BRICK - slide - 1988

8 Apr 201304:00

TLDRThe transcript captures the energetic essence of the 'Brick - Slide - 1988' dance video, featuring an infectious beat and a simple, fun dance move that encourages everyone to join in. The repetitive lyrics emphasize the joy of sliding from side to side, creating a lively atmosphere that invites participation and promises a night of dancing fun.


  • 🎉 The song 'Brick - Slide' is a dance track from 1988 that encourages people to have fun and enjoy themselves.
  • 💃 The main dance move associated with the song is to 'slide', which involves moving from side to side.
  • 🔄 The lyrics emphasize the repetitive nature of the dance, with a focus on moving from side to side continuously.
  • 🎶 The song features a catchy beat and rhythm that is designed to keep people moving and dancing.
  • 👥 The script suggests that the dance is something that 'everybody's doing', indicating its popularity and widespread appeal.
  • 🌟 The song aims to create a sense of unity and inclusion, with the message that everyone can participate in the dance.
  • 🌙 The lyrics mention 'slide all night', suggesting that the dance can be enjoyed for an extended period, possibly at a party or event.
  • 🎉 There is an emphasis on doing the dance 'up right', implying that there is a correct or preferred way to perform the slide.
  • 👏 The script includes applause, which may indicate a live performance or audience engagement with the song and dance.
  • 🔁 The repetition of phrases like 'do it' and 'everybody's doing it' creates a sense of momentum and excitement around the dance.
  • 🎵 The presence of music and applause throughout the transcript suggests a lively atmosphere where the song is being performed.

Q & A

  • What is the main action being described in the song?

    -The main action being described is the dance move known as 'sliding' from side to side.

  • What is the mood of the song as suggested by the transcript?

    -The mood is festive and energetic, encouraging people to have fun and dance.

  • What is the repetition in the song's lyrics?

    -The repetition emphasizes the dance move 'slide' and the enjoyment of the party.

  • Is there a specific time or event the song is referring to?

    -The song mentions 'all night', suggesting it is for a nighttime event or party.

  • What does the song suggest about the popularity of the dance move?

    -The song suggests that the dance move is popular and enjoyed by everyone at the party.

  • What is the significance of the year '1988' in the title?

    -The year '1988' likely indicates the release year of the song or the time period of the dance style.

  • What is the role of music in the transcript?

    -The music serves as a backdrop and cue for when to perform the 'slide' dance move.

  • How does the song use掌声 (applause) to engage the audience?

    -The song includes applause to simulate a live performance and to encourage audience participation.

  • What is the likely setting for the song?

    -The likely setting is a dance floor or party where people are encouraged to dance together.

  • What message does the song convey about community and togetherness?

    -The song conveys a message of unity and togetherness through the shared experience of dancing.

  • Is there an emphasis on doing the dance correctly in the song?

    -The song emphasizes doing the dance 'up right', suggesting there is a correct way to perform the 'slide'.



🎉 Energetic Dance Party

The first paragraph of the script sets a lively and upbeat tone for a dance party. It emphasizes the joy of dancing and the universal appeal of the 'slide' dance move. The script uses repetitive phrases to create a rhythm that mirrors the beat of the music, encouraging everyone to join in and enjoy the festivities. Applause and music cues punctuate the script, indicating a high-energy atmosphere and a crowd that is actively participating in the celebration.




A 'party' is a social gathering where people come together to have fun, often involving music, dancing, and social interaction. In the context of the video, the term 'party' signifies the festive and lively atmosphere where the main action takes place. The script mentions 'when it's time to party,' indicating that the dance being performed is a part of the celebration.


Dancing is a form of nonverbal expression that involves rhythmic movement, typically set to music. The script emphasizes a specific dance that people 'love to do,' suggesting that it is a central element of the party and a source of enjoyment for the participants.


The term 'slide' in this context refers to a particular dance move where participants move sideways or glide across the floor. It is highlighted as the main dance move in the video, with the script repeatedly encouraging everyone to 'slide' and emphasizing its popularity.


Fun is a state of enjoyment, light-hearted pleasure, or amusement. The script mentions 'all we're having fun,' which underscores the video's theme of enjoyment and the light-hearted nature of the dance being performed.


To 'move' in this context refers to the physical act of changing one's position or location, especially in a rhythmic or coordinated manner as part of the dance. The script instructs participants to 'move from side to side,' which is a key part of the dance's choreography.

💡Everybody's doing

This phrase suggests that the action being described is widespread and involves all participants. In the script, 'everybody's doing' is used to describe the universal participation in the dance, indicating its appeal and inclusivity.


A 'movement' in dance refers to a specific sequence of steps or gestures that form part of a dance routine. The script asks 'do you got that movement,' highlighting the importance of mastering the dance steps to engage fully in the activity.

💡All night

'All night' implies a duration that extends throughout the entire night, suggesting a continuous and immersive experience. The script mentions 'we want to slide all night,' indicating the intention to dance and enjoy the party without interruption.

💡Do it up right

This phrase means to do something properly or to its full potential. In the script, 'got to do it up right' is used to encourage participants to perform the dance with enthusiasm and precision.


Applause is the act of clapping hands to express approval or enjoyment, often used in live performances or events. The script includes '[Applause]' to indicate moments of approval and positive reception from the audience, adding to the festive atmosphere.


Music is an art form that uses sound and rhythm to express ideas and emotions. The script repeatedly mentions '[Music]', indicating that it is a crucial component of the dance and party, setting the mood and pace for the movements.


[Music], [Applause]

when it's time to party got a dance we love to do

move from side to side move from side to side and slide

it's all we're having fun

everybody's doing everybody do it it it everybody's

do you got that movement that brings them all around

we want to slide all night got to do it up right

is do it everybody's doing it everybody's doing it

everybody's doing it do it do it everybody's doing it

do slide we want to slide all night

got to do it up right all night

[Applause], [Music]

is do it do it do it everybody's do it

everybody's doing it do it do it

everybody's doing it doing it doing it everybody's doing

everybody's doing [Applause], it everybody's doing

[Music], everybody