Cara Membuat Gambar Karikatur (Wajah Sendiri) dengan AI Bing - Tutorial AI Bing #1

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27 Dec 202305:42

TLDRThis tutorial showcases how to create a caricature using AI Bing, starting with downloading the app and logging in. It guides through the process of describing the desired image to AI, such as a caricature of two people on a Vespa in the countryside, and suggests adding details for customization. The video also demonstrates how to refine the AI-generated image by using to adjust the facial features to match specific photos, resulting in a personalized caricature that can be printed and framed as a gift.


  • 😀 The video tutorial is about creating caricature images using AI technology.
  • 🤖 The AI application mentioned is Bing, which can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.
  • 📲 Users need to log in or create an account to use the AI image creation feature.
  • 🖌️ The process involves entering a description of the desired image, telling a story to the AI.
  • 🎨 The description should include details such as the setting, characters, and any specific elements.
  • 👕 For example, the tutorial describes creating a caricature of two people riding a Vespa, including their attire.
  • 🌄 The background can be described in detail, such as a countryside setting with rice fields and mountains.
  • 🕊️ Additional elements like birds flying in a clear sky can be added to enhance the image.
  • 🔄 If the initial result is not satisfactory, the command can be re-entered for a different version of the image.
  • 🖼️ Once a suitable image is created, it can be downloaded and used for various purposes like gifts or wall decorations.
  • 🔍 For making the AI-generated face resemble a specific person, a website called is recommended.

Q & A

  • Apa yang sedang viral terkait penggunaan AI saat ini?

    -Salah satu hal yang sedang viral adalah membuat gambar bergaya Disney menggunakan AI.

  • Aplikasi apa yang digunakan untuk membuat gambar karikatur dengan AI?

    -Aplikasi Bing dapat digunakan untuk membuat gambar karikatur dengan AI.

  • Bagaimana cara masuk atau sign in ke aplikasi Bing?

    -Buka aplikasi Bing, lalu klik tombol sign in dan masukkan akun Anda. Jika belum memiliki akun, buatlah terlebih dahulu dengan memasukkan email dan password yang diinginkan.

  • Apa langkah pertama untuk membuat gambar menggunakan AI di Bing?

    -Langkah pertama adalah memasukkan deskripsi atau perintah tentang gambar yang ingin dibuat di bagian yang tersedia.

  • Bagaimana cara memberikan deskripsi gambar yang sesuai?

    -Deskripsikan gambar dengan detail, misalnya menyebutkan karakteristik orang dan latar belakang yang diinginkan dengan menggunakan koma untuk memisahkan setiap bagian.

  • Apa yang bisa dilakukan jika hasil gambar tidak sesuai dengan keinginan?

    -Jika hasil gambar tidak sesuai, kita bisa meminta ulang dengan menyalin dan menempelkan kembali perintah sebelumnya, lalu mengirimkannya lagi.

  • Bagaimana cara membuat wajah pada gambar karikatur mirip dengan wajah yang diinginkan?

    -Kunjungi situs, pilih opsi multiple face, upload gambar yang dibuat menggunakan AI dan juga foto wajah yang diinginkan, lalu klik save.

  • Apa yang bisa dilakukan setelah gambar karikatur selesai dibuat?

    -Gambar karikatur bisa dicetak dan dibingkai untuk diletakkan di dinding atau dijadikan hadiah ulang tahun.

  • Bagaimana cara meminta konten AI lainnya?

    -Tuliskan permintaan Anda di kolom komentar video dan pembuat video akan mencoba membuat konten sesuai permintaan Anda.

  • Apa yang bisa dilakukan jika tidak memiliki akun untuk aplikasi Bing?

    -Jika tidak memiliki akun, Anda bisa membuatnya terlebih dahulu dengan memasukkan email dan password yang diinginkan.



🎨 AI-Powered Disney-style Image Creation

This paragraph introduces the concept of using AI to create images, specifically mentioning the recent viral trend of generating Disney-style pictures. The speaker plans to demonstrate the process of making a personalized image using an AI application named Bing, available on Play Store or App Store. The process involves logging in or creating an account, entering a description of the desired image, and waiting for the AI to generate it. The user can request revisions if the initial result is not satisfactory. The paragraph ends with a teaser about showing how to make the generated image's face resemble a specific person's face.


📢 Engaging with AI Content and Future Tutorials

The second paragraph serves as a call to action for viewers to express their interest in various AI-related content, such as creating images, logos, or other AI applications. The speaker invites viewers to leave their requests in the comments section and promises to consider these for future video tutorials. The paragraph concludes by thanking the audience for watching and hints at the next video tutorial, creating a sense of anticipation for continued learning and engagement.



💡AI Bing

AI Bing refers to an artificial intelligence application or service provided by Bing, which is a search engine developed by Microsoft. In the context of the video, AI Bing is used to create images or caricatures that resemble a person's face or a specific style the user desires. It is central to the video's theme of demonstrating how to use AI for personalized image generation.


A caricature is a form of art that exaggerates or distorts the features of a subject for humorous or satirical effect. In the video, the creator guides viewers on how to make a caricature picture using AI, which is a key part of the video's tutorial on personalized image creation.

💡Disney pictures

Disney pictures in this context likely refer to images or artwork that have a style reminiscent of Disney animation. The script mentions that creating Disney-style images using AI went viral, indicating a trend or popular use of AI for generating art in a specific style.

💡Bing application

The Bing application is a software platform where users can access various services, including AI capabilities for image creation. The video instructs viewers to download and use the Bing app to generate the desired images, highlighting its role as a tool for the process.

💡Covelot section

Although the term 'Covelot' seems to be a typo or mispronunciation, it likely refers to a section or feature within the Bing application where users can access AI-based image creation tools. The script guides users to navigate to this section to begin the image-making process.

💡Account creation

Account creation is the process of setting up a user profile on a service or application. In the script, it is mentioned as a prerequisite for using the AI image generation feature within the Bing application, emphasizing the need for users to have an account to proceed.

💡Command or description

In the context of AI image generation, a command or description is the input provided by the user to guide the AI in creating a specific image. The video explains that users should give a detailed description of the image they want, such as 'caricature picture of two people riding a Vespa,' which is essential for the AI to understand and generate the desired output.


A Vespa is a brand of scooter made by the Italian company Piaggio. In the script, it is used as an example of an object to be included in the AI-generated caricature, illustrating how specific details can be incorporated into the image.


A headscarf is a piece of cloth worn on the head for various reasons, including fashion, religion, or culture. The script uses the term to describe part of the attire of the Muslim woman in the caricature, showing how the AI can be instructed to include culturally specific elements in the image.

💡 appears to be a website or service mentioned in the script for adjusting the facial features of the AI-generated image to more closely resemble a specific person's face. It is presented as a step in the process after the initial image creation with AI Bing.


The term 'swave' is not clearly defined in the script, but it seems to be related to an action or feature within the service for editing the AI-generated image. It is part of the process described for customizing the image to match a desired facial appearance.


Introduction to using AI for creating caricature images.

AI's current popularity and its use in creating Disney pictures.

Downloading the Bing application from Play Store or App Store.

Accessing the Covelot section and signing in with an account.

Creating an account if you don't have one.

Starting the image creation process by entering a command or description.

The importance of storytelling in AI image creation.

Example command for creating a caricature of two people on a Vespa.

Adding details like clothing and accessories to the image description.

Describing the background and atmosphere for the image.

Submitting the command and waiting for the AI to generate the image.

Reviewing and selecting the generated image.

Requesting a redo if the image doesn't meet expectations.

Using to make the generated face similar to a desired face.

Uploading the AI-generated image and the desired face image on

The process of using the 'multiple face' option on

Finalizing the image with a similar face and potential uses for the image.

Invitation for viewers to request AI content for future videos.

Closing of the tutorial and a thank you to the viewers.