Best Free Music Download Sites

Charles Cleyn
27 May 201803:58

TLDRThis transcript discusses the best legal free music download sites on the internet. It clarifies that while you won't find popular artists like Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift due to their major label contracts, there are plenty of opportunities to discover new and upcoming talent. The five recommended sites are Jamendo, which features new and European artists; SoundCloud, a platform similar to YouTube for music where many artists offer free downloads; Amazon Music, which hosts a variety of free songs, including classical and emerging artists; Free Music Archive, offering live music sessions from well-known artists; and Facebook pages of artists, where followers can get free music downloads, often in exchange for a like or share. These sites provide a legal and exciting way to access new music and support emerging musicians.


  • 🎵 There are thousands of music download sites online, but not all are legal. This transcript focuses on legal options.
  • 🚫 You won't find music from major label artists like Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift for free legally, as they aim to collect royalties from all streams.
  • 🌐 Legal free music sites often feature upcoming and independent artists who are seeking exposure and discovery.
  • 🎸 Jamendo is a platform where you can discover and download music from new and emerging artists, particularly from Europe, for free.
  • 🎶 SoundCloud is a popular site for music similar to YouTube, offering many songs available for free download, including those by underground artists.
  • 📚 may surprise some as a source for free music downloads, but it hosts thousands of tracks, especially classical music and upcoming bands.
  • 🎉 Free Music Archive is known for its collection of live music sessions, often featuring well-known artists and offering free downloads of these performances.
  • 📖 Facebook pages of artists sometimes offer free music downloads, including remixes or live takes, often requiring a like or share to access them.
  • 🔍 When exploring Amazon's free music, use the available filters to navigate through the vast selection.
  • 💡 Following your favorite artists on social media platforms can lead to discovering free music downloads as they often share links with their followers.
  • ⚖️ Be aware that even free music downloads may come with a trade-off, such as promoting the song on social media.

Q & A

  • What are the best free music download sites that are legal?

    -The best free music download sites that are legal mentioned in the transcript are Jamendo, SoundCloud,, Free Music Archive, and Facebook pages of artists.

  • Why might you not find popular artists like Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift on these legal free music download sites?

    -Popular artists like Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift are usually signed to major labels that want to collect royalties from every stream and download, making their music less likely to be available for free on legal sites.

  • What kind of artists can you typically find on Jamendo?

    -On Jamendo, you can typically find upcoming and new artists, many of whom are European singer-songwriters and bands looking for exposure and discovery.

  • Why is SoundCloud a good platform for free music downloads?

    -SoundCloud is often referred to as the 'YouTube for music' and hosts a variety of songs from artists, including many who allow free downloads for their music, making it a rich source for discovering new music.

  • What kind of music can you expect to find on for free downloads?

    -On, you can find a variety of free music downloads, including classical music and songs from upcoming bands who list their music for free to gain exposure.

  • How does the Free Music Archive differ from other free music download sites?

    -The Free Music Archive is unique in that it offers a lot of live takes of music, including sessions from well-known artists, which are often available for free download.

  • What is a common requirement on Facebook pages for obtaining a free music download?

    -Often, to get a free music download from an artist's Facebook page, you may need to like or share the post, which serves as a form of promotion for the artist in exchange for the free music.

  • Why might an artist choose to offer their music for free download on these sites?

    -Artists may offer their music for free download to gain exposure, build a fan base, and increase their chances of being discovered in the highly competitive music industry.

  • What is the risk of downloading music from illegal sites?

    -Downloading music from illegal sites poses the risk of violating copyright laws, which can lead to legal consequences. Additionally, these sites may also expose your device to malware and other security threats.

  • How can you support artists whose music you enjoy, even if their music is available for free?

    -You can support artists by sharing their music with friends, following them on social media, attending their concerts, and purchasing merchandise. Even if the music is free, these actions help artists grow their audience and career.

  • What are some alternative ways to enjoy music from major label artists legally?

    -You can enjoy music from major label artists legally through paid streaming services, purchasing their albums, or attending their live performances.

  • Why is it important to respect copyright and royalty rights for music?

    -Respecting copyright and royalty rights ensures that artists are fairly compensated for their work, which is essential for their livelihood and the continued creation of new music.



🎵 Legal Music Download Sites for Discovering New Talents

This paragraph discusses the availability of legal music download sites on the internet. It emphasizes that while you may not find popular artists like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, or Taylor Swift for free due to their major label contracts, there are numerous platforms that offer free music downloads from upcoming artists. These sites are beneficial for discovering new music and supporting independent artists. The paragraph also touches on the legal implications of downloading copyrighted music without proper rights.



💡Music Download Sites

Music download sites are online platforms that allow users to download music files, often in various formats like MP3. In the context of the video, these sites are differentiated based on their legality and the type of music they offer, with a focus on legal sites that provide free downloads.


Legal refers to something being in accordance with the law. In the video, the term is used to describe music download sites that operate within the boundaries of copyright law, ensuring that artists are properly compensated for their work. This is contrasted with illegal sites that may distribute copyrighted material without permission.

💡Free Music

Free music refers to music that is available to download or listen to without any monetary cost. The video discusses the availability of free music on certain sites, often from upcoming or independent artists who use these platforms for exposure.

💡Major Labels

Major labels are large, well-established record labels that represent and manage the careers of popular artists. The video explains that artists signed to these labels are less likely to have their music available for free download, as the labels aim to maximize royalties from streams and sales.

💡Royalty Rights

Royalty rights are the financial benefits that an artist or copyright holder receives from the use of their creative work. The video mentions that major labels are protective of these rights, which is why their artists' music is not commonly found on free download sites.

💡Upcoming Artists

Upcoming artists are musicians who are new to the industry or are gaining popularity but have not yet reached a mainstream level of success. The video suggests that legal free music download sites often feature such artists, providing them a platform to gain exposure.


Jamendo is a specific music download site mentioned in the video that focuses on promoting lesser-known and independent artists. It is highlighted as a place where users can discover new music and download tracks for free, supporting artists who are seeking to grow their audience.


SoundCloud is a popular online audio distribution platform that allows artists to upload and share their music. The video describes it as a source for free music downloads, particularly for discovering new and underground artists.

💡, while primarily an e-commerce site, also offers a selection of free music downloads. The video points out that Amazon hosts thousands of free songs, often from classical musicians or upcoming bands looking to gain listeners.

💡Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a site that offers a variety of music for free download, including live performances and sessions. It is mentioned in the video as a resource for obtaining live takes of music from well-known artists, which can be an alternative for those seeking free content from major label acts.

💡Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are public profiles specifically for artists, brands, or entities to connect with followers. The video suggests that following artists' Facebook pages can lead to opportunities for free music downloads, often in exchange for likes or shares, which help promote the artist.


There are thousands of sites available for downloading music online, with a distinction between legal and illegal sites.

The five best free music download sites that are legal will be discussed.

Major artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are unlikely to be found on free, legal download sites due to royalty collection by their labels.

Downloading popular songs for free is often illegal if found on the internet.

Legal free music sites feature upcoming and lesser-known artists offering exposure and discovery opportunities.

Jamendo is a platform for new and upcoming artists, particularly from Europe, offering free music downloads.

SoundCloud functions as a music-focused version of YouTube, hosting songs available for free download. offers thousands of free songs, including classical music and tracks from upcoming bands.

Free Music Archive provides live takes of songs, often featuring well-known artists in unique sessions.

Facebook pages of artists sometimes offer free music downloads, often requiring a like or share to access them.

Artists on legal free music sites use these platforms for exposure rather than monetary gain.

Listeners can discover new music and artists that their friends may not have heard of through these legal sites.

Downloading music from major label artists for free is not supported on legal platforms due to copyright and royalty issues.

SoundCloud is a popular source for vlog and background music, featuring a variety of underground artists.

Amazon's music selection includes a wide range of free songs that can be discovered using the site's filters.

Free Music Archive is a good resource for live performances and unique takes on songs by known artists.

Following artists on social media can lead to opportunities for free music downloads in exchange for engagement.

The legal free music download sites provide a platform for artists to share their work and gain recognition.