Bleed Bow Gladiator - From Zero to Hero - SSF Journey | Part 2 | Path of Exile 3.24

13 May 202410:17

TLDRIn this Path of Exile video, the player embarks on a self-found solo journey as a Bleed Bow Gladiator in the 3.24 update. They kick off with a mediocre ring find but soon upgrade with a Head Hunter belt, aiming to tackle challenging content. The player crafts new gloves and a quiver, and discusses the importance of Timeless Jewels for defense. They also detail their strategy for finding unique items and improving their build, including the excitement of acquiring Rist's Coil for increased DPS. The video concludes with the player's ongoing efforts to gather resources, open map slots, and improve their end-game build, all while enjoying the SSF adventure.


  • 😀 The video is a continuation of a solo self-found (SSF) journey in Path of Exile 3.24 as a Bleed Bow Gladiator.
  • 🔍 The player starts with a mediocre ring find, which is not very useful for SSF but still interesting to try out.
  • 🎯 The player is planning to visit the Crimson Prison, indicating a challenging start to their journey.
  • 🛍️ The player finds useful items like 'Memory of Harvest Beasts' and a ring with +1 to maximum frenzy charges.
  • 💎 The player crafts new gloves and a quiver, improving their gear for tackling Legion content.
  • 💪 The player aims to find a Timeless Jewel for better defense, especially for challenging content and high-tier maps.
  • 🔮 The player discusses the importance of finding specific jewels and using Divine orbs to reroll stats.
  • 🏹 The player is on a quest to find unique items to improve their build, such as 'Ristus Coil' for increased DPS.
  • 📦 The player opens the fifth slot on their map device, which is a significant milestone in their progression.
  • 💼 The player is farming Essences, Harvest, and Delirium, gathering resources for their end-game build.
  • 🎉 The player expresses enjoyment in the SSF adventure and the new league mechanics, despite the build's challenges.

Q & A

  • What type of ring did the player find initially in their journey?

    -The player found a mediocre ring for the trading league, which was a great find for solo self-found playstyle.

  • What item did the player find that they considered 'just what they needed'?

    -The player found a Head Hunter belt, which is particularly useful for mapping but less so for boss fights and certain other content.

  • What is the significance of the 'Timeless Jewel' in the player's strategy?

    -The Timeless Jewel is important for the player because it provides good defense, which is essential for challenging content, uber bosses, or t77 maps.

  • What is the player's opinion on the 'Elegant Hubris' jewel?

    -The player considers Elegant Hubris a good option if they can find a jewel with good damaged nodes, but they were unable to find a suitable one in their journey.

  • What unique item did the player find that was a significant upgrade for their build?

    -The player found Rist's Coil, a belt that significantly increases their Snipes DPS by several million, which is a substantial improvement for their build.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the 'Magic Find' mechanic?

    -Initially, the player used Atlas with Rogue Exiles strong boxes and ritual for magic find. Later, they decided to change it to Back to Basics after accumulating the necessary amounts of scarabs and getting some eight mods corrupted maps.

  • What is the player's plan for replacing the Head Hunter belt?

    -The player plans to replace the Head Hunter belt with Maven's belt, which combines well with Rik's Impatience and frenzy charges, allowing them to potentially double or triple their damage.

  • What crafting method did the player use to improve their gloves?

    -The player used the Necropolis craft to improve their gloves, which took a long time to gather all the components but resulted in a significant upgrade.

  • What is the player's main goal regarding the map device?

    -The player's main goal was to open the fifth slot for their map device, which they achieved using a soyat atlas with Nico and shrines.

  • What are the player's current farming targets?

    -The player is currently farming Essences, Harvest, and Delirium, as well as gathering resources needed for completing their gloves and two more large clusters.

  • What is the player's opinion on the 'Defiance of Conquerors' amulet?

    -The player views the Defiance of Conquerors amulet as a nice item that will improve their survivability, although they do not expect to find it.

  • What is the player's final message to the viewers?

    -The player thanks the viewers for watching and commenting, expresses appreciation for likes and subscriptions, and bids farewell, promising to see them in new videos.



🎮 Solo Self-Found Journey and Gear Upgrades

The video script begins with the player's solo self-found (SSF) journey in a game, starting with a mediocre ring find that sparks interest for its potential in SSF play. The player discusses the importance of the 'Head Hunter' item for mapping and the search for a 'Timeless Jewel' to improve defense, especially for challenging content and uber bosses or t77 maps. The player crafts new gloves and a quiver, and mentions the need for Divine orbs to improve a Timeless Jewel. The focus then shifts to gearing up with unique items and the excitement of finding 'Ristus Coil', a belt that significantly boosts damage output for boss fights. The player also discusses the strategy of using different belts for different game scenarios and the importance of 'Maven's Belt' for end-game builds.


🔍 The Hunt for Key Items and Crafting Success

In this paragraph, the player continues the SSF journey with a focus on acquiring specific items to enhance their build. The player expresses excitement over finding 'Ristus Coil', a belt that increases sniper damage, and tests its effectiveness in battles. The player also discusses the strategy of using different belts for mapping and boss fights, and the search for boots to complement the build. Crafting attempts are highlighted, including the successful creation of gloves with a focus on frenzy charges, despite an undesirable critical strike multiplier. The player mentions the opening of the fifth slot in the map device and the farming of Essences, Harvest, and Delirium, as well as the need to gather resources for further build improvements. The player also expresses a desire to find key items like 'Rise of the Phoenix' and 'Defiance of the Light' to enhance survivability and hints at a potential change in the end-game build with the acquisition of the 'Mage Blood' divination card.


👋 Closing Thoughts and Appreciation for the Community

The final paragraph wraps up the video with the player expressing gratitude to the viewers for watching, commenting, and subscribing. The player acknowledges the time-consuming and grindy nature of the SSF adventure but reflects positively on the experience, stating that the league mechanics and new changes have revitalized their interest in the game. The player also hints at the possibility of continuing the journey in future videos, inviting viewers to join them on the next part of their gaming adventure.



💡Bleed Bow Gladiator

The term 'Bleed Bow Gladiator' refers to a character build in the game Path of Exile. This build specializes in using a bow that inflicts bleed effects on enemies, and the Gladiator is a specific class or archetype within the game. The video is focused on the progression of this build from a starting point to becoming a powerful character, as indicated by the 'From Zero to Hero' part of the title.

💡Self-Found (SSF)

SSF stands for 'Solo Self-Found,' a gameplay mode in Path of Exile where players do not trade with others and find all their items by themselves. It represents a challenge and a different experience from the usual gameplay, emphasizing individual progression and self-sufficiency. The script mentions that the journey is a SSF one, indicating the player's intention to find all necessary items without trading.


Clickbait is a term used to describe sensational or misleading titles designed to attract clicks and views. In the context of the video, the creator humorously acknowledges that they start with a 'clickbait intro,' suggesting that the title might be more exciting or intriguing than the content itself, aiming to draw in viewers.

💡Trading League

The 'Trading League' mentioned in the script likely refers to a specific event or mode in Path of Exile where trading is a central aspect of gameplay. It contrasts with the SSF mode, where trading is not allowed. The ring mentioned as 'mediocre' for the Trading League but a 'great find' for SSF highlights the different values of items depending on the playstyle.

💡Head Hunter

In the context of the video, 'Head Hunter' seems to refer to a specific item or mechanic in Path of Exile that the player has found. It is implied to be a beneficial find for the player's SSF journey, possibly enhancing their character's abilities or stats in some way.

💡Crimson Prison

Crimson Prison is a location or challenge within the game Path of Exile. The script indicates that the player's journey will involve going to Crimson Prison, suggesting it is a part of their progression or a necessary step to obtain certain items or achievements.

💡Memory of Harvest Beasts

This phrase seems to refer to a specific item or mechanic related to the Harvest league in Path of Exile. The player mentions finding it and wonders what it gave, implying it provides some form of benefit or progression in the game.


Necropolis is a term that can refer to a large city cemetery or, in the context of Path of Exile, it could be a specific area or mechanic within the game. The player mentions 'necropolis craft,' which suggests a crafting or upgrade process related to the Necropolis.

💡Timeless Jewel

A 'Timeless Jewel' is an item type in Path of Exile that provides various bonuses to the player's character. The script mentions that the player needs a Timeless Jewel, indicating it is a sought-after item to enhance their build, particularly for challenging content.

💡Ristus Coil

Ristus Coil appears to be a specific item or belt in Path of Exile that the player is excited to find. It is described as a very good belt that significantly increases the player's Snipes DPS, making it a valuable addition to their build.

💡Magic Find

Magic Find is a mechanic in Path of Exile that increases the chances of finding rare items. The player discusses changing their strategy to focus on Magic Find to hunt for good jewels and other unique items, indicating it is a key aspect of their progression strategy.

💡Maven's Belt

Maven's Belt is mentioned as a desirable item in the video, suggesting it is a piece of equipment in Path of Exile that the player is seeking to complete their end-game build. It is implied to have beneficial effects, possibly related to frenzy charges and damage bonuses.

💡Essences, Harvest and Delirium

These terms refer to specific types of content or mechanics in Path of Exile. The player is farming Essences, which are a currency used for various upgrades, and mentions Harvest and Delirium, which are likely leagues or challenges that provide resources or progression opportunities.

💡Defiance of the Drowned

Defiance of the Drowned is mentioned as a key item for the player's build. It is an amulet that is expected to improve survivability, indicating it is a sought-after piece of equipment to enhance the character's attributes and performance in the game.

💡Divination Card

A Divination Card in Path of Exile is an item that can be used to obtain specific benefits or items. The player mentions needing four more of a certain card, suggesting it is part of a set or collection that will provide a significant reward or upgrade.


Starting the journey with a clickbait intro and a mediocre ring for trading.

Finding the Head Hunter, a lucky charm for the journey.

Exploring Crimson prison as part of the journey.

Unveiling the power of 'memory of harvest beasts'.

Crafting new gloves and a quiver in the necropolis.

The search for a Timeless Jewel to enhance defense.

Considering the use of 'glorious vanity' and 'elegant hubis' jewels.

The importance of finding the right items for challenging content.

The hunt for unique items with a magic find strategy.

Excitement over finding 'ristus coil', a belt that increases DPS.

Testing the new belt and feeling the immediate damage boost.

The dilemma of choosing between multiple belts for optimal build.

Crafting gloves with necropolis and the importance of frenzy charges.

Opening the fifth slot for the map device and its significance.

Farming Essences, Harvest, and Delirium for resources.

The pursuit of 'Defiance of Conquerors' amulet for survivability.

The anticipation of finding 'Mage Blood' and its potential impact on the end-game build.

Reflection on the SSF adventure and its revitalization of the necropolis solo self-found experience.

The ongoing process of building and gearing up the bleed bow Gladiator.