the process of customizing card size and background.


🌟 Customizing a Travel Postcard with Adobe Express

Andrew guides viewers on how to customize a travel postcard with Adobe Express. He discusses the ease of searching for and applying backgrounds, duplicating and aligning elements, and using text tools to add phrases like 'Greetings from Melbourne.' He also shows how to use the eyedropper tool to match design elements and how to group and layer objects for a cohesive look.


🎨 Adding Visual Elements to Enhance the Postcard Design

The tutorial continues with Andrew adding shapes and effects to the postcard. He introduces the use of the Shapes tool to insert clouds and manipulate their appearance and position. He also demonstrates how to change blending modes for creative effects and suggests adding a sky or sun to the background for a more dynamic design.


🖋️ Designing the Back of the Postcard and Adding a Photo

Andrew shows how to add pages to a project in Adobe Express, creating the back of the postcard with lines for writing a message. He also discusses adjusting opacity for a more subtle look and pasting elements between pages. The process of uploading a photo and cropping it into a circular shape is demonstrated, along with adding a caption around the photo using curved text.


📤 Exporting and Scheduling Social Posts with Adobe Express

The final paragraph covers how to export the finished postcard as a PDF for printing and how to use the Scheduler tool to plan social media posts. Andrew explains the process of linking social media accounts, choosing a date and time for posting, and previewing how the post will appear. He also mentions the convenience of being able to use templates and customize them in Adobe Express for various design needs.

🎉 Conclusion and Future Adobe Express Tutorials

Andrew concludes the session by reflecting on the quick creation and printing of a postcard in Adobe Express. He encourages viewers to download the printer driver for professional printing or to use the exported image for various purposes like birthday cards. He teases upcoming videos in the beginner's series, highlighting the value of a Creative Cloud membership and inviting feedback on future Adobe Express topics.



💡Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a design tool that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. It is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals with varying levels of design experience. In the video, Andrew Hochradel introduces Adobe Express to beginners and demonstrates its capabilities for creating designs such as postcards, showcasing its ease of use and the variety of templates and resources available for quick edits and design projects.

💡Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud refers to Adobe's subscription service that provides access to a collection of software and services for photography, video work, graphic design, and web development. In the context of the video, having a Creative Cloud membership enhances the Adobe Express experience by granting access to premium features, although the tool is also accessible to non-members with more limited functionality.


Templates in Adobe Express are pre-designed layouts that users can utilize as a starting point for their projects. They save time and effort by providing a structured design that can be easily customized. The video emphasizes the availability of numerous templates in Adobe Express, which cater to different design needs and allow users to create professional-looking materials quickly.

💡Quick Actions

Quick Actions in Adobe Express are features that allow users to perform simple editing tasks rapidly. These include functionalities like removing backgrounds, resizing images, and converting file formats. In the script, Andrew demonstrates the 'Remove Background' Quick Action, showing how it simplifies the process of creating designs by automatically detecting and removing the background from an image.


Backgrounds in the context of Adobe Express refer to the visual elements that form the base layer of a design. The video script mentions the option to change the background color or upload an image to serve as the background of a design. Andrew also discusses searching for and selecting backgrounds within Adobe Express, such as choosing a travel-themed background for a postcard.

💡Custom Size Graphic

A 'Custom Size Graphic' is an option in Adobe Express that allows users to create designs with specific dimensions that are not predefined by the tool. In the video, Andrew uses this feature to resize a postcard to the desired measurements, demonstrating the flexibility of Adobe Express in creating designs tailored to individual needs.

💡Live Chat

Live Chat in the video refers to the interactive feature of the live stream where viewers can participate in real-time by suggesting ideas, asking questions, or providing feedback. Andrew uses the Live Chat to engage with the audience, asking for suggestions on what to create with Adobe Express during the live demonstration.


Typography in the video pertains to the art and technique of arranging type in a design to make the text visually appealing and legible. Andrew discusses adding text to the postcard design, choosing fonts, and customizing the text's appearance, such as adding shadows and changing colors, to enhance the overall design.

💡Design Assets

Design Assets in Adobe Express are pre-made design elements like shapes, graphics, and illustrations that users can incorporate into their projects. In the script, Andrew uses design assets like clouds to add visual interest to the postcard design, demonstrating how these assets can be easily searched for and applied within the tool.


Exporting in Adobe Express is the process of saving or downloading the final design in a specific file format. The video shows Andrew exporting the completed postcard as a PDF to facilitate printing. This step is crucial for turning digital designs into physical items or for sharing them online.


The Scheduler tool within Adobe Express, as mentioned in the video, allows users to plan and schedule social media posts directly from the platform. This feature is beneficial for managing and automating social media content in advance. Andrew demonstrates how to use the Scheduler to post designs on various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Adobe Express is a tool designed for beginners and non-designers to create quick edits and designs on the go.

No need for source files; Adobe Express provides templates and resources directly on

Adobe Express is a part of the Creative Cloud suite, offering premium features for members and accessible to everyone.

Quick Actions in Adobe Express allow users to perform tasks like background removal, image resizing, and video trimming.

The Remove Background feature uses Adobe Photoshop's power to analyze and remove backgrounds with ease.

Live chat interaction during the tutorial allows viewers to suggest and participate in the creative process.

Custom size graphics and cards can be created, resized, and oriented to fit specific design needs.

Adobe Express integrates all design elements within panels, making it easy to drag and drop items into the workspace.

Users can search and select from a wide range of backgrounds and textures included in the Adobe Express program.

The ability to duplicate and align design elements allows for quick and consistent pattern creation.

Adobe Fonts integration provides access to thousands of fonts directly within Adobe Express.

Express offers design suggestions for fonts and colors, analyzing the user's design for coordinated recommendations.

Design Assets and Shapes tools allow users to add and customize graphics like clouds and suns to a design.

Layers panel in Adobe Express enables users to manage and interact with different design elements effectively.

The Scheduler tool within Adobe Express facilitates the scheduling of social media posts directly from the platform.

Adobe Express allows for the export of designs in various formats, including PDF, making it easy to print custom graphics like postcards.

The tutorial demonstrates the creation of a travel destination postcard, showcasing the ease of use and customization options in Adobe Express.

Adobe Express is suitable for various projects, including birthday cards, invites, and social media graphics, emphasizing its versatility.