Create UNLIMITED Animated Bedtime Stories with ChatGPT (🤑Earn $10,000 Per Month )

9 Apr 202408:08

TLDRDiscover how to create unlimited animated bedtime stories using AI and potentially earn $10,000 per month. This tutorial outlines two simple methods: crafting your story with AI assistance or using a tool that generates the story for you. Learn to harness chat GPT for ideas, utilize a story generator, and bring your characters to life with Artflow. Follow the step-by-step guide to create engaging children's stories that inspire, all with the power of AI at your fingertips.


  • 😀 The channel has been earning $713 in the last month, averaging at least $20 per day.
  • 📚 The content being monetized is not extraordinary but consists of children's stories.
  • 🤖 Two methods are introduced to create stories: one manual and one using an AI tool.
  • 📝 The manual method involves writing your own story with AI assistance for ideas and writing.
  • 🔍 Using Chat GPT, one can generate 10 story ideas by typing in a request.
  • 📖 The story generator tool can create a full story from an idea, with customizable paragraph length.
  • 🎨 Artlow is introduced as a platform for bringing the story to life with characters and scenes.
  • 👥 Characters in the story can be described using Chat GPT, which can then be input into Artlow.
  • 🎬 The process includes creating a character, choosing a genre, and generating scenes for the story.
  • 📹 The story can be turned into a video with various visual styles, such as 3D cartoons.
  • 🌐 The final product is a video that can be exported and uploaded to platforms like YouTube.
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Q & A

  • How much revenue did the channel generate last month according to the transcript?

    -The channel generated $713 in the last month alone.

  • What are the two methods mentioned in the transcript to create animated bedtime stories?

    -The two methods mentioned are the manual method, which involves writing your own story, and the lazy method, which uses a tool to generate the story based on an idea or title provided.

  • What tool is suggested for generating story ideas?

    -Chat GPT is suggested for generating story ideas by typing a request like 'give me 10 kid story ideas'.

  • How can one get started with the manual method of story creation?

    -To start with the manual method, one needs to write their own story and use AI as a tool for assistance, such as using the story generator tool linked in the video description.

  • What is the name of the tool used for creating the story in the lazy method?

    -The tool used for creating the story in the lazy method is not explicitly named in the transcript, but it is implied to be the 'story generator tool'.

  • What platform is the transcript suggesting for uploading the final animated story?

    -The transcript suggests uploading the final animated story to YouTube.

  • What aspect ratio is chosen for the video format in the transcript?

    -The 16x9 aspect ratio is chosen for the video format.

  • How does the transcript describe the process of creating characters in Artflow?

    -In Artflow, after signing up and logging in, one goes to the story studio, pastes the generated story, and uses Chat GPT to describe characters, then pastes the character names and descriptions into Artflow.

  • What is the purpose of the story according to the 'lazy method' demonstrated in the transcript?

    -In the lazy method, the purpose of the story is to inspire children.

  • What visual style is chosen for the narrative in the transcript?

    -The 3D cartoon visual style is chosen for the narrative.

  • How does the transcript suggest exporting the final story?

    -The final story is exported by clicking on the export button and then selecting the download option from the three dots menu.



📝 Making Money with Kids' Stories

The video introduces a channel that has been earning $713 in the last month by sharing kids' stories. It offers two methods for creating stories: a manual method where you write your own story with AI assistance, and a 'lazy method' where a tool generates the story for you. The AI can help with story ideas and character descriptions, and tools like the story generator and Artflow are introduced to help create and bring the stories to life. The process is explained step by step, ensuring viewers can follow along easily.


🎨 Creating Stories with AI and Artflow

This paragraph details the process of creating a story using AI and Artflow. It begins with generating a story idea from chat GPT and then using a story generator tool to create a full narrative. Afterward, Artflow is used to create characters and scenes, with the option to animate them. The video demonstrates how to sign up for Artflow, paste the generated story, and use chat GPT to describe characters. It also guides viewers on how to choose a video format and visual style, and finally, how to export the completed story. The 'lazy method' is also discussed, where the tool generates the story, characters, and visuals based on a simple idea provided by the user.



💡Animated Bedtime Stories

Animated Bedtime Stories refer to stories that are not only narrated but also visually represented through animation, making them engaging and entertaining for children before they go to sleep. In the context of the video, the creator is discussing a method to generate such stories using AI, which can be a lucrative source of income.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the video, AI is utilized to assist in the creation of stories, providing ideas and even generating full narratives for the animated bedtime stories.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a hypothetical AI chatbot mentioned in the script, which is capable of generating story ideas when prompted by the user. It is an example of how AI can be used creatively in the content creation process for animated stories.

💡Story Generator

A Story Generator is a tool that can automatically create stories based on input parameters or ideas. In the video, it is one of the methods introduced to create children's stories with the help of AI, showcasing the ease with which content can be produced.

💡Artlow (Artflow)

Artlow, also referred to as Artflow in the script, is a platform that allows users to create animated characters and scenes, bringing stories to life visually. It is part of the process described in the video to transform written stories into animated formats.

💡Lazy Method

The 'Lazy Method' is a term used in the video to describe an approach that requires minimal effort from the user. It involves using AI tools to generate both the story content and the visuals, allowing creators to produce animated stories with less work.

💡Character Creation

Character Creation is the process of developing and designing characters for a story. In the context of the video, it involves using AI to describe characters and then using a tool like Artflow to visually represent them in the animated story.

💡Video Format

The term 'Video Format' in the script refers to the aspect ratio and dimensions in which the final animated story video will be presented. The video mentions choosing a 16x9 aspect ratio, which is standard for widescreen displays.

💡Visual Style

Visual Style pertains to the aesthetic choices made in the presentation of the animated story. The script mentions selecting a '3D cartoon' style, which dictates the overall look and feel of the characters and scenes in the video.


In the video, 'Export' refers to the final step of the process where the completed animated story is saved in a video format, ready to be shared or uploaded to platforms like YouTube.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where creators upload, share, and view content. The script mentions YouTube as the intended platform for uploading the generated animated stories, indicating a strategy for reaching an audience and potentially earning revenue.


The channel earns $713 per month by sharing animated bedtime stories.

The potential to earn an extra $20 daily with creative storytelling.

Two methods introduced for creating animated stories: manual and using an AI tool.

The manual method involves writing your own story with AI assistance.

The lazy method automates story creation with just an idea or title.

AI can help generate story ideas using Chat GPT.

Chat GPT provides 10 story ideas upon request.

A story generator tool is used to expand story ideas into full narratives.

Artflow is a platform for bringing stories to life with characters and scenes.

Artflow allows for character creation and scene animation.

Chat GPT assists in character description for story enrichment.

The process of creating a story in Artflow includes choosing a genre and pasting the story.

Exporting the final animated story from Artflow.

The lazy method automates the entire process, from idea to full story.

Chat GPT can generate characters and the complete story for the lazy method.

Selecting the video format and visual style for the final story.

The final step includes exporting the story and downloading it.

Encouragement to like and subscribe for more content.